Kethi Is Our Choice For Makueni Senate!

Lawyer Kethi Kilonzo with her late father Mutula Kilonzo (left) and Ababu Namwamba at the Supreme Court. Mr Kilonzo’s daughter has finally agreed to vie for the Makueni senate by-election. PHOTO/FILE


Go lady, we are behind you up to the hilt! That was the wisest decision you ever made in your entire life (I bet my mother’s single goat)!

Like father, like daughter!

Kethi throws hat into the ring for Makueni seat

Mr Mutula Kilonzo’s daughter has finally agreed to vie for the Makueni senate by-election.

It took long hours of talks between former Vice-President and Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka to convince the previously reluctant Ms Diana Kethi Kilonzo to join politics.

Efforts to get comment from party chairman David Musila or Ms Kilonzo failed as their phones went unanswered.

However, speaking from Europe where he is on a business trip, Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama confirmed the news which dominated local vernacular radio stations and social media for the better part of Thursday.

“Yes I have been briefed of the good news, I will speak more on it once I land Friday”, Mr Muthama said by telephone.

Until Wednesday, the Wiper party had lost hope of finding a candidate with a wide appeal to go for the seat left vacant by Mr Kilonzo, who died on April 27.

The Jubilee coalition had shown all indications of snatching the seat from Wiper by poaching three top officials of the party.

Former Kibwezi MP Philip Kaloki and former assistant minister Gideon Ndambuki and former Makueni MP Peter Kiilu were strong allies of the former VP before they fell out and had warmed up to the opposition.

The entry of Ms Kilonzo has complicated matters for Jubilee in the July 22 by-election.

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  1. Wiper nominates Mutula Kilonzo Jnr to contest Makueni by election

    Mutula Kilonzo Jnr (centre), former Prime Minister Raila Odinga (left) and former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka during a news conference moments after he was issued with a nomination certificate to contest the Makueni Senate by election July 19, 2013. EMMA NZIOKA

    The Wiper Democratic Movement has nominated Mutula Kilonzo Jnr as its candidate for the Makueni Senate by election.
    Mr Kilonzo accepted the nomination.

    “I am ready for the challenge,” he said during a news conference to announce his candidature at the Serena Hotel, Nairobi Friday.

    Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka said the party would now camp in Makueni County to ensure it retains the seat left vacant by the death of Mutula Kilonzo in April.

    “We have exactly one week to the by election. We are not going to leave Makueni until we capture the seat,” said Mr Musyoka.

    The mini poll is slated for July 26.

    Wiper took advantage of a reprieve handed to the party by the court, which ruled that it could field another candidate after Kethi Kilonzo was locked out of the race.

    Earlier on Friday, the High Court upheld the electoral commission’s decision to block Ms Kilonzo from contesting the by election on grounds that she is not a registered voter.

    However, the court allowed Wiper to nominate another candidate.

    “The Wiper Party has a right to nominate another candidate to contest the senatorial elections in Makueni County,” the three-judge bench ruled Friday.

    The party has until 8am Saturday to present Mr Kilonzo Jnr to the Makueni County Returning Officer in Wote Town.


    • MAKUENI: Mutula Kilonzo Jnr opens huge lead

      LATEST: Makueni poll provisional results: Mutula jnr 163229 votes (90.22% of total votes cast), Muthoka 517 votes, Kitundu 387 votes, Mwau 6431 votes, Kaloki 9762 votes.

      100.00% of Polling Stations Reported (Provisional Results)

      This is what I call landslide.


  2. A guy called Jakaswanga on Jukwaa said that they will finish lady for standing up to the people who own Kenya, and I have to agree with him. Kethi should stop worrying about the elections and start thinking about how they will bury her legal career. They will make her an example for those who think Kenya has changed and obeys the law, and then have the audacity to challenge the powers.


    • John,

      The way Uhuru’s little pet was walloped in Makueni after Mutula Junior campaigned for two days, the war on Kethi Kilonzo has pretty much been crashed. Uhuru wanted a beach head in Ukambani to try projecting a national identity as opposed to the tribal muthamaki nonsense working with Ruto and they failed miserably. That is a bold and clear message. Jubilee is confined to its tribal boundaries. Essentially from 2007 and more so in 2013 the entity called Kenya is becoming obsolete. It is dangerous but we will have to go through that. You need patience with these things.

      Jubilee has been promising to keep the war against Kethi Kilonzo to try to get her barred from practising law and/or even jailed. That is not going to happen. For one it is the IEBC who issued Kethi some paper, she does not have custody of IEBC documents. Any case against Kethi will go nowhere even though there is an emerging trend that the courts seem to be looking over their shoulders to try and please the powers that be. Now that the vetting is over it seems the judges are longing to go back to their old habits. They are still evolving so we can see the trend.

      Uhuru has bigger problems and using his little mkono workers to harass Kethi Kilonzo will just be ujinga on steroids.

      I read the piece below from Isaac Ruto the little bully from Bomet and it says a lot about the mess this Uhuruto project has not figured out yet.

      I happen to know Isaac Ruto very well. We were both in the SRC at UoN at the same time. He was an awful character and a state spy for Moi but he had to work within the culture of SONU. Titus Adungosi was the chairman. He loved Moi as Isaac Ruto says. Moi killed him in prison. That was his reward. Isaac Ruto was fired as the deputy president of SONU after making public statements in support of Moi. I was the Secretary General of SONU when all this was happening. It didn’t scare me one bit. My battles with him directly were momentous but that is a story for another day. But in this piece he makes a lot of sense.


  3. Peeps,

    I must register my displeasure at the way CORD bungled Kethi’s case. I do not want to imagine, even for a second, that Kalonzo the ex-VP did not know what was happening!

    Secondly, if it is really true that Kethi is not a registered voter then it really blows my mind! How could Kethi ignore her civic duty all these years, only to turn up and want other people to vote for her yet she never voted for nobody? Seriously, she has never been for the cause most Kenyans have struggled for!! She gotta clear the air on this matter soonest!

    But, I also give it up for Jubilee. They are so evil even though they are seen in churches Sunday after Sunday!

    Cord to fight ruling on Kethi candidacy

    The Coalition for Reform and Democracy (Cord) was dealt a blow in the Makueni senatorial by-election after its candidate was barred from the race because she is not a registered voter.

    The decision by the three-member electoral commission dispute resolution tribunal to lock out Ms Kethi Kilonzo further fuelled the political rivalry between Cord and Jubilee Coalitions, with the former vowing to immediately file a petition at the High Court to challenge the ruling.

    Commissioners Thomas Letangule, Yusuf Nzibo and Mohammed Alawi ruled that Cord’s candidate for the July 22 by-election was not qualified to contest the seat since she is not a validly registered voter.

    The tribunal, however, gave the Jubilee coalition candidate Prof Philip Kaloki the go ahead to contest the seat by dismissing a petition that challenged his nomination on grounds that he was a member of two political parties.

    In their ruling against Ms Kilonzo, the tribunal said that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission witnesses were consistent in their testimonies that her name could not be traced anywhere in their registers.

    “The candidate’s name does not appear in the electoral commission’s registers or in the green book which is the primary data entry. We find that she was irregularly issued with the nomination certificate and direct that it be revoked,” ruled the tribunal.

    If Ms Kilonzo lied under oath, then she will likely get in trouble with the Law Society of Kenya. Her situation is further complicated by the allegation that the slip she presented was stolen. But the commission too will face tough questions regarding the security of its documents and integrity of its processes.

    On Monday, Cord lawyers questioned why the tribunal disqualified Ms Kilonzo while at the same time dismissed the petition against Prof Kaloki.

    The coalition’s and Ms Kilonzo lawyers vowed to challenge the decision at the High Court, terming it biased and warned the Jubilee Coalition not to celebrate yet since the battle was not over.

    “We will immediately challenge the decision at the High Court to interrogate the circumstances under which the tribunal arrived at its decision. Jubilee should not celebrate because we will do everything to ensure they do not get the Makueni seat,” said lawyer Tom Kajwang’ who is also the MP for Ruaraka.

    While clearing Prof Kaloki to vie on a Narc ticket under the Jubilee coalition, the tribunal ruled that there was no evidence that he was a member of two political parties at the time he was given the nomination certificate.

    According to the tribunal, the complainants against Prof Kaloki provided no evidence to support their claims apart from two letters they wrote to the registrar of political parties concerning Prof Kaloki’s membership to a political party.

    The People’s Party of Kenya had claimed that the Makueni County returning officer irregularly cleared Prof Kaloki when he was a member of both Narc and United Republican Party.

    “The allegations are discounted by information from the two parties and the registrar and we have no reason to doubt their responses. In that case, we find that his nomination was valid and dismiss the application,” ruled the tribunal.

    In their ruling against Ms Kilonzo, the commissioners said that the acknowledgment slip Ms Kilonzo presented to the Makueni returning officer did not have the legal weight as a national identity card to enable her register.

    In any event, they ruled that Ms Kilonzo was inconsistent in explaining the circumstances under which she got the acknowledgment slip and dismissed allegations by her lawyers that the ballot box containing the green book with her registration information had been tampered with by the National Security Intelligence Service.

    “It was upon the candidate to verify if she was registered when the IEBC opened a window for verification. If she didn’t then she cannot blame the commission for her missing name in any of the registers,” said the tribunal.

    According to the commissioners, Ms Kilonzo failed to prove her registration status, adding that she was inconsistent in her testimony and did not appear to know the physical location of the registration centre where she claims to have registered.

    They ruled that they were satisfied by IEBC’s explanation that the booklet in which Ms Kilonzo’s acknowledgment slip was plucked had been stolen and directed the commission to immediately start investigations on how the booklet got lost.

    Acknowledgement slip

    The tribunal disagreed with the Makueni returning officer for clearing Ms Kilonzo based on the strength of the acknowledgement slip, but absolved him of any blame, ruling that the document cannot be official proof that one is a registered voter and qualifies to run for an elective post.

    In the event that Ms Kilonzo will not succeed in persuading the High Court to overturn the decision, her dreams of succeeding her father, the late Mutula Kilonzo, will have come to an end.

    The petition against her candidature was filed by former assistant minister Agnes Ndetei and the Peoples Party of Kenya through its secretary-general Mr John Kuria. The two argued that Ms Kilonzo was not a registered voter and was not qualified to vie for the seat.


    • on this Kethi issue there are two possibilities
      a) the IEBC is lying
      b) Kethi is not a registered voter

      i think, given that Kethi is the one lawyer who stood out in the case against Jubilee/IEBC, its more likely that these two are out to fix her, as they say, “… its personal”

      that IEBC register is not a credible document on account that it was not possible at all to determine which register is used as it depends totally on the RO/IEBC mood of the day.

      having said that, if it takes 2 weeks of investigations and tribunal hearings to determine whether 1 voter is registered, how can IEBC convince anyone that the people who voted in the last election were all registered? what a joke of an organisation, whats the point of all those BVR, EVID etc etc, if it still takes a guy one month walking around the country fishing for a database?

      i concur with adongo, this is not about Kethi, this is about the most inefficient and most expensive organisation in kenya – the IEBC which is even more corrupt than Kivuitu’s IEC

      the only difference here is that the IEBC has the court on its side


      • Tnk my brother,

        Here is the latest!

        TNA behind Kethi Kilonzo’s woes, claims Cord

        Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka (centre) flanked by Siaya Senator James Orengo (left) and nominated Senator Janet Ongera (right) during a news briefing July 9, 2013. Cord accused The National Alliance of orchestrating the removal of Kethi Kilonzo’s name from the voters’ register. JEFF ANGOTE

        The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy has accused The National Alliance of orchestrating the removal of lawyer Kethi Kilonzo’s name from the voters’ register.

        Cord leaders, who vowed to move to the High Court to ensure Ms Kilonzo is allowed to vie for the Makueni senatorial seat, also accused the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) of receiving orders from the Executive.

        Former Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka said TNA used IEBC to delete Ms Kilonzo’s name from the register as it feared she was a strong candidate for the seat, which fell vacant following the death of her father Mutula Kilonzo.

        “Of concern is the manner in which TNA, a major player in the Jubilee Coalition raised the issue of Kethi’s voter registration status without the knowledge of the electoral body, begging the question of who is the custodian of the IEBC’s vote register. This clearly shows that TNA is IEBC and IEBC is TNA. TNA must have tampered with the voter register, hence deleting Kethi’s name,” a bitter Mr Musyoka said.

        Mr Musyoka, who was accompanied by a number of Cord senators and MPs, told journalists at Serena Hotel in Nairobi Tuesday that TNA tried to lure Ms Kilonzo to vie on any of its affiliate parties’ ticket and that after it failed “it decided to persecute her”.

        He said there were also attempts to divide the late Mutula’s family.

        Contacted, TNA chairman Johnson Sakaja said he was in a meeting while Secretary General Onyango Oloo’s phone went unanswered.

        Mr Musyoka said Cord is confident the High Court will overturn IEBC’s tribunal move to bar Ms Kilonzo from vying for the seat on a Wiper ticket as she had been validly cleared.

        Siaya Senator James Orengo said IEBC could not be a judge and a prosecutor of a complaint against itself.

        “The law says what exactly should happen during nomination process. The returning officer for Makueni said Kethi had been validly nominated and even congratulated her. We cannot let IEBC get away with this,” Mr Orengo said.

        Egypt uprising

        Mr Orengo and Mr Musyoka said IEBC as constituted could not be trusted to oversee a free and fair election and that its action could result to an uprising as witnessed in Egypt.

        Mr Musyoka likened the IEBC move to block Ms Kilonzo from vying to the Supreme Court’s decision to affirm the election of President Kenyatta despite irregularities in the March 4 polls, to the dissatisfaction of millions of Kenyans.

        “This is a major political war against Cord, disguised as a legal battle in an obvious attempt to impose a leader on the good people of the greater Makueni County to choose for the sake of democracy,” Mr Musyoka said.

        He said the independence of IEBC is questionable and that its audit processes continues to reveal anomalies “which raise serious questions on the credibility of the IEBC processes, operations, systems and the outcome”.

        Mr Musyoka said Makueni residents should be allowed to elect a leader of their choice and that no one should be imposed on them.

        Asked if Cord has another plan if the High Court affirms IEBC’s decision to bar Ms Kilonzo from vying, Mr Musyoka said: “We are not talking about plan B.”

        “We have confidence justice is going to be done. Kethi is choice of youth, professionals and women,” Mr Musyoka said.

        He said it was wrong for IEBC to revisit Ms Kilonzo’s candidature after clearing her.

        On Tuesday, IEBC gazetted the names of four candidates who will battle it out during the July 22 by election.

        The candidates include the National Rainbow Coalition’s Philip Kaloki, Jane Kitundu of the Labour Party of Kenya (LPK), John Harun Mwau of the Party of Independent Candidates of Kenya (PICK) and Urbanus Muthaka who is an independent candidate.

        The commission chairman Ahmed Issack Hassan also gazetted 125 polling centres in Makunei County as required by the law ahead of the mini poll.


      • I don’t know about this Kethi issue but I find one thing a little beyond the normal stupidity of IEBC and their masters.

        According to the IEBC, one key proof against Kethi Kilonzo’s registration is that she used an expired passport to register. That is a very dump argument. When you use your passport for identification the expiry date is irrelevant. IEBC is not an airplane flying Kethi Kilonzo to China. They (IEBC) only need the passport to verify your identity in terms of the picture showing it is her, the name, Date of Birth and place of birth. Nothing else. That is what the passport is for in identification cases unless you are in an airport flying to another country.

        The IEBC has to come up with better arguments about why Kethi Kilonzo’s registration may be false but an expired passport is not one of those valid arguments. I am stunned they (IEBC) seem to put so much weight on an irrelevant issue.

        Of course we know the IEBC is a fraud. We have said that so many times. The poor clowns cannot even publish the final reports and figures of the last General Elections, almost four months after the election ended. That is against the laws of the republic. What are they afraid of? We and they know!


    • Makueni mini poll postponed over Kethi petition

      The Makueni Senatorial by-election date has been pushed to July 26 to allow the hearing and determination of Kethi Kilonzo’s petition.

      Justice Isaac Lenaola said Thursday he had disqualified himself from hearing the case and referred the matter to the Chief Justice to appoint a three-judge bench to arbitrate on the matter.

      The judge said the postponement will allow the bench to rule on Ms Kilonzo’s petition challenging the decision by the electoral commission’s dispute resolution tribunal to nullify her nomination.

      The mini poll was slated for July 22.

      On Wednesday, Ms Kilonzo, through lawyers Julie Soweto and Harun Ndubi, argued that the IEBC tribunal denied her right to fair administrative action and natural justice by selectively discriminating her and favouring her opponents in the Makueni Senate race.

      “The IEBC tribunal contravened the petitioner’s right by sitting as a judge in a dispute in which the commission was not only active actors but also the accused since the nature of complaints concerned registration of voters, management and custody of the voter register which is in their hands,” said Ms Soweto.

      The lawyers submitted that the IEBC denied Ms Kilonzo access to the documents they relied on to nullify her nomination and only ambushed her when the commission’s officials were called to table the documents which was contrary to rules on natural justice.

      Hostile and biased

      They accused the tribunal of being openly hostile and biased towards Ms Kilonzo during the hearing and for failing to recognise the conflict of interest given that the complaint was brought up by Jubilee Coalition after it failed to woo Ms Kilonzo to vie on their ticket.

      “The tribunal had already taken a predetermined position on the dispute and demonstrated their lack of intention to give the petitioner a fair hearing. They conspired with her political competitors to deny her the right to inspect the materials presented as evidence before the tribunal,” said Ms Soweto.

      Apart from seeking to set aside the tribunal’s decision, Ms Kilonzo wants the official campaign period in Makueni suspended and an order stopping the IEBC from preparing, making, printing or publishing ballot papers until her petition is determined.

      A three-member tribunal of commissioners Thomas Letangule, Yusuf Nzibo and Mohammed Alawi on Monday dealt a blow to Ms Kilonzo’s quest to succeed her late father Mutula Kilonzo, ruling that she was not qualified to contest the seat since she is not a validly registered voter.

      The tribunal said that Ms Kilonzo’s name did not appear in the electoral commission’s registers or in the green book and found that she was irregularly issued with the nomination certificate by the Makueni returning officer and went ahead to revoke it.

      The decision generated heat within the political circles, with the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy accusing their Jubilee counterparts of having a hand in Ms Kilonzo’s disqualification.

      Ms Kilonzo argued in her application that the tribunal failed to inform her in advance of the evidence they had against her in order to prepare a defence and that her legitimate expectation and constitutional right to contest for a political office has been unfairly taken away.

      The lawyers said the decision denied Wiper Democratic Movement their right to field a candidate in any election and that unless the court overturns the decision, the gains the country had made in promoting democracy will be diminished.

      Further Jubilee’s cause

      “To exclude a political party from the electoral process would undermine the constitutional underpinnings of democracy as well as deny the people of Makueni the opportunity to exercise their democratic right of electing a candidate of their choice,” said Ms Soweto.

      Ms Soweto submitted that there will be no prejudice in stopping the by-election since the tribunal relied on rules and regulations which are inconsistent with the Constitution and for applying those laws selectively to further the cause of Jubilee.

      She argued that the tribunal had no jurisdiction to review its own decision once it had issued the certificate to Ms Kilonzo and that any dispute would have been the subject of an election petition.

      “The witnesses in support of the complaint were employees of IEBC and took direct instruction from the commission. How then could the tribunal be reasonable, objective, independent and impartial in a matter which they were sitting as a judge over their collective mistake?” posed the lawyers.

      The lawyers said by accepting Immaculate Kassait’s testimony that the matter was under investigations, the tribunal could not in the same breath nullify Ms Kilonzo’s candidature on an issue under investigation.

      Ms Kilonzo maintained that she is a duly registered voter at NCC hall in Lang’ata and seeks an order directing the IEBC to put her name in the register and include her name as a candidate in the Makueni Senatorial by-election.


    • The truth is that CORD doesn’t have very good strategists and even with a million bogus votes CORD could have won the elections with legitimate votes, CORD’s machinery from registration to voter turnout was very lackadaisical. Raila needs to move past loyalty to some relatives and so on and get people who can bring out the great Kenyan patriots that he is.


      • John

        This is the kind of warped mindset that Kenyans have fallen into

        If someone gets mugged, they say he was at the wrong place

        If thugs attack a house, they say he did not have enough burglar proof

        If someone is raped, they were indecently dressed or something else

        No one wants to point a finger at the thug

        So naturally, a group of people steal elections, and CORD strategists are to blame

        No one is brave enough to call out the thugs, after all its much safer to blame the victim whom we all know is powerless to react.

        We even have people nowadays justifying the criminal elements

        Weird, very very weird


        • Cord threatens to boycott elections

          Cord on Sunday threatened to boycott the next elections if the electoral commission is not reformed.

          Cord leader Raila Odinga described the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) as “the most corrupt and inefficient in the history of Kenya.” His said his coalition would boycott future election conducted by the commission.

          “We will not participate in another General Election presided over by this body if fundamental reforms and changes are not effected,” Mr Odinga said.

          “We will withdraw our candidates from contesting because we either have competent elections or we don’t.”

          Mr Odinga was speaking to journalists on Sunday after he arrived from a visit to Australia.

          He also accused IEBC of colluding with Cord’s opponents to scuttle his coalition’s chances of winning elections.

          He was referring to the ongoing battle for the Makueni senatorial seat in which the Jubilee Alliance is fighting to lock out Wiper Party’s Kethi Kilonzo.


          The IEBC has already disqualified her, arguing that she was not a registered voter but she has appealed the decision. But Mr Odinga blamed Ms Kilonzo’s problems on Cord’s opponents whom he accused of working in cahoots with the electoral body.

          “We can see the hands of our opponents in this and there is collusion between them and IEBC,” said Mr Odinga.

          The former prime minister also reiterated that he would still remain active in politics despite opinion polls showing 36 per cent of voters want him to quit politics.

          “I haven’t heard about the report …but the results means a majority still prefers that I remain in politics. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion,” he said.


      • tnk,

        isn’t it annoying that some people continue barking up the wrong tree while we have bigger problems to worry about? eg is it wise for the president to attend an HIV/AIDS seminar despite the myriad problems that need his attention back home? oops, he probably took the opportunity to go and personally thank the Nigerian president for his timely intervention in having the Kenyans recently held hostage, released. what about insecurity? what about the Kenyan APs who were recently thwacked at Migingo by Ugandan forces, teachers strike………..boy some honeymoon this has been.

        Anyway, what people like John forget is that Cord not only had to contend with an uneven playing field but also international criminals and conmen who were prepared do anything to win the election. Hiring a David Axelrod wouldn’t have made a difference. In retrospect, Uhuru had already romped home before a single ballot was cast. Remember GSU sent to CORD strongholds/”hotsports” a month before elections, Kimemia threatening and ordering everyone around (I thought that was weird) after having night meetings in the bush with uhuruto. how about voter intimidation in places like Kilifi….why has the “MRC: suddenly gone quiet? oh how foolish we were to trust the whole bladydemkochuodhorish (hehe, that’s Latin) corrupt lot.

        IEBC just like the ECK before it has shown dishonesty and unprofessionalism in their work. where is the public outrage when we all now know that the whole country was misled about their preparedness for elections, BVR kits and all. why hasn’t Issack released the results “by the end of the week” as he has been promising for the past one month?

        we are courting disaster in the name of ‘moving on.’ IEBC, as presently constituted, would be unable to deliver any meaningful elections in future.


      • tnk, I can see the argument you want but I will skip that because I want to discuss not argue emotionally. I am not blaming the victim, and I understand the system very well. If you want to insist that CORD has the greatest strategists, then I have no problem with that. So you can just skip my shilingi mbili’s worth of opinion as it comes from a warped mindset.


      • hehehe john

        please spare me those tired lines from PNU jubillee folk, eti argue emotionally vs discuss. just state your point

        and no one makes the claim that CORD has the best strategists. i do not think you are fully appraised of what is going on at Jubilee house,


      • John,

        My foot! What exactly do you really intend to ‘discuss’ in all honesty about the Uhuruto government and the last elections? Aren’t the writings already on the wall for those who have eyes and mind to read? How can one sane person still ‘discuss’ the Uhuruto government without ’emotions’?

        I want to bet you my only mother’s goat that we are sunk as a nation under these two internationally wanted war lords! They are innocent till proved guilty, and we shall have to wait for justice to take its own course.

        But what makes me sick at the moment, is the penchant for the duo to bring one man down for no apparent reason! Why must Raila go through this shit again?
        If he is guilty, then, please charge him in court!

        You might not agree with me, but I insist that everything I have written above and will expound on in the very near future, has has everything to do with Raila and Kethi.

        I pray that the living God judges you according to the belief of your heart and your written words on this very board!

        Who really had better election strategists in the last elections? Jubilee or CORD? The answer is in your very own heart.

        I stopped to be a pretender many many years back!


      • Einstein, in these things I don’t go by what is in my heart, I try to go by hard reality. We can argue or discuss these things but I suspect that things are too cloudy to reach some agreements, so let us leave it there.


  4. Why Kethi is the chosen one for Makueni Senate seat

    Let me tell you something you already suspect, and can take to the bank. Star lawyer Kethi Kilonzo is the Chosen One. That’s because she has the goods – the whole works. I mean the entire kit and caboodle – the brains, pedigree, and the looks.

    That’s why she won’t need any kamuti – the legendary Kamba sorcery – to scoop the Makueni Senate seat. This is what her opponents – who are political desperados – must concede. She’ll crush them like the proverbial bugs.

    Methinks the great Makueni people know a good thing when they see one. That’s why they will send the apple of the late Mutula Kilonzo’s eye to the Senate. Her foes are spent, and belong to yesterday. She’s Kenya’s tomorrow.

    Ms Kilonzo will face off against two politicians with a checkered history. One is former Kilome MP Harun Mwau, whom US President Barack Obama once accused of involvement in a drugs-related crime.

    But Ms Kilonzo’s main opponent is lacklustre former MP Philip Kaloki, the Narc-Jubilee candidate.

    Mr Kaloki has many questions to answer, which he can’t – and won’t. His claim of the title of “professor” from an American college needs further scrutiny. Which college was it, and is it accredited? How and when did he become a professor? Has he ever published any academic papers? What did he teach? Does he hold any earned degrees, and from which university?

    He must tell the people of Makueni the whole truth. But let me tell you why Ms Kilonzo is a child of providence. In William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, there’s a pithy truism that’s entered the annals of history. It says “some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them”.

    Born great

    Rarely has one person been blessed with all three. Very few people who are “born great” and “have greatness thrust upon them” ever “achieve greatness”. But Ms Kilonzo has.

    Most princes and princesses are defined by mediocrity, or utter ineptitude. They live on the family name, never to achieve anything of substance on their own. They undeservedly – and scandalously – inherit treasure and power just because of their family name. Ms Kilonzo has earned her stripes.

    In March, Ms Kilonzo struck Kenya like a thunderbolt. We know the father, a Senior Counsel, was a larger-than-life figure in legal circles.

    He laid to waste many an opposing counsel before the bench. He did it with panache and the old fashioned way – by cutting them up with a razor sharp legal mind and merciless wit.

    Little did most Kenyans know that he had sired a replica, except for the gender. It’s true the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. In the biggest stage of her life, Ms Kilonzo wowed the country with her masterful debut performance at the Supreme Court as lead counsel for Africog, the NGO that sought to nullify Jubilee’s victory.

    Ms Kilonzo was eloquent and charismatic. She not only showed a command of the law, but demonstrated – beyond the shadow of a doubt – that she understood what democracy is all about.

    Even ardent opponents applauded her brilliant performance. She outshone – and outwitted – every lawyer in that courtroom. That the case didn’t go her way is neither here, nor there.

    Even Mr Kilonzo, the old maestro, couldn’t conceal his pride as he watched his daughter “slice and dice” seasoned colleagues from a few seats back. We knew then that we were watching history in the making. A star had been born. We knew instinctively that this wasn’t the last we would hear of this human rights champion. We were right.

    It’s clear that political intriguers are out to snatch the Makueni seat from under Ms Kilonzo’s nose. I’m sure Jubilee and its affiliate parties – especially Narc – would love nothing more than to stick it to the late Senator.

    He was, after all, a fierce opponent of the Jubilee duo of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. He vigorously opposed their candidacy, and insisted that the Constitution barred them on account of The Hague trials for crimes against humanity.

    His voice on the International Criminal Court was resolute, clear, and unwavering. There was no love lost between him and Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto. Ms Kilonzo’s passionate argument against Jubilee at the Supreme Court put her in her dad’s political shoes.

    Then we got a doozy. Mr Kilonzo’s widow – Ms Nduku Kilonzo – was temporarily prevailed upon to challenge her step-daughter. I think we all smelt a rotten rat there. This would have been tragic and shameful. The late Kilonzo would have abhorred such subterfuge. I am also sure he would have wanted his favourite daughter – not his second wife – to succeed him if the people of Makueni so wished.

    Some “dark forces” tried to split the family, but the ground in Makueni was too hostile. That’s why Jubilee shelved the “attempted coup” and went for Plan B. Ms Kilonzo’s election would be a first – she would be the only woman elected to the Senate. That’s worth all the gold in the world.

    I am glad Mrs Nduku Kilonzo realised that parents aren’t supposed to “eat their young”. Opposing her step-daughter would have been a “fool’s errand” to nowhere. She must now wholeheartedly get behind Ms Kilonzo.

    I don’t even have to invoke my crystal ball to see that Ms Kilonzo will devastate both Mr Mwau and Mr Kaloki. Of the three, she is the only one with the timber to effectively represent Makueni in the Senate. Ms Kilonzo has all the tools – she’s the Chosen One.

    Makau Mutua is Dean and SUNY Distinguished Professor at SUNY Buffalo Law School and Chair of the KHRC. Twitter @makaumutua


  5. Breaking:

    SPLIT IN Mutula family as widow Nduku Kilonzo joins Makueni Senate race three days after daughter Kethi declared her interest…

    More later.

    The late Mutula’s widow Nduku Kilonzo joins race for Makueni senate seat

    Nduku Kilonzo, widow of the late Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo says she is in the race to succeed her husband. (Photo:File/Standard)

    By Victor Nzuma and Daniel Nzia

    Machakos, Kenya: The late Makueni senator Mutula Kilonzo’s widow Nduku Kilonzo has joined the race to succeed her late husband.

    She made the announcement in Machakos, after attending a memorial service for the late Machakos Catholic Bishop Urbanus Kioko which was also attended by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    Fielding questions from journalists she said; “Yes I confirm to you that I’m in the race.”

    She however declined to name the party she will run on, promising to divulge that at a later date.

    She also said Mutula’s daughter Kethi Kilonzo will not be running for the seat although we could not reach the lawyer for her comment.

    Confusion reigned at the Machakos Golf club play grounds, over which party should field a candidate to replace late Kilonzo for the seat, as President Uhuru Kenyatta took off in an Airforce chopper.

    Earlier, Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu introduced the late senator’s widow Nduku Kilonzo to the President sending signal that she would be preferred as a possible replacement for her husband.

    The church congregation and the leaders who accompanied the President comprising some MPs from Machakos and Makueni counties cheered her up with some proposing her for the senatorial race on a jubilee ticket.

    But the scenario changed shortly when MPs from Makueni county led by Kitonga Maanzo (Makueni constituency) and his Kaiti counterpart Mr Makenga, when they loudly protested the decision insisting that whoever will vie on the Wiper party ticket will carry the day.

    The MPs who engaged in the debate soon after the President took off insisted that the Wiper party had already endorsed Kethi Kilonzo, and nobody else would succeed in the race on a different party ticket.

    They said Makueni people had vowed not to let the seat go to any party other than Wiper and warned those trying to intrude on other parties that they stood to lose terribly.

    The MPs vowed to do what it takes to ensure the seat goes back to Wiper party and called on Makueni voters to reject any body out to manipulate them to gain from the seat contrary to their wish.


    • Interesting developments. Kilonzo must be turning in his grave. The audacity that these people have to the extent of taking advantage of family dispute is troubling. Uhuru’s TNA is eyeing this seat and shameless Ngilu stoops too low to capitalize on a still grieving family. Kweli maajabu ya dunia.


      • Moesha,

        The resident of Makueni are calling Uhuru’s and Ngilu’s bluff: Some people are just but the devil’s reincarnate.

        Residents protest against Nduku Kilonzo’s bid for Makueni senate

        By Onesmus Nzioka

        Makueni, Kenya: A decision by late Makueni senator Mutula Kilonzo’s widow, Nduku, to vie for the seat has received a blow after residents of Makueni protested against it.

        A day after she declared interest in the seat, residents of Wote town held street demonstrations to express their disapproval of her candidature.

        Business in the county headquarter was brought to a standstill as residents thronged the streets to protest Nduku’s candidature terming her a spoiler for her step daughter’s chances of succeeding her late father.

        Led by former Wote town councilor Joseph Musau, the residents said they have welcomed Kethi Kilonzo’s candidature and are not ready to be treated to another family feud.

        “We are ready to support Kethi for this seat, but we do not want to be treated to another family feud. Let Nduku support her step daughter because Kethi declared interest first and is more qualified,” said Musau.

        “We are not supporting Kethi because of her late father’s popularity. We support her because we saw her ability to defend the people during the presidential petition against the election of Uhuru Kenyatta at the Supreme Court. We don’t know what Nduku is capable of,” he added.

        Members of parliament from Makueni County have also issued a statement denouncing Nduku’s candidature saying they are steadfastly behind Kethi.

        Speaking moments after Nduku declared her interest in the seat on Sunday, MPs Daniel Maanzo (Makueni), Kisoi Munyao (Mbooni) and Stephen Mule (Matungulu) said they were not aware of Nduku’s interest in the post and that they were solely behind Kethi.

        Maanzo who read the joint statement said Kethi had already been granted a Wiper certificate and soon will be escorted to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission’s offices by former premier Raila Odinga and wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka to present her nomination papers.

        “The people of Makueni have already decided that it is Kethi they want to succeed her father and we as Wiper and CORD have already accorded her the ticket. We are waiting for Kalonzo to return to the country so the two CORD leaders can escort her to IEBC and lead unveiling of her candidature,” Maanzo said.

        Nduku has been closely associated with Lands cabinet secretary Charity Ngilu who introduced her to the president during a mass at Machakos Catholic Church, Sunday, and also stood by her while fielding questions from journalists about her political ambition.


      • Kethi Kilonzo pulls out of Makueni Senate race

        Kethi Kilonzo and her mother Nduku Kilonzo [Photo:Standard]

        NAIROBI, KENYA: The late Mutula Kilonzo’s daughter Kethi has withdrawn from the Makueni Senate race.

        In a tweet posted on Tuesday Kethi said she will not compete against her Mother Nduku Kilonzo as it is a curse.

        “A child does not compete with the mother. It is a curse. I will not support Jubilee. To stand with my father’s enemies is a worse curse,” she stated.

        She added, “Today is a dark day. May the people of Makueni and all who have stood with me one day find it in their hearts to forgive me.

        She vowed not to support Jubilee Coalition or its candidate in the race saying standing with her father’s enemies is a ‘bigger curse’.


      • CORD, Jubilee row over Makueni senate seat

        By Daniel Nzia and Goeffrey Mosoku

        Makueni, Kenya: Underhand tactics, unverified claims and desperate schemes are already marking out the Makueni Senate by-election as a bruising contest between the Jubilee and CORD alliances.

        Confusion reigned Monday, over which party’s ticket Nduku Kilonzo is banking on after Narc leader Kiema Kilonzo dismissed her candidature in a section of the press.

        It had been thought she would run on the Narc ticket after she was introduced by Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu to the congregation at our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church on Sunday in the presence of President Kenyatta.

        Officially, Kenyatta was there to attend the memorial service for the late Bishop Urbanus Joseph Kioko, but the event was laced with heavy political undertones.

        Under the Constitution, Ngilu is not allowed to engage in politics as a member of the Cabinet, but some read scheming in her actions.

        Mbooni MP Michael Kisoi Munyao summed it up by saying: “This is not just another church service, but a political game.”

        “Ngilu will definitely not engage in direct campaigns but you can be sure she will employ behind-the-scenes tactics to deliver the seat to Jubilee,” said a separate source that, however, asked not to be named.

        The intrigues deepened after Nduku claimed her stepdaughter Kethi had opted out of the race, a claim that could not be confirmed. Sources within the Jubilee camp intimated that the alliance is ready to play dirty against CORD by winning over Kethi Kilonzo, the late Senator’s daughter, to their side.

        Kethi is yet to publicly confirm her candidature for her late father’s seat but leaders among them Makueni MP Daniel Maanzo, insist she has accepted to vie on a Wiper ticket in the July 22 by-election.

        Multiple sources intimated to The Standard that among the tactics Jubilee is mulling over is to have Kethi and her stepmother Nduku on their side.

        They said Jubilee would try and tempt Kethi to either contest the seat on the ticket of one of the member parties or pull out of the race in favour of their preferred candidate.

        Honour of father

        In the event Kethi completely refuses to play ball, then the alliance will front her stepmother, a move observers say will amount to her being a spoiler. The reason Jubilee is interested in Kethi in either of the two options is because of her popularity among the Makueni county residents. Voters in the region have openly said they would vote for her in honour of her late father for whom they voted overwhelmingly in the March 4 General election.

        Running as a candidate of the Wiper Democratic Party in CORD, the late Mutula polled over 192,000 votes against former Kilome MP John Harun Mwau’s 52,000 plus.

        Wiper leaders maintain the seat belongs to their party that is dominant in Ukambani. Reports about the entry into the race by Nduku, possibly setting up a clash with her stepdaughter, Kethi, has lit the fuse on the feud between Jubilee and CORD.

        CORD is fighting to retain the seat held by a figure instrumental in the making of the coalition in the run-up to the March 4 vote. Besides, the region overwhelmingly voted for CORD and is perceived the bedrock of support for former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka’s Wiper Democratic Movement party.

        The ruling coalition sees Kilonzo’s exit as the perfect chance to end this dominance and is shopping for a strong candidate to bag the seat. The sympathy that Kethi would draw appears formidable hence the plan to try and split the CORD votes by engaging her stepmother Nduku.

        The announcement caught many by surprise given that Kethi, who starred during CORD co-principal and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s petition against the election of President Uhuru at the Supreme Court, is anticipated to vie.

        Raila’s ODM and Ford Kenya, who are the other partners in CORD, have reportedly agreed to back the Wiper candidate. Raila, Kalonzo and Senator Moses Wetang’ula will campaign for the coalition’s candidate.

        When asked by The Standard Monday whether she was in the running, Nduku replied: “I have no comment at this time.” Prodded further, she insisted that in an earlier conversation she had with Kethi, her stepdaughter had told her she would not contest.Â

        During Mutula Kilonzo’s burial, Kalonzo urged the people of Makueni to honour the late ex-minister by remaining firmly in Wiper. Last week, a meeting called by Wiper to agree on a candidate failed to reach a decision, reportedly because a survey had indicated Kethi was the preferred candidate.

        Monday, MPs allied to CORD alleged a scheme by Jubilee to divide the grieving family. “There will be a bitter contest between Cord and Jubilee and there is no secret that Jubilee is fronting Nduku Kilonzo probably against Kethi Kilonzo,” Makueni MP Dan Maanzo said.Â

        Maanzo said the leadership of Ukambani would try and urge the family to sit and agree on one candidate. “We want the family to sit and come up with one candidate and we will not like to see them divided because of an election,” he added.

        Initiate talks

        Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama, who was a close ally of the late Mutula, said they would initiate talks within the family to avoid any fallout out. Muthama indicated that they would talk to Kethi to forego her ambitions for the sake of the family.

        “If it is indeed true that President Uhuru and Ngilu have endorsed Nduku, we may be forced to field one of the other candidates we considered because we value family and want them to remain united in the face of their grief,” he said.

        Asked about the alleged plot, the director of communications in The National Alliance, one of the main parties in Jubilee, Mr Michael Waikenda said: “The Jubilee Coalition will unveil its candidate soon and for now we cannot speculate. Wait until then.”

        On his part, Narc leader Kiema Kilonzo said: “I want to confirm as the new party leader that the Narc party has received four applications and we are interviewing them. In four days’ time we will unveil our candidate.” He took over the leadership of Narc from Ngilu after her appointment to Cabinet.

        When pressed by The Standard to confirm if Nduku was among the four applicants Kiema would only say, “Just wait and you will see.”

        Jubilee’s URP has reportedly resolved to field former Kibwezi MP Philip Kaloki with other expected candidates.


  6. Einstein,

    Kethi will win this seat by a landslide even if Jubilee hands direct ticket to mobeybags John Harun Mwau. Jubilee is also enticing former WDP stalwarts with free ticket but the new political act is keeping them in check.

    The suspicious and still unresolved death of Mutula just adds the campaign spice. CORD is not leaving anything to chance and entire coalition leadership will be in Makueni to campaign for Kethi.



    • Phil,

      Nice to see you back! Please do not go MIA like that again.

      I still miss brother Job & many other sisters and brothers on DC!! I hope to hear from you and them soon again!




      • Einstein

        WDP’s Kalonzo is out of the country and upon his return it is expected Kethi Kilonzo (the hands down favourite) will announce her return to the Makueni Senatorial by-election. Her name had actually already been submitted by CORD and even as she announced her withdrawal, CORD did not withdraw her papers with the IEBC.

        Thank God Mrs. Nduku Kilonzo came back to her senses after an overnight family meeting. Jubilee saw her as a weak link to divide the Mutula family, and by extension weaken the WDP.

        I cant wait for Kethi’s declaration – which even if it does not come – I am confident WDP will retain the seat whichever candidate they nominate to run.


  7. I think that she is able too but she is also a damn good lawyer.
    Personally, I wished she stayed in law. But now that she is going for it I will not complain and has no choice but to give her the necessarily support to beat Harun Mwau. Its going to be a ton of beards vs a ton of brains. Lets see what happens.

    There were rumors hat KM was going for the seat but what a wise move from him to let Kethi go for it.


  8. kethi,tosha,she is able young lady ,we support her for the senator ,at makueni

    On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 2:40 AM, The Real Deal


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