The World of Jubilant Impunity & Vitimbi Government!

Former President Kibaki’s new mansion in Mweiga. (Photo:Standard)

Please just check the following out!!

Final touches at Kibaki’s new home

Nyeri, Kenya: Workers were putting final touches at the new home of former President Kibaki, as Mweiga residents prepared to welcome their new neighbour.

Teresiah Wanjugu, a kiosk operator in Mweiga, said they had been looking forward to the coming of their new neighbour to the area.

“You never know, his living here could bring good tidings in terms of business and new roads and public facilities,” said Wanjugu.

Although the retired President has welcomed the new spacious mansion in Mweiga, Kieni Constituency, he already had an older home at Kanyange village near Othaya town.

He also has a ranch where he rears dairy cattle at Narumoru, 30km outside Nyeri towards Nanyuki. This ranch, however, has no home and is in the immediate vicinity of Narumoru township.

Meanwhile in Nyeri and Nyandarua, joyous residents closed their businesses to witnesses the momentous occasion of the swearing in of Uhuru Kenyatta.

Most people stayed in their homes to follow the proceedings, which were televised live. Entertainment joints were filled to capacity and locals made merry to usher in the new Government.

Residents of Nyandarua County lauded President Uhuru’s speech, saying it considered the issues affecting the common mwananchi.

Business in most parts of Kirinyaga County came to a standstill as residents thronged social places to watch live proceedings of the swearing in of Uhuru Kenyatta as President.

Transport operators also grounded their vehicles as early as 7am and allowed their crew to watch the proceedings from wide screens mounted in various bus parks within the county. The ceremony kept most business premises in the county completely deserted.

-By Wainaina Ndungu, James Munyeki and Munene Kamau


Retired President Kibaki in a group photo with fellow Starehe Boys’ Centre board of trustees after holding their annual general meeting at the Windsor Golf and Country Hotel on 15th of June, 2013.

Sh700 million for Kibaki’s new office

The Treasury has asked the National Assembly to approve the allocation of Sh700 million for the purchase of a building to house an office for retired President Mwai Kibaki, the Nation can reveal.

The allocation is contained in the Supplementary Budget estimates tabled in the National Assembly last Tuesday and whose approval is on the Order Paper for this coming Tuesday.

MPs are understood to have discovered the allocation as they questioned the failure by the Treasury to allocate the Sh5.4 billion Constituency Development Fund money for the remaining part of the 2012/2013 financial year.

“What they had attempted to do, through the Supplementary Estimates which were tabled on Tuesday, is to reallocate CDF money to other activities, which included building an office (for) Sh700 million for retired President Kibaki among others,” an MP familiar with the matter said.

He did not wish to be named because of the nature of the allocation and the fact that the matter is yet to be explained by the Treasury Cabinet Secretary, who is scheduled to meet the Budget and Appropriations Committee on Tuesday morning.

The allocation for the building is tucked under development expenditure for the Cabinet Office in the Supplementary Budget estimates books.

The Parliamentary Budget Office also noted the allocation of Sh700 million to the Cabinet Office to buy a building as among the salient issues in its report on the Supplementary estimates.

In the initial estimates for the 2012/2013 financial year, the Cabinet Office had asked for Sh160 million.

This figure grew to Sh860 million in the Supplementary Budget and the Sh700 million difference would be the allocation for the retired president’s office.

Headed by Secretary to the Cabinet Francis Kimemia, the Cabinet Office is charged with organising the affairs of the Cabinet such as meetings, the agenda and the implementation of its projects.

Its primary mandate is to organise and coordinate Government business.

Mr Kimemia told the Sunday Nation the allocation is necessary because under the Presidential Retirement Benefits Act President Kibaki assented to before his retirement, he is supposed to have an office and staff.

“He is supposed to have an office under the law. He is entitled to an office and staff, a full secretariat to manage his programmes the same way we did with former President Moi,” said Mr Kimemia on the phone.

“I thought you would say (Sh700 million) is too little. How much can you get a building for? We are set to buy him a building. We have to go to the market to advertise and we have got to pay staff and to buy him furniture because we don’t have a building yet.”

Mr Kimemia said the government has been looking for an office for the former president within Nairobi and all the available ones cost more than Sh1 billion.

When the former Prime Minister needed an office, the former coalition government acquired the then Shell/BP building at a cost of Sh700 million and then refurbished it.

It is now the office of the Deputy President and also has various other government agencies as tenants.

Mr Kimemia said the current allocation would be used to acquire the building, put in the security apparatus such as surveillance equipment plus purchasing the furniture and then to hire the staff the retired president needs as per the Act.


It would be a one-off payment, he said, and running the affairs of Heads of State who retire in the future would in fact become more expensive.


“If you are buying a house in a place like Muthaiga or Gigiri, in that general area, a normal residential house would cost over Sh100 million. Here we are talking about an office complex for the ex-president, for his team, for his programmes. It’s an office, not a house,” Mr Kimemia said.


He said there had been concerns over how long it has taken to get the retired president his entitlements but he was glad that now that the Supplementary Budget is in place, that money would be available.


To put the Sh700 million figure in context, the Budget for the coming financial year contains an allocation of Sh700 million to enable free access to all health centres and dispensaries in the country.
For Sh100 million more, Treasury will upgrade all national secondary schools.


In his Budget Statement to the National Assembly last Thursday, the Treasury Cabinet Secretary announced that Sh522 million would be used for the recruitment of 30 community nurses and 10 community health workers, for every constituency to provide quality health care services to Kenyans.


Mr Henry Rotich also allocated Sh770 million for doubling coverage of those with extreme disability from 14,700 to 29,400 households.


Last Wednesday, MPs were about to begin the debate and eventual approval of the Supplementary Budget estimates when Mr John Mbadi (Suba, ODM) suggested that the Budget and Appropriations Committee ought to scrutinise them first.


“Some time in the 10th Parliament, the Supplementary Budget was brought here and there was a typing error. We don’t want to be embarrassed again,” he said when the House voted to postpone the approval to Tuesday.


That scrutiny is first on the Budget Committee, which is scheduled to meet Mr Rotich at the Small Dining Room in Parliament at 9 am on Tuesday.


If MPs approve the allocation to either put up or buy the building, it will add to the many benefits enjoyed by the retired president. MPs are bound to ask Mr Rotich why this spending is necessary given that Mr Kibaki has not taken on any responsibilities since his retirement.


Mr Kibaki also has a recently completed residence at Mweiga in Nyeri that is perceived to be his retirement home. The house has an office wing.


He was also given a number of generous gifts from public finances when he retired; a petrol station by the National Oil Corporation, four fish ponds by the Fisheries ministry, an aquarium, two dairy cows and four Boran bulls and a borehole to be sunk in Mweiga by the National Youth Service.


The University of Nairobi also pledged to establish a library at President Kibaki’s home. The university will further give a copy of each of the books it has published to President Kibaki, Higher Education PS Crispus Kiamba said at a luncheon held at State House on April 5.


Mr Kibaki’s entitlements are Sh195,000 in monthly fuel allowances or 15 per cent of his last salary of Sh1.3 million a month and a house allowance of Sh299,000, equivalent to 23 per cent of what he used to earn.


The Act also stated that his lumpsum payment would be one year’s salary per term served, which makes that at least Sh25.2 million. Former First Lady Lucy Kibaki is entitled to a diplomatic passport.

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24 comments on “The World of Jubilant Impunity & Vitimbi Government!

  1. it is reported that uhuru is setting up a personal website for citizens to report corruption

    never mind that we have been told by Amb Amina that uhuru’s personal issues are national issues but lets not digress

    am sure this is well intended. but this is activism. the man is president. he commands the police force, NIS and don’t know what else. at his disposal is the EACC.

    so is he admitting that he has no control over these organs or is he saying that they are grossly incompetent and therefore is personally engineering a completely new track? why not just sack the entire lot if that is the case.


    • TNK,
      I thought that we had an anti – corruption organ. EACC? Is that its name? Does anyone remember that its exists? So, if they cannot investigate and prosecute even cases brought to them “live”, how will they manage the so called internet portal corruption reports?

      I get angry the way the country is managed. It always seems that people like Uhuru are out to camouflage everything. Why pretend to fight the vice, why not just go back to the old Jomo Kenyatta and Moi days where the vice as conducted in open air?


      • Mzee

        yes we do have the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission headed by a fellow (Matemi) that just barely passes the integrity test, but has been sanitized by the now pathetic judiciary (See also this story on the JSC for some rather interesting numbers

        whats funny is this, so if people actually provide details of corruption, what then? if the EACC and its predecessor have been unable to conduct credible investigations and prosecute corruption, what will citizens whistle blowing achieve? my view – this is a perfect opportunity for witch-hunting and sacking of some civil servants


  2. while enjoying vitimbi, here is another one for you

    for now we shall call this the pandora box


    …A visiting President was kept waiting in his plane for nearly an hour Tuesday because there was no government official to receive him…

    … “There is no senior government official here but the army commander received him,” said an airport official who sought anonymity…

    but here is the best part

    Central Africa Republic was suspended by the Africa Union in March when the Seleka rebel coalition led by Mr Djotodia overthrew president Francois Bozize…..

    …..Kenya’s position has often been that it supports AU decisions and the visit by a leader who won power through a coup might have presented a dilemma for the government…..

    and that begs the question, why does the regime have problems being snubbed by other governments on account of ICC cases hanging over the DDD

    the political juggling is amazing.

    something tells me we are fast heading towards the cliff


    • Their was an opinion article in the Sunday Nation by one Peter Kagwanja, lauding Uhuru for condemning the ouster of president Mursi of Egypt. By condemning the events in Egypt, it showed Uhuru as a true democrat.

      True to his character, he went ahead and condemned Obama for supporting the military in ousting a democratically elected government.


  3. stumbled on this article here while trolling the web 🙂

    Enough with the propaganda already, Jubilee!

    By Betty Waitherero Njoroge

    I think parents should do more than just pay for their teenagers school fees; they should go out of their way to forge a sound relationship with them, one that is not based on arrogance and violence but on mutual respect and love. Teach your kids how to be honest and clear minded adults, because the result of just ignoring your teenage miscreants is one Muthui Kariuki.

    Talk about a juvenile delinquent; Muthui Kariuki is the epitome of a childish deviant. As government spokesman for the backside of the Jubilee government, Muthui is really good at his job. In between issuing threats while claiming to be accommodative, this character has the audacity to claim that Raila Odinga’s politics are “chest thumping, hateful, arrogant and toxic.”

    The pot calls the kettle black. For someone who has a record ZERO accomplishments as a civic leader this hot head sure brings a mouthful of trash to the table. By the way, he is a perfect representative for the Jubilee government which, despite having several stalwarts with over 20 years experience in government, have also a record of ZERO accomplishments.

    Or as one colleague expressed recently, within the first 100 days of the Kibaki administration 1 million children went to school under the free primary education program; within the first 100 days under the Jubilee administration all children were out of school.

    Of course, when you are busy doing nothing and yet being paid 76 times the average GDP, you need a mouthy person to sidetrack the people by saying all sorts of ridiculous things about perceived enemies.

    We are now to believe that despite Jubilee forming the government, and despite Jubilee dominating Parliament, the Senate and the County administrations, Raila Odinga is still the bane of Kenya and is somehow behind the many problems Jubilee is actually not dealing with.

    The propaganda machinery in this government needs to improve by the way. Couldn’t they try something more intelligent than filling the daily news with stories of men shagging livestock? Or repeatedly insulting a man you claim is insignificant. When it comes to stupid utterances, none can out do Muthui Kariuki.

    I don’t know what’s worse, some wannabe loud mouth or a president who is busy posting his latest status update in a rugby shirt. Each time I see his photos of how he was where laughing with who I feel so nauseated. Meanwhile his deputy is busy reinventing reality by calling himself a hustler. Is it the pain of the lie that makes him cry so much or what?

    A man who made a fortune through corrupt means turns around and calls it hustling, another one who spends his time goofing off turns around and complains to teachers about the high wage bill meanwhile he does nothing for the economy and in fact sanctions ridiculous expenditure.

    Now look here – why were our children out of school while you decreed that 250 million kshs will be spent on giving a retired 80 plus year old an office? Then you say the wage bill is high. It looks like it’s only high when you have to do the right thing and pay the service providers their dues.

    Meanwhile, I expect that the next thing the government will say out its backside AKA Muthui Kariuki is that there is no money to pay for the free maternity despite it being a Jubilee campaign promise. That won’t surprise me at all, because there is money for luxury planes to Congo Brazzaville and money for retired old fogeys to have an office but no money to pay teachers and of course no money for hospitals.

    I don’t even know how Uhuru Kenyatta finds the temerity to attend social functions. Wait. I get it now. He isn’t president, he is a celebrity! That’s why if he wears a rugby t-shirt, automatically he supports the rugby team with funds right? Where is that money coming from, if there is no money to pay the teachers?

    This government is beyond redemption really. Rather than attempt to be functional we are going to be submitted to 5 whole years of propaganda and hogwash. Pictures of matching ties and laughing buffoons coupled with lurid tales of political bogeymen meanwhile the entire system is incapable of any form of decent service delivery. All of this will be conducted via the dumbest outlets no less.


  4. hehehe

    so now its tablets hehehehe am sure in no time at all the tablets, will not be computers but medicine to treat various illnesses

    but on a serious note, little knowledge, combined with a big stick, is a sure recipe for disaster

    i would go one step further and suggest that each school be provided with a helicopter to make sure all kids can be transported easily to and from school and avoid bad weather, poor terrain etc

    man, its great to work in this government where anything goes. its digital


    • tnk,

      That is what happens when the government doesn’t actually know what they are doing but pretend they do. It catches up with you sooner than later. Now vitimbi wants tablets to replace laptops. Name change for the toys but how about budget change? This stupid idea is going to collapse altogether.



      Micah Cheserem moved to tears over poverty in Kitui County

      By Paul Mutua

      Kitui, Kenya: The Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) Chairman Micah Cheserem was moved to tears by the plight of school going children in Kitui County during a familiarisation tour of the region.

      Mr Cheserem could not hold back tears at Lingithya Primary School in Simisi Location, Ikutha District in Kitui South Constituency where he discovered hundreds of pupils study under ramshackle structures made of sticks that often exposed them to the harsh weather.

      He further learned that the pupils trekked more than 14 kilometres to and from the “school,” with only two teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission to man the institution’s five classes.

      “I must admit I feel sorry for the children and the local community for their state of living. It is not about me but these suffering little ones after 50 years of independence. It is sad because this area has had elected leaders,” Cheserem said as he wiped away tears.

      The school’s head teacher, Peter Matheka, told the chairman his pupils come to school in empty stomachs to attend the lessons in the open.

      Mr Matheka said the school lacked ostensibly everything to be called a public institution. He said he carries home the cash box and a few important items from his office daily for safety.

      Expansive County

      Accompanied by the commission’s Director of County Fiscal Affairs, Stephen Masha, senior analysis in financial management, Jane Maingi, and personal assistant, Kennedy Abong’o, Cheserem made a three-day tour of the expansive County where he came face to face with poverty reality on the ground.

      Cheserem also visited the Sh3.4 trillion coal-mining project in Mui basin.

      He said the country came an inch closer to unlocking of Vision 2030’s industrialisation outline under its economic pillar after awarding the concession to extract part of the mineral resources in Mui basin to the Chinese firm, Fenxi Mining Industry Company.


  5. A real Vitimbi Government! Just listen to this twisted reasoning from an adult who actually knows he is supporting a project that is economically and even practically not viable. Yani Uhuru is allowed to make a useless populist campaign promise to kids and now this useless promise must be fulfilled otherwise all parents will be ashamed!? Really? Is Uhuru = All parents??

    Even stupidity has limits!!

    Laptops project gets Senate team backing

    ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….The chairman of the committee Mutahi Kagwe told the Senate Thursday that the project was too important to fail.

    “An adult does not promise a child something and they do not deliver. It will be a shame for all parents in this country if we fail to give laptops to the Standard One children (having promised that they will get the laptops in the election campaigns),” said Mr Kagwe, also the Nyeri Senator………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

    “The reason that we don’t have schools in some areas, shouldn’t be reason why we should not go for the laptops, because even under a tree if you have the laptops, you can receive reading material, and read them,” said Mr Kagwe………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


    • einstein,

      The laptop nonsense will expose the vitimbi squad for the fakes they are. Kagwe talking about Standard one pupils using the laptops under trees as some kind of progress is just sad. The education system in Kenya is completely messed up particularly in the public education system. I read about a school with 700 pupils and 4 teachers. That is a scandal in itself. So with some luck some ten pupils in that school may have laptops and voila the school is on a roll. If that is not insanity I don’t know what is.

      Part of the problem is that these people have invented a myth about what they call e-learning and they seem to think that once kids are exposed to computers they soon become experts in computers and “technology” will come to them from the computer. Technology is much more complex than computers and technology does not come from computers. It is too simplistic to think that computers with bring technology in the way we do things in Kenya.

      My son has more than one laptop and not even once has he gone with it to school. In fact the boy uses the laptop more for entertainment than learning. Every kid here in Toronto has computers and they have others in school but learning is the same old hard work. They have their textbooks. They have to study them, do their homework and work hard on their tests. Most of the kids have no interest in being computer wizards. Some want to be doctors, others want to be engineers, lawyers etc and they have to work hard for it. The computer offers no help for that.

      The only time I have ever seen the computer useful for the kid as far schooling is concerned is when he does some research and then one time when he had to e-mail his essay while in Kenya. The rest of the time the computer hardly exists in his learning program.

      We need functioning schools with enough teachers, enough classrooms, clean toilets and washrooms, access to books and then we can move towards helping build computer labs in schools. But in the vitimbi world things must be put upside down to make sense to Uhuru and Ruto.


      • guys,

        this kalongolongo administration clearly has it’s priorities upside down. one would think security, food sufficiency, controlling infectious diseases, providing clean water, guaranteeing access to basic medications and healthcare etc would top their priorities kumbe wapi.

        this and other bad stuff happening in our country clearly proves that we are a failed state. for instance, why should a group of specialist foreign doctors travel all the way to Kenya to provide primary health services such as malaria testing and deworming (coz we can’t afford it) and yet we can afford to provide laptops to babies afflicted with kwashiorkor, marasmus and scabbies, all preventable diseases?

        anyway, a lot of questions remain unanswered regarding this laptop for babies joke. any child development experts or education/curriculum developers out there?

        kaimenyi claims they already have the ‘digital content.’ really? what is this content if i may ask? anyway, will the laptops be used to ‘teach’ core content or used as a tool to enhance understanding ie enrichment exercises/extra practice problems? is it a one-time project or is it here to stay?

        the project is supposedly being rolled out in 3 phases(mainly due to cost factor)spanning three years ie 6000+ schools, then 7000+, then the final 7000+ schools in the 3rd year. what happens to kids who miss it the 1st time round? will they get it when they reach class 2 or 3? and won’t cost always be a factor? if the content is already in the curriculum, what will the other kids who miss out be learning while their counterparts are ‘playing’ with their laptops? what about kids who repeat class 1? hehee…if it’s doled out to every class 1, i would make my child hop from school to school repeating class 1 until he grows a beard.


      • But this one is not kalongolongo folks. This one is real, very real indeed!!

        State borrowing now inching closer to crisis, report warns

        The government’s borrowing is approaching crisis levels as the amount it seeks to raise from the domestic market is set to surpass the limit set by Parliament earlier in the year.

        According to a Parliamentary Budget Office’s monthly report on the economy for May-June 2013, the government has already exhausted its overdraft facility at the Central Bank.

        The report further points to the fact that the government is edging closer to the overall debt limit of Sh1.2 trillion set by parliament in January this year.

        “The stock of gross domestic debt which is composed of Treasury bills and bonds as well as overdraft at the Central Bank increased to Sh1.08 trillion by June 21, 2013 (and) is inching closer to the debt ceiling of Sh1.2 trillion set by parliament in January this year,” says the report released last week.

        Wage demands

        Falling revenue coupled with increased wage demands have put pressure on the government borrowing needs with analysts warning that, left unchecked, the situation may hit unsustainable levels.

        “The way this trend is going, we will soon have a debt crisis. We are borrowing too much to run a very expensive government and our import bill is rising fast,” said Mr Kamanda Morara, analyst at Ashanti Research.

        Combined with the external debt, the cumulative public debt now stands at about Sh1.9 trillion, with the government projecting that this could rise to Sh2.4 trillion in three years.

        Last month, former permanent secretary for Treasury Joseph Kinyua said that domestic borrowing was affected by the volatility in the money market when interest rates rose to more than 25 per cent towards the end of 2011 and early 2012.

        The Treasury bills attracted more than 20 per cent yields, pushing up the cost of borrowing.

        Interest rates, have however, continued to come down following the reduction of the Central Bank’s benchmark rate to 8.5 per cent in May.

        This has also seen average yield rates of 91-day Treasury bills, which is a point of reference for the general trend of interest rates, falling to an average of 9.46 per cent in May from a 10.38 per cent in April.


    • Oh, as ICC gobbles all the government money, is this even a wonder?!

      State cancels the Laptop Project tender process

      NAIROBI, KENYA: The Government has now cancelled the Laptop Project tender for schools over a budget deficit as bidders exceeded the budgetary projections.

      Education Cabinet Secretary Prof Jacob Kaimenyi announced that the tender process was canceled as lowest bidder quoted Sh 32b against an anticipated budget of Sh 2b.

      The entire project is estimated to cost some Sh50 billion to target over 1.3 million pupils in public primary schools. Government documents indicate that some 425,000 pupils will be the first beneficiaries of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) program to start in January next year.

      The costs should include training of teachers and for electricity connection to various primary schools.

      Kaimenyi however insisted that the Jubilee Government would work hard to ensure that the gadgets would be delivered to schools in the first quarter of the next year. He said his Ministry would go into consultations with other sectors of the Government to see how they could achieve this.

      The laptop project was a key campaign promise of the Jubilee Government and President Uhuru Kenyatta has repeatedly said that his Government would fulfill the promise to provide free laptops to class 1 pupils in public schools.


  6. well Muteshi’s ruling has been handed out and is not favorable to william ruto

    CORD leaders claim last week’s High Court ruling ordering Ruto to pay an internally displaced person Sh5 million and return his 100 acres of land is proof the Deputy President should not be in office.

    The court ruled that Ruto had “illegally” occupied the land for five years. CORD leaders allege the judgment dented Ruto’s integrity as a State officer.

    They claimed that the findings of the High Court raised fundamental questions about Ruto’s integrity and suitability to hold public office under Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

    in any other country, this guy should have resigned immediately or be fired. but this is kenya


  7. Uhuru won’t visit Beijing, State clarifies
    President Uhuru Kenyatta. Photo/FILE NATION MEDIA GROUP

    The government has denied reports that President Uhuru Kenyatta will be visiting Russia, China and Japan this week.

    In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs termed as “misleading” a story appearing in a section of the press on Monday that President Kenyatta will be touring Russia and the Far East.

    It also indicated that the President would tour Russia’s weapons factories and meet officials to seal bilateral trade deals.

    Obama snub

    “These erroneous reports have created a wrong impression on what informs Kenya’s diplomatic engagement. There are currently no scheduled State visits to the above mentioned countries as reported in the media,” the statement said in part.

    The statement came just as US President Barack Obama is due to travel to a number of African countries including Tanzania. Last weekend, the Obama presidency stated that he had skipped Kenya because of the ICC cases facing Mr Kenyatta and his deputy, Mr William Ruto.

    The President is in Uganda.–/-/1064/1894554/-/och0pk/-/index.html


  8. Is it end of the honeymoon for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee government?


    NAIROBI, KENYA: A restless Senate and National ssembly , insecurity , ballooning wage bill and industrial unrest are some of the challenges conspiring to cut short the Jubilee go vernment ’s honeymoon.

    Two and half months after it came to power, the Government has begun to encounter turbulent times in govening the country.

    The Senate recently launched a political and legal battle that might leave the Executive with a bad face as they fight for the‘survival of devolution’.

    The Senate led a case at the Supreme Court to seek advice on the Division of Revenue Act, which was assented to by President Kenyatta. In the application ?led by Speaker Ekwee Ethuro through lawyers Pheroze Nowrojee and Kioko Kilukumi, the House wants the court to deter mine whether the passing of the Bill complied with all

    The constitutional procedures go verning Bills concerning county governments.

    This comes immediately after the National Assembly, which had held the Government hostage over their salary increment demand, backed off after they won in an agreement brokered by the Deputy President William Ruto.

    The MPs had threatened to give tax exemptions to different groups of Kenyans in what might have significantly reduced by more than half the Go vernment revenue.

    And while the security situation continues to deter ior ate in parts of the country, the Government is struggling with the ballooning wage bill, as differ ent groups demand for more pay and allowances. Hire teacher s The State got its first

    Dose of strike on Tuesday, when the secondary teachers do wned their tools in what might open a floodgate for others including their counterparts in primary school who have already threatened to boycott classes next week.

    Nurses at Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi who were on a go-slow last week resumed work after the Government promised to address their demands.

    The 40,000-member Kenya union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) kicked off their strike for the secondary school teachers calling for the harmonisation of their salaries with other civil servants. Kuppet national chairman Omboka Milemba said all secondary school teachers are under instructions to stay away from class until they get further directives from the union.

    “Our teachers will stay away from the classes because this is the language the Go vernment understands better, we will only call off the strike once we get our part of the bargain. We want those who educate our children to be comfortable in their work,” said Mr Milemba.

    Knut national chair man Wilson Sossion has also war ned that they will go on a ‘Father ’ of all strikes if the Government does not honour teachers’ Allowances they were awarded in1997.

    Mr Sossion said Knut had demanded budgetary allocation to the Ministry of Education to be increased by Sh49billion to allow hiring of more than 40,000 teachers.

    “If the Government can get Sh75 billion for laptops, It can manage further allocations of Sh 49Billion we demanded. We need Sh15 billion to hire 40,000 teachers,” added Sossion.

    The civil servants under the Federation of Public Service Trade Unions of Kenya have also threatened to do wn their tools over pay.

    Faced with the numerous demands , the President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto have been forced to initiate dialogue with different groups that have asked for more pay . The Head of State has on several occasions raised concernover the ballooning wage bill.

    He has called for prudent management of public finances by officers serving in the Executive, Parliament and the Judiciary, saying the current wage bill is unsustainable .

    “We must struggle to check and keep the public wage bill do wn, the country today has recurrent expenditure that has reached unsustainable levels and it is hurting resources that we could use to develop.”

    Wa ge bill The President said in the current financial year the total estimated wage bill is Sh458 billion which is slightly over 12 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product and well above the inter national accepted standard of 7 per cent.

    Meanwhile, Senators have declared war on ‘enemies of devolution ’and have begun a countrywide civic education campaign on the need to defend devolution.

    They are seeking court interpretation on whether the Division of Revenue Act, 2013 is unconstitutional.

    The Senators want the court to tell them whether the National Assembly’s rejection of amendments passed by the Senate on the Bill and their sending it to the President for assent is legal.

    While in Turkana in the presence of the Mr Ruto, during the homecoming party of Senate Speaker, The Senators did not mince their words and vowed to soldier on with the devolution campaign.

    Though The Deputy President scoffed at the Senators Supreme Court case, the16 leaders present insisted that they would push on with their plans to protect devolution.


    • Sounds to me like the “Digital” government has the same analogue problems. And yes still uses the same analogue solutions i.e no solutions but bouncing from one crisis to the next.

      I particularly would like to see how investing 75 billion towards laptops works when there are no teachers.

      Overall, whats holding the “digital government” together is the corruption networks that are (or hope to) benefit from the usual chaos. Otherwise, things would have crumbled already.


  9. Heheheee, I just love it!

    Uhuru urges resettlement of Grogan mechanics
    Grogan mechanics demonstrate along Kirinyaga road in Nairobi after they were evicted from a piece of land on June 18, 2013. Photo/FILE NATION MEDIA GROUP

    President Uhuru Kenyatta has asked Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero to find an alternative site for the hundreds of young mechanics who were evicted from their work place in Grogan area, on Kirinyaga Road, next to the Globe Cinema roundabout. Read (Mechanics riot after Grogan plot fenced off)

    Speaking at the inauguration of Archbishop Amos Mathenge of the Africa Independence Pentecostal Church of Africa, President Kenyatta said the youth needed a place to make a living, and therefore, they ought to be given a place to do their job.

    President Kenyatta, who is barely 100 days in office, and whose major campaign promise was to get jobs for the youth, said his priority was to ensure that the youth with work do not go back to alcohol and drug abuse.

    “We need to give them an alternative site. We will get you a place. Let the people who are working continue with their work. Do not destabilise them,” said Mr Kenyatta at the ceremony held at the Moi International Sports Centre, in Kasarani, Nairobi.

    The Grogan mechanics have been squatting on the land for over two decades, and they were finally kicked out by the new owner, the Jamia Mosque Committee.

    They were evicted last week as police moved in to effect an order of the court. The mechanics have reportedly been allocated an alternative 1.25-acre piece of land and had been asked to move there.

    It is not clear if this is the land that Mr Kenyatta wanted Mr Kidero to use to ensure that the mechanics continue to do their job.

    Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko Mbuvi had asked the president to restructure the Youth Enterprise Development Fund and open it up for the youth groups formed in churches.

    Mr Mbuvi said the high youth unemployment was a problem in the capital city, because, it had spawned a high crime rates.

    He had also asked President Kenyatta to ensure the youth who had been kicked out of another piece of land in Buruburu are also given alternative place to do their job.

    “That money from the Youth Fund is not for you to use to drink alcohol and smoke bhang. You have to use it to improve your lives,” said Mr Mbuvi.

    The Nairobi senator also asked the governors to stop attacking President Kenyatta for his controversial signing of the Division of Revenue Bill, “because it is too early to begin criticising Mr Kenyatta”.

    “That was his first Bill, let’s look at how it goes. If it turns out badly in a year or so, then we can correct him. But for now, let’s work with him and build this country,” said Mr Mbuvi, a key supporter of Mr Kenyatta.

    Mr Kidero (Nairobi), Mr Nderitu Gachagua (Nyeri), and Mr William Kabogo (Kiambu), were the governors at the venue, and they promised to work together with Mr Kenyatta and his government.

    “This is the year for us to work. Many Kenyans are struggling, and we have to work hard to reduce their suffering, so that, they too become rich like the (Nairobi Senator) Mike Sonko,” said Mr Kabogo.


  10. And look at this circus here.

    Work through my ministry, Amina tells foreign missions

    Foreign Affairs Secretary Amina Mohammed has advised all accredited diplomatic missions in Kenya to conduct their business with other government departments through her ministry.

    But responding to the advisory – known in diplomatic parlance as a note verbale – a section of diplomats said they will comply but wondered why it was deemed necessary to issue the communication on what they described as standard practice.

    European Union head of delegation to Kenya Lodewijk Briet told the Sunday Nation that the ministry would be flooded with notes verbales considering the amount of business the diplomats transact each day.

    “The ministry has sent out a note verbale saying that ‘please, make sure you go through us’. And therefore we will be showering the ministry with notes verbales or communication to say so and so is coming, or we would like to meet so and so,” said Mr Briet.

    He added that with about 20 member states and the EU itself there are multiple contacts at multiple levels. “But we accept the idea that we work through Foreign Affairs, and in a normal convivial relationship we inform the ministry of Foreign Affairs saying that we want to have this and that meeting. So clearly, we go through Foreign Affairs,” Mr Briet said.

    Within the law

    Ms Mohammed said there was nothing sinister in the move but only a requirement for the accredited missions to operate within the law.

    “What I can do, as the secretary for Foreign Affairs, is to remind everybody the laws that are in place with respect to resources. Any contact by the diplomatic community must respect the laws of the country,” she said, adding, “We are a government and we have objectives. There are things we must accomplish within given time frames.”

    Ms Mohammed emphasised that the Foreign ministry’s role is only facilitation, while the Treasury takes the lead in the negotiations for donor funds.

    “The issue of resources that are given by donors, unless they are being given to me in the ministry, are really not my mandate. It is the mandate of the National Treasury.

    “The ministry of national Treasury does the negotiations as far as donor funding and resources are concerned. It signs the instruments because donor monies are not given without signatures being appended to agreements,” she explained.


  11. Oh my God, not Kimemia again! The guy is literally all over the map!!

    Budget Committee rejects Sh700m proposal for Kibaki office

    The National Assembly’s Budget Committee has rejected a proposal to purchase an office building for former president Kibaki at a cost of Sh700m.

    The chairman of the Budget and Appropriations Committee of the National Assembly Mutava Musyimi directed the Treasury to go back to the drawing board and come up with other options ‘affordable’ to the taxpayer.

    He questioned whether Treasury has exceeded the maximum ceiling of spending on the office set by the law.

    “Are we not we breaking the law?” he posed, citing the specifications in the Presidential Retirement Benefits Act which allows suitable office space for a retired president of up to 1,000 square metres.

    He said Treasury must lead by example on saving funds by cutting down on unnecessary cost.

    The Sh700m allocation is contained in the Supplementary Budget estimates tabled in Parliament last Tuesday.

    MPs are understood to have discovered the allocation as they questioned the failure by the Treasury to allocate the Sh5.4 billion Constituency Development Fund money for the remaining part of the 2012/2013 financial year.

    “What they had attempted to do, through the Supplementary Estimates which were tabled on Tuesday, is to reallocate CDF money to other activities, which included building an office (for) Sh700 million for retired President Kibaki among others,” an MP familiar with the matter said.

    The allocation for the building is tucked under development expenditure for the Cabinet Office in the Supplementary Budget estimates books.

    The Parliamentary Budget Office also noted the allocation of Sh700 million to the Cabinet Office to buy a building as among the salient issues in its report on the Supplementary estimates.

    In the initial estimates for the 2012/2013 financial year, the Cabinet Office had asked for Sh160 million.

    This figure grew to Sh860 million in the Supplementary Budget and the Sh700 million difference would be the allocation for the retired president’s office.

    Headed by Secretary to the Cabinet Francis Kimemia, the Cabinet Office is charged with organising the affairs of the Cabinet such as meetings, the agenda and the implementation of its projects.

    Mr Kimemia told the Nation the allocation is necessary because under the Presidential Retirement Benefits Act that Mr Kibaki assented to before his retirement, he is supposed to have an office and staff.

    “He is supposed to have an office under the law. He is entitled to an office and staff, a full secretariat to manage his programmes the same way we did with former President Moi,” said Mr Kimemia on the phone.

    “I thought you would say (Sh700 million) is too little. How much can you get a building for? We are set to buy him a building. We have to go to the market to advertise and we have got to pay staff and to buy him furniture because we don’t have a building yet.”

    Mr Kimemia said the government has been looking for an office for the former president within Nairobi and all the available ones cost more than Sh1 billion.


    • Somethings are just amazing. Kimemia told us the other day that the Shs 700 Million was even too little for a ‘government office’ of a retired person and it turns out today that even Shs 250 Million will just do for a completely unnecessary office!

      Once people retire from government, they go home and chill and if they want to undertake some charitable projects while in retirement, they should do so out of their own private resources!

      What does an over 80 years old man need a government office for? These are just but conduits to embezzle public funds in the name of buying a retired president a completely new office block. Some people are now using our money to foot their ICC bills!!

      Kibaki office budget cut to Sh250m

      The cost of buying an office building for retired President Mwai Kibaki has been slashed from the initial Sh700 million to Sh250 million, an MP has said.

      Budget and Appropriations Committee Chairman Mutava Musyimi told his colleagues in the National Assembly on Wednesday evening he had received the information from the Office of the President earlier in the day.

      “I can confirm that I received a note this morning saying the budget has been reduced from 700 million to 250 million,” the Reverend Musyimi said.

      It was not immediately clear whether the officials arrived at the figure after identifying a building or decided to go for a more practical option such as leasing office space.

      Mr Musyimi broke the news as he initiated debate on the Appropriation Bill, whose approval was put on ice after a political contest emerged over an attempt to introduce amendment by the Cord side of the House.

      The Bill he was talking about is about government spending for the next financial year and it is not known whether the officials have included that in the allocations for the next year or the one that ends in three days.

      Mr Musyimi’s team had rejected the proposal to hand over Sh700 million to the Cabinet Office to buy the building.


  12. Lawyers protest at Kibaki send-off pay

    The Act that set the benefits retired President Mwai Kibaki gets is unconstitutional because it was prepared without the input of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, a member of the team that drafted the Constitution has said.

    Ms Atsango Chesoni told the Nation on Sunday that because of its mandate, the SRC ought to have been involved in drafting the Presidential Retirement Benefits Act.

    That law is the basis on which government officials want Parliament to approve an allocation of Sh700 million in the Supplementary estimates to buy a building to house the office of the retired President.

    “The SRC should have been the one to determine the ex-president’s entitlements. Without them, there is no way to know whether this was actually bench-marked,” Ms Chesoni said.

    Head of the Mars lobby group Mwalimu Mati said the allocation beats logic.

    “He is a retired President and retired means retired. I do not see why we have to fork out three quarters of a billion shillings for his office,” he said. Budget and Appropriations Committee chairman Mutava Musyimi said the allocation was among the reasons his team sought a meeting with Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich on Tuesday this week.

    He said the committee spent about 45 minutes discussing the issue on Thursday last week.

    “It was a heated debate, a very heated debate. It is then that we decided that we have to summon the Cabinet Secretary in charge of National Treasury,” he added.

    The Cabinet Secretary for the Interior, Mr Joseph ole Lenku, will also appear before the team.


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