7 comments on “Madd Madd World!

  1. And who said the victor must be magnanimous in victory? I did it all by myself! Can the losers please go hurt elsewhere! This is the Uhuruto party at the Uhuru Gardens! No gatecrashers are allowed in here Mr. Aide de Camp, did you hear me?

    Only those those who brought the numbers on the table are gonna sit with me at the table. You know, this has not been a fishing expedition where it all depends on the mercies of the lake!

    Cha bure hakuna kabisa. After all, we are facing East where thou eateth only what thou bringeth at the communal aka communist table!

    Comrade Samoei, are you still with me? By the way when were you arap Kipchirchir born? Was it 1960 or 1967? You know, these details are very important when dealing with our comrade brothers and sisters in the East!

    Na kwa hayo machache, kazi iendelee!




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