Raila’s Speech At Woodrow Wilson Centre Washington DC 18 June 2013

Ed’s Note: Webcast speeches starts at 22.40

A Briefing by The Honorable Raila A. Odinga: African Achievements and Challenges: Learning from the Past but Looking Forward

The former Prime Minister of the Republic Kenya, The Honorable Raila A. Odinga, will discuss the past 50 years, highlighting both achievements and challenges on the continent. He will also share his vision for Africa over the next 50 years, with a particular focus on Africa’s future engagements with China and the United States.

3 comments on “Raila’s Speech At Woodrow Wilson Centre Washington DC 18 June 2013

  1. The strong man syndrome is the reason why tribalism is an impasse in the entire continent. Solution would be to adopt the British system. Parties going to the elections, and the winning party, picking up member of choice, as PM. That per se, would eliminate the “big man,” or “strong man of Africa” mentality. Quite a remarkable speech, especially the rebuttal, Ivorian interjection. At the end of the forum , I believe the young lad appreciated wisdom from an elder African statesman. Country is more important than an individual, and life precious than power. Interesting how an European could also google up a technical question, throwing a curved ball at his Excellency. African leaders need unilateral binding policies on managing own resources, such as oil, copper et cetera, to be able to have a say in the market. Otherwise, the metaphorical rape and looting will continue, with China, a new specie of fox, cunningly going behind the farmer, stealing chicken and eggs – resources.


  2. Great speech touching on a variety of African geopolitics and a stinging rebuke of the AU hypocrisy on ICC.

    In the Q&A session, Odinga is evidently a man well informed, especially listening to the interesting exchange with an Ivorian among the audience who questioned Odinga’s role in the mediating the Ivorian crisis.

    Raila categorically states both 2007 and 2013 elections were stolen in favour of his opponents. The Supreme Court ruling acceptance was for the sake of Kenya, not necessarily that he agreed with the judges findings – and he wished President Gagbo would have followed his advise and averted needless death and eventually his indictment at the ICC Hague.

    Strangely, Odinga supports GoK decision to repatriate thousands of Somali refugees back to their unstable country from Kenyan refugee camps. On the tension between, Sudanese countries, Odinga urges total implementation of the CPA agreement signed in Nairobi, something which the Arab North has not been keen to follow-up on.

    This man clearly is still one to watch.


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