Jubilee’s desperation resorts to a campaign of hate leaflets and violence


In Nairobi, Mombasa, Kakamega, Kitui, Kitale and Thika, hate-leaflets speading anti-Raila messages – essentially stirring up tribal hatred pitting locals against CORD’s presidential flag-bearer Raila Odinga (& the latter’s community) – has become Jubilees pass-time in the last 24 hours. The leaflets have suddenly littered the country overnight.

The idea is to depress or scare off potential votes for Raila in Nairobi, Western, Coast, and Ukambani.

It is evidently clear the state is complicit in all these activities. There is no way state intelligence can be oblivious of these large-scale countrywide –yet illegal –activities until after hate leaflets have littered such many streets and villages across Kenya.

Next time people are being held into account for masterminding violence in Kenya – the perpetrators of such vices must not escape justice.

The extent to which these folks try to hang onto power reveals the best evidence of the total disregard they have for the welfare of the ordinary Kenyans.




The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy is alarmed by the increasing cases of threat to our supporters and members across the country ahead of the Monday General Election.

As CORD, we have been attacked on several occasions by supporters of our main opponents the Jubilee Alliance whenever we hold rallies and meetings in their perceived strongholds. First it was the Embu incident where our Presidential Candidate Mr. Raila Odinga and his Deputy Mr. Kalonzo Musyoka had their rally disrupted by rowdy youths.

Then came the Kiambu incident where our caravan was attacked by youths who were chanting pro Uhuru slogans. In Limuru, ODM Secretary General Prof. Anyang Nyongo was attacked and had his briefcase that contained valuables stolen as he campaigned for the party candidate in Limuru.

Last night, the East African Legislative Assembly Member, Hon. Mumbi Ng’aru had her property destroyed by youths chanting pro Jubilee and Uhuru Kenyatta slogans. The same night, two of the young men she had hired to place Raila Odinga’s posters on the walls and streets in Thika were hacked to death by people who were wearing TNA shirts and caps.

This morning, a lady by the name Ogla, who was featured on Citizen TV’s Power Breakfast show and spoke candidly against Jubilee Alliance, received death threats immediately she, got out of the studio. She has reported the matter with the police at the Kilimani Police Stastion. Surely, why threaten women, when we all want to empower them.

As if that is not enough, people wearing Jubilee T-shirts and caps have been spotted in various places distributing leaflets that are anti-Raila and CORD. The leaflets are ill-intended as they are propagating for ethnic animosity amongst the people of Kenya. Kenya is for us all. Why would someone print out leaflets discouraging Kenyans from electing Raila Odinga as the fourth President of Kenya?

We urge our supporters to ignore these leaflets and prepare to VOTE FOR RAILA ODINGA come Monday next week. In a Raila Presidency, Kenya is guaranteed of peace and stability.

Thank you.
Hon. Gideon Ndambuki Hon. Ochieng’ Mbeo
Co-Chairman, CORD, Coordinating Committee Member, CORD Comm, Team

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8 comments on “Jubilee’s desperation resorts to a campaign of hate leaflets and violence

  1. Strange stuff. Jubilee ferried people from all over. As at yesterday evening there were 3 groups stranded from Homa Bay, Bondo & Karatina. They were ferried & received ‘something small’ and promised to be ferried back. They were still @ Uhuru park today morning. The team from Kajiado was provided with transportation leaving the teams from Bondo & Homa Bay stranded. They had to seek for help from Orange house, their fare back home was fully paid & luckily for them they are back home in readiness for the elections tomorrow.



    On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 8:47 PM, The Real Deal


    • job,

      I just talked to my young nephews who are at the University of Nairobi. I was asking them if they feel safe enough with all these threats from Uhuru’s mobsters. The boys told me they are super confident and there is no panic. They have seen the leaflets telling non Kikuyus to leave the city and they just laugh them off. They are not going anywhere. Folks are staying put and of course being CORD supporters they told me to relax because they are going to win this thing.

      But these are very dangerous tactics from Uhuru and his mob. It is quite telling that even as Uhuru and his co-accused wait for their date with ICC their minions are still engaging in acts of terrorism. What are they going to do when they lose? They have been fed the lies about their tyranny of numbers and then they will get their butts kicked come Monday, then what?

      The other thing the boys told me is that security is pretty good in Nairobi. I think so far the Kimaiyo guy is doing a good job. After Kimemia was repulsed and their stupid idea of sending GSU to Nyanza eti to patrol which is a code word for terrorizing citizens and supressing the vote abandoned things are moving in the right direction. The illegal County Commissioners were unable to take off with their so called Peace initiatives which was another plan to meddle with the vote.

      I only heard some fool in Kisumu (a County Commissioner called Mutie) talking about ambulances to be sent in Kisumu because people were going to faint after losing the elections. I am not making that up. Can you imagine the kind of morons these people are. This time they are the ones who are going to faint as they get fired by the new president. Those County Commissioner jobs have been declared illegal by our courts and the first job of the new president will be to respect the court order and fire them all.

      The leaflets are signs of panic. The tyranny of numbers is not working. Now they think the tyranny of leaflets will work. It won’t. They are looking at defeat and they can’t believe it. If they start anything stupid the country is going to explode and this time not even twenty Koffi Annans will stop it. I am sure Kenyans want peace this time but if someone pushes the wrong button nobody is going to back off. Someone need to get Uhuru and his network to stop this immediately.

      When I read about people being hacked to death in Thika even before the elections it makes my blood boil. I don’t even want to hear the word hacking.


      • hehehe eti “tyranny” of numbers falls flat on its face plan b “terror reign” of fear mongering and leaflets.

        i agree that most of this fear mongering is self propagating, but its the clearest indicator that the guys at the grassroots are fully aware that this is a lost game


      • Desperation is driving these fellas into doing some crazy things. There is also a report about landlords evicting some tenants for fear of property destruction…their deadline was February 28th. Is this surely how to run an economy heading towards the second or first world?


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