Bett asks Uhuru: Why would you start PEV and expect Raila to stop it?”


The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) is shocked with the ferocious remarks made by the Jubilee Alliance’s Presidential Candidate Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta claiming that the CORD Presidential Candidate Mr. Raila Odinga failed to stop the 2007-2008 Post Election Violence.

Mr. Kenyatta while in a campaign tour of Kisii today alleged that the Prime Minister “failed to prevail upon his supporters to end the violence and that he only did so after he got his position in government”.

The CORD would like to remind Mr. Kenyatta of the contents in Judge Johanne Kriegler’s report to the effect of what triggered the Post Election Violence. We would not want to go back there, but Mr. Kenyatta should respond to this very simple question “Why would you start something and want someone else to stop it?”

Indeed, it was out of Mr. Odinga’s love for Kenya that he urged the ODM supporters to be calm days before the International Community moved in to prevent Kenya from going to the dogs.

Hon. Franklin Bett, EGH.

Chairman CORD National Coordinating Committee.



No matter how much they insult CORD the Gusii are corded 99%

Let the pictures below remind you of how shocked they were when the kisii told them off. They speak volumes

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By Mzee Posted in kenya

7 comments on “Bett asks Uhuru: Why would you start PEV and expect Raila to stop it?”

  1. What an embarassment for Uhuru and Jubilee campaign this afternoon!

    As soon as the rally ended and NYachae was airborne, the same folk you see there walked away chanting pro-RAO songs, and they lit a huge bonfire using the same free red-TNA tshirts and caps infront of a shocked Uhuru.

    I doubt if Uhuru will step in Omugusii land again.

    Coming after Uhuru cancelled a rally in Taveta to go to Kisii, and Ruto deliberately avoiding Kisii to stay in Coast, things could not have been worse for Jubilee because the numbers are not just adding up.

    Nyanza is 100% CORDed and so is Coast. Western, CORD is a clear front runner, and one wonders why Jubilee have not stepped there for three months now. Is it because they trashed Mudavadi agreement?

    Rift Valley, today, Ruto is heckled and booed by residents in the heart of Rift Valley in Kuresoi for trying to campaign for a political reject known as Zakayo Cheruiyot, and also for campaigning for Uhuru. Achicha Wendi Kityo! The honeymoon is over and the rubber is hitting the road.

    Mambo bado.


    • `

      Just got the same appraisal from the Lion’s belly (as Adongo is wont to say). Gusii is fully CORDED, fullstop! Ruto can’t dare step there after his previous humiliation. Uhuru is received only for the cash and goodies.

      In the former Rift Valley – this is the second time in 2 days that Ruto is encountering trouble…first at Kabartonjo, then Kuresoi. His folks are slowly seeing the snake oil he is selling…which will begin by poisoning Ruto himself.

      In Rongai and neighbouring Kuresoi, there is more foul mood and tension since they have been collectively placed under Jubilees jurisdiction in Nakuru (under Jubilee’s soon-to-be-governor AP Commandant Kinuthia Mbugua). Folks are not laughing with Ruto on these manenos.


  2. mzee,

    Uhuru is on a do or die mission in Kisii. The tyranny of tribalism which they were banking on is not working. UIhuru and Ruto took many Kenyans for granted. Raila was supposed to be stuck with the Luos and everybody else was going to follow the tyranny because they had the numbers and already won the election on Dec 18, 2012 as soon as voter registration was over. Now they see the real numbers and they are stuck at 43% ceiling.

    The original plan was to sweep areas like Gussiland and quickly pile that into their column. That is the first place Uhuru and Ruto went after their party was launched in Nakuru and Nairobi. The Uhuruto mob were shocked by the reaction of the voters. The voters told Ruto to go away and that is why you see Uhuru has gone back by himself. Voters there were also pissed about the PEV and the fact that their IDPS had been completely ignored.

    So Uhuru comes back and wants to drag Raila into the anger people have there about the PEV. Uhuru is now wondering why Raila did not stop him from killing people in Naivasha and Nakuru. May be he could have just stopped himself.

    Bottom line is Uhuru needs these votes desperately and he is not getting much down there. Uhuru was in Kwale, Malindi etc at the Coast. That area is also drying up for Uhuru and Nairobi has become a complete battlefield with CORD in command at the presidential vote level.

    This thing is not going according to the script and it is getting too late to start a new thing. Uhuru and Ruto also know that CORD is going to get their fair share of votes in the Rift Valley region. They need to replace that and they can’t see where they are going to get that. CORD now has two aces. They want to take it in the first round but if it goes to round two it will be a walkover for them. Main battle for CORD now is to get all their voters out and they will. This election will have the highest voter turnout ever and it will be across the board. Anybody thinking they can win because the voters from the other side will not show up is fooling themselves.


    • Adongo,
      You have a point.
      Just the other day Uhuru had planned to take his rallies to Kwale, Taita Taveta etc but was warned by the NSIS that people over there were unhappy with him on the land issue. He had to abandon the trip. Those people were waiting to tell him to return all their land he is sitting on. That’s why he sent Ruto but I doubt if he will make people listen.

      These are leaders who are not even free to visit parts of the country. While Ruto was chased away from Kisii, the other leader, Uhuru Kenyatta is scared stiff of going to parts of the Coast due to land theft. They have tried stopping the land debate to no avail for both are knee deep in matters of land one way or the other.

      Theso called numbers are not working and even Mutahi Ngunyi who invented them has now conceded that CORD will carry the day. Yes, the numbers are failing and the boys are scared stiff about what is going to happen to them when they face Bensouda.

      You all saw them attempting to use government official for campaign purposes. But Kenya has changed and such stupidity can no longer work even though people like Kimemia and Kibaki will still try such mischief.

      The ground has shifted so rapidly there is nothing more Uhuruto can do. I can see Kalenjins surprising the Hague duo by giving CORD a large number of votes. They can as well forget about Kisii. Jubilee is simply the wrong horse.

      Coming back to Bett, I think that he hit the nail on the head. Does Uhuru believe that Raila was the head of police to prevent the chaos? Did he have the state machinery to stop the mayhem? Lastly, the son of Jomo Kenyatta should have just asked Uhuru Kenyatta to stop murdering people. Then the whole thing would have stopped. But he encouraged rape, deportation, maiming and murdering of innocent Kenyans. That’s the reason why he will be facing tough questions at The Hague. You don’t start murdering people with a hope that Raila will stop you.


    • `
      From the Belly of the Lion itself.


      The platform on tyrannic tribalism has backfired big time! It is boiling down to the exact numbers we (@ DC) crunched earlier. Where Ngunyi was cooking up mythological ‘tyranny of numbers’, reality has now revealed the fallacy of attempted reliance on two tribal blocks to rule Kenya – especially the same two that have held stranglehold on reigns of power since independence. It does not cut. Jubilee’s helter skelter afterthoughts running hapa na pale is evidence of a last minute gasp for air among those who were trying to be ‘tyrannized’.

      Even by Ngunyi’s own admission, Ngilu has failed to hoodwink my Kamba in-laws with a promise to nowhere. Kalonzo’s running-mate picture on the Presidential ballot, – as the only Kamba in the entire line-up – seals that one. Jubilee wanted to play a tribal election – they will likely get itfrom the receiving end.

      This will be a different election – for the very first time, voters already know the running mate in advance…with their faces right on the ballot paper itself…and each is likely to come in with their voting base. This will equally play out in the governors and running mate combinations.

      Flower figurines like Balala and Ngilu are therefore both set for spectacular losses – cosmopolitan Mombasa is above 70% CORDED, Ukambani solidly CORDED. In the Rift Valley, CORD walks away with solid Maasai, Turkana, Samburu, and the northern pastoralist vote. Even a size able amount of Pokot and disgruntled Marakwet votes are headed CORD’s way. In Nakuru, CORD is harvesting decent Kipsigis votes from the Kuresoi, Rongai, Molo, Bahati belt– thanks to the discombobulation of Nakuru. In Eldama Ravine and Baringo, Jubilee has to fend off the bleeding into Amani coalition…Ruto’s merciless heckling yesterday at Kabartonjo is testimony of this. The fair apportionment of the Rift Valley vote is shaping – and the PROVINCIAL ADMINISTRATION can do little about it. The entire former Nyanza, for the first time since multi-party politics, is voting as a solid block.


      CORD has prudently done its homework to realize that elections aren’t won merely on account of cast ballots. Backed by international community resources (advanced technology, observers, documentarists), the civil society has rightly enforced sophisticated tracking of Kibaki’s county commissioners, the entire provincial administration (up to sub-chiefs) and top security machinery.

      The gullible civil servants who never learnt a thing or two from current misfortunes of those previously used and dumped – the Kivuitus, Gen. Ali’s, Muthauras, et al. are having their tails closely followed…Illegal C.Cs, DCs, DOs, Chiefs, Sub Chiefs….OCSs, OCPDs, PPOs, and the Ngoroko units in AP, Anti Stock Theft and GSU.

      The lion’s belly indicates that the state’s massive voter suppression operations and deliberate misinformation of voters in Ukambani, Western, Coast, Northern Kenya, NEP, and Coast is being meticulously documented and mapped. Action is being taken at multiple fronts…some will be taken in due course. The politics will backfire, many heads will roll, and the judiciary will act – even if IEBC doesn’t. This will be discussion for March 5th or sometime in April.

      The fallacy on ‘tyranny of numbers’ was premised to work when the government concurrently suppressed CORD’s vote in Ukambani, Western, Kisii, Coast, NEP and Northern Kenya while facilitating voters to get out in Jubilee strongholds. The message was picked and is being countered. Poor civil servants being coerced to join in by Kimemia’s rigging team are the same ones supplying this information.

      It should be noted that in the U.S., Republican party attempts to suppress the vote backfired terribly – creating the exact opposite effect. It energized voters to turn out in huge numbers and line up for hours to send a clear message Democrats were not going to give up their country to thugs. Watch this space. Kenyan voters will turn out in unprecedented numbers to send a very clear message they are also not about to give up their country to the same thugs who began robbing it in 1963. Keep your eye on the Presidential vote STARTING with Nairobi – a hub of 1.7 million voters.


      Voters at the former provinces of Coast, Rift Valley, Nairobi, and elsewhere have noted:

      (a) Kibaki’s refusal to gazette appointments of Commissioners of the National Land Commission (NLC) already approved by Parliament, and

      (b) the State’s attempt to stiffle any debate about land reforms during this election.

      Voters clearly see the connection between the two. Kibaki is sitting on this reform measure hoping to pass the baton to yet another status- quoist who will continue to rob devolution counties their constitutional right to start administering and managing their own land. The NLC will have 47 independent units in each county – based and run at the local level…who will want to vet how their land resource were previously allocated. That is the elephant in the tent.

      Let’s remember we have in the NLC, real land right activists like former Chairman of KNCHR, Dr. Samuel Kipng’etich arap Tororei. Even former President Moi strongly opposed the inclusion of activists like Dr. Tororei in the Commission. Once Commissioners are appointed, it is the independent minds of Dr. Tororei that will start national discourse shaping direction of land reforms they clearly have in mind. The likes of Dr. Tororei will likely start issuing press statements informing Kenyans about their respective national and county mandates…and unveil the NLC units they will set up in all 47 counties. Think about the current Judiciary with independent-minded Dr. Wily Mutunga…then relate that to the national land commission with the likes of independent-minded Dr. Tororei and you start seeing why there is panic.

      This is what is scaring the bejeezus out of the land aristocrats from Uhuru, Kibaki, Moi, and the entire kit-and-caboodle! Imagine when the likes of Commissioner Tororei start informing voters in Taita Taveta county that their local NLC unit will have mandate to probe past acquisitions of land within their countycalling for public sessions and hearings…and seeking evidence…yet Jubilee presidential candidate Uhuru Kenyatta’s family owns more than 125, 000 acres within the Taita Taveta county.

      To Jubilee, that would be ‘incitement of voters’ against their candidate. Voters in essence will begin seeing the fallacy of trying to elect Uhuru to champion reforms that would takeaway his land possessions –without compensation.

      This is why Kibaki is withholding the gazettement of those appointments until campaigns are over – to help Kenyatta get cover in hoodwinking voters.

      Replicate the same in Kilifi, Kwale, Mombasa, Trans Nzoia, Nakuru, Uasin Gishu, Kiambu, and Kericho and you have the LAND REBELLION right there in the middle of the presidential campaigns.

      While cleverly helping Uhuru Kenyatta, Kibaki’s refusal to gazette the commissioners is the best evidence of claw-back on land reforms under the new Constitution…and similarly the best evidence of the land aristocracy trying to protect the floundering presidential candidacy of another land aristocrat Uhuru Kenyatta, period!

      All the land aristocrats would want another land aristocrat as President — for protection against the new Constitution (euphemism for mutilation of the new Constitution). Kenyans have seen the sleek coordination between Kibaki and Uhuru Kenyatta on this issue…a very very clever and quietly hushed attempt to steal land reform and devolution gains under the new Constitution. Nice try!!!!!

      The lion’s belly is rife with intelligence showing premeditated action suggesting that Uhuru wants to lead the land aristocrats in disposing some chunks of that stolen land — with FULL compensation at exaggerated market valueworth tens of billions from Treasury coffers. To them –that is the definition of land reforms. That is why Kibaki still refuses to gazette appointments of NLC officers to forestall repossessions of looted land without compensation (as required by the new Constitution).

      Kibaki did not want to go down in history as the one to undo land reforms — so he merely delayed the start of land reforms…hoping his fellow land aristocrat (Uhuru Kenyatta) would hoodwink Kenyans into presidential power in 2013 then start KILLING Kenyans dreams for land reforms.

      Isn’t this the exact thing that happened in 1963. All Mau Maus supported Jomo Kenyatta thinking he would deliver land reforms only to squash them –and rob more from them. Jomo consigned Moi to help him rob more land in the Rift Valley — and kill the rebellion by the likes of Nandi icon Jean Marie Seroney and his Kispigis counterpart Taita arap Toweet.

      Today, none other than Jomo;s son Uhuru, has yet again, consigned another Kalenjin ( William Ruto) to continue sitting on the land reform dream which started before independence. Isn’t the play book the same Jubilee (50 year) old playbook!!!! Good grief!!!


      CORD has effectively kept the land message burning –where it matters. The land message has worked effectively despite the spirited attempt to stiffle it by Kibunja, Kimemia, Kimaiyo, and other Jubilee appendages within state. Kenyans having seen Kibaki’s devious hand delaying gazetting the appointment of NLC Commissioners, and seeing the nervous Jubilee presidential candidate feign off jabs about his family’s role in illegal acquisitions of huge parcels in at least 12 counties….JUBILEE’s PLAN to SQUASH LAND REFORMS has been EXPOSED. Despite shutting off such debate in Rift Valley media (Kass FM, Radio Kericho Injili et al) The message has sunk as clear as it can get.


      Despite a state orchestrated effort by partisan state officials like the Kimemias, Thuitas, Muthui Kariukis et al., the altruistic message about “elections have consequences” has largely been dissected by independent minded voters. The link between ICC indictment and economic sanctions has been debated…and Uhuru’s tongue tied in inability to respond to a zinger about not being able to run the country by “Skype” from the Hague.

      The business community has come to the cold realization that indeed electing Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto – both indicted at the ICC– would surely have economic consequences. Big businesses in Kenya are deeply interconnected with the West. Unlike most African countries colonized by Britain, Kenya and Zimbabwe are unique in that they were “settler colonies”. That means, British citizens came into them, bought lands, and settled. We have to date, Kenyans of British ancestry living and working in Kenya –owning businesses and properties both in Kenya and U.K..

      Like in the Zimbabwe case, when links with the West are cut off, immediate shift in operations to the U.K. starts creating a lacuna through job losses and such. Travel advisories are issued, British citizens are advised to shift investments (often cushioned by the British government) as sanctions start biting. Doubling down by America and allies usually seals the deal of economic strangulation. Zimbabwe found out that China can’t bridge the gap.

      Rational minded and sober Kenyans –irrespective of tribe– have figured out that blind stubbornness leads to nowhere…and that turning to a single country called China for trade is not a sustainable economic plan or policy. In the unlikely event of the ICC thugs election…despite a raft of in instabilities caused by other things including court challenges (chapter 6 of Constitution)…the shilling – strongly pegged on Western currency (dollar) — is guaranteed to be devalued with costs of living immediately escalating. Job losses are likely to follow.

      Recent events haven’t helped Kenyatta either…even current increases in milk prices (a market dominated by Uhuru Kenyatta’s Brookside Dairies) have already been (rightly or wrongly) attributed to impending sanctions…touted in urban streets as a warning sign of things to come should the ICC suspects win.



      The lion’s belly indicates that CORD’s promise to overhaul the police and public security sector is being received well by all Kenyans adversely affected by insecurity…whether it is ordinary citizens, business people, pastoralists, or those inhabiting perennial hotspots (Tana, Baragoi) etc where Ngoroko operations pervade.


      Since the much hyped fairy tale about “invincibility” or “tyranny of numbers”, not a single credible poll has showed Jubilee anywhere above 45%…leave alone in the lead. With less than 2 weeks to the ballot, CORD has grabbed the momentum. This is likely to prevail to the finish line.

      CORD is heading straight to victory –either in round 1 or 2. Should the momentum persist..with breaks in undecided voters heading CORD’s way at the Coast and Western…{Kimunya has gifted CORD with yet another belligerent tribal appointment typical of the last Jubilee…} then it’ll shortly be over in round1. Falling shy of the 50% mark, will only delay the inevitable. In round 2, without Musalia on the ballot…the dramatic payback of his tricking by Uhuru will come in full force…indeed a spectacle to watch…and it’ll be soon over. The nation is likely to breathe a collective sigh of relief, having broken the 50-year-old- Jubilee jinx. Folks will likely turn their eyes towards the ICC calendar, reforms, implementing devolution, implementing land reforms, and working towards realization of an Oil economy without international tensions.

      Meanwhile…a lot of victims of impunity…(such as many uncompensated Abagusii victims of PEV in the former rift)…will await for Robin-Hood justice from ICC’s Victims Trust Fund for restitution and compensation.

      Will the nation witness the first case of slaying of impunity right at the pockets? Will ICC freeze assets and forfeit properties of PEV masterminds — eventually compensating victims?

      It would be a political death (of impunity icons) by a thousand razor blade cuts. It would be an exposition of the tyranny that never was.


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