Graft body wants Kimemia out!

Head of Public Service Francis Kimemia. Photo/FILE NATION MEDIA GROUP

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Graft body wants Kimemia out

The anti-corruption commission has opposed the nomination of Mr Francis Kimemia as Secretary to the Cabinet.

The Saturday Nation Friday established that the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC) had written to Parliament asking members not to approve the outgoing Head of Public Service’s nomination as the first holder of the position.

The commission argued Mr Kimemia had abused his current office and that he had been involved in corruption.

Political bias

Based on the letter, the parliamentary committee that vetted Mr Kimemia questioned him on allegations of involvement in various corruption matters, allegations of political bias, favouritism and nepotism.

He denied the allegations.

In particular, the committee asked about his role in the 2013 presidential campaigns in which he was accused of favouring one side. He denied the accusations.

Mr Kimemia promised to ensure recommendations of the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission were fully implemented.

Mr Kimemia said he will fast-track the preparation of a Cabinet memo showing how the report will be implemented and bring it to the National Assembly within the next 21 days.

He told the Parliamentary Committee on Administration and National Security that according to the Constitution, the report has to be implemented within six months.

He, however, said the onus was on the National Assembly to either approve or reject it.

Responding to questions by members of the committee, Mr Kimemia said there are more than 100 Cabinet memos that require to be implemented by the new Cabinet and that he will give them priority.

A committee member, Mr Mohammed Shidiye (Ladgera), had expressed concern over failure by civil servants to implement good programmes and ideas proposed by the Cabinet.
Mr Kimemia said he will treat it as a key agenda if he is confirmed.

The nominee also outlined his plans for the office and said he will ensure that the executive does not slow down Parliament’s legislative agenda.

“There is a lot of business and the Cabinet needs to work closely with Parliament,” he added.

He said he will ensure that all crucial Bills are not delayed at Cabinet level.

He promised to ensure constitutional Bills that must be passed by the August constitutional deadline are speeded up for tabling in to Parliament.

Speaking in a National Assembly sitting last week, Majority Leader Aden Duale said all crucial constitutional Bills that are supposed to be enacted within the next two months should be tabled at the floor of the House for deliberation.


At yesterday’s vetting meeting, Mr Kimemia outlined his vision for the security sector terming it a priority for the Jubilee government.

He told MPs that a National Security Council will be established immediately the Cabinet secretary in charge of security assumes office.

Protocol wars

On the protocol to be followed on Madaraka Day, he said County Commissioners will read the presidential speech but Governors will be the last to speak during the functions.

They will also be allowed to read their own speeches.

The directions have been made to avoid a clash between the two offices, which have previously waged supremacy battles.

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2 comments on “Graft body wants Kimemia out!

  1. Kimemia responds to graft claims before House team

    Mr Francis Kimemia, the nominee to the post of Secretary to the Cabinet is currently responding to graft claims before the House team on Administration and National Security and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC). Read (House team set to receive EACC report on Kimemia)

    Earlier, EACC met with the House team from 7am to present a report on Mr Kimemia’s integrity.

    A member of the committee told Nation that the claims made against Mr Kimemia are of ‘mega corruption’ and could deny him the position if proved by the commission.

    House team set to receive EACC report on Kimemia

    The anti-corruption watchdog will on Monday meet MPs to present a report that implicates the head of civil service Francis Kimemia in corruption.

    The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission will meet the Administration and National Security committee of Parliament to present its statement on Mr Kimemia, nominee of the Secretary to the Cabinet post in the Jubilee administration.

    At least three representatives of the anti-graft agency who may include the Chief Executive Officer and Mr Kimemia will be present at the meeting, the Nation confirmed on Sunday evening.

    The 29-member committee which is vetting him is expected to write a report and table it in Parliament within seven days regarding his suitability for office.

    A source in the committee said it was keen on pursuing an inquiry into allegations by the commission that Mr Kimemia has been involved in mega-corruption.

    “If we can confirm the corruption allegations then we shall recommend that he is unsuitable to hold the office,” said the source who requested not to be named.

    After the meeting with the anti-graft agency, the committee may recall Mr Kimemia for further questioning based on the evidence before it.

    Mr Kimemia appeared before the committee on Friday in a vetting session where his integrity and conduct in office were questioned. Among others, he was taken task over accusations that he was biased in favour of the Jubilee alliance during campaigns for the last General Election, which he denied.

    The EACC report recommends against his appointment to the position for which he has been nominated to by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    The commission has reiterated that persons who seek to be elected or appointed to public office must meet the threshold set out in Chapter Six of the Constitution. EACC is mandated by law to investigate and recommend to the Director of Public Prosecutions the trial of any acts of corruption or violation of codes of ethics.


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