Kethi Kilonzo on Supreme court ruling

I thought this was worth own thread.

She clearly say what everybody has been saying. Thats is, Mutunga and his gang of wazees failed Kenya big time.

That they did not even look into evidence. Just made a ruling based on you-know-what

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4 comments on “Kethi Kilonzo on Supreme court ruling

  1. she was the best presenter ,during that time,and she is women to watch, she coming.all what she gave was full evidence for us to go for fresh election.may God bless this young promising girl.


  2. While some want to cut Willy Mutunga and his bunch at the Supreme Court some slack, I won’t.

    That this is the highest court in the land whose judgment is final un-appealable is fine with me. That I have moved on is a given. But I won’t accept the shameful judgment.

    The issue that I have with Willy Mutunga is the fact that he never took his job seriously. It does not matter that they were six people (now that he tweets that he is not SCOK). It was his job to guide the judges to make a decision that was not only fair but also seen to be fair. That the reason we have a CHIEF justice.

    Kenyans are not stupid and the six people at the SCOK are not the brightest legal minds in the land nor are they superhuman who do not make mistakes. I can’t even rule out the fact that they were influenced by outside forces to make the scandalous political judgment. This is a judgment that will forever haunt Mutunga however hard he tries to run away from responsibility (via twitter).

    Kenyans listened to the whole case and drew conclusions about it. If there was no evidence for anomalies Kenyans would have seen that. We all know that the electoral process cannot be perfect but it must be credible. This one was not. A pedestrian could have made better arguments than the highly paid judges.

    We used to laugh at former CJ´s such as Chunga, Madam, Ole Tipis etc. for being puppets of the executive. But thinking about it, that was another time and they had no choice furthermore they chose to do what they were doing. But here is a case where Williy Mutunga had the support of 40 million Kenyans who were ready to die for him need there be, yet he stumbled and fell flat on his face by giving what even foreign lawyers as far as Ghana , Nigeria and Botswana say in the shallowest judgment of any supreme court.

    Judicial reforms are not about attire, high pay, density of judges BUT justice that must be served but also seen to be served.

    The credibility of the Kenyan judiciary is irredeemably damaged after the ruling by SCOK and freeing of Kamlesh Pattni of all charges. Now I hear that some are making noise that the judge who made the Pattni ruling be investigated. It said that CJ Mutunga is in the process of unveiling an inquiry into the said judges conduct. Please Mutunga, don’t waste our time, you should try removing the log from your very own eye before extracting a pin from the judge’s eye.

    Let’s face it; CJ Dr. Willy Mutunga has become a complete disgrace and a burden to the people of Kenya.


    • euonyi

      thanks to you,

      although i was at first impressed by kethi during the 5 day court process

      after listening to this interview am now totally blown by her sense of purpose.

      this is one very awesome advocate and i sincerely hope that she never loses her sense of purpose.

      will be coming back to the salient points in due course


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