Nairobi Woman Rep

Was listening to this debate and am quite frazzled. 50 minutes into the debate and we are still talking maternity care and what not. These people are totally in the dark. Good grief, these ladies are being programmed to take a subservient role in parliament whereas they were being empowered to come in at the level of a governor or senator.

Right from the get go, it is clear that these guys have no clue what their role is

Shebesh even claims that its IEBC to blame but that is more ridiculous

The onus is on political parties to educate and tell their candidates what their role is going to be in the various posts and whether they think they are up to the task.

Secondly its parliament that was charged with task of defining with clarity the various arms of national and county governments, they didn’t do it, and that’s why people including the candidates are quite in the dark


Would like to remind these ladies that they are Woman Rep NOT women’s rep. They are not representing the women in the county. They are elected officials exactly the same as senator and MP to represent the entire county, the only difference here being that their position is reserved for a female, but they are no different from any other MP or Senator. this is actually a very big post since they are basically like their counterpart the Senator who is basically the “MP” for the county.

What is this they are discussing about “what does the nairobi woman need” aiish, isn’t that going to be the work of the select committees and ministry that will deal with special interest groups and marginalised representation.

These guys are being set off on a wild goose chase and are going to set the wrong trend in parliament

Am not even sure they know what their role is


These guys need to look at page 14 and 15 of IEBC’s handbook of Elective positions

The moderator for that program just simply got onto the wrong boat and took her passengers down the wrong route with her

If the elite and more informed Nairobi Woman Rep doesn’t get it, what hope does the rural woman have especially from the more pronounced¬†patriarchal¬†communities

3 comments on “Nairobi Woman Rep

  1. Was having a debate on twitter on this issue a couple hours back and decided to revisit this thread. Have traced the video and will post it here for posterity

    Only Rachel Shebesh actually gets the role of the woman rep as captured in her introductory take on the matter. maybe Esther and the other lady forget her name, will update this later. All the others have been herded into the mentality of representing women in the county.

    This is how women continue to shortchange themselves in leadership positions all the time.

    This was an opportunity for women to engage in National politics and law making without having to navigate and muscle their way through minefields filled with men.

    The whole point was that having more women participate in national issues would bring balance to skewed policies and bring in a more wholesome humane approach which would all inclusive (i.e capture the motherly/maternal nature of women) etc.

    Instead everyone appears to have taken the position that they represent women’s needs.

    But even worse, having self-relegated themselves into this subservient position, they still have not found any sense of purpose, and have all become like most Senators, mouth-pieces for the executive and instead of being stoic defenders of value, have joined the jolly rubber staMPs

    Wow, talk about shooting yourself in the foot, all by your self.


  2. have been listening to this debate in snatches but wow at 1:12:00 there is a guy there that rips into shebesh and jubilee . wow, there are some fiery guys out there


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