Prime Minister Raila Odinga and the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD), have abusy campaign schedule that runs from Thursday, 21st February, 2013, through Sunday, 24thFebruary, 2013 – covering parts of the Rift Valley, Nyanza and Coast provinces.

The PM will on Thursday, 21st February, 2013, make a day-long tour of Elgeyo Marakwet in Rift Valley, where he is scheduled to address four rallies to galvanize support for his presidential candidature – in Tot (Tot Stadium), Kapsowar, Chepkorial and Iten.

On Friday, 22nd February, 2013, the PM will take his campaigns to Narok (Narok County), before moving to Rigoma and Nyanturaga in Kisii County; ending the day with a major rally in Kapkatet (Kericho County), at the historic Kapkatet Stadium.

Mr Odinga will then be joined by the co-CORD principals, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and Trade Minister Moses Wetangula, on Saturday, 23rd February, 2013, for an intensive campaign outing in Baringo and Nakuru counties –which will see the three address rallies in Marigat and Kabarnet towns (Baringo County); and concluding with a major rally at Afraha Stadium in Nakuru town.

The three principals are scheduled to shift focus to the Coast on Sunday, 24th February, 2013, where they will make separate campaign stops in different parts of the region, before converging for a mammoth rally at the Tononoka Grounds in Mombasa.

Courtesy of Phil


  1. Last push for CORD

    Here is Team CORD’s final schedule of rallies:
    Thursday – Trans-Nzoia, Busia, Bungoma;
    Friday – Kakamega, Vihiga, Kisumu;
    Saturday – Nyayo Stadium.

    This is great I was fearing that they would skip Busia and Kisumu.


      • Mzee,

        The Western vote will be higher than 60% and the turn out will break all records.

        I think the move by CORD to take its presidential campaign to Uhuru’s backyard is very refreshing. It doesn’t matter how many votes you get from there. CORD has to show the country that they want a government for all Kenyans and not just for their support base.

        Uhuru and Ruto have made it very clear that they are only interested in the pockets of Kenya where they have support. The rest of the country doesn’t exist as far as they are concerned. There 50:50 share is between Kikuyus and Kalenjins. Everybody else be damned. For them Nyanza is limited to Kisii and even there they are getting nothing. After screwing Mudavadi and Wamalwa Uhuruto has officially abandoned Western. That is now enemy zone as far as they are concerned. In Ukambani they have left Ngilu to try to buy something for them. Imagine these guys in government. Their tyranny of tribalism will be more toxic than Kibaki’s. Kenyans are going to stop them. Of that I am sure.

        Also the positive message from CORD is the way to go now. We have already exposed the Uhuruto team for the criminals they are. Now just focus on what you want to do for the country and be nice to the Uhuruto crew. That is how you win this thing in the last week.


  2. phil,

    Thanks for the update. I am going to touch base with my friends down there to suggest a few things for the final week. A few things we need to work on.

    1. CORD’s rallies in Rift Valley have been very good starting with one they did two weeks ago in Kericho. It stunned a lot of the congregation in the church called the tyranny of tribal numbers. Then they had one in Eldoret which was very good. The one very impressive thing you see on those rallies is their resemblence to the 2007 energy. People are having fun and you can see the good old hammer lifted in the air. What we need is an army of volunteers to do the work after the rallies and to get people to the voting booth.

    2.The CORD rally in sections of Nairobi was a very smart idea and the numbers speak for themselves. Most parties have the habit of only holding rallies at Uhuru park. CORD’s idea of going mtaa by mtaa was brilliant. They have to replicate it in the last weekend when they will hold a mass rally at Uhuru Park. That rally should be preceded by mtaa by mtaa rallies. ODM invented that caravan thing sometimes back and it has become the in thing this election cycle. The good thing about the CORD rally in Nairobi was that they were addressing the local issues of Nairobi residents. We need that to be multiplied in the last week and urge voters registered in Nairobi not to be intimidated to run away. Vote in the city. Security is in numbers. If people stay in the city to vote, nobody will push them. That should be the message.

    3. I saw a story in the Star of Mudavadi denying that he has been meeting with Uhuru with the purpose of joining the jubilee squad. I am not surprised that Jubilee is now seeing the light and have accepted the reality that their myth of winning “with a landslide” in round one is hot air. Mudavadi allegedly met with Uhuru in Nyachae’s home and also in Nairobi. CORD’s parralel intelligence network is one of Uhuru’s worst nightmares.

    If we go to round two they will lure Mudavadi and he may join them because the elections will be held when Uhuru and Ruto are already at The Hague or in hiding. So they will tell Mudavadi to join them with a promise that he can run the country for them as they send him messages on skype. Mudavadi might be foolish enough to believe that but in round two there are no new positions and after being defeated in round one, Mudavadi will be a regular citizen and he will be laughed out of town if he tries to prop up fugitives.

    The craziest thing with a run off is the possibility of CORD running against a non existing Jubilee with Uhuru and Ruto TKO’d with The Hague. Remember there is also going to be the Supreme Court ruling on integrity which will come after the first round of elections. Expect Mudavadi to try even going to court that if Uhuru and Ruto are disabled then the run off should be between him and CORD. Well the katiba only allows the first two candidates to go for the run off and they can’t change any of them. But in round two CORD will mop the floor with Uhuruto. The day they lose in round one is the end for them. They know that.

    4. CORD now has to be very positive in the tail end of the campaign. Tell Kenyans what you will do in the first 100 days and beyond.

    As it is Uhuru and Ruto are stuck talking about CORD everywhere they go and some of the lies are so bizarre and ridiculous like the one Ruto is peddling here asking Kajwang’ to apologize to Kenyans for having ordered his staff to harass the CJ. I mean there are lies and there are Ruto lies which are in a league of their own.

    See for yourself. It must be only William Ruto who thinks Kimemia works for Kajwang’. Just deranged way of lying but that is William Ruto for you. And of course Jubilee has come in full defense of Kimemia. Trying top play games with this CJ saga is going to bounce right onto the faces of these fools. Some things you just keep away from if you have nothing to say. Don’t make a fool of yourself with something this sensitive and play the usual trickery of blaming your rivals for everything.

    Here is the story.–Jubilee-blames-CORD-for-Mungiki-threat-on-Mutunga


  3. Here is an itinerary of CORD up coming CAMPAIGN RALLIES 22nd/23rd February

    PM Raila Odinga.
    Rigoma (Nyamira)

    SATURDAY 23rd Feb
    Rallies by PM Raila
    -Joint rally in Nakuru.

    Rallies by VP Kalonzo.
    -Joint rally in Nakuru.

    Rallies by Hon Wetangula.
    -Joint rally in Nakuru.


    • phil,

      I like what I have seen on the clip from Elgeyo Marakwet. May be a clear cut round one win is possible for CORD. We will see but we are going to need a massive get out to vote strategy and take this thing easy. When is CORD hitting Western. Uhuru and Ruto have boycotted Western completely.

      Here is a clip from Citizen on the Elgeyo rally today. Just amazing.


      • Some friends working for KASS FM had told me about this rally and how successful it was. The RV voter, especially ones in Kalenjin Counties are frustrated and exasperated with the long running Ruto lies and obvious balkanization.

        What is lacking is directed messages and commercials on mass media aimed at this section of society. These people have unique needs that the ODM manifesto captures so well, yet the propaganda and massive financial outlay by Jubilee sometimes does prevent the message reaching the rural masses.

        With regard to Western, the other quiet principal of CORD (Cyrus Jirongo) has been holding door to door campaigns in Kakamega County together with gubernatorial aspirant Paul Otuoma. The trio of Namwamba, Wako and Ojaamong are replicating that in Busia. I am not sure when exactly the presidential candidate will pitch camp in these region but the polling numbers does not place him in a bad place either given the recent revelations that Amani were negotiating with Jubilee on a second round deal through Wamalwa.

        Yes, an appeal has officially been sent to the grass root to encourage 100% turnout of voters especially in CORD strongholds where the may be voter apathy.

        The national co-odination committee headed by Bett is on top of things. And yes a first round win will be determined by how the events of the following wee play out.


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