30 comments on “TNA’s Uhuru Announces Withdrawal from Presidential Debates

  1. on a serious note,

    uhuru’s fears of land informed his decision not to attend this debate. his grievances were not addressed and yet he attended the debate and from the way he was talking it was obvious that he was very well coached on what to say and what not. in fact its the constant hammering by martha, dida, kiyaipi and muite that finally got him to slip and concede that the family does own 30,000 acres in taveta. this is bad optics because it now gives credibility to the data published by Mzee on this thread.

    peter kenneth was a complete sellout and passed off as a total wimp. he has been on the campaign trail talking about grabbed land etc, but when the question was put to him he was out so fast, that usain bolt may have to consider losing his world record. what a wimp.

    back to kenyatta, his attending this in spite of not really wanting to be there shows that there is a very very strong group of people around him that are pushing him on and will not let go. these are the people that will break the IEBC and this election.

    on a side note: read somewhere that Kivuitu has passed on. Rest in Peace


  2. Just like we suspected, the little coward is coming to the debate after whining that the questions were too hard on him. He wants to be treated with kid gloves and not asked abut ICC issues which he classifies as a personal challenge. Not Mr. Uhuru being at the Hague and trying to be our president at the same time is not a personal challenge. It is impossible and could be a disaster for our country.

    I hope the organizers are not going to play his games and avoid asking the tough questions he must answer regarding land issues and foreign relations with a fugitve wannabe president.



    • What a cheap cry baby.
      Throwing tantrums all over the place not to be asked tough questions. Talka about mademoni at work.

      I think that Raila should be asked about Molasses which he has an answer to. Then Uhuru should be asked about his 700 000 hectares which he does not have an answer to.


      • The whole debate seems to be one big joke. It is a free for all. It is just a standard five teacher is better than a nurse debate. What the heck is that. i will see some of it later. The moderator is non existent.


        • adongo


          the moderator says it was about economy, but all i heard was about scandals, and personality issues

          that was a horrible session.

          zero substance

          when asked why economy (read GNI index) dips every election cycle, we are hearing pledges of peace, investor jitters etc

          some kind of idiocy,

          a robust economy is a mesh of variety of factors and indicators. macro economic policy would therefore provide sufficient buffers to sustain any attack on a single factor

          most guys have been made to drink believe the kibakinomics kool aid which likens the country’s economy to that of cash in the wallet, i.e you get mugged on the way home, no cash, you get home safely you can buy milk.

          i would have liked to hear economic policy that can withstand external influence (price of oil, major natural disasters, stable currency against major currency, etc), internal strengths etc

          this first part was a waste of time, dwelling on tabloid stuff


      • Part II is much better. Uhuru is stuck with the land nightmare. The worst part for him is that he refused to disclose the volume of land he and his family have. Dida just killed him and Martha is on his case. It is just a mess for him and it is pretty obvious he cannot and will not deal with it. This is going to be costly.

        I am glad Dida brought the fact that the oldest squatter camps in the country are actually in Kiambu. I think the oldest one is in Kabete. They date back to colonial days and were used as detention centres. Squatters have been living in those tiny strips for three generations and yet politicians in Central always pretend that the land issue is for Rift Valley and Coast.


      • The cry baby finally showed up and looked subdued in matters pertaining to land.
        The worst thing of all is that he did not even see the irony of owning 500 000 ha of land and donating only 4000 ha to squatters who´s land Kenyatta stole in the first place. He could not figure out how insulting that was.

        The more Uhuru skirted round the question the worse it became. Martha Karua never gave him any breathing space, not to mention Dida who brought the plight of Kikuyus.

        What more, Raila did not have to attack Uhuru on land as much because Muite and Karua did enough damage. Raila kind of came to his rescue by saying that UK inherited stolen land but he was not the original thief. But that was before RAO closed the land story by saying that an hyena cannot guard over goats. This to me was better than a million words.

        We now where Uhuru stands on the land issue. Namely, he will do nothing to help those that are squatters. Instead he will issue more title deeds to his connected friends.


  3. What a punk………. the ‘leading debater’ is no longer able to hold his own in subsequent presidential debate’s, where in the world is that even acceptable. Uhuru has no respect for the very people he wants to govern or does he really? This come as no suprise. We always knew that the project once put to the test would cramble, or better yet go crying to his mummy.

    The land question that he is trying so desperately to dodge will never ever go away and more bloodshed will continue until that is resolved. He can answer it now or just posponed it to the next generations of Kenyatta’s, but it will be answered one day and I am not sure it will be pretty. They can call this hates peech if they want, but after what these people have done to our country and want to continue doing,I no longer give a fck.


  4. The Nation are hopelessly biased. Uhuru runs away from a national debate and they try to blunt the effect by characterising it as some kind of ‘CORD, Jubilee blame game’?

    These guys cannot even hold their shit together. Who is blaming who for what? The editors at Nation had better try and be independent.


  5. I believe Team Uhuru are simply trying to set an agenda for the debate and control it. Going by the ‘amount of money /time and resources the organizers have put into the debate, Uhuru’s handlers hope to give conditions for attending the debate and hope the organizers will be desparate enough to address ‘thier’ issues which mainly involve other candidate’s misgivings.

    We are smarter, the debate can go ahead without him.


  6. Heheheee!! Down with the Prince! The Prince is down and out!! What a knock-out jameni. You don’t just joke with an Agwambo upper-cut punch dubbed ‘Governance via Skype from The Hague’. You will not survive that and there is more where that punch came from waiting to be unleashed during the second and final round! And that is next week Monday!

    What a cry-baby this Uhuru Kenyatta is! He thinks he can always eat his cake and keep it at the same time. A really spoilt brat. Can somebody please tell Uhuru that Jomo Snr is not around anymore to hold his hands. He must walk on his own! Bure kabisa.

    The debate will continue, with or without him!

    Didn’t the NMG tell us that Uhuru won the debate ‘fair and square’ the way Uhuru told us that the thief Kibaki won the 2007 elections also fair and square?


    • Team Uhuru is in full panic mode. Uhuru’s excuses for skipping the debate are laughable. Fighting the media which has been very friendly to him is a foolish strategy. In Uhuru’s world Raila controls the universe and must be the one controlling the debate, never mind that the NMG which is more of an Uhuru campaign publication was at the centre of the whole debate initiative.

      Now Uhuru folding his tail and running like a little scared allyway cat because he is scared of talking about land is outrightly suicidal for him. Uhuru needs the third column of voters to join their so called “tyranny of numbers” alliance. He is finding none as of right now. In the meantime CORD is ever more present in the Rift Valley and they are going to get some good votes there. Uhuru needs to reassert himself and runnig around scared and making phony excuses is not going to help him. When politicians start being at war with everybody that is when they lose it kabisa.

      And now the dark forces are opening another column of war with the Chief Justice who has told them point blank that he is ready for them and told them to choose whether they want peaceful elections or they want to tear the country up again. These guys are losing and they are scared shitless.

      Here is Uhuru’s dilemma.

      It is going to cost him and he doesn’t even know which buttons we are going to push yet. He will know soon enough. We are coming at full speed.



      • True. This is what panic looks like. Uhuru has now skipped two other debates – one organised by the Church and another by COTU. It is unclear if he feels that the Church and COTU are also biased against his candidature.

        The first presidential debate was held on 11th Feb – a good 9 days ago. Why did we not hear about Uhuru’s complaints earlier? Why did they NOT say something the following day or even later that week? In fact, Instead what we saw was a firm associated with Uhuru, Consumer Insight crowing how their ‘database’ had found that Uhuru won the debate. It seems that their private polling may have shown a very bitter result. In truth, Uhuru was the poorest performer that day: unconvincing and dodgy. To make things worse, his bloodshot eyes only matched his bright red tie.

        Previously, presidential campaigns had been part of the planning for the debate. For weeks it had been advertised and all media houses contributed. Everybody knew that Linus Kaikai and Julie Gichuru would moderate. If Uhuru wanted his own preferred moderator and along with his own set of questions why did he NOT raise his voice during the planning? Did he protest against Kaikai or Gichuru? Does Uhuru know that the line of questioning and subject for debate had been pre-decided by a committee that included more than just Kaikai and Gichuru?
        Debate is about taking the battle to your opponents. Why did Uhuru shy away from pointing out all those ‘other elephants’ in the room himself? Why raise them in the cowardly comfort of a press statement instead of right in front of your competitors?

        The ICC issue is the only one subject to criminal proceedings at an international court. Kenneth, Karua, Raila, Kiyiapi, Muite, Madvd and Dida are not answering any charges before any criminal court. Whatever Uhuru has against them can only be allegations, some of which wananchi like myself are hearing for the first time from an opposing presidential candidate! But Uhuru and his running mate, Ruto are both indictees. Which as we were reminded recently by a law professor is not the same thing as mere suspects or accused persons. It means evidence has been analysed and found to mean that you actually have a case to answer.

        Uhuru and Ruto have declared that they will run this country from abroad using the internet, while defending their cases. Kenyans have a right to know exactly how such a government runs!


      • `

        The guilty are afraid…very afraid! Of course, the prince of the land aristocrats, Uhuru Kenyatta has chickened out of the debate on land–under the flimsiest and most ridiculous excuses.

        The land question was going to be the elephant in the next debate…and for sure Joe Ageyo and Uduak Amimo are tough moderators who would definitely have follow-up questions.

        It is now up to Raila Odinga to take advantage by not only outlining CORD’s plans on land reforms…but reminding Kenyans that land barons can’t preside return of stolen lands.

        Kibaki is right now sitting on land reforms —refusing to gazette appointments to the National Land Commission (NLC). That is where Raila should start.

        Raila must explain what the NLC will do at the county level (each of the 47 counties) and why Uhuru, Kibaki, Moi and other land aristocrats fear implementing reforms such as setting up of the NLC. The Constitution expects the NLC to vet past acquisitions of land and return all those received illegally —without compensation.

        County offices of NLC are expected to administer and manage land within those counties…a very discomforting fact for families like Kenyatta’s who own land in many counties ranging from Taita Taveta, Kwale, Mombasa, Kilifi, Lamu, Kiambu, Nairobi, Nakuru, Uasin Gishu, Kericho, and others.

        Raila can seal the election by executing just this issue effectively…convincing the masses that their Constitutional gains on land are under threat through a Jubilee “status quo” government. He must not be distracted by anticipated side-shows from the likes of Karua…(who is ironically also being accused by Uhuru of improperly acquiring land). Raila must come prepared to outline how he came to be associated with the Molasses plant…because that is a question he must anticipate.


      • Job,

        One thing we should notice is that this letter was originally intended to be a private and confidential memo to the debate organizers. Uhuru wanted to influence the direction of debate and decided if he can use threats he can get his way. That is the bully world they live in and probably the only one they know. His (Uhuru’s) ultimate threat and blackmail to the presidential debate organizers was that if you don’t do x, y and z, I am not coming to the debate.

        This is big money media stuff financed by some of Uhuru’s best friends in the media world. Uhuru wanted his pound of flesh. That is why the letter was “private and confidential”. But in this age and era (Digital Party anyone?) the letter was then promptly leaked to the public using the so called social media and kaboom it was all over. Poor Uhuru was then forced to actually release the letter to the public and declare publicly that he will not be attending the remaining national debate(s). He will be busy somewhere, may be in night meetings since the debate takes place at night.

        By boycotting the debate with useless cowardly excuses Uhuru has just given more publicity and put more fire on the land issue. Remember this debate will also be about foreign policy issues and you can bet the elephant in the room will be even bigger in there. Uhuru doesn’t seem to understand that the issue of the ICC right now is how on earth anybody can govern the country while attending a trial in The Hague for years at ago. This is not about Raila and the 1982 coup or Peter Kenneth running the KFF. The issue is how Uhuru will use skype to run the country. Is it really feasible? Uhuru has no answer to that question which leads to only one conclusion, namely that Uhuru and Ruto have no intention of going to the Hague should they ever get elected. Now that is ai very big elephant in any tent.

        If the ICC matter comes up as we know it will, let’s hope someone like Raila can clearly outline why every Kenyan would like to know Uhuru’s plan in terms of how one runs the country from The Hague.

        Secondly on the issue of foreign relations while it is important for Raila to stay the course on his very clear stand on Kenya’s sovereignty he needs to point out that problems are likely to occur if and when Kenya refuses to go on with the ICC process and that may occur if we end up with leaders whose personal interests in the ICC matter outweigh their responsibility to the nation.

        On the land issue we have raised the key issues already. We will see how the PM choses to tackle them. Raila has a pretty solid team and they are setting the agenda for the campaign. They are driving Uhuru nuts completely.

        But things are getting very hot. The entire Jubilee team is holed up in Rift Valley as we speak. Ruto is playing in his own goal line and CORD will be pushing him the entire weekend right in his backyard.

        And today we got the bombshell from the CJ. Dr. Mutunga is a very calm and reserved person. That is just his nature. For him to come out so strongly he knows the dark forces are reaching their desperation limits.

        I hope phil and/or others can give us the full statement from the CJ on a separate thread so we can look at it knowing it is just the tip of the iceberg. Also there was an angry statement foolishly issued by Jubilee where they attacked the CJ allegedly for “dragging” jubilee candidates in the matter. The whack team that runs Uhuru’s campaign forgot that the CJ just read the letter he recieved and had no interest in doctoring it.

        You must be super stupid to be trying to pick up a fight with Dr. Mutunga on this matter at this time. But as we expect the Uhuru internet lunatics are now busy insulting the CJ as someone working for Raila. Losing this election means the end of the world as we know it for some people. They are going to do crazy things. We have to be ready for them. They actually didn’t see this thing coming. They has option A, B and even C and all of a sudden they now have none and Uhuru’s ship is taking water at very bad levels. There are no life boats in this damn thing.


      • Adongo,

        You’re right. This spoilt brat is demonstrating he can’t stand the heat of questioning. He has to duck important questions. What a quitter!

        The other day, Uhuru simply ducked a campaign rally in Taveta after local residents rejected the Kenyatta family offer to return 4,000 acres of their land – through Uhuru’s cousin Beth Mugo. Locals know the family is sitting on about 100,000 acres of their land…and the other TNA fellow (Basil Criticos) occupies most of the rest.

        Jubilee is clearly the alliance of land grabbing aristocrats and Uhuru has quit trying to defend them. He hopes Kenyans won’t take it seriously.


    • akinyi

      that right there is an even bigger deal than the ICC. the ICC is crafted along a tragic but “heroic figure” rescuing a hapless community through some warlike activity.

      but on the land issue, and seeing how targeted and specific the questions can be, basically he will have to take questions to the effect that – his father was a scoundrel and a thief.

      now it doesn’t matter how tough or thick skinned a guy is, those guys in there put him through the wringer and can prove in that session that the land was acquired dubiously and is in fact the one single factor contributing to much of the violence in certain sections of the country

      from there on, i don’t think they will be much room for further debate.

      its called quitting while still ahead, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable


      • Team Uhuru is in full panic mode. Uhuru’s excuses for skipping the debate are laughable. Fighting the media which has been very friendly to him is a foolish strategy. In Uhuru’s world Raila controls the universe and must be the one controlling the debate, never mind that the NMG which is more of an Uhuru campaign publication was at the centre of the whole debate initiative.

        Now Uhuru folding his tail and running like a little scared allyway cat because he is scared of talking about land is outrightly suicidal for him. Uhuru needs the third column of voters to join their so called “tyranny of numbers” alliance. He is finding none as of right now. In the meantime CORD is ever more present in the Rift Valley and they are going to get some good votes there. Uhuru needs to reassert himself and runnig around scared and making phony excuses is not going to help him. When politicians start being at war with everybody that is when they lose it kabisa.

        And now the dark forces are opening another column of war with the Chief Justice who has told them point blank that he is ready for them and told them to choose whether they want peaceful elections or they want to tear the country up again. These guys are losing and they are scared shitless.

        Here is Uhuru’s dilemma.

        It is going to cost him and he doesn’t even know which buttons we are going to push yet. He will know soon enough. We are coming at full speed.



  7. Even during the first debate, there were futile attempts to have him replaced by motor-mouth running mate WIlliam Ruto but those efforts hit a brick wall.

    It is woth noting that the organisers confirmed the debates only after getting a confirmation from ALL IEBC cleared candidates so this is a breach of agreement by TNA.

    Today on JSO at seven (On Kiss TV) Uhuru declined to be interviewed by John Sibi-Okumu who is arguably the best in our land, and instead went to Al-Jazeera forcing Kiss TV (who had promised their viewers a live interview) to buy the tapes from Al-Jazeera to fulfill contract with its viewers. That interview did not go well either. Uhuru easily loses temper, is irrational and impatient. That is apparent even to foreigners who dont know the details of Kenya’s politics

    Uhuru’s reasons were that one of the mzungu senior managers at Kiss TV is a supporter of CORD’s Raila Odinga. Basically its the same indefensible bias excuse he has against NTV’s Kaikai who everyone agrees did a good job in the first session of the Presidential Debates.

    Uhuru has deep phobia for live interviews. They prefer rent-a-crowd political rallies where no one asks questions and no one expects anything tangible on an issue based campaign. This was long expected and I predicted it on twitter last January.

    Mudavadi agreement was trashed. Presidential debate agreement has been trashed. Belive you me and you can take this to the bank, in the unlikely event that Uhuru wins the presidency, the ICC can forget ever seeing Uhuru at the Hague again. The promise to attend trials will be trashed.


    • That Aljazeera interview is not new. It was done like one month earlier.
      I don’t but this propaganda that Uhuru will not make it to the debate.
      Before the first debate , there were similar rumors but he eventually showed up.
      Finally this letter being circulated by Itumbi looks like the fake ones that we used to see before, Its drafted on the 18th yet it was released on the 20th, nothing to indicate that other Jubilee principal parties are in agreement with it.
      This guy is just courting attention at all cost .


  8. hehehe, when the kitchen gets too hot

    looks like elephants are a menace to jubilee act

    am not at all surprised by this turn of events

    kenyatta’s discomfiture throughout that debate was clearly evident

    its for this reason that i scoffed at whatever polls that suggested that he “won the debate”

    first there should not have been any “winner” since these candidates were there to present and articulate their agenda. its impossible to declare any one a winner because they would all win.

    but for some pollsters to raise some cheeky questions and then claim that the person who appeared most like a deer caught in headlights performed best, is the biggest joke.

    And these letters above are proof that the man was seriously rattled


    • Folks,

      This (debate withdrawal) is one of the dumbest moves by the Uhuru camp. Uhuru is supposed to have won the debate according to Synovate Pollsters. Why would he run away from his best stock in the political market?

      But really, Uhuru Kenyatta as a candidate for the presidency of the republic of Kenya refusing to talk to Kenyans in national debates in the remaining two weeks to elections says enough. Let the other candidates honour the date(s). Uhuru is hoping all the other 6 candidates will just pour their frustrations and anger at Raila as he hides in some political bushes.

      Uhuru Kenyatta hiding from Kenyans in organized debates is a sign of desperation. It would be interesting to see what some of the media sponsors who are notably in the Jubilee camp, like the NMG will do. I think they are going to lure Uhuru back with promises that they are going to attack the enemy to make Uhuru happy. May be that will work and then again, may be NOT. Hapa Hapa!


      • hehehe adongo

        i think uhuru will attend the debate

        his handlers will impress on him the need to not appear to be a wimp. you can tell from the reaction on jukwaa, the disbelief and what not. not realising that this information is being released courtesy of TNA blogger no.1 Dennis Itumbi. am sure we will soon hear some interesting spin, but in the meantime

        his family will however be at pains that he doesn’t discuss personal land issues but can discuss policy in general

        am pretty sure a lot of those attending will be gagged financially or by muscle. there are some 4 or 5 soft and easy targets in that line-up who can crack quite easily and will be “promoting peaceful campaign” and not touch on emotive issues.

        so am sure uhuru will attend on his own terms and a number of his rivals will be mute on stage on some issues and so will the moderators.

        if he chooses not to attend, like you said, that will cause some interesting rumors that may never be quashed in time.


      • Folks,

        Why is this letter printed on a TNA letter head and not that of the Jubilee Alliance? Does the Jubilee Alliance have any corporate identity in terms of corporate or alliance colours?

        I also suspect that this letter is fake, but what do I know!

        Monday the 25th of February is coming!


      • einstein

        i dont think its a fake. these are genuine concerns that muthamaki faces
        whether they go through with it or not, its a dilemna that muthamaki’s handlers are wrestling with, and thats fact. i think the possible damage of a land debate out of control is more severe than a no-show

        note that as we have said elsewhere, jubilee only exists until march 4 close of voting exercise and goes up in smoke thereafter. it may wobble for a little while after that, but these guys will be at each others throats.

        its documents like these that should inform the discerned. as you correctly note, its not jubilee image at stake but muthamaki and with that the whole TNA machinery.

        URP is playing a supporting role and thats it. in mathree lingo, URP is that guy that panga’s line (pun unintended), whereas uk is the dere, the mat can meet its objectives without one of these. or in footer, the water guy, vs main striker

        let those URP supporters know that their usefulness to the muthamaki kingdom shall end on march 4 or very soon thereafter


      • The letter is authentic but it will soon be denied and rejected by Jubilee are malicious propaganda. I therefore believe that Uhuru Kenyatta will participate in the debate as scheduled.

        The aim of the letter was to preempt what is surely going to be the central question in the next debate i.e. the issue of land. Even though Uhuru knows that there is no way that question can be avoided he wants the debate around it to be kept to the minimum. In this way he will somehow circumvent most of the sticky issues around the 700 000 hectares his family owns. It is impossible to justify owning so much land while others have nothing even in own backyard of Kiambu.

        And this is the elephant in the room. Here is what Uhuru Kenyatta and family own.

        10, 000 acre Gichea Farm in Gatundu.

        5, 000 acres in Thika.

        9,000 acres in Kasarani Mwiki

        5, 000-acre Muthaita Farm.

        24, 000 acres in Taveta

        50, 000 acres in Taita,

        29, 000 acres in Kahawa Sukari along the Nairobi—Thika highway stretching all the way to Kilimambogo Hills in Ukambani.

        Others include:

        10, 000-acre ranch in Naivasha.,

        52,000-acre farm in Nakuru

        20,000-acre one, also known as Gichea Farm,

        10, 000 acres in Rumuruti,

        40,000 acres in Endebes in the Rift Valley Province

        Others are:

        Brookside Farm, Green Lee Estate,Njagu Farm in Juja, a quarry in Dandora in Nairobi

        And counting….


      • How dirty will this get before it becomes clean
        The Jubilee and Cord presidential campaign teams Wednesday exchanged harsh words over deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta’s decision to withdraw from the second presidential debate.

        The Cord team claimed Mr Kenyatta had pulled out of the second debate scheduled for Monday in order to avoid the controversial land question.

        But the Jubilee team explained that Mr Kenyatta’s time would be better spent on the campaign trail instead of attending a “skewed, shambolic and farcical debate”.

        “With all due respect, we are of the opinion that with less than a fortnight to go before the polling day; our Candidate’s time can be better spent on the campaign trail rather than participating in a skewed, shambolic and farcical Second Debate,” read a statement from Mr Kenyatta’s team.

        “Based on these facts, we want to make it clear that the Jubilee Presidential Candidate, Uhuru Kenyatta, will not be taking part in the second debate.”

        But in a swift reaction, the Cord team claimed Mr Kenyatta was afraid of addressing the land question which is among the topics to be addressed during the debate.

        “We are aware that one of the questions for the debate is touching on land and we expect that any politician intending to govern this country must be ready to highlight on how they are going to tackle the issue of land if elected on the 4th of March this year,” said the statement signed by Lt. Gen John Koech and former MP Ochieng Mbeo on behalf of Cord coordination committee leaders Franklin Bett and Gideon Ndambuki.

        “We are shocked that the Jubilee Alliance’s flag bearer Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta has persistently evaded the issue of land whenever questions are raised and we are not surprised at his withdrawal from the 2nd National Presidential Debate which is scheduled for next Monday,” the statement read.

        “We know that he has always stated that if elected, he will address the issue of land, but we are asking how? We urge Mr Kenyatta not to shy away from this issue; after all it affects everyone in Kenya.”

        Mr Kenyatta’s campaign team accused debate moderators of targeting their candidate especially on the cases before the International Criminal Court (ICC) while letting the other candidates get away with equally serious integrity questions.

        “It was profoundly unprofessional and tasteless for Kaikai to use the ICC indictments as a platform for allowing the other candidates to ride roughshod over Uhuru without equally raising questions related to their suitability and competency,” the team stated, referring to the debate’s moderator, NTV’s Linus Kaikai.

        “If Kaikai had genuine intentions of exposing the weaknesses of all the candidates in the debate, then he would have dredged into the shady past of candidates like the Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Raila Odinga, Hon Peter Kenneth, Paul Muite, Hon Martha Karua and Hon Musalia Mudavadi, and former PS John ole Kiyiapi, all of whom are burdened by varying degrees of either graft allegations or issues of moral probity.”

        “It is unclear why neither of the two moderators probed Odinga over his alleged role in several multi-billion shilling instances of grand corruption; most notably the Triton, Maize, and Kazi Kwa Vijana scandals that have blighted the Prime Minister’s Office for a number of years,” the team questioned.

        The team wondered why Mr Odinga was not grilled on his alleged involvement in the abortive 1982 coup.

        “In addition, the two moderators failed to put Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi on the spot for his alleged role in the complex Goldenberg Scandal when he served as Finance Minister,” they also questioned. The Goldenberg of Inquiry exonerated Mr Mudavadi of involvement in the scam.

        The team further asked why Narc-Kenya’s Martha Karua and her Kenya National Congress (KNC) counterpart Peter Kenneth were not grilled on alleged scandals in the South Ngariama Ranch and the Kenya Football Federation (KFF) respectively.

        “Peter Kenneth was not questioned on his suspected role in scandals involving the Kenya Re-Insurance Corporation and the Kenya Football Federation (KFF) when he was the head of the two institutions,” Mr Kenyatta’s team complained.


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