The joy of six: How will you vote?

Tuko tayari!

Folks, I have made decisions. I confirmed my registration at the Milimani Primary School Polling Station which is a 5 minute walk from my house. This is in Kilimani ward, Dagoretti North constituency in Nairobi County. Incidentally, Dagoretti North covers most of central Nairobi. 

I know that kura ni secret ballot, but I hereby waive my right of secrecy and reveal my choices as follows:

  1. PRESIDENT: I will vote RAILA AMOLO ODINGA – After listening to the debates and watching the campaigns I am convinced that he is the only real choice for our country. Raila has prioritised jobs, infrastructure and healthcare. His social protection policies are the most comprehensive and far reaching. Raila’s history of reform speaks volumes for itself. His presidency, shortly after our new constitution, will protect and enhance those gains. Investment and innovation will happen rapidly after the election of Raila. Raila understands our history, appreciates our current predicament and envisions a prosperous, unified future.

Uhuru Kenyatta on the other hand, is facing serious criminal charges at the ICC. His running mate is a co-indictee and is also in court for having stolen an IDP’s land: a case that accurately reflects on his oft-stated occupation as a hustler, or more precisely, a conman (check your favourite dictionary). I am afraid that we will become a pariah state if ICC indictees are president and deputy. Our economy will collapse and people will suffer. I understand that the reason Uhuru and Ruto are running together is so that they can defend themselves at the ICC, but Kenya cannot be used as a shield in that manner. It is irresponsible and unfair, especially to the PEV victims who still languish in tents. I am also very concerned about the divisive leadership Uhuruto offer: Uhuru and Ruto are campaigning on the premise of a two-tribe alliance. They have, therefore, for example, not bothered to campaign in Western Kenya where a significant proportion of Kenyans live. Besides, Uhuru is a massive landowner incapable of adjudicating over sensitive land matters and resolving historical grouses of squatters.

The other SIX candidates have no chance at winning.


He is the only one with the academic and managerial credentials to transform Nairobi into a modern metropolis. All other candidates are either well known thugs (WAITITU), tainted by association with DIRTY city council politics that dragged us down for decades (KISIA, WAITITU), have inadequate formal and social education (KISIA, WAITITU) or are part of corporate-baron culture that reaps where it did not sow (MBARU).


I will vote for Margaret Wanjiru. I think hers is a genuinely enchanting story. Rising from a house girl to running a large church must be the result of ‘smarts’. A single mother who has raised two boys rather well must have something going for her. She is tough as nails and streetwise. But she also genuinely and deeply cares for the plight of the poor… but not in the flippant, sonkoish way. She approaches things in a motherly, caring manner. But my vote for Wanjiru is also a recognition that we MUST lock out the mediocrity and idiocy that Sonko represents. Sonko cannot speak or write English. He cannot make law as is expected of senators. He is a product of backstreet matatu culture, marinated and matured in prison among hardcore criminals. He does not represent our values of honesty, humility and hard work. It would be a serious blight on our collective conscience to have to deal with a sheng-speaking, rabble-rousing immature youth as senator of one of Africa’s important cities. I will have nowhere to hide my head in shame. I cannot stand for it. Adding insult to injury, Sonko is also mired in hush-hush talk about crazy land dealings, drug peddling among other unsavoury things. Wanjiru is certainly more acceptable, more teachable and capable of civilised dressing and behaviour. Wanjiru it is.


I have yet to make up my mind on this one. I want to vote for whoever can defeat Rachel Shebesh. I am against Ms Shebesh for the simple reason that I think she is stupid. Watching her storm the IEBC office and crow about not being ‘blonde’ was revealing. She is an embarrassment to her husband and her mother. Learning that she declared all female students from the University of Nairobi are ‘prostitutes’ in the streets sealed it for me. Yes, Rachel, you are really stupid, and indeed ‘blonde’.

I unsure about Esther Passaris. I have no idea what she stands for. Her confession on TV that she ‘was seeing a married man’ suggests moral shortcomings that should disqualify her for elective office on the basis of deficient personal integrity. The married man, in this instance, maybe the coffee tycoon from Thika from whom she extracted a prince’s ransom to disengage. But she is better than Rachel. She is more savvy, boats better articulation and has managed an enterprise.

Can she beat Rachel?

Who are the others?

5. MP – I will vote for Simba Arati. I had hoped KJ would win but he is not the candidate. Simba it is. He is in ODM which I support.

6. County Rep – I will vote for the ODM candidate – whoever that might be. I have seen a youngish man on posters. He is it.

There you have it. My six ballots, shaping up well. Pray, how will you vote? Tuko tayari.

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22 comments on “The joy of six: How will you vote?

  1. @RR

    I am a firm believer in multiparty democracy. I am a card carrying member of ODM. I fully support the CORD alliance. I participated in the ODM primaries and thankfully all those I supported in the primaries got nomination certificates to stand in the main election

    For those reasons, I have no hesitation to confirm that I shall be voting SIX PIECE. Kenneth Okoth for MP, Margaret Wanjiru for Senator, Rahab Ndambuki for Women Rep, Kidero for Governor and of course Raila Odinga for president. Of course, I could vote Mingala (ODM) for Women Rep, but in the spirit of CORD, I will vote Ndambuki (Wiper) as she stands a better chance to vanquish Shebesh.

    I intend to be at the polling station in Ayany Primary School – Kibra Constituency at 6am before returning home for a steaming bowl of wimbi porrige…then sit back and start monitoring results. I will try and take some photos and upload them to this blog.

    Barring anything extra ordinary occurrence, I am predicting a round one win for Raila Odinga and an overwhelming majority in both upper and lower houses.

    Godspeed to our country.


    • Ok Phil, Ndambuki it is. Like the popular Christian hymn goes ‘I need no other argument, I need no other plea’ We shall vote.

      By the way, how can i upload photos here, I will try to take some too.


  2. I am reading rumours on the net that Waititu punched Shebesh @ the Panafric hotel today. Is it true or is it propaganda….Anyway, I also saw Uhuru reading the riot act to Waititu, Sonko & Shebesh and they were compelled to reconcile (The primary school style of reconciling children who have been fighting) the body language between them was still frosty though…..


    • Uhuru can’t control his team of thugs. You have to be insane to think that Waititu can be the governor of one of the largest cities in our continent. And Sonko the senator. We said before that a government of thugs, by thugs for thugs may not be workable. Uhuru can have his thug, Kabogo in Kiambu but he will not impose a thug to run Nairobi city. Kidero will get the job.


    • tnk – nice pic, i need info on Rahab Ndambuki and Sylvia Mingala. We need to know who they really are. There are plenty of women rep votes looking for women rep out here. From this pic, i surmise that the cord team is pushing Rahab Ndambuki? In which case she might as well get my vote. But I don’t want to go picky picky ponky…. in the ballot booth next Monday!


      • Yes, CORD is pushing Ndambuki based on the fact WDP did not contest ODM taking Senate and Governor positions. WDP also provided running mate for ODM governor. It is in the spirit of coalition building


    • tnk,

      Nairobi County Governor will hold the second most important position in our republic. The DPORK is big time too. This time the DPORK is not an appointee of the president. The DPORK is now a constitutionally protected office just like that of the Chief Justice.

      But the Nairobi governor will be in charged of the “heart beat” of the republic. Our tourism magic in the world starts from Nairobi. Our fine hotels. The airport. And then you can go anywhere you want from Nairobi. I have a workmate with her friends who are coming to Nairobi in June 2013.

      They want to spend a few days in Nairobi and have a safari trip to Serengeti Park and then to Zanzibar. From there they will fly to Cape Town.

      I tell them they must have fun in Nairobi. Visit places and eat our food. It is good. They have promised to do so but I will have to wait for the results of their trip.

      As far as the Nairobi County elections are concerned I think Evans Kidero has a good shot. I like his running mate Jonathan Mueke even more. What a dynamic combination!

      That CORD team will get this big job. That is a huge step for CORD. TNA is in shambles in Nairobi with Waititu (a certified thug), who has the TNA ticket and Mbaru, who really should have been the TNA candidate.

      Uhuru’s public dress down to Shebesh and Sonko today and ordering them to stand up and support Waititu for Nairobi Governor or else was frightening.

      Saddam Hussein used to do that. They have videos of it. It is very chilling. Saddam had public shows humiliating his ministers. And so did Idi Amin

      CORD is taking the Nairobi governorship and more.

      It is a god thing for the country.


      • Adongo,
        Concerning the treatment Kimwana dished out to his obedient minions, i.e the thuggish sonko and the other woman who has become unrecognizable since she joined TNA, it goes along way to reinforce those stories we use to hear how “Kamaliza” would cane the Mois, Kibaki, and the Ogutus of this world just to make his point whenever he got upset or someone beat him to a land deal which was ripe for grabbing.

        Muthamaki is simply proving that point, and just imagine what he would do to any kenyan who gets his way when he posses the instrument of power? A symptom of a full throttle dictator in the making. Kenyans be ware!!


  3. Hey my Sisters and Brothers based in Kenya,

    I have been denied a chance to do my God-given civic duty here by the IEBC just because I happen to reside out of Kenya! I therefore pray that you do the right thing and on my behalf too on the 4th of March 2013.

    Please go out and vote and do me proud!!


  4. RR,
    I confirmed my registration at Kongoni Primary School (South C), Langata. This will be my first time voting in Langata, I was a voter in Westlands prior to that.

    1) President: Raila Amollo Odinga (ODM). He has on numerous times stood for what is right even when it is not convenient, the Mau issue immediately comes to mind. This was despite the political ramifications.

    2) Governor:
    Evans Kidero (ODM). His performance at the largest corporations in Kenya speaks for itself.

    3) Senator:
    Margaret Wanjiru (ODM). She knows her stuff & Sonko is a criminal.

    4) Women Rep
    Undecided, will check out & see who has the best chance of beating Shebesh.

    5) MP
    Jacob Otieno Ouma aka Jobby (Wiper). This is one where I was bitterly disappointed with ODM with regards to the nomination. Jacob Otieno legitimately won the nominations & was given a provisional nomination certificate, money was poured & his nomination was revoked and given to a certain oldie called Olum. Olum. If Jacob had been cleared by ODM he would virtually have been the MP elect, Olum can’t cut it at this level. On the flip side, the vote in Langata is likely to be split between Olum & Jacob thus handing the victory to URPs Nixon Korir.

    6) County Rep
    Undecided, I’ve never known my councilor in Nairobi anyway.


    • siguda,

      Good choices. That is the joy of being on the ground. The problem with all the noise in the internet is that 95% of the noisemakers like myself live outside the country and Isaack Hassan made sure we still can’t vote. So sometimes I laugh at the vigorous campaigns you see on Kenya websites by people who have never seen a voting card. So kudos to you guys. Take everybody with you to the voting station.

      For us out here we have to do other work and find ways to contribute to the great course. I do mine, sometimes overtly and sometimes otherwise. I put my punches in the battle.

      As for the women’s rep in Nairobi, someone posted a video of their so called debate. I tried but it was too painful to watch. I gave up. They think their job is to represent women in parliament. Yes, they have to do that naturally but they are county representatives of the entire county and in Nairobi that means representing 3 million Kenyans. That is a bigger population than many countries in the world. It is not a joke and when people like Shebesh reduces such matters to alleged prostitution by university students you have to wonder what the heck she is smoking with her Sonko friend. She is a complete embarrassment to Kenyan women and it is a shame she may very likely be the women rep in Nairobi.

      But our sisters in that debate were clueless. One of the biggest challenges the women reps will have to deal with is to work with legislatures to ensure that the 1/3 women representation is achieved by August 2015. It is going to be very tough and Kenyans may very well be turned off against it particularly if they see mediocre leadership from the county women reps.

      These women reps will have the toughest job in the world just because they are women and everybody wants to see them fail. It is like Barack Obama in the White House. He had to work ten times harder to prove that a black person in the White House was not a mistake.

      Our history of women in bunge so far, most of whom nominated, is replete with extreme mediocrity. May be Martha Karua has distinguished herself for better or for worse and someone like Millie Odhimabo was not so bad but most of them are bad jokes and Shebesh whom I thought was a good tough woman even after she left ODM has reduced herself to this manzi nonsense and is now a sad spectacle dragging herself along Sonko and Mary Wambui. I don’t know if that is because she is hungry. If that is the case I can understand. Folk need food on the table.

      Hopefully other counties will produce quality women reps. In my beloved Siaya County we have some of the most outstanding academics and professionals running for the women rep position. I am very proud of them all but I hope Dr. Ombaka gets it.

      So good luck and get those Nairobi folks to vote.


      • These women representative seats are a disaster. The ladies have grossly misinterpreted it. It is painful to watch the links provided by tnk. My take is that we need a lot of civic education for these candidates.


    • Siguda,

      Great choices. That Langata issue needs to be resolved pronto. Everybody needs to vote one way to have that seat secured. I don’t know what mechanism can be used to ensure that.

      Meanwhile diaspora colleagues who were disenfranchised: we will do our best. Unfortunately Uhuru and TNA are engaged in voter suppression efforts in CORD strongholds. They are dropping inflammatory leaflets and threatening voters. We will not be cowed or discouraged.


      • RR,

        Seems like it will be Rahab Ndambuki for the womens rep for me. As for the inflammatory leaflets, what are they all about? I have heard about them but have no clue on their contents….


    • tnk;

      I had not seen that thread. I will listen to them. I want someone who can defeat Shebesh. Esther Passaris is not thinking right. She would have won this more easily if she quickly aligned to CORD as I am not sure CORD has proper name recognition for that seat. Why is she talking about Mbaru when Mbaru is trailing? That is not smart politics at all!


      • also read my comment(s) on that thread. the interviewer/moderator gingerly held their hands as she lead them down the garden path

        as my brother einstein would say, it was inadvertently regrettable.

        rr am no gender warrior/activist, but i was thoroughly disappointed by that moderator in that interview

        the woman rep is actually the MP for the county exactly like the senator except that the senator sits in the senate whereas the woman rep sits in the national assembly

        lets take for instance nairobi, with 17 constituencies, folks like waititu are confined to stone throwing in embakassi north o wherever, whereas the woman rep can traverse all of eastlands, westlands, karen, dago etc. all 17 constituencies. in other words a woman rep is the MP of MPs she does not need any permission to visit any part of the county, she has her own right. remember in the past such politicians were called political tourists.

        the woman rep has exactly the same opportunity as the senator and the governor. these are county wide responsibilities and extremely senior

        but in that interview and judging from public perception, they have been reduced and have allowed themselves to be reduced to some gender tokenism (and a subservient role) and have spent 1 hr 45 minutes on reproductive health of women.

        it is very sad when the new constitution set out to empower women and by their own hand have thus betrayed themselves.

        instead of a county (woman) representative i.e MP, we now have a county “women’s” rep i.e gender activist. completely different objectives.

        and you can see from the lineout,

        i had strongly advocated for bishop margaret to actually vie for this woman rep post because she would have taken it landslide. but she chose to go tussle with the likes of sonko for senator. i still support CORD for all 6p but there were better options to go about this


      • Its hard to beat Shebesh because there is no well known person challenging her from a recognized party. Had Passaris stuck with ODM she would have won hands down. By the way, Shabesh is being helped alot from the Sonko/Waititu support base. Now that they have abandoned Waititu, lets wait and see what happens.


  5. i think the issue of 6 p, is not there.however from the top candidate upto senetor i agree with you, but on the women/mp have not made up my minds.


    • Tom Muyonga;

      It is Wednesday. Kura is on Monday. Decision time. After visiting Kawangware recently, I have no doubt that Simba Arati will win the MP seat irrespective of how you and I vote. So we might as well add to his lead.


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