The Real Deal

Growing up as a child I aimed to be grown into adulthood so as to benefit from the privileges only accessible to adults. Thirty or so years ago when some of us believed we were fighting for a just cause worth dying for, a nobility that would entrench recognition and a right to humanity as enshrined in the laws of other democratic countries. People lost limbs and some even paid with their own lives because we all had that lofty place as a place worth reaching no-matter what?


Now, what should our struggle be based on from here on when the very institutions, which people fought so hard to have in place, are the ones that have been turned into auction platforms where highest bidders dictate the type, measure and quality of justice dispensed?


Willy Mutunga and his clowns of 5 have completely made a mockery and turn…

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By Mzee Posted in kenya

What Say You Now?

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