For Every Complex Problem …..

Have been following the furious traffic on Twitter and Facebook regarding the MPs and their quest for either higher pay or revert back to what it was during that last parliament, having been revised downwards by the SRC. I make extensive use of “Management Cliches”

There was some drama during the past Labor day celebrations occasioned by interruption to proceedings from one Boniface Mwangi, resulting in some horrendous handling by some goons, not clear whether it was Atwoli’s hirelings or security, but then again that assumes there’s a difference.

Regarding this incident, without absolving the goons, I think Boniface’s action was unnecessary and called for more constructive approach.

To both Boniface and the goons who think force is a solution, I say

The direct use of force (whether mild or brutally violent) is such a poor solution to any problem, it is generally employed only by very young children – anonymous

Generally speaking, its foolishness to so soon after an election call for mass protest against the elected officials. Its sheer absurdity. If at all the electorate had bothered to read party manifestos and interrogate the candidates, then it would be evident that implementing the manifestos would either contradict their present actions or else are simply executing the manifesto. If there is any deviation then the correct people to confront are the party leaders for URP and TNA namely Ruto and Kenyatta or the CORD leadership. If they are unable to reach these two or their immediate proxies, then weep and gnash your teeth and wait for the next election cycle. Live with it.

Right now am told there is a grouping taking shape known as OccupyParliament. Yet another copy from OccupyWallStreet. There is simply no more originality in Kenya. We simply ape events and images from everywhere. Our president and deputy except for names and bodies, were an exact replica of Obama and Biden a few weeks back.

Such mediocrity and laziness and stooping mindlessly to very low standards where we simply copy, but it would be fantasy to expect any better.

I am not against this formation or their quest. What am suggesting is that we are dangerously approaching a “boy who cried wolf” far too many times.

If the public gets too accustomed to demonstrations against MPs salary, demos against funeral fundraisers, etc. when time comes for more weighty matters, no one will respond. My view is that there are other avenues for addressing this particular grievance

Am however drawn to this article in the press knowing fully well that within a problem is where the solution is to be found, and that you cannot find a solution if you do not acknowledge that there is a problem in the first place. excerpts below which I number for reference

Members of the National Assembly may amend the constitution as the last option to secure the higher pay that the Salaries and Remuneration Commission and the public have opposed.

Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo said MPs are set to amend sections of the Constitution that describes them as State Officers, so that they can free themselves from the Salaries and Remuneration Commission’€™s mandate.

Ms Odhiambo said: “Serem should revisit the decision because it seems her commission is not aware of the financial burden MPs have in discharging their duties.”

She claimed the Sh532000 salary stipulated by the commission was even less their expenditure in a single weekend whenever they visit the constituencies.

She said MPs are bearers of almost all problems which face their constituents hence they need better remuneration.

€œWhen a constituent’€™s wife is detained by parents due to lack of dowry, floods are affecting them or any sort of problem, first person to be called is the area MP. The scenario is common all over Kenya since we usually compare notes and our expenditures per weekend range between 250,000 to 300,000, she added.

Odhiambo reiterated that she was not advocating for any salary increment but her aim was to ensure the salary they used to earn in the tenth parliament is maintained to salvage them from inflation currently hitting Kenyans.

The para numbered (1) brings up two issues that a) the MPs are absolutely desperate and feel pushed into a corner. For this reason they are ready to even trash a document that should bear the dreams and aspirations of all Kenyans. For how can someone amend a constitution because of remuneration? What nonsense is that?

Para (3) and (4) the MP raises the issues the MPs deal with on a daily basis (hence the reason some of them never visit their constituencies while others remain barricaded in fortresses)

From this we note that MPs spend about 200,000 per visit every weekend to their constituencies. Presumably in handouts.

Which brings me to para (2), how do MPs discharge their mandate/duties and why is it largely through financial handouts?

And of course in closing (para 5) the MP cheekily states that they want to be shielded from inflation and poverty afflicting ordinary Kenyans. Forgetting completely that in their campaigns, they promised to eradicate the very same poverty, inflation and other economic woes.

Now don’t get me wrong. I actually admire Millie Odhiambo, and totally understand where she is coming from. I believe she is one of the few MPs that genuinely is assisting her constituency.

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.

H. L. Mencken

The point of this is that its true MPs have a problem. But the solution they intend to deploy is absolute rubbish and wrong. If all they are supposed to be is a conduit or conveyor belt for cash handouts, then its better to open a bank in the constituency and govt issues handouts to the locals. And in this regard we all know that no matter how much you set aside, it will simply be swallowed up and an even greater need develops such that demand will outstrip supply.

Good management is an art that turns problems into interesting challenges and turns focus of developing their solutions into constructive enterprise that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them – (paraphrased)

Whereas Peter Kenneth may not have been Presidential material in this last election, his role model use of CDF is an example of how to motivate, mobilize and manage constituencies to plan and manage their resources as well as pragmatically and consistently handle their daily lives. Reducing dependency on MPs and handouts and instead develop working social systems and structures

And therefore to the people behind OccupyParliament, I say this, that you are not the solution but are increasingly becoming a part of the problem

Good people, wake up from your slumber


I append below some select references

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  1. Uhuru and Ruto are breathing both hot and cold. On one hand they don’t fear the ICC because they are as clean as “pamba” and are going to clear their names. On the other hand they are scared shitless about the court procedure.

    There are many ways of addressing the ICC but threats, intimidation and chest thumping or any other political outburst is not one of them. That’s the mistake Uhuruto are doing. They are trying to address and even cajole the court through the local media.

    They are throwing all manner of hinder on ICC`s path. These include the recent motion to withdraw. The wider threat is that if they succeed then the whole of Africa will follow suit. The hope is to kill the ICC for good. But the main motive is to get a reason to abscond from the proceedings. While Uhuru told us that the ICC was a personal challenge, it’s now emerged that he wants to draw the whole country into the saga as if we are all suspects. Fear is slowly creeping in and therein is the danger.

    Supposing he refuses to go to the ICC because as he claims both cannot be out of the country at the same time what will happen? Obviously we will be a pariah state run by a fugitive president. Truth of the matter is that Uhuru and company will never suffer but those that voted him in office plus those who did not will feel the pangs of hunger. With a country divided along tribal lines and an IEBC that is nothing but independent we are in for rough times. So tighten your belts and prepare for a hard landing. If Moi´s times were bad this is going to be worse, believe me.


    • “The wider threat is that if they succeed then the whole of Africa will follow suit.”

      That is just AU talk, which they have been doing since the Bashir case started. All countries have their own interests and I can’t think of even one good reason why they would subordinate those to help Ruto and Uhuru.

      Consider Uganda for an example. Museveni talks tough, but Uganda remains in the ICC. In fact Uganda worked very hard to get a major ICC review conference held there and to convince the USA to provide concrete support for the hunt for Kony.

      Look at the media around all other African countries. How many are talking about the AU at all, except for a couple of vague comments that they support Kenya in some vague way? Is there even the slightest hint that any is thinking of withdrawing?


    • Our media is replete with tales of a youthful, charming, easy, open demeanor, urbane, digital.socialite, tweeting etc etc president.

      However the looming ICC trials are bringing out the bitter, rancorous, repulsive, divisive, vengeful,tribal, demagogue in Uhuru.


      • Andrew

        You are right that the tribal colors of Uhuru are evident when he addresses his home crowd. This was evident when he made his campaign addresses in Embu, and Thika and now in this recent clip at Ruiru

        Those are the true colors, everything else is a facade. Notably he doesn’t talk about Ruto being in charge while he is away. He only mentions that he cannot go to the Hague while Ruto is there. Very subtle message right there i.e. …..


  2. The Uhuruto mob is sleep walking into a major mess with the worst labour crisis in the nation looming omniously.

    As we know the teachers are on strike and KNUT has so far been very successful in mobilizing the members to take action. Thankfully for them the level of incompetence coming from state house has been a great help in mobilizing the teachers.

    Uhuru’s pet Kazungu made KNUT’s work very easy when he opened his loud mouth and tried to use the Moi tactics of decades past where intimidation and threats were the answer to serious problems. The nonsense that the 1997 deal with teachers is dead is wishful thinking. In a situation where you face a crisis you don’t add fuel to the fire by making reckless and stupid statements like Kazungu has been doing.

    Today Uhuru’s other pet called Kaimenyi also opened his loud mouth warning teachers and threatening them about pay etc and trying to order them to go back to work. This after Uhuru met them in a cabinet meeting where the teachers’ strike was the main agenda. Obviously Uhuru thinks he can resort to the tactics of his mentor, Daniel Torotich Arap Moi. Dream on.

    It is important to look into the origins of the mess Uhuru has found himself in even before the 100 day mark. His honeymoon evaporated just too fast and there is no letting up. Things are going to get very bad if Uhuru does not wake up.

    Here is the problem.

    1. As soon as the election was over, M.Ps went on rampage for months where the only issue on their table was how to grab more taxpayer money. The M.Ps were rude, crude and angered the whole country. Finally they got their money with the sweetheart deal facilitated by Ruto. That was the invitation for all public workers to come in and grab money. The mesaage sent was that there was truckloads of money and the doors are open. Folks are going to come for their cut. Now the county assembly mandarins have also been awarded hefty salary increases using the Ruto method. Their salary is Kshs 79,000.00 but they have been awarded benefits to up it to Kshs 200,000.00 a month. The M.Ps money grab was the single worst thing for the Uhuruto mob and it is quite telling that they didn’t see it for what it will cost them politically.

    2. Uhuru and his folks seem to have zero negotiation skills. Uhuru seems to think governing means issuing roadside directives everyday. Another Moi hangover. The way they have approached the issue with teachers is disastrous. With civil servants also gearing up and dockworkers already planning their on strike Uhuru needed mature and sensible administrators. He has none and he is himself awfully unprepared.

    3. The Kshs 53 biliion laptop deal to buy toys for standard one pupils is a practical reminder to everyone that this is a clueless government stubbornly sticking to senseless manifesto jokes they made trying to hoodwink Kenyans. The lap top idea for pupils who go to school hungry with many of them studying under trees or in dusty windowless class rooms with nothing to sit on is a bad idea in itself. But trying to bulldoze that in a situation where you have no money to pay teachers or even to hire enough teachers is plain madness. This is stupidity on steroids.

    This is very typical Uhuruto style. Stick to things stubbornly even when you know it is wrong. They think everything is the ICC where you lie through your nose and think everything will work. Yesterday Jakoyo Midiwo almost saved them when he tried to amend the budget to move the laptop money to the TSC. Foolishly enough behaving as if they are still running political campaigns the Jubilee M.Ps rallied to defeat the amendment thinking this was a great achievement.

    As we all know the Jubilee leadership in parliament is pathetic with Muturi and Duale behaving like Kanu youth wingers of old. If there was anybody in Jubilee even with the intelligence of a mouse they should have let Midiwo’s amendment pass, save Uhuru from this nightmare and politically blame Jakoyo Midiwo for the collapse of the dumb laptop project. But comparing some of these chaps to mice would be an insult to the rodents.


    • adongo

      we said it here, that uhuruto have no agenda for kenya. and they will soon resort to dictatorship as reality sinks in.

      these two are extremely wealthy and have been for a long time and therefore they cannot completely appreciate the economic woes of these various groups demanding salary increases.

      the only reason they agreed to MPs demands is simply because it directly impacts their own positions and would therefore not like to rock their shaky alliance.

      it is easy to meet with the leaders of these groups and bribe or threaten them as well as pronounce roadside decrees.

      but these are very serious issues and to contain them will require an iron fist which is very soon coming our way. because clearly they do not have the capacity to deal with these issues as we have seen.

      in the midst of all this, the deputy presidents house is due for some upgrade for sh.100m for those with short memories, this is a house that initially started with a figure of 197m then went to 387m when it was finally opened by kibaki last year. and now even before full occupancy requires another 100m.

      am guessing that by 2016 this house will have cost sh.1bn

      we have a cash cow somewhere that simply keeps on giving


      • tnk,

        Uhuru’s modus operendi has been simple; throwing money at every problem.

        During the ICC hearings, it is understood Uhuru would pay MP’s, Pastors and other busy bodies 200K for the prayer (read hate) rallies.

        Money was poured to make witnesses disappear and others to recant their testimonies to the ICC.

        Rumour has it, that Ruto was paid up to 7 billion to be Uhuru’s running mate.

        Sponsored Mudavadi’s presidential bid to neutralize Raila in Western, but it backfired.

        The recent elections process was probably compromised with money.

        The major media houses were compromised during the election period recall the nauseating “peace” messages, partisanship, lack of critical analysis etc.

        Uhuru tried and still trying to neutralize Raila by offering him money (in the name of government positions and dangling the pension carrot). Raila’s refusal to play ball is what is causing him problems with the administration – the VIP saga, withdrawal of security personnel, theft etc.

        Uhuru acquiesced to the MP’s salaries for the above reason you offered.

        When Uhuru faced a rebellion from the counties after emasculating the Senate, he quickly moved in to placate Governors with a raft of benefits. The Governors have duly taken the ropes and are using to them hang themselves.(Read Otieno Otieno’s column in 30th June Sunday Nation – can’t seem to locate the link).

        Unfortunately not all problems are solved by throwing money at them. Uhuru will soon learn that, and may unfortunately turn to dictatorship where money doesn’t work.


        • Andrew

          you are right, these guys have been throwing money around. but there are things that money cannot fix. also its only a matter of time before they run out of government money throw around. am pretty sure that our development partners cannot afford to see 100m being spent on a jet, 100m on a new house, etc and still feel compeled to help. with a budget deficit of 300bn, a rising debt to the tune of trillion, we are headed for burst.


      • “I wish to advice the leaders of the teachers unions, the individual teachers themselves and the general public that the disobedience of court orders — contempt of court — is a grave offence under Kenyan law punishable by both a jail term and the imposition of a monetary penalty,” read a statement from the AG’s office. “Any person guilty of the disobedience of court orders shall be met with the full force of the law.”

        I read this and laughed. The AG thinks we are still in the Nyayo era where intimidation tactics was the order of the day. Why not just round up all the teachers, all 250,000 of them and lock them up, that would surely solve the problem. Someone should tell Ruto, the nyayo project himself that this is a new dawn and we will not tolerate being bamboozled. The budget specifically allocated 52 billion for laptops, why is he now changing the story? I am so glad for the constitution which has helped apply brake to such irrational demands and decisions.


      • Here is exactly what we said:

        Uhuru is now trying to play the usual tricks. Exempt Unga and Bread from the tax heist they are planning and dupe Kenyans to accept the treachery. This is like the way Ruto tried to dupe Kenyans after making sweet deals for the M.Ps. Uhuru can dance around with his Jubilee M.Ps and they can play all the monkey games but this VAT thing is going to burn them more than they can imagine.

        Kenyans do not live on bread and milk alone. VAT is being applied to hundreds of goods and services poor Kenyans. This VAT madness is going to affect school books, text books, sanitory products, numerous other food products and a ton of other things. They will also tax fertliliser and all farm inputs (which is just insane). Every Kenyan will be coughing hundreds more to buy exactly the same products they buy today. And these while M.Ps are rolling on Kshs 1.2 million a month, tons of money being thrown around for the luxury of Uhuru and his boys.

        Uhuru is behaving like he is the president of Jubilee and not Kenya. That is very dangerous. I saw a statement from one of those rallying in Egypt when asked why they are so much against Morsi. He said Morsi has been governing as if he is the president of the Muslim Brotherhood not the president of Egypt. Morsi is not my president they shouted as they welcomed the army which they were fighting two years ago. Morsi played with fire. Look where that took him.

        It is becoming obvious that Uhuru just doesn’t get the big picture. This VAT thing has destroyed many politicians. Shock increase of prices of basic commodities can mobilize the masses like nothing else and already people are fed up with Uhuru and his clueless mob of pretenders. Now they want to light the fire. Bring it ON. Uhuru has to understand that there are no Jubilee taxpayers and then the others don’t pay tax. If he wants to play tribal politics with our taxes he is joking with the country. He is going to regret it.

        CORD this time needs to get some serious spine and stand with the masses both in and outside parliament and help unmask this trickery of talking about milk and bread as if the VAT was about just those two items. The first thing we need is someone to provide the public with a comprehensive list of all the items that are going be VATTED for Uhuru to feed his greed for money.

        The other item we have not even started to discuss is that even if VAT was to be introduced on luxury items, under the new order with devolution that tax money has to be shared between the central government and the counties. It is not like the counties will be having other taxpayers to tax. There is only one taxpayer. Here in Canada they have sales tax which is shared between the feds and the provinces. They do the same with income tax.


      • And here comes the new mafia coalition. Kimaiyo is supposed to be one of the toy boys. Here he is.

        In the bigger picture here is the real godfather of this infamy. Crude, rude and a dumb bully. This is Uhuru’s real sidekick. He thinks he is Muthaura on steroids for muthamaki.


      • this administration decided at some point that leadership is about bossing people around. kimemia, all them timid looking cabinet secretaries and principal secretaries will simply follow orders from above. haven’t we heard uhuruto barking orders left right and center seemingly with little or no regard for their ‘very able and thoroughly vetted’ cabinet secretaries?

        oh well, I guess it’s back to the nyayo culture where cabinet secretaries sit in their offices staring at the ‘red phone’ waiting for their next order from SH, kimemia, mama ngina etc.

        so what next for the civil servants now that the government has evicted itself?


      • Adongo,

        Here is Kisero’s take on the VAT debate.

        VAT Bill is likely to flop but most people don’t understand its import

        I think the new administration of President Uhuru Kenyatta will need a great deal of fortitude to push the new Value Added Tax (VAT) Bill through.

        It is very unpopular. Worse still, it is not possible to conduct an informed debate about taxes and entitlements in Kenya right now.

        All the elite – from both sides of the political divide – are currently obsessed with how to manufacture myths to score points against one another. And in this polarised political environment, myths matter more than facts.

        My hope is that when the noise and bickering around the VAT Bill subsides – and even if the Bill is finally thrown out as is it likely to be – the opportunity will have come for a fact-based policy debate around government spending and tax reform.

        There are several myths about the Bill which need to be dispelled. The first one is that by removing exercise and text books from the VAT Bill, the poor will be cushioned from high prices.

        The truth of the matter is that when you remove VAT from school books, you cushion even the very rich people who do not need that support.

        When you want to cushion the poor and vulnerable in society, the best way is to target them so that the support you are giving does not go to segments of society that do not need it.

        Yet when you remove VAT from exercise books, you have more or less given an implicit subsidy to both the child who goes to Dr Livingstone Primary School in Nairobi’s Eastlands, and the child from a rich family who goes to an elite school like Brookhouse, Braeburn, Hillcrest, Peponi or the International School of Kenya.

        How can you claim to be cushioning the poor when all you do is to give a tax break to the child who goes to an elite school and does not, therefore, need it?

        The second myth is that by removing VAT on bread and processed milk, you cushion the poor.

        It is a fact that a very large segment of the urban and rural poor rely on the lowest unit for measuring the quantity of maize flour (goro goro) for their ugali.

        Granted, the processed bread you buy from the shelf at Nakumatt is consumed across classes – including the construction site worker whose lunch course is often a mere loaf, a bottle of soda or a pint of maziwa mala.

        But it is also true that the very poor members of society depend on porridge, sweet potatoes, arrow roots and boiled raw bananas which are often taken in combination with a cup of tea or a mug of uji.

        The majority of the rural poor in this country consume unprocessed milk delivered by the local milkman across the road.

        Thus, when you remove VAT on bread and processed milk purchased from the supermarkets, the tax break mainly goes to the relatively well-off segments of society, who buy and consume large amounts of processed foods.

        Mark you, the new VAT Bill has exempted all unprocessed stuff.

        What then is my point? It is that if you want to cushion the poor, you have to target them directly.

        When you do it by exempting them from consumption taxes, the tax break will go to those who do not need it.

        Thus, the most effective way of cushioning the poor is to abolish school fees for both primary and secondary schools.

        You cushion the poor by providing free medical services, and you cushion them through massive irrigation projects in which you can grow maize and rice in huge quantities especially in the coastal region.

        Growing food in the western parts of the country is becoming more expensive because of fertiliser use.

        And, you cushion the poor by spending on large infrastructure projects to bring the transport costs down, and to reduce electricity prices.

        The fourth myth about VAT is that when you remove it from consumer products, manufacturers automatically reduce prices. We all know from experience that this has never happened.

        Two years ago, the government removed VAT on milk, bread, kerosene and other commodities ostensibly to cushion the poor from inflation. It did not work.

        The government could only plead with manufacturers to bring prices down. VAT needs a major surgery.


      • looking at all the “financial proposals” from the dynamic duo, to their cabinet secretaries, to the principal secretaries and of course the incredulous parliament.

        its not surprising at all that there is much heat and no light. simply put, there are a lot of busybodies attempting to justify their high pay, but are bankrupt of ideas and therefore must continue to make as much noise as possible to appear to be relevant.

        was tickled to read that kimemia kicked out one batch of civil servants from one building so as to accomodate another batch

        too funny and typical of people with a colonial mindset (hangover)

        any organised office knows the importance of transition no matter how trivial. as they say, live by the sword …. (we await when…)

        poor jaindi trying to cut through this fog talking sense. reminds me of murphy’s law

        “in every organisation, there is one person that knows what needs to be done. this person must be fired”


      • akinyi

        dictatorship is on its way, wapende wasipende

        the mess that is about to hit kenya is monumental and it only requires a little trigger thats why the press is nearly mute on criticism and singing praises when the dynamic duo blow their noses


    • Adongo, tnk and rest,

      I believe even the most ardent supporters of the Uhuruto mob will agree (albeit not in public) that the first 100 days of this administration have been a disaster.


      • And here comes the ruling they have been banking on.

        Teachers are ready to go on. The ruling is actually not bad for the teachers. The judge did not rule the 1997 deal dead as Uhuru and his pets were suggesting. The court asked the parties to rationalize the 1997 deal with the 2003 agreement. In labour law the 1997 deal has to be implemented fully and any adjustments made to it does not overtake the agreement. Essentially the government has to pay the teachers as per the 1997 agreement. The rest are details.

        And here is Ruto yelling to the teachers.

        The real danger here is that this court ruling could get things worse. The teachers are fired up. Uhuruto really don’t have a plan. They have the stupid laptop joke which they don’t know what to do with. The government is broke. The public wage is out of the window. What next? The boys have no idea. Great.

        The other thing one notices is that this is a government that is looking over its shoulders every time. Raila and Kalonzo are still driving them nuts. And then President Obama comes into the continent and they are furious he didn’t come to Kenya to give them the international legitimacy they crave.

        And by the way President Obama’s speech in SA yesterday was heavy stuff. He talked about South Africa and the continent in very serious terms. My two take ways are the “Power Africa” project for which the US will commit $ 7 billion and another $ 9 billion expected from private partners. Africa needs electricity and power. That is the key to industrialisation. President Obama also promised to hold a conference with selected African heads of state in Washington to work out the mechanics of how to work together. That is a big deal and we are going to push for it. The president also talked about renewing the AGOA deal.

        Back in Kenya all we hear from the likes of Ruto and Duale is the president’s statement in Dakar to the effect that the law should treat everybody equally regardless of race, gender and sexuality. The Rutos and Duales are offended by this. They claim President Obama is promoting homosexuality. They also claim it is against church and culture. I mean this is the same Ruto who robbed his neighbour of 100 acres of land and made him an IDP for five years. Where in the Bible does it say “rob your neighbour”. Obama only said don’t stone and kill people because of their sexuality. They have equal rights like everybody else. What is wrong with that?


      • Folks,

        Following the vitimbi government actions, a few things struck me as rather nuts. Uhuru today ordered state lawyers to commence the prosecution of KNUT using TSC as a cover:

        The same Uhuru then releases a statement pleading with teachers to come for dialogue. Githu Muigai already told us where the vitimbi was headed yesterday. You have to be supremely foolish to hit people on the head with a rungu then tell them to sit down for dialogue with you. You can’t sue KNUT in the morning and call for dialogue in the evening. Never mind that Uhuru seems to make ten statements for the Daily Nation everyday. Even Moi limited himself to one statement a day.

        The thing to note here is that Uhuru wants to beat teachers back into the classroom. Also note the statement from KNUT that yesterday the meeting with the hapless Kazungu started very well but by evening it had collapsed. Of course that was after Kazungu had left the meeting and went to State House for further instructions. I am not making that up. It happened. So the chokoras at State House are controlling everything. Kazungu runs to Uhuru and Uhuru runs to Kimemia and they get their instructions.

        When you are negotiating a labour dispute of this magnitude you put stuff on the table and ask the other side to cut you some sluck. You don’t use petty tricks and try to bully people.

        Then we have the bizzare behaviour of Kimemia kicking civil servants out of one office to create space for the chief cop to make him feel and look big and then moving the same civil servants to another office. And they can’t even do this in an organized civilised way. They just issue orders in the morning. And this was the same day the same Kimaiyo went to Serena Hotel and ordered all APs guarding the NPSC members who were meeting first to be disarmed in public and then to be sent to new jobs. Zamunda please, behave yourself.

        On the issue of VAT I saw the piece by Jaindi and it has major flaws but it tells you that moving this VAT mountain is not going to be easy. I was just talking to my nephew who is a pharmacist and now works as a district pharmacist approving all sorts of meds literally for half a million people. He told me VAT as proposed will for the first time impose 16% tax on all medications. Isn’t that scary? In a country where many go to the government hospital in a wheelbarrow and they write you a prescription to go buy meds upping the cost of meds by 16% is a sure death sentence for millions. Kenyans sometimes have to go without food to buy medicine. And they want to tax that as if it is a luxury product!

        What we are going to do with this VAT thing is to release the full list of the over 400 items that are exempt now and many of which are products desperately needed by millions of people with very little income. CORD would do the country a big favour by buying an ad in the dailies and listing all the exempt products like fertilisers, medicine etc that are going to be VATTED with a big question mark: Are these luxury goods? We are going to ask them to do just that.


      • There is foolishness and then there is this kind of stuff. One day the government is firing all teachers and hiring new ones, the next day they are beat and just close the schools: Negotiation requires some skills not just furious chest thumping. You could hurt your chest.

        We have said this a thousand times. The government needs to put a sensible offer on the table and stop playing tricks and doing this intimidation business. Now they are turning this into a full blown crisis.


  3. Folks the SRC was cornered by Ruto and the M.Ps who got a gift of Kshs 1.1 million a month pay package. Effectively the M.Ps pay package went up by about Kshs 500,000.00 a month from what the SRC gazetted. They got more than they asked for. This adds billions a year to the budget which is already in a deep hole. Now to pay for all these they want to tax milk and all basic food products at a rate of 16% and of course they took Kshs 47billion away from the counties. Talk about consequences. This is criminal.

    Here is what I am talking about.

    This is dangerous stuff. You rob people, the whole nation, to pay M.Ps and then you want to rob them, again, by adding more tax to them through VAT. You can get away with this kind of national theft a few times. Many African leaders make it a profession. But it can be dangerous.


    • adongo

      this is a classic study in idiocy

      the MPs want more pay so as to be able to meet the needs (demands for cash/assistance) of their constituencies.

      in order for the high pay of MPs to be realised, the constituents (the nation) will be taxed even higher, making more basic commodities unaffordable to the majority. therefore in turn raising a need for even more cash handouts. and the circus will continue ad infinitum

      i will eagerly await to see who will blink first.

      the fact that these MPs in this parliament are even more brazen at pushing through bizzare demands and getting their way (thanks to a youthful leadership) even when they spell complete chaos further down the road is setting the stage for a very interesting future.

      i think we will kill our economy even without sanctions from the international community. there will come a time someone will finally say or realise that govt will come to a complete halt and like Greece and other countries that have been through this, they will offer their salaries to be cut, but by then it will be too late.

      i can authoritatively state that someone cannot put band-aid on the forehead to cure stupidity hehehe

      i think at the next occupyparliament session instead of parading and dishonouring pigs, they should put band-aids on their foreheads


      • tnk,

        First of all Ruto pushed his usual make believe stunts. He goes there to chair a meeting where he doesn’t belong. They create the myth that the M.Ps have accepted the new pay package which was meant to save the tax payer some money to be used for development. Then through the back door the M.Ps get additional Kshs 500,000 and end up with Kshs 1.1 million a month. With a total of 416 M.Ps and senators this is a fortune.

        Now today the new budget is out. Ihe budget has a deficit of close to Kshs 400 billion. They have no idea where they will get that money. The story is that as early as next week they will introduce the 16% VAT on everything people use to live including unga. They will also tax farm inputs which were tax exempt. This is economic insanity. How do you promote development by taxing farm inputs including fertilisers and taking a big chunk of spending power away from all the citizens by introducing 16% tax on all the things that they use. Most average Kenyans spend pretty much all their money on food products and other basic things. And then you claim the tax is to provide money for development. What does development mean to these people?

        The group of M.Ps we have today in parliamwent are the most reactionary ever. This is the worst vicious mob and they come from all the politial parties. If Uhuru asks them for the 16% VAT, they will pass it in minutes. So with a bunch dazed stuntmen at State House and lunatics in parliament things are going to be really rough for Kenyans. These guys fire first and then aim later. Kenyans have to wake up and stop hoping that the civil society will fight for them while they sleep.


  4. Looks like the M.Pigs salary saga is going one notch up. A few days ago he CIC chair Mr. Nyachae made it clear the M.Ps are cooking things up. We already know that Section 230 of the new constitution gives the SRC the mandate to set up the salaries for M.Ps. He also added that M.Ps are prohibited by law from voting on any matter where they have material interests as individuals. The interesting part was the claim that the SRC is actually not required by law to gazette the M.Ps salary and only did it out of courtesy.

    Here is the CIC take on the matter:

    Yesterday the M.Ps pigheadedly voted to de-gazette their new pay schedule set by the SRC and decided they will up their salary by Kshs 300,000.00 back to Kshs 851,000.00 a month. I remember Jakoyo Midiwo ordering the Clerk to process the pay instantly.

    It looks this thing is headed for chaos. The M.Ps big argument is that the constitution sets the law and gave the SRC the mandate to set the salary but parliament has the mandate to regulate how that mandate is implemented. That is nonsense. Parliament cannot pass acts that invalidtae the constitution. Their only choice is to exterminate the SRC and that will require a constitutional amendment by 2/3 majority followed by a referendum.

    Now the SRC has hit them back and told them paying an illegal salary is an offense and the SRC will take action:

    Here we go:

    In a heated response the increasingly disgusting and crude Speaker of the House Muturi has responded with the usual chest thumping:

    This thing is going to court and it will be appealed all the way to the SCK by whichever side loses round one and two. Some M.Ps are beginning to think that the SC is not that much of a threat to impunity anymore and I think they are ready to test the waters. Fair enough.

    In the meantime the M.Ps are crying that they have not been paid for three months. That is their problem. The Clerk should process their payment at the rate set by the SRC. If they reject that and the Clerk is too scared to follow the law let them not get paid at all.

    Things like this can cause political upheavals that can easily get out of control considering that the police are ready and willing to commit acts of violence in defense of the M.Ps. In Tunisia, it took one vendor setting himself on fire to set a revolution that toppled the likes of Mubarak who were literal gods at the time. There is only so much you can push citizens and when they turn around you may not recognize them.

    The M.Ps message to Kenyans is we should NOT be whining about M.Ps as robbers. They tell Kenyans yes we are robbers but you love your robbers and that is why you elected us so shut up. Those are dangerous things to do. We see the same with Uhuru and Ruto. Kenyans are being told, you elected the indicted and that means you don’t care about the charges so shut up even if they go pariah. Really? We will see.

    And here is Uhuru trying to look for some wiggle room:

    Uhuru is calling for negotiation etc. There is nothing to negotiate. The SRC has done its constitutional duty. If M.Ps think the salary is too little, they are free to quit and look for other jobs. Calling for negotiations is asking the SRC to accomodate the demands of the M.Ps for higher pay. This is not like a union negotiating with the employer. The SRC has acted on behalf of the real employer, the Kenyan taxpayer. Don’t twist their arms. The M.Ps knew what the pay would be before the elections since it was made public on March 2, 2013. They went ahead to look for the job. Now they have to live with the pay without behaving like the taxpayers owe them anything else.


    • adongo

      its a hopeless situation in kenya.

      everyone knows that electing these guys and especially the top two was a blunder. they do not have the interest of kenya, or the constitution at heart. all they care about is their own survival. rocking the MPs will not help them. many of the guys running around claiming to be ticked off, supported the jubilee coalition. we get the leaders we deserve and we have them.

      whats amazing is how the national assembly (TNA hehehe) can so brazenly break the laws that they themselves have passed

      even more perplexing is that they believe they can get away with it even at the judiciary. it is clear that the day the SCOK turned a blind eye to an injustice, is the day, impunity found its way back to the front seat (thanks Wily Mutunga)

      everyday i look forward to when the action by SCOK will come back to bite their butt, i hope it happens soon.

      meanwhile i would let these guys get their cash, the truth is, no amount of cash will satisfy their greed. after getting their salary back to whatever it is they want, by next year they will be demanding twice as much. mtoto akililia wembe, mpe.


      • tnk,

        You are right that Kenyans elected these rascals (M.Ps) from all parties and now they (Kenyans) are crying eti oh the M.Ps are robbing us. You elect robbers what do you expect them to do? This has gone on for a very long time. Kenyans elect murderers, thieves and all sorts of criminals and the same Kenyans have to fight like hell to deal with the crooks when they are in power.

        That said, these crooks have a way of digging their own graves and when they do that we have to shove them in there. Electing criminals has consequences but criminal activities also have consequences. Look at the turmoil in State House. Mara going to the UNSC. Oh terminate this case right now. Mara runnig to the AU. Oh refer the cases back to Kenya. It is the yoyo dance to nowhere.

        If you read in the media today, Bensouda told them the ICC does not deal with political theatrics. It is a judicial process. If you want the case referred go to court and that is only done under “Admissibility” application. The bumbling idiots went there already and flopped. Some smart lawyers (who don’t eat Uhuru’s money) told them don’t ask for a referral unless you are ready and show the work you have done because they only give you one chance. So there, Bensouda is telling them to stop beating a dead horse. That is how these people work.

        When you turn to the M.Ps you have the same dilemma. They are prancing around like fools threatening everybody but they have no foot to stand on as far as the law is concerned:

        This is fake power. We can let them dance on their graves but when the time comes they will be shoved in there.

        The M.Ps are demanding to be paid illegally but even the Clerks and the PSC can’t handle it without being criminally and financially liable. So what do they do? Go raid the Treasury? Tough.

        Here are problems these people can’t solve with stupid chest thumping:

        1. The constitutional provisions for the SRC are superior to any acts of parliament they are trying to hang on.

        2. The stalemate has to go to court and it is going to be a nightmare for them.

        3. Dismantling the SRC will require a national referendum which the fools can’t even risk. Right now the M.Ps don’t even know what they are talking about. It is like you see a drunk criminal being arrested by the cops and they are yelling ‘I am going to sue you X 10″

        4. The same Kenyan masses whom they think are fools will not tolerate this robbery.

        So yes we elect fools but sometimes it is nice to see them twisting in their own stink holes. It is the drama of politics.

        And the legal wheels have started rolling:

        If the M.Ps lose this battle as they will, may be they will threaten to ban the judiciary. No problem. Bring it ON. Again and Again.


  5. Here is the rubbish from parliament:

    The M.Ps have been peddling this myth that they have the power to throw out the new salary arrangements from the SRC because of an obscure emendment made just before the elections in which parliament passed legislation to the effect that all matters being gazetted must be presented to parliament first and debated.

    It is true that SRC did not present their gazetted salary structures to parliament first and since they were gazetted just two days before the elections, parliament never had the opportunity to debate them.

    What is not true is that because of that situation, the proposed salary structures are “unconstitutional”, “null and void” and can simply be struck out by the greedy pigs. That is because the SRC and its powers are enshrined in our constitution and its mandate cannot be overuled by simple legislative amendments. Its mandate can only overuled by an amendment of the constitution itself. That cannot be done by a simple majority vote and in fact may even require a referundum. If there is a inconsistency between the constitution and any acts of parliament, the constitutional provision takes precedence and the act of parliament becomes null and void to the extent of the inconsistency. That is the law.

    Here is what the constitution says:

    The SRC can correct the mistake they made by simply presenting the salary structure to parliament now and regazetting even tomorrow and the M.Ps will have no powers to change anything in it because only the SRC has the power to set salaries for public officers.

    The M.Ps have also talked about amending the constitution to remove the title of “public officers” and call themselves something else. I suggest they seriously consider the title of “bloody pigs”. In the end none of that will matter. They can call themselves whatever they want but only the constitution and the courts will define who the public officers are. M.Ps are simply not allowed by law to set their own salaries.

    Then we have the proposal from another committee of parliament calling for higher taxes on Kenyans because the budget is unworkable with a deficit running into Kshs 600 billion.

    The silly M.Ps forget that by hiking their salaries they add Kshs 300,000.00 to each M.P per month. Multiply that by the 500 M.Ps + senators and multiply by 12 months. That is how much the M.Ps want to add to the deficit in just one year. There is madness and then there are Kenyan M.Ps. Let them bring it on.


      • Adongo,

        Choices have consequences should be obvious but when a foreigner says it about Kenyan politics people rush to be tough in denouncing him, and in the process they forget that the consequences can be delivered right here in Kenya and by Kenyans. Only a few months after the elections Kenyans are crying that the MPigs only think of themselves, but what do you get if you vote without thinking of the kind of person you are getting beyond my tribe and my village?


      • Knowing who the Daily Nation writes for and who is in charge of the NSIS, this is interesting

        “In a report dated January 8, 2008, the NSIS said some four senior Kalenjin personalities were funding ODM activists during the violence.”

        Will this coalition be able to withstand the truth?


      • It is clear that Uhuru, after making this charged statement in Ruiru stadium, cannot face the judges at the ICC in their courtroom

        He must either repeat the same statement in court (because the OTP must ask him to do so) or else attempt to lie / deny he made the statement or else was taken out of context.

        It is highly emotive and charged. A clear coded signal to his community that he intends to rock the ICC and lord it over the ICC (using Kenya or Kenyans for leverage or as a shield eti constitution)

        Can anyone imagine the response of the ICC judges/courtroom when Uhuru repeats this statement in the courtroom and what the possible outcome / response of any competent courtroom can be?

        In my view that statement will never be made in the courtroom because Uhuru cannot afford to attend the proceedings and repeat that statement in front of the judges. The consequences will be obvious. He cannot also try to dilute its import either because it will be deemed weak.

        Wow, cannot wait for Sept 10 and November.

        I think QC Kay has a lot of damage control to do or requires a major victory / coup over the OTP. I also think Ruto is being provided as bait i.e to test how far the ICC envelope can be pushed. Because at this time, any action taken against Ruto or any non-action can be used to determine Uhuru’s presence at the ICC.

        Very interesting times ahead. Also the current waffling by the US on international matters such as Syria is emboldening all other architects of impunity.

        Folks forget the coke and popcorn, make a bee-line to the nearest bunker, tsunami is fast approaching


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