ICC suspect Sang endorses Raila

International Criminal Court suspect and former radio journalist Joshua arap Sang has endorsed Cord’s presidential candidate Raila Odinga ahead of the general elections next Monday.

Former radio journalist Joshua arap Sang during a past appearance at the International Criminal Court. PHOTO / FILE

Mr Sang, according to a statement from the Prime Minister’s office, dismissed the Jubilee coalition between Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto as incapable of bringing peace between the Kikuyu and the Kalenjin who have fought during elections since 1992.

The endorsement marks a breakaway between Mr Sang and his fellow suspects at the International Criminal Court Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. The three face various counts of crimes against humanity committed at the height of the 2007 – 2008 post-election violence.

In a recorded message to air on radio, Mr Sang says that it is only a president who is not a Kalenjin or a Kikuyu who can bring peace between the two communities.

Mr Sang says he recorded the message because of “heavy feelings in my heart.”.

In his message, Mr Sang also dismisses as lies the perception in Rift Valley that it was Mr Odinga who sent him to The Hague. He claims that senior government officials who were in office before the formation of the coalition had coached witnesses to testify against him and Mr Ruto in the case at the ICC.

“We are away in a foreign land with my brother because of allegations made against us. The truth must be told. In my opinion, the people who masterminded and planned to have me and my brother taken to The Hague did not include Raila Odinga,” Mr Sang says in the recorded message.

Mr Sang appeals to the Kalenjin community not to trust the power sharing deal in the Jubilee coalition, saying such agreements have twice been disowned after elections.

He cites the MOU signed between Mr Odinga an

d Mr Kibaki in 2002 and the 2007 power sharing deal that brought the Grand Coalition Government into force as instances of broken promises that should make residents of the Rift Valley wary of the deal between Mr Ruto and Mr Uhuru.

“Today, some of our people want us to enter into an MOU again through Jubilee. They never respected the MOU signed in 2002 and the power sharing deal agreed on in 2007. Why should we expect that the one our community has signed in Jubilee will be respected,” Mr Sang says in a recorded message set to air on radio.

According to Mr Sang, the doubts whether the pact between Mr Ruto and Mr Uhuru will fare any better.

He says that although President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga were supposed to share power on a 50-50 basis, it never really happened and only one side of the coalition ran the country.



11 comments on “ICC suspect Sang endorses Raila

  1. from sangs statement it would appear this guy has agonized over a long period of time and after much introspection, i think his christian mindset finally won the conscience battle (remember the two guys standing on either shoulder), it has definitely not been easy for him. i think he probably is indebted to ruto over financial support, he still however decided to face the demons early enough and this is a battle that as a person he is going to win.
    adongo you are right this guy decided to just lay it out as he has seen it, and allowed himself to step clear from the fog of political campaign that ruto took. its amazing that ruto and uhuru are going to use politics to circumvent criminal proceedings. they need to learn from gbagbo, ghaddafi and others, it only works for a season, but no matter how long it seems, that season will ultimately come to an end. in their shoes, i’d rather face the courts now rather than later as a frail old man.

    as for RV politics, i think the shift by sand may not appeal to the rabid sycophantic mobs, but in there, are some thinkers who for lack of better judgement had swallowed ruto’s lies. for them, this is a heads up, a welcome one at that. it is significant as correctly pointed out in that its from someone who is also in precisely the same predicament as ruto, but has chosen to stop the senseless emotional train wreck that is running amok around the countryside and to face reality. one thing about folks in RV is they face reality no matter how painful and this will make a few of them, many outside the steadfast orange/CORD 20-30% stronghold, to also stop and think. sang is a sober man and had a faithful following. once that fog clears and they come to their senses, ruto has to come up with a new reason why they should continue supporting jubilee, he will have to state that he only needs their vote to be rescued from the ICC, its not about them but about him. and then we’ll see how many will follow him over the cliff. they also will have to understand why they will be saving someone that as job states very eloquently elsewhere who is sitting on the very goods that they are fighting over. for the indigenous RV dweller, a vote for jubilee is a lose lose situation, an unbelievable choice. it would make more sense to pursue a party that does not have such vested interest in land. Amani with Moi in the background presents exactly the same predicament as jubilee. hope they wake up well before march 4 to make the informed decision

    to joshua sang, kudos for manning up. takes tremendous amount of coverage considering how this whole thing has shaped up over the past 3 or 4 years


  2. A few things about Sang’s statement.

    1. The usual Jubilee crowd including some of their more pathological types will keep singing that Sang is useless and irrelevant. Ignore them.

    2. Will this change any of Ruto’s supporters to switch to CORD? absolutely NOT.

    3. Will this have an impact on voters in RV? absolutely YES.

    4. The significance of Sang’s statement is that he is telling THE TRUTH. It still matters that people know the truth. Ruto knows who took him to The Hague and whether he did the things he is accused of or not he (Ruto) knows it was not Raila who took him there. But Ruto needs the lies to help him navigate his field of landmines. Ruto is doing everything to help Ruto and would care little about Kalenjins. They are not his problem at this time. He just needs their votes so he and Uhuru can escape The Hague with some luck. Everything else is irrelevant as far as Ruto is concerned.

    5. Sang is a suspect. he has seen by now thousands of pages of the evidence against him and Ruto. None of the motor mouths saying this and that about he matter have any clue what the evidence is. They merely mimmick what their little gods say. Of course there are others out there in cyberspace who are just genuinely stupid and are stuck in that world. They are not lying. They believe any crap thrown at them. Those are people who deserve forgiveness.

    As for Sang his statement comes with the credibility of someone who is facing the case personally and who knows what he is talking about. That is what makes his statement useful.

    6. Politically Sang’s statement is important for CORD in terms of boosting the confidence of their supporters within the Kalenjin communities and are re-assuring them that they are right. They are on the right side of history and should not be deterred. I am talking here about the 20-30% support base CORD has has in the Kalenjin communities much to the dismay of the tribal magicians.

    That is the constituency for which Sang’s statement is critical and it came at a very good time. That support base is getting bolder and more confident from the rallies we have seen. They have come a long way from the prayer days and mass hate propaganda from the Uhuruto mob. CORD needs that support and I think increasingly they are getting confident they have it. If they do, Jubilee is kaput and gone.

    7. As for Ruto being fattened for the tribalist slaughter house that runs the oligarchy at State House from 2002 till now and before the Nyayo era, that is of no interest to Ruto. Even the issue of Kalenjins being cheated through Ruto, that too is irrelevant to Ruto. It is a simple matter really. Ruto is in this to save Ruto, end of story and of that he is sure because his boss will be his partner in crimes at the ICC if they were to win. That will not change and Ruto is smart enough to know by now that the ICC folks mean business.

    These people came together to jettison the ICC cases and even that is getting more tricky by the day and all they can promise now is they will comply and try to run the country at the same time. That was not the original plan. That situation has been imposed on them as they see Kenyans are not willing to go the pariah state route. So everything is work in progress for them. These people are dealing with a moving object and even the electoral victory that they were 100% sure of and were busy preparing the parade route for doesn’t look such a sure shot anymore.

    Meanwhile the news from the ICC seems to be that the ICC is looking for another courtroom and that may delay the trials for a few more months if necessary.. The clueless Uhuruto mob seem to be celebrating this as great news. Boggles the mind. If they are looking for another courtroom it means the ICC wants to have the two trials going on in different courts at the same time of course. Don’t whisper that to the Uhuruto mob. Let them have a party. It may be very short lived in many regards and that may start as soon as Monday coming.


    • Folks,

      It is quite interesting that five days after Joshua Sang told Kenyans that Ruto was lying about Raila sending them to The Hague, Mr. Motor Mouth, William Ruto has not mastered any courage to answer him or belittle his sentiments as many expected. Ruto has not said a word about Mr. Sang’s very clear statement including his assertion that Uhuru cannot help resolve the land problems that the Kalenjin communities are faced with because he (Uhuru) will have a conflict of interest on the matter.

      This might very well be the first time Ruto has been tongue tied kabisa on something that affects him directly. What does that tell you and what impact will it have on the polling day? We will soon find out, won’t we, but one thing is for sure. Ruto never show this coming and he must have been outraged but realized he was helpless. Attacking Sang would have made him look even more ridiculous. Lies sometimes can only get you so far and I think Ruto knows that. He is a smart person.

      In US presidential elections this is what they call the “October Surprise”. In Kenya I don’t know what we call it but it was time someone with Sang’s authority on the matter said the truth and nothing but the truth. When the ICC trials get underway and they will, Kenyans will see the truth that Sang talked about. That is the next big event for the country after the elections.

      What a year this is going to be for the republic and for Uhuru Kenyatta, the muthamaki who berates the likes of Shebesh in public and invites all media houses to cover the whipping session. And when the king talks the likes of Shebesh bend their knees and bow to the the king as the king’s jesters clap in joy. Jesus Christ!

      And this is the 21st century, right? May be the king has a different calendar. Saddam Hussein used to do this kind of thing. He would invite the media to cabinet meetings and humiliate his cabinet ministers one by one and make them confess to all manner of stuff. After the “confession” the ministers would be led outside never to be seen again. The other person who did that sort of thing was Idi Amin Dada. Obviously muthamaki has some great role models. Good luck with that.


    • hehehe

      akinyi, there are numerous examples of this principle being applied

      this is exactly how Laico (formerly Grand regency) was sold, willing buyer (libya) and willing seller (kimunya). never mind pattni (the thief), never you mind the taxpayer (defrauded over 80bn through pattni’s Goldenberg scam)

      nobody wants to ask about how the property ended up with the “willing seller”.

      ruto right on cue also follows the same script and creates a “willing seller” some lady named “Yator” while he becomes the “willing buyer”. unfortunately the it is no longer 1964-1978, its 2008 and the landscape is fast changing.

      so in the kenyatta case, indigineous (native) are dispossessed by invading colonials. circa independence, the settlers move out in a hurry, and voila “willing seller” (kenyattas govt) sells to “willing buyer” (kenyatta’s family) – needless to say, for a song.

      anyone that doesn’t see the “honest above board” transaction is just jealous

      so i guess the elefunk in the room is the missing “unwilling legit owner” i think we can call this the “wailing owner”


    • akinyi,

      Yes the “Willing Buyer, Willing Seller” “slur” from Uhuru has outraged people and it could get worse. Uhuru is basically telling the people whose lands Kenyatta grabbed for himself and his friends that they are bozos who sold the land for nothing and that is their problem. People are saying nobody sold the land to Kenyatta. He grabbed them.

      Here is the story from Taita Taveta and folks are mad like hell. This is going to be Uhuru’s worst nightmare in the Coast, and in Rift Valley. Uhuru must now wish he never went for that debate:

      Here we go:



      • Ouch!! That hurts! Where are all these killer punches coming from with just 4 days left to the predicted landslide win in round one? Has money been poured to finish ‘The Prince’?

        I already warned ‘The Prince’ that there was more where that knock-out punch from Raila (Governance via Skype from The Hague) came from during the first presidential debate. Seems, he never listened.

        He should have avoided the second presidential debate like a plague.

        Now, the “willing seller – willing buyer” land issue and Sang’s repentance are definitely killer blows to the soft and exposed underbelly of ‘The Prince’. It is called the audacity of the truth, it always has the penchant of raring its true face when one least expects it!

        What is the way out for ‘The Prince’?

        Rig, rig and rig again the elections on Monday to survive, if only, in the short run.


  3. Ha! I didn’t know it would come from Sang. What many aren’t aware is that its reflecting what is on the ground. There is a reason Ruto will go back to Rift valley to ‘campaign’. What I know is that something is happening in Rift Valley that many are not aware – I came to learn of this last week. If the trend ……… I don;t want to say beyond what Jubilee knows, all I can tell them is that they shouldn’t celebrate at all right now.


  4. I would be lying if I said I expected this from Mr. Sang.
    But truth is setting him free and William Ruto need to follow this good example. Why lie about a man who never was in the midst of planning of the heneous crimes.

    Great that Sang is saying what many Kalenjins have been just whispering about ie Ruto and Uhuru pact is a joke and wont bring peace to the RVP. Will Uhuru all of a sudden give up thousands upon thousands of hectares to Kalenjins? I dont think so. The MOU between them will fail miserably.

    I think that this utterance is going to be a game changer.


    • `

      I’ve been so busy traveling back and forth on job assignments. But I watched the debate — and saw this Sang’s endorsement.

      The latter is a very significant hallmark. It is not just the Raila endorsement that is big.

      Sang’s absolving of Raila from the blame –about taking them to the Hague — is a huge milestone interrogating the collective Kalenjin psyche. It needed to come close to the election. Therefore its timing is great.

      One needs to first understand the connection between historic land grievances, PEV, and the Hague case through the Kalenjin eye lens. So far, Ruto had almost successfully implanted in the Kalenjin mindset, the propaganda that Kalenjins fought for Raila (euphemism for – Kalenjin land rights) who then betrayed them…(sent them for international prosecution at the Hague).

      Sang is one of the Kalenjin faces currently facing prosecution at the Hague. For him to come out and challenge Ruto’s propaganda right before the election is definitely a shock-wave that will reverberate through the Kalenjin nation during the upcoming elections.

      Back in the minds of most Kalenjin –they’ve always held the suspicion that elite Gikuyu’s in the Kibaki administration (especially within the state intelligence machinery – Gichangi & co.) were responsible for collecting evidence against Ruto, Sang, and Kosgey.

      Talking to any Kalenjin…they will tell you that (even without any evidence) Ruto was pin-pointed by the Gikuyu elite in government as being the “Kabuga” who engineered the massacre…Sang’ the “code-messenger”…and Raila’s close friend Kosgey had to be tied in somehow. That was Gichangi’s state of mind…and that was the narrative given to Waki Commission –which found its way to the ICC. Sang is pretty much exposing this unblemished truth.

      Because Sang’ was the one framed (by wakina Gichangi) as single-handedly “mobilizing” the Kalenjin nation against Gikuyu madoadoa in Rift Valley…his message carries a lot of weight in this community. As an ICC victim – his message particularly carries much credibility as Adongo explained.

      Ruto’s propaganda has been shattered with this single shot from Sang’. Irrespective of how the Kalenjin vote in one week, it was important for this message to come through. It is particularly important becuse the rest of the nation know that Ruto is merely being used by Uhuru –planned for dumping (take this to the bank) immediately the election hurdle is crossed. Uhuru Kenyatta is intelligent enough to know that an ICC-besieged President, cannot sustainable have an equally ICC-besiged, land-cases-besieged, and Gikuyu-loathed Deputy President.

      Ruto’s land case against the IDP, Muteshi – has also brought out the ugly side of Ruto in public. The ruthless attempt to transfer this fraud to an innocent Kalenjin woman named Dorothy Yator — was called out last week when Mrs. Yator herself took the stand to testify that she had never ever met Ruto nor his the latter’s agents. She confirmed that her signature was forged, and her ID biometric records stolen.

      Here is a perfect illustration of a callous Kalenjin elite (Ruto), victimizing his own poor kin (Mrs. Yator) to disenfranchise another Kenyan victim (Adrian Muteshi). I can confidently state without fear of contradiction, that even Uhuru Kenyatta and the Gikuyu elite cannot stand the guts of Ruto –as was demonstrated by Mutahi Ngunyi’s leaked letter last week.

      It is a sad state of affairs. Ruto has locked his community as his personal shield yet oblivious of the pain awaiting him. The Kalenjin have virtually abandoned their desire to have historic land injustices redressed — precisely because Uhuru –whose father was the engine of the injustices– cannot open that pandoras box of land injustices.

      The debate also revealed the other truth about the Mau saga — and who has actually been frustrating relocation plans for the Mau evictees. The heart of the matter neither came from Uhuru nor Raila. It came from Mudavadi. Not only was the Finance Ministry (aided by OP/Special Programs) using the Mau issue as a wedge political issue to create bad blood between Raila and the Kalenjin, but also….the Kalenjin elite themselves (Isaac Ruto, Zakayo Cheruiyot et al) owning large parcels around Mau, deliberately held the Lands Ministry hostage –through unrealistic escalation of the ‘asking price’ for available land nearby. Uhuru, Esther Murugi, and the Isaac Ruto/ Cheruiyot crew are the biggest enemies of aspirations of those evictees to date. This is a perfect illustration of the economic-interest-driven comeuppance between few Gikuyu and Kalenjin elites, yet their peasants remain as divided as oil and water. This is the unsustainable arrangement Ruto is limping towards the election with — just hoping Kalenjin masses don’t open their eyes.

      Whether Raila is elected or not, what is guaranteed is that Uhuru Kenyatta will never ever even attempt to redress land issues that have always dominated Kalenjin politics (especially Nandi and Kipsigis). It looks like we are headed into a run-off, and luckily, Kenyans will rescue their constitutional reforms through rejecting the anti-reform ticket.


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