And Now The ‘Digital Dynamic Duo’ Is In Panic Mode After Only 100 Days In Office!

Cord’s Johnstone Muthama and Anyang’ Nyong’o and other coalition leaders during a news conference at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Nairobi July 18, 2013. Cord accused the CID of targeting its leaders after former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s aide was summoned over an alleged plot to destabilise the government. EMMA NZIOKA

Owalo a “decoy,” CID target is Cord leaders

The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy has accused the CID of targeting its leaders after former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s aide was summoned over an alleged plot to destabilise the government.

Eliud Owalo who headed Mr Odinga’s presidential campaign in the run up to the March 4 polls was summoned by the CID on Tuesday for questioning.

Mr Owalo has been summoned again to appear before the CID on Monday through a letter from a Mr John Kariuki on behalf of the director of criminal investigations Ndegwa Muhoro.

On Thursday, Cord leaders Anyang Nyong’o, Johnstone Muthama, James Orengo, Ugunja MP James Wandayi and Migori women representative Dennitah Ghati among others dismissed the allegations accusing the Jubilee administration of taking Kenyans back to dark days of oppression.

“The Jubilee government is already destabilised. No one needs to destabilise it,” Prof Nyong’o told journalists at Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Nairobi.


In a statement, the Cord leaders said Mr Owalo was a decoy and that his pursuit is diversionary as “the real target are his bosses; the coalition principals Hon Raila Odinga, Hon Kalonzo Musyoka and Senator (Moses) Wetangula.”

They said the allegations against Mr Owalo “are an insult to Kenyans as the source of this so called intelligence sources of information was a blog known as The Jackal News ran by known TNA operative who clearly is carrying out errands for the Jubilee Government”.

“Kenyans are not fools. We urge the Jubilee Government to mind the business of Kenyans, to respect and uphold the Constitution of Kenya and to cease and desist from using untoward tactics by ways of withholding benefits for the principals, frustrating their smooth movement in and out of the country using our airports and making wild baseless allegations yet serious accusations. The country must not be divided further,” the statement said.

Curtail individual liberties

Cord said it is concerned about the way individual liberties and freedoms were being rolled back and curtailed “not only for the lowly person but unbelievably even for principals and icons of democracy in Kenya”.

“It is only two days ago the Deputy President William Ruto was quoted in the media calling for the possible arrest of the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga because of serious issues he raised concerning IEBC (Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission),” the statement said.

Saying the guilty are afraid, Prof Nyong’o said barely days after Mr Odinga chastised IEBC, Mr Owalo was accused of working to wreck Jubilee.

“It is instructive that Mr Owalo is not just another aide, but is in fact the individual that ran the Prime Minister’s Campaign Secretariat. As such he would be privy to details of anomalies and short comings and malfunctions that led to a disputed election which was argued in the Supreme Court,” Prof Nyong’o said.

The leaders said Mr Owalo was also being targeted because of an article he wrote on a local daily titled: Why the electoral commission must be disbanded.”

Cord accused the CID are making unsubstantiated, comical, cheap yet treasonable charges against Mr Owalo.

Cord said the allegations against Mr Owalo include: That Mr Owalo is conducting secret meetings and organising youth around the country, in major towns and slums for purposes of fomenting an uprising or revolt against the Jubilee Government; That Mr Owalo is organising diplomats, foreign embassies, clergy and the civil society to rise up and oppose the Jubilee Government by causing disaffection; That all this Mr Owalo is doing to mimic an Egyptian style revolution or uprising also part of what was called the Arab spring; That Mr Owalo has received millions of shillings from foreign embassies through a Nairobi Law firm in the guise of proceeds of legal transaction but which will be used to further the above objectives.

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  1. Makueni win and Kisii protest reveal discontent with Jubilee

    Rt Hon Raila Odinga arrives at the Gusii stadium to pay homage to the 15 victims of accident in Kisii. The requiem mass was held in Gusii Stadium July 23, 2013. Photo/TOM OTIENO

    The landslide victory of Cord candidate Mutula Kilonzo Jnr in the Makueni by-election and the hostile reception for Jubilee leaders in Kisii on Tuesday have exposed the lingering resentment that some regions have towards the government of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    It was apparent that the Makueni by-election result was a protest vote against Jubilee, mainly fuelled by unsuccessful court action to block Cord candidates.

    The backyard of former Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka is a Cord stronghold. In Makueni, Cord’s candidate Mutula Kilonzo Junior garnered 163,232 votes against Jubilee coalition candidate Prof Philip Kaloki, who got 9,762 votes.

    The jeering of Information Secretary Fred Matiang’i and Jubilee pointman in Gusii Prof Sam Ongeri on Tuesday also brought to the fore the antipathy towards the new leadership.

    Experts reckon that President Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto will have to reach out to Nyanza, Ukambani, Western and Coast regions which largely voted for former Prime Minister Raila Odinga in the March 4 elections to promote national healing and reconciliation.

    The two enjoy unquestioning support in Central Kenya and the Kalenjin Rift Valley. A number of reasons have been advanced to explain the growing resentment towards the young administration.

    “Uhuru and Ruto seem comfortable with having one half of the country. Their actions and appointments have further alienated the other half,” said Prof Egara Kabaji of Masinde Muliro University.

    “The Kisii incident falls within that framework. They have not gone out of their way to woo the rest of the country.”

    A majority of the residents of the Gusii counties of Nyamira and Kisii voted for Mr Odinga in March. The main reason for the resentment has to do with a feeling of exclusion in public appointments, the conduct of the March election, lack of a deliberate effort by President Kenyatta and Mr Ruto to reach out to regions unfriendly to Jubilee, acts supporters perceive as aimed at humiliating Mr Odinga and the empowerment of communities due to devolution.

    Critics have raised concern that Mr Kenyatta’s Kikuyu and Mr Ruto’s Kalenjin communities got the lion’s share of Cabinet appointments.

    “If you go to some parts of this country such as Western, Luo Nyanza, Ukambani, Coast, Kisii, they say the Jubilee Government is operating as if they don’t exist,” says Prof Kabaji. “In Bungoma, Busia, Kakamega they tell you Uhuru and Ruto do not seem to recognise that they are the second-largest community in Kenya. Exclusivity is not helping. The gap continues to grow.”

    Moreover, communities do not identify with some of the Cabinet secretaries from their regions, most of whom are city-based professionals with no connection to the grassroots.

    And in places such as Ukambani and Coast, the denizens appointed to the Cabinet such as Mrs Charity Ngilu, Najib Balala and Kambi Kazungu had been rejected by voters in their home areas.

    They are, therefore, seen as imposed on the people.

    The Sunday Nation has established that the government has come up with a strategy to reach out to sections of the Kenyan population which have not embraced the new administration.

    A State House source revealed that a team including the new political adviser to the President and former Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny has been tasked to move across the country to elicit the co-operation of elected Cord leaders to work together on areas described as of “mutual interest”.

    Saturday, Mr Kutuny indicated that the President was “committed to unifying the country by leaders regardless of their political persuasion for the sake of cohesion and to enable Jubilee to meet its growth agenda”.

    “The Jubilee leadership is determined to close the divisions that arose from the election. The President leads the whole country; that is why he is keen to reach out to every Kenyan.”
    Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto, who has come under attack for visiting Homa Bay county––a Cord stronghold––has cautioned President Uhuru and Mr Ruto against appearing to alienate regions that did not vote for them.

    “I was involved in the crafting of the Jubilee Alliance to end violence between Kalenjins and Kikuyus which affected the rest of the country,” says Mr Ruto.

    “The two groups were to be the core, but the rest of the country has to be brought in. You can’t rubbish Ukambani, Luo Nyanza, Western and Coast,” he said.

    Mr Alois Muthini, a devolution expert, says the Makueni election was a protest vote against Jubilee, a reaction to a feeling of alienation and defence of community pride and integrity.

    “It was a protest against the conduct of Jubilee in the days to the election. Voters were saying, ‘we may not know exactly what we want but we certainly know what we don’t want’. They hardly know Kilonzo Jnr,” he said.

    Mr Muthini also reckons county governments have given communities opportunities to participate in governance and shape their destiny without depending on tokens from the national government.

    During the Kisii incident, Mr Odinga was given a rousing welcome. But he has come under heavy criticism with accusations that he turned the funeral into a political rally.

    Saturday, Dr Matiang’i accused Gusii Cord leaders who he said were hell-bent on causing a confrontation between their supporters and Jubilee government leaders.

    He told Sunday Nation that he had been assured there would be no politics at the gathering and was surprised at the turn of events. “I couldn’t understand what was going on. It seems they wanted a confrontation between Cord supporters and the President’s delegation. Church leaders gave the funeral mass a miss because of the organisation.”

    Government spokesman Muthui Kariuki accused the Kisii County government of paying the hecklers at the meeting.

    Some of the crowed said they were unhappy that the President failed to attend the funeral after they had moved it from Monday to fit his schedule.

    Bomachoge Borabu MP Joel Onyancha, Stephen Manoti (Bobasi) and Richard Onyonka (Kitutu Chache South) condemned the heckling.

    “A mourning period is not an opportunity to settle political scores,” said Mr Onyancha who avoided the mass after Kitutu Chache North MP Jimmy Angwenyi reported the organising committee had refused to hold it in Marani.

    “We feel the mass should have been held in Marani because all five schools that lost students and teachers are located there,” he said. On Friday, the Kisii County government dismissed the claim that it had paid hecklers.

    “The county government cannot stoop so low as to hire hecklers to disrupt a meeting it had organised, moreover a funeral mass for its own citizens,” said Deputy Governor Joash Maangi, adding that Mr Angwenyi had said he would encourage Jubilee-leaning MPs to skip the event if it was not held at Marani in his constituency where most of the accident victims came from.

    It is understood the President skipped the mass on Mr Angwenyi’s advice.


    • `

      Panic has obviously set in because ICC court cases (whose ugly revelations are to be widely broadcast internationally) are fast approaching!

      There was definitely some fairytale delusion solidifying in the minds of Uhuruto regarding their impending ICC cases after cheating their way into power. Sycophants and willful supporters optimistically joined the duo in fooling themselves that since witnesses were withdrawing (through bribery, intimidation, or sheer fear), and disappearing (state-orchestrated and privately-executed disappearances), then their cases were respectively collapsing. Uhuruto likely feared asking hard questions not because they were afraid they’d be lied to, but because they were afraid to hear the truth.

      The inconvenient truth is:

      The ICC cases aren’t collapsing because of what’s been happening to witnesses – withdrawing in troves or simply vanishing. Whether or not these witness withdrawals (or disappearances) are a reflection of over-zealous NSIS (state) or private operatives [offering bribes or threats, or both], it would be an act of self-delusion to imagine that such obvious red-flags do not raise alarm in the court itself or within international circles. It would be self-delusion to think that such serious development which directly affects the existential survival of the ICC would be casually ignored by the sponsors of the court.

      Granted – the ICC is not likely to confirm accusations of ineptitude leveled against it by simply letting these cases collapse — because it could not guarantee the safety of witnesses. ICC is instead going to demonstrate to the world that it is never going to allow cases to collapse because witnesses were intimidated by accused suspects.

      There will definitely be ample opportunity to demonstrate in broad daylight, who has been interfering with witnesses for their own benefit. It is easy to predict that Fatou Bensouda and the ICC, just to save face, will definitely pursue this line of witness intimidation and disappearances aggressively. It is anyone’s guess who is likely to suffer from the same. Ruto’s date with the court comes first, brace for interesting times fellows.

      Another inconvenient truth – it is not just Uhuru and Ruto on trial. The entire ICC process is on trial. Even Fatou Bensouda (OTP) and ICC’s Victim Protection Units are on trial. The latter are precisely being held into account by victims of mass murders and displacements. Victims and the whole world are right now watching witnesses – who are supposed to be out of reach and immune to intimidation and bribery – repeatedly expressing fear for their safety and that of their families, before bolting out ultimately. It is anyone’s guess who is intimidating these witnesses.

      In vintage Kenya, such matters are simply consigned to fate and nature…but in many international jurisdictions, witness intimidation may yield worse consequences than the original crime.

      Proof is indeed in the pudding when an ICC suspect like Uhuru Kenyatta wilfully hand-picks and recruits into his State House digital media team (public appointment), the only Kenyan so far investigated by ICC for witness and evidence tampering – a youthful blogger called Dennis Itumbi. Such inexplicable displays suggest panic.

      Uhuruto may have finally reached their moment of epiphany –awakened to the reality that it is in fact naive to assume their cases as non-starters going nowhere. The cases are possible jewel studies likely to strengthen ICC’s prosecutorial and victim-protection functions. A standard manual of “How Not to Intimidate Witnesses” can actually be compiled out of Uhuru and Ruto’s examples — to be used in similar future cases.

      After their brief honeymoon, real panic is therefore quite likely setting in. Holding Presidents and Vice Presidents accountable (while in office) is ultimately the most effective way of checking potential loose cannons (in future), like President Museveni or Paul Kagame, who may be toying with genocidal ideas.

      That brings us to the last inconvenient truth — an infant government in panic is likely to create artificial confusion…as a pretext to introduce a State of Emergency and brutal crackdowns. With Owalo’s manufactured probe and the quickly debunked propaganda that Raila has refused to return state vehicles…it is safe to assume the hysterical propaganda and malicious crackdowns have already ensued. Back to the Nyayo era crackdowns…in full swing.

      In trying to distract from their own failure to start addressing massive youth unemployment, fulfill pay obligations to teachers, and contain labor unrest in unions, a convenient boogeyman (Raila) is being created to deflect attention…If Raila is not being blamed by the caustic-mouthed and unsophisticated Muthui, the government is unleashing its own set of false propaganda…the latest trying to deceive unemployed graduates — about being paid Sh 15,000/= per month free cash! That’s another phantom promise of the laptop variety.

      If there is general unrest, it is the Uhuruto administration that have brought it — angering teachers, CORD supporters in Makueni and Gusii, the youth…failing to provide security across the country, plotting to raise the price of basic commodities, plotting to loot billions through fraudulent programmes like the laptop conmanship, refusing to audit IEBC over the results of the last presidential election, denying counties required funds for devolution, and their trademark lopsided tribal appointments…Kenyatta should not blame others for unrest that his own government replicate a Nyayo-era situation that he and Ruto thrived under.

      As a matter of fact, Prof. Ghai has penned a chilling piece in the Star about how Uhuru Kenyatta is already mutilating police reforms envisaged under the new Constitution…through two malicious Bills currently being amended by Jubilee legislators.

      That is running parallel to the deconstruction of devolution…which has seen county governments robbed of necessary development funding.


      • Job,

        Good to see you here. You are always a resource. The ICC panic you talk about may take a very dramatic turn should the ICC Appeal Chamber rule that the indicted suspects have to be in court as an obligation which is the case under the Rome Statute. If they make that ruling all hell will break loose as expected. We are ready for that. No problem.

        Now, given that you are in the US where the CORD governors are having a summit in Dallas may I pass a word to you to pass to the governors. I will pass it directly to them in good time.

        Here is my suggestion and I will start with Siaya where I was born. Set up a Diaspora Investment Program where residents of the county living outside the county whether in Nairobi, Mombasa, Toronto or Washington can engage in investment activities to promote economic growth. If I am from Siaya county and I want to invest in Siaya county regardless of where I live I want to have the opportunity to know what the priority areas for investment are and how to go about the business of investment.

        From what I know in a place like Siaya County real estate, horticulture, dairy and fish farming are on the go. I am not even touching the surface. What I am saying is that every county should have a Diaspora Investment Program. We will take it from there.

        Personally I am headed to the republic soon. My torture case is up. I have to be there. Remember the TJRC report. It is already obsolete. I would care less. I like the hand to hand combat that we are doing in the courts.


      • Here is some more Nyayoism

        “Koskei however warned that the government will deal ruthlessly with troubleshooters”

        It is a pity that his English is hopeless, “troubleshooters” should be good!, but his idea is clear anyway.

        These people obviously have no idea of what to do and are just preparing to blame others for their incompetence. What a pity for long suffering Kenyans!

        In another article Raila is being blamed for the Isaac Rut speaking some sense!


      • Adongo,

        Your comments on investments are good but the message should also include that the governors and county officials should show some sense of purpose, not just worry about flags, cars, and mansions.


      • `

        Good to hear from you. It would definitely be interesting if ICC’s Appeal chamber orders Uhuru and Ruto to be in court full time. The level of panic will escalate a hundredfold.

        I was actually up North — in Vancouver — in May. I’m aware the governors are in Texas — but without much details. I know my current schedule won’t allow me to see them. One of my reliable contacts has suffered direct consequence of Tyranny of ICC suspects’ Paranoia …the panic and anger in Uhuruto caused them to prematurely kick-out Ambassador Odembo, who was unceremoniously recalled earlier than his originally slated departure for August ’13.

        I think you have great suggestions for governors. I suggest you contact Rasanga directly to discuss these pertinent issues with his team. Others should do the same with their respective governors (even Jubilee governors). I will chip in with mine at a convenient time. The principle of devolution should be supported by all Kenyans irrespective of political affiliation – we must continue investing in our counties; which means those county governments should guarantee security and good climate for those investments.

        Best of success with your case. Wish you the very best. Is this a temporary relocation or a long one?


    • john, Job & Others,

      I have seen the latest phony games with security “details”. Same monkey business. But my issue today is what is emerging as a well planned effort to murder devolution. Devolution in Kenya is like the BVR circus meaning it is designed to fail so the hyenas at State House and the OP can gobble the country as they wish.

      Lets start with this wierd story.

      The uhuruto boys forgot to pay the civil servants. Actually they didin’t forget. It is part of the scheme to cripple devolution. If you read that story you will see somewhere Rotich saying they will pay the civil servants but the county governments will have to refund them the money. Just how stupid is that? They allocated the budgets of these civil servants to the central government and somehow they want the counties to pay them.

      Here is the deal. In the katiba there are 14 functions that the counties are supposed to run and that includes health, agriculture, education, fisheries and livestock and many others. The central government is only limited to developing policies in these areas among others. The process of downloading these functions is expected to take no more than three years. Now the conmen in the Uhuru government have decided to allocate all the budget for agriculture, health and practically all civil servants to the ministries in the central government and yet they are already telling the civil servants that they are under the counties who should pay them. That is how you design a system to fail.

      Secondly Uhuru and his friends have been selling the lie that they have allocated 34% of the national budget to the counties. As usual our media who just swallows things have been selling that myth furiously. The budget now is Kshs 1.6 trillion. 34% of Kshs 1.6 trillion is over Kshs 500 billion. Anybody can do the math, you don’t even need a calculator.

      Third the county governors are mostly nuts. They are fighting over petty things and creating budgets that don’t make sense.

      The first duty of every county government would have been to take inventory of all the assets they have which were previously run by the central government and then start developing modalities for running those institutions. Figure out how much money is being spent on them and what are the specific services they deliver and then start negotiating with the central government and working with the senate on how a smooth transfer will take place. Instead the governors are hopping from retreat to retreat talking political nonsense. Even Rutto who was percieved as being the hard hitter for the counties as the chair of the council of counties has no serious agenda, no technical support and zero vision as to the challenge infront of the counties.

      The counties also needed to take stock of the resources available to them that they can work on to generate revenue. Instead counties are busy setting up levies and all sorts of licenses etc to try gobbling money from enterprenuers. That is just not helpful. None of these counties even have something you can calla strategic plan. They are going to use all the money they have for salaries and benefits and soon enough people will run them out of town.

      Look at this story to see how stupid some of the moves in the counties are:

      If we had a government that is really interested in making devolution work they would be laying the foundation for it now. Instead Uhuru is doing what his old man, Mzee Kamaliza did. Laying the foundation to destroy devolution and start swallowing money from both ends like Jomo Kenyatta did sadly enough with Moi’s help. Uhuru now has Ruto from the one community that may benefit the most from devolution helping to lay the foundation to kill the same. This whole thing started in Naivasha when they butchered to katiba and ended up with 47 counties instead of 8 as was proposed. Can you imagine the wole of Rift Valley as a county. It would rival many countries in the world in terms of resources. That is another story.

      I read a funny piece yesterday where the governor of Wajir county said they are in a position to handle only two of the 14 functions. He said they can handle entertainment and the environment. I also noticed Wajir county has allocated more than 50% of its budget to pay staff. Now I figured the governor means that they can buy drinks and food for entertainment and for the environment I think they will handle that but sitting under the trees and watching them.

      It would be funny if it was not so tragic but how in hell are counties going to get started and running. Right now they don’t need money. They need a plan and they need ideas and they have to comprehend the magnitude of the work infront of them. If they do that they can mobilize Kenyans to help them wrestle with Uhuru and the oligarchy lording it over Kenyans. Otherwise we are staring at a disater of biblical proportions.


      • adongo

        good insight

        i remember talking about this during the so called governor debates.

        most governors interviewed kept talking about running this and that project, new initiatives, jobs for the youth etc

        i kept insisting that pretty much the first half of this administrations will be or should be spent in evolving the structure of county government. revenues, budgets, administration, function distributions and realignments etc. and only if the environment is conducive the second half can maybe touch on a few development projects

        from the looks of it, as you correctly point out, once these guys got into office, all the county manuals, proposals and guidelines are out through the window and the focus is on how best to reward themselves.

        look at Narasha incident, the county governor of Nakuru is the one behind forceful eviction of the residents (one community to be precise), is that the mindset of someone that is interested in building the county?

        i wont even bother touching on the county budgets.


      • tnk,

        You are right. The vitimbi chaps with the bumbling governors have no clue on how to even poorly implement devolution. If they had it would take the entire year one working out the mechanisms instead of running around with toy projects. Even to figure out how to work out how the entire agriculture ministry will work under this new arrangement requires a lot of clear thinking and plans and how the counties can help facilitate food security and cash crop farming. It is not easy.

        I was shocked when agriculture secretary came with the bizzare idea of irrigating 1 million acres in Tana to fulfil the Jubilee promise of irrigating 1 million acres. The idea is to help all farmers across all the 47 counties to put one million acres under irrigation. It is buying 1 million acres and handing it to private companies. That is just irrigation. Agrculture is the lifeline of the country. Are they even thinking how it will work with devolution?

        Then go to education. Take the laptop project which seem to excite Uhuru and Ruto. Under the new laws of the country, Primary education is under the counties. That means even if these guys are obssessed with their little toys for standard one kids, they have to work with the couties to figure out how to implement that. Effectively they will have to hand over the toys to the counties. All they can do is develop an ICT policy for primary schools. It is the counties who need to run that. Do you think Uhuru even understands that? For him it is a campaign promise.

        Add health to all these and only those three key ministries are enough to work out carefully and we will see a new country all together.

        The one person who could help if we had a serious government is the guy whom to me is the architect of devolution in Kenya. His name is Prof. Mutakha Kangu. But Uhuru can’t mess around with folks like that. He is far too serious and organised.

        Here is what he outlined:

        Instead Uhuru has some minister of devolution who was given Kshs 84 billion god knows for what. Most of Uhuru’s cabinet secretaries should only have one job and that is to formulate policy. They should spend the rest of their timwe working on the transition process to the new order. I don’t think that has even sank into their conciousness.


        • adongo

          you hit the nail on the head with that example on laptops. this statement below is one that needs amplification


          Take the laptop project, Under the new laws of the country, Primary education is under the counties. That means even if these guys are obsessed with their little toys for standard one kids, they have to work with the counties to figure out how to implement that. Effectively they will have to hand over the toys to the counties. All they can do is develop an ICT policy for primary schools. It is the counties who need to run that.


          that right there is the trouble with this so called digital govt still sticking to analogue methods

          at one time I worked for an organisation where there was a department setup to facilitate research to practice. its equivalent here would be dream/fantasy/political promise to real-world project

          if at all these guys were sincere, they would have done as you suggest, but these guys and their sycophantic support are like drunk pigs in a mud bath. “Narasha geothermal implementation” is their hallmark, i.e burn, loot and evict, kill if you must, then send so called pacifiers to claim innocence, and even go to hague if you must and claim mistaken identity or intentions.

          i read the proposals by mkangi, there were some other documents after that, i forget the authors complete with gradual or phasing in of the different county functions. but unfortunately in a crooked world that kenya is, everyone wants to play hero, swoop in from the sky and plant a statue …. imbeciles would be too kind a word …


      • Adongo/Job and others

        How about the argument that the constitution states that revenue sharing is to be done on the total national tax revenues as opposed to budget?

        Meaning that 15% of revenue should be allocated to counties not 15% of the budget (ie Ksh1.6 trillion). In financial year 2013/14 the 15% revenue allocation works out to Ksh 153billion but counties were allocated more that that i.e Kshs 210 billion.

        This has made even seemingly informed Governors like Kidero shower praises on Jubilee Government for exceeding allocation, even though Kidero himself had his budget significantly slashed by central government, forcing the governor to rule out “development” from his annual agenda.

        What is the factual position? What is stopping counties seeking their own resources to generate alternative revenue for themselves? Nairobi itself with more than 3.5million people is a goldmine!

        Please could you shed some more light on this as our people do not seem to appreciate the devolution matter well enough.


      • phil,

        On the issue of revenue sharing formula the wording on the katiba Section 203 just to summarise it says something like this:

        (2) For every financial year, the equitable share of the revenue
        raised nationally that is allocated to county governments shall
        be not less than fifteen per cent of all revenue collected by the
        national government.
        (3) The amount referred to in clause (2) shall be calculated on
        the basis of the most recent audited accounts of revenue
        received, as approved by the National Assembly.

        In reality the whole revenue sharing and public finance clauses are very extensive. They need to be combed with a tooth pick by governors and everybody interested in promoting devolution. The other point is that the 15% is the legal minimum and not the maximum. The constitution has a myriad other factors to be considered including the functions that counties are supposed to finance. So if agriculture is under the counties, that entire budget has to go to counties and that has nothing to do with the 15%. Then there is Equalization Fund and other tools for revenue sharing.

        The key word here is to share “All revenue raised”. So it is not just about “Tax collected”. Governments raise revenue through many other means including sale of public property, royalties and many others. The sticking point we need to sort out is how about “money borrowed”? They also add to revenue side of the budget. We have to remember that all money borrowed has to be paid and it is paid by our tax money, so borrowing is just collecting taxes in advance. I am open to that discussion but nobody should lie to us that only taxe collected are to be shared. The country needs to put some thinking into this key issue.

        The other point you raised about a county like Nairobi getting revenue from the 3.5 million residents. One thing we have to remember and in Canada with its federal system they worship it as a religion – it is the the principle that THERE IS ONLY ONE TAXPAYER. In other words those 3.5 million folks in Nairobi may be required to pay some reveneue to the county but the county should never forget that they are also paying tax to the central government.

        We need a thourough evaluation of the revenue schemes the country needs and how it will be shared with the counties. Right now the central government is behaving as if they are giving some charity donation to the counties. That is not the case. Everybody in every county is a taxpayer.

        In the meantime the fumbling in the dark continues.

        The vitimbi chaps want the counties to pay doctors and yet the ministry of health has all the budget. Ministry of transport has no idea what to do. You cannot have these piecemeal side shows. The whole issue of county functions and how they will be funded need a comprehensive framework and solutions. It is not about Jubilee or CORD governors. It is about 40 million Kenyans.


      • Folks,

        The first question to ask is – what is the ACTUAL revenue coming into government, not REPORTED revenue. What is publicly reported as revenue may not necessarily be the actual revenue. A Margroup audit for 2007/8 budget reported discrepancies amounting to 480 billion – it was later authenticated by the auditor general’s report.

        Secondly, taxes (income, import duty, excise duty, VAT etc) are just one component of revenue…all grants and loans (local and international count as revenue)…and all other income to the government (including from state corporations) also count as revenue.

        The nation needs to know why the government has suddenly gone broke…why are military salaries being cut, with unprecedented delays in pay for public employees? What is cooking at Treasury?

        It is not lost to Kenyans that Treasury, KRA, and customs officials (on civil servant salaries) are actually erecting highrise buildings and towers all over Nairobi. They are the few folks eager to celebrate Kenya’s 50 years of “independence”. The only threat to their 50 year-long party is this animal called DEVOLUTION which is threatening to slash the gravy Train at Treasury.

        Devolution might also scatter tenants of their highrises away from Nairobi – to the 47 counties. Anyone taking this devolution fight for granted may be underestimating the determination of these state parasites. Killing devolution starts with obfuscation of financial allocation numbers – a condition already prevailing. It appears history is repeating itself, from Johnston Kamau to Uhuru Muigai.


      • Folks,

        I found this hilarious.

        Reality is sinking in but it is very slow. Now the crazy laptop peddlers are saying they will keep the laptops in school so as not to be stolen from the kids. Laptops are made the way they are to enable portability, otherwise you don’t need a laptop, just use a computer lab. These guys just don’t get it.

        Now imagine chaps with their laptops under trees where they probably can’t work. Where do you store them at night when the kids are home. Tie a laptop tightly on top of the tree and get a few monkeys to fiercely guard them at night? That is going to work wonders. We could even arm the monkeys with A-K 47 to take care of any intruders. They could do better than the cops at the price of a few bananas which they can share with starving kids staring at their laptops the next day. But really in many schools in rural Kenya there is not even a single lockable building. The classrooms have no windows and no doors.

        I think we should get together and start a new job initiative for Kenyan youth to form laptop guard warriors to be deployed in every school at night. Talk about Kazi Kwa Vijana. We got this covered. Twende kazi.

        I think in the end the laptops are going to be for the teachers. End classes at 3.00 p.m and hand over the laptops to the teachers most of whom will forget them in the drinking joints. You come with the laptop at a Chang’aa joint you are hit with two glasses straight and the laptop walks.


      • the education sector is currently experiencing so many problems and yet these clowns go on and on about this joke of a project.
        one can only feel sorry for the poor parents who will have to shoulder the extra burden of employing an askari to guard the laptops or is it tablets? if not, the poor headteacher come rain or shine will have to ferry 100+ toys to his home everyday and either employ an askari or keep guard mwenyewe. good luck trying to sleep with one eye open.


      • Akinyi wrote:

        “the education sector is currently experiencing so many problems and yet these clowns go on and on about this joke of a project.
        one can only feel sorry for the poor parents who will have to shoulder the extra burden of employing an askari to guard the laptops or is it tablets? if not, the poor headteacher come rain or shine will have to ferry 100+ toys to his home everyday and either employ an askari or keep guard mwenyewe. good luck trying to sleep with one eye open.”

        Dada Akinyi,

        You gave us the term ‘Kalongolongo’! You gotta live with it! I am yet to come across such an apt description of a total mess! God bless you!

        I still look forward to borrowing your other equally apt term ‘Bloodydemkochuodho’ when the situation allows. Trust me, it is gonna come at the right time!

        I am just lost for words for now but thank people like yourself for providing the right terminology when needed!.


      • hehehe einstein,

        the ride has been bumpy and we haven’t got to the Hague yet. fasten your seatbelts it’s going to be worse than kalongolongo.


      • hehehehhehehe:

        Here comes the devolution con job. The governors made a deal with William Ruto and the boys holding the money bag have said NO. Not a chance. Then what:

        Here we go:

        Things to note:

        The State House boys calling themselves the national government wants to hang on to:

        1. Roads money. That means they use it in their preferred places. Not every county needs roads.

        2. Rural Electrification money. That means rural electrification will be done in the same lopsided manner. Not all counties need rural electrification.

        3. Agriculture money. Same reasons as above.

        4. Good chunk of health money.

        5. Early education money.

        This whole devolution is being killed before our very eyes. We need to identify all the functions of the county government as defined by the constitution and hand over those functions and all the money that is used presently to finance them to the counties. This thing cannot be done through back door deals where William Ruto is trying to put off the fires when the core of the Jubilee chokoras want to keep the gravy train at State House.


  2. and just as we predicted long before the elections, that these folks have no real agenda for the country and will soon run out of options and start creating and chasing shadows (or strawmen if you are into logics)

    this is the hallmark of dictators and despots. it creeps in from what are called sycophants. the most common myth or misconception is that sycophants are exhibiting extreme loyalty. the truth however is that sycophants are all about themselves and permanently entrenching themselves in the gravy train. once their objective is achieved, the so called loyalty flies outta the window. (check out people like Isaac Ruto) and very soon another will be coming to a theatre near you

    anyway to understand this, read this spot on article by prof. makau

    but even more interesting is the chaos perpetuated by what is commonly referred to as the “leadership” of the country (if ever there was an oxymoron, that would be it)

    leadership is about leading by example, setting the pace, enacting practicable and useful laws etc.

    but even from simple traffic rules, to common courtesy and decency, to cultivating cohesion and nationhood, nurturing and fostering intra-national interests etc, the biggest offenders are …. drum roll …. the so called leaders. not surprisingly our top two still stand accused at the international court of justice as having been masterminds of mobilising their large considerable ethnic masses into war and committing heinous crimes against humanity

    its funny, but if i was the OTP at ICC, i only need say one thing, check the election results of kenya 2013 and their lies the proof of how these two can mobilise their ethnic bases. end of story.


  3. kenya is a strange country

    up till now i never thought it possible for anyone to speak (or for that matter write) from either end of the alim. canal. i only thought that some people are capable of thinking from either end,

    but here is an article that has one pondering, the endless possibilities

    i should add here that this piece’s only other competition is the outburst by the so called government smokesperson ….er i mean … spokesman.


  4. Raila Odinga attacks Jubilee as President Uhuru Kenyatta skips funeral

    By Robert Nyasato

    Kisii, Kenya: Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga Tuesday launched a scathing attack on President Kenyatta’s government, accusing it of governing with an iron fist.

    The leader of the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) charged at a mass funeral service in Kisii that Kenyatta’s administration was vengeful and unlikely to help heal a country still smarting from a divisive General Election.

    “Let us not push others, entrench tribalism or discriminate against others because of politics of yesterday,” Raila told an approving crowd, which had earlier rejected attempts by a Cabinet Secretary to deliver Uhuru’s condolence message.

    “This government is showing a wounded leadership,” he told hundreds of mourners who thronged Gusii Stadium to pay their last respects to 11 students and four teachers who perished following a road accident involving a school bus two weeks ago.

    Citing the teachers’ stalemate with government over allowances, Raila said it was wrong for the Jubilee Administration to have taken teachers’ representatives to court yet they had resolved the matter and agreed to return to work.

    “If it’s hatred, I am the most wronged person but we need patience to move ahead as a country,” charged Raila, who lost to Uhuru in a closely-fought presidential election in March.

    Angry mourners blocked attempts to read Kenyatta’s condolence message as the mass funeral service turned into a political duel between CORD and Jubilee.

    The President was expected, along with Raila, to attend the service for 15 victims of a school bus tragedy in Kisii but called off the trip at the last minute. It was left to Cabinet Secretary for ICT, Dr Fred Matiang’i, to deliver the President’s message to a hostile crowd at Gusii Stadium, which had earlier humiliated another Jubilee leader, former Cabinet minister Sam Ongeri.

    Speaking in Gusii amid chaotic scenes, Matiang’i repeatedly pleaded for a chance to deliver the President’s message. But the crowd became even more charged and shouted him down. After failing to read even a word, he handed the speech to Governor James Ongwae before taking his seat.

    Ongeri walked out of the stadium after he was interrupted.

    In contrast, Raila — who arrived at the stadium donning his trademark fedora hat — was received with jubilant chanting.

    “Baba amewasili, karibu baba (Our father is here, let’s welcome him),” announced the public address system, completely changing the mood of the occasion.

    Surging crowd

    Earlier, Raila was received at Suneka airstrip by a delegation of local CORD officials led Kisii Senator Chris Obure and his nominated counterpart Janet Ong’era backed by a host of members of the county assembly.

    The former PM’s motorcade made its way to Kisii Town where they had lunch before proceeding to the stadium temporarily bringing the service to a halt.

    Tents under which the remains of the deceased were placed almost came down as Raila paid his last respects with a large mass of humanity behind him.

    At the stadium, the crowd in their thousands kept surging forward demanding that Raila address them as others before him spoke.

    Signs that all would not be well for Jubilee became evident when Kisii deputy Governor Joash Maangi invited former Cabinet minister Sam Ongeri to offer his condolences before elected MPs could speak.

    Pandemonium broke out, forcing Ongeri to read a verse from the Bible (Romans 15:12) urging them to allow him to mourn with those who were mourning. But this made the crowd only more agitated, forcing him to yield and retreat to his seat while loudly protesting at the move by the mourners.

    Raila, Obure and Governor Ongwae, his Nyamira counterpart John Nyagarama watched without intervening over the humiliation.

    President Kenyatta was expected to grace the well-attended inter-denominational requiem service but his visit was cancelled at the last minute. A statement from Presidential Strategic Communication Unit said high-ranking government officials would represent him.

    So when Matiang’i rose and attempted to deliver his message the gathering raised their voices drowning his speech and waving him away.

    Despite being a gifted speaker, Matiang’i failed convince the crowd to accord him even a minute to read out the President’s message.

    Reading the signs, Matiang’i cleverly chose to only introduce Education Principal Secretary Collette Suda with the crowd rejecting her greetings as well.

    Questions Raised

    “Let us come together and work as team. Heckling will not help anybody,” Matiang’i responded to the wild jeers. He said amid the shouting that the government would still deliver on its promises to Kenyans. Even his pledge that government would contribute towards the bereaved families was met with more jeering.

    Efforts by Ongwae and Nyagarama to plead for tolerance fell on deaf ears, as the crowd demanded that Raila address them.

    Out of the nine Kisii MPs only three — Manson Oyongo, Chris Bichage and Simon Ogari — attended the ceremony, raising questions as to why the rest skipped the event.

    Oyongo defended the mourners and said nobody planned the heckling of any speaker but Ongeri insisted it was a pre-planned scheme to embarrass the government.


    • I told you so! We definitely have children for President and Deputy President of Kenya, a real ‘Kalongolongo’ Government. Just read this childish outburst from the Government spokesman Muthui Kariuki. Just yaaack!!!!

      Return cars, former PM told in new row

      The government Thursday accused former Prime Minister Raila Odinga of failing to return six government vehicles in his possession almost four months after leaving office.

      Through the spokesman Muthui Kariuki, the government also accused the former premier of putting a siren on one of the cars and using it to manoeuvre through traffic in the city.

      “He is forever mourning that the government is not giving him recognition, yet he has refused to return six government vehicles and has gone on and bought an illegal siren and is forever driving all over town using the wrong lanes,” the spokesman said yesterday.

      The spokesman was, however, dismissed last evening by Cord deputy minority leader Jakoyo Midiwo, who said two former presidents who had the same status as the former PM, had not returned anything to the government.

      “How many vehicles have former presidents Kibaki and Moi returned? They were thinking of allocating Sh700 million for Mr Kibaki’s retiring house, yet they are asking the PM to return vehicles?” Mr Midiwo said, even as Mr Kariuki blamed Mr Odinga for the heckling during the funeral service on Tuesday for 11 students and four teachers who perished in a road accident two weeks ago.

      “It is common knowledge that Raila’s sidekicks spent three days in Kisii County plotting how they would disrupt the funeral service,” Mr Kariuki said, adding that the money paid the hecklers was drawn from the “Kisii county coffers.”

      Trip to the US

      Meanwhile, Mr Odinga last night led 10 governors allied to Cord on a trip to the US amid reports the Kenyan embassy in Washington was not aware of the event.

      A statement from the Raila Odinga Secretariat said the governors will meet and make presentations to potential American investors at a forum in Dallas.

      But a statement attributed to Kenya’s acting ambassador to the US, Ms Jean Njeri Kamau, said the mission was unaware of the forum.

      “We therefore have no comment,” Ms Kamau said.


      • Raila party fires back in row over Govt vehicles

        The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (Cord) has termed the government’s demand that former Prime Minister Raila Odinga returns state vehicles an “insult.”

        At a press conference in Nairobi Friday, the leaders led by Siaya Senator James Orengo said the government was using Mr Odinga as a scapegoat to detract public attention from its failures.

        “All this is coming at a time when the government is feeling weak, is feeling dysfunctional and is in panic mood,” Mr Orengo told reporters.

        “It beats logic to demand that Raila returns vehicles when previous leaders are still riding in the fleets. As far as we are concerned, Raila Odinga has returned all of them that were required of him.”

        Cord’s response was ignited by a statement on Thursday by Government Spokesman Muthui Kariuki, who accused Mr Odinga of inciting mourners to heckle government officials at a funeral in Kisii County before saying that the former PM had yet to surrender all government vehicles he used while in office.

        “He is forever mourning that the government is not giving him recognition yet he has refused to return six government vehicles and has gone on and bought an illegal siren and forever driving all over town using the wrong lanes,” Mr Kariuki had said.


        On Friday, Cord leaders said they didn’t know Mr Kariuki’s role in government before stating that Mr Odinga had in fact, decided to attend the funeral as an afterthought.

        “Mr Odinga was a mourner just like all others. He neither ferried nor paid anyone (to heckle). If he got a standing ovation, it was a result of the community’s respect for him.

        “Those who were booed ought to work to earn that respect. Threatening and calling the community names will not help,” the leaders said in a statement read by Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati.

        On Thursday, Mr Kariuki said he was in possession of information that linked Mr Odinga to the heckling.

        “It is common knowledge that Raila’s sidekicks spent three days in Gusii County plotting how they would disrupt the funeral service and getting their goons at the taxpayers’ expense,” he said.

        Mourners at the funeral of the pupils involved in a road accident in Kisii heckled Information and Communication Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i and former minister Sam Ongeri denying them a chance to address them.

        “There is no way Raila and his sidekicks can claim ignorance of the goings-on during the service,” he said requesting the Cord leader to stop “disturbing the government”.


      • Muthui Kariuki looks very good on Uhuru. How do people like this even get jobs. Jubiliee crap peddlers were heckled in Kisii because the folks there didn’t like them. That is not rocket science. Kenya is split in two. Those who think Uhuru is their demi god and must be worshipped and those who see Uhuru as a fake president. Thankfully for CORD Uhuru and his mandarins are helping themselves get more isolated in the communities. This kind of foam in the mouth Uhuru spokesman is a perfect fit for the madness going on.

        We have the stupid witch-hunt which is going nowhere against Owalo. We have the running war with Raila and it makes it very clear that Raila is headache number one for Uhuru. In reality Raila’s political weight exists because Uhuru has serious legitimacy problems and if he continues doing what he is doing now he can only expect more trouble.

        Look at the mess in Makueni. Jubilee moved earth and moon to get Kaloki to take over the seat to make it appear like Jibilee is getting accepted among those who voted against them. Instead Kaloki ended up with 5% of the vote. Did Raila buy the people of Makueni to humiliate Uhuru’s pet in Makueni? No. They just can’t even fathom the imagination of supporting Jubiliee and that is common in many parts of the country.

        Like I said before for a government staring at the ICC quagmire which could lead to an implosion, Uhuru and Ruto are setting themselves up for a war with more than half the country. It is going to be very ugly.

        Here is Maina Kiai


      • State denies former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is holding onto cars

        By Tobias Chanji

        The Government has denied that former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is illegally holding onto six of its cars and described him as a respected leader.

        “…right now he has no extra vehicles,” was Interior Cabinet Secretary Jacob ole Lenku’s stark answer as he declared on Saturday in Kwale, where he was meeting security chiefs from Kwale, Mombasa and Kilifi.

        Mr Lenku’s announcement contradicted Thursday’s statement by Government spokesman Muthui Kariuki when he claimed Raila had refused to surrender six Government vehicles given to him when he was Prime minister.

        Illegal sirens

        Mr Muthui further claimed Raila had attached illegal sirens on these cars and was using them to break the law. Ironically, yesterday Lenku contradicted Muthui’s claims as the spokesman who was accompanying him stood by mute.

        The Cabinet Secretary said all extra vehicles given to Raila were actually taken away by the Government without stating when this happened. “All extra vehicles and security given to the former PM were withdrawn according to the law on police protection and right now he has no extra vehicle,” he said and added that as a leader the Government respected Raila.

        Ole Lenku did not state whether Raila has any Government cars left with him or those that he should have. Pressed for clarification by the press Muthui declined to comment.

        CORD and supporters of the former premier have denounced Muthui’s claims, accusing him of being highly intemperate and rude against Raila.

        On Thursday Muthui claimed that Raila’s “sidekicks” plotted Tuesday’s heckling of Jubilee leaders at a funeral in Kisii, which President Uhuru skipped and also alleged that the former premier had refused to return six Government cars.



      • Am laughing my ass off!!

        Orange party wants office built for Raila

        The State should “unconditionally and immediately” provide a fully furnished office block and staff for former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

        Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) executive director Magerer Lang’at told journalists in Kericho Town on Tuesday that it was unacceptable and unfair for the government to set up an office worth hundreds of millions of shillings for former President Mwai Kibaki and leaving out Mr Odinga.

        The two were co-principals in the coalition government that steered the nation for five years following the disputed 2007 election results and the post-election violence.

        “He was an executive Prime Minister recognised by the former Constitution and he must be respected and given sufficient security and a number of vehicles befitting his status. Mr Odinga should not be made to beg for his rights,” he said.

        The Orange party was reacting two months after the government announced it was buying and furnishing an office for Mr Kibaki.

        Parliament’s Budget and Appropriations Committee approved the money to be used in purchasing an office block to house the retired President’s offices and secretariat.

        Mr Lang’at rubbished calls by some leaders in the Jubilee Coalition who have demanded that Mr Odinga first retires from politics before he is entitled to any benefits enjoyed by Mr Kibaki, noting that the law did not necessarily set out such a requirement.

        Instead, he added, the former PM should be recognised accordingly for the more than three decades of service that he had rendered to the people of Kenya regardless of the less than cordial relationship he shares with the top leaders of this country.

        “His political relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto should not be the foundation on which the decision to award him these things is based. He does not have to please them in any way,” said the former Kipkelion MP.


      • Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s driver of 14 years withdrawn


        KENYA: Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga will return from the US this evening only to find his long-serving police driver is not available.

        There was uproar among opposition leaders as it emerged that Raila’s driver, Philip Juma, is among tens of security personnel from the Prisons Department who have been recalled to Magereza House for redeployment.

        Juma has been the PM’s driver for 14 years, having joined the CORD leader during the last years of former President Daniel Moi’s regime.

        Others affected include CORD Senators Johnstone Muthama, Otieno Kajwang’ and Janet Ong’era who were dispossessed of their bodyguards.

        “I woke up this morning and my bodyguard was not there. No one had the courtesy to inform me that the officer has been recalled,” an angry Ong’era protested, saying she will raise the matter on the floor of the Senate this morning. The nominated Senator confirmed that her colleagues Muthama and Kajwang’ had been affected by the move she now suspects is targeting opposition leaders.

        Attached to politicians

        Last evening, Commissioner General of Prisons Isaiah Osugo confirmed that all officers attached to politicians had been recalled following a directive from the Office of the President.

        “There was a circular issued from the security committee that prisons officers currently working as bodyguards to VIPs are recalled. The mandate of the Prisons Department is to provide security to prisoners and correctional facilities and that is why they have been recalled to serve in accordance to the mandate of the department,” Osugo told The Standard on phone from Lodwar.

        However, Raila, through his spokesman Dennis Onyango, protested the move, saying it could be part of allegations made recently by government spokesman Muthui Kariuki that the CORD leader was clinging to State vehicles and buying an illegal siren to clear traffic for himself.


      • Secrets of Raila, Uhuru meeting

        President Kenyatta and Cord leader Raila Odinga have held a private meeting to break the ice after months of frosty relations.

        Convened by Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni, the meeting took place in Kampala last weekend but details only emerged on Friday.

        “I paid a courtesy call to my friend President Museveni where we discussed matters to do with regional integration,” Mr Odinga said in a Twitter message on Sunday but this is the first time details of his meeting with President Kenyatta are being made public.
        The President and the former prime minister were in Kampala to attend separate events.

        Mr Kenyatta was attending a Heads of State meeting for countries contributing troops to the African peace-keeping mission in Somalia while the Cord leader was invited by Kabaka Ronald Mutebi II of the Kingdom of Baganda to attend the 20th anniversary celebration of his coronation.

        It has now emerged that a meeting between the two was arranged by the Ugandan leader at the request of officials close to Mr Odinga.

        State House on Friday confirmed the meeting. “President Kenyatta and Mr Odinga discussed matters of national interest, including efforts on growing the economy,” State House spokesperson Manoah Esipisu said in a statement.

        He described the presence of Mr Kenyatta, former President Mwai Kibaki and Mr Odinga in the Ugandan capital at the same time as “coincidental”.

        Sources close to the two leaders revealed that Mr Museveni first met the two Kenyan politicians separately. He later met them jointly to push for improved relations between them. A source described the meeting between the leaders as “cordial”.

        Mr Odinga has accused the government of humiliating him after he was barred from using VIP lounge at Jomo Kenyatta airport, and accused of illegally hanging onto official vehicles after leaving government.

        Police have also interviewed officials close to the former prime minister over allegations they were fomenting political dissent.

        There are early signs that the Kampala meeting has helped improve relations. Saturday Nation has learnt that President Kenyatta telephoned Mr Odinga on Tuesday and asked him to keep government cars in his possession— in effect revoking an order by Interior Secretary Joseph ole Lenku asking the former PM and the former Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka to surrender the vehicles.

        Saturday Nation confirmed that the Cord leader is expected to keep four saloon Mercedes Benzes, two 4WD Toyota Prados and a Nissan saloon used by his drivers.

        However, Mr Esipisu said: “I cannot confirm now that there has been a conversation between the two regarding the cars.”

        Mr Odinga has struck a conciliatory tone in recent public comments. The Cord leader recently met some Nyanza leaders in Nairobi and asked them to treat President Kenyatta well when he visits the region in a planned development inspection tour.


  5. To Police: The March 4th Movement (M4M) is not clandestine
    Saturday, July 20, 2013.
    Mr. John Nderitu Kariuki,
    Serious Crimes Unit,
    C.I.D Headquarters
    Mazingira House,
    Kiambu Road,

    Dear Mr. Kariuki,

    Ref: The March 4th Movement (M4M)

    Our discussion earlier today, Saturday, July 20, 2013, on the above refers.

    The March 4th Movement (M4M) is an original idea and initiative of Kenyans for Justice and Development (KEJUDE) Trust. I was surprised to read on Page 5 of today’s (July 20, 2013) The Standard on Saturday, that a group by the name March Four Movement (not March Fourth Movement) is the subject of Police investigations related to alleged clandestine activities of a Mr. Eliud Owallo, which allegations Mr. Owallo has publicly denied..

    M4M is a progressive and an above the board campaign aimed at amending Article 138 of the Constitution of Kenya so as to move the country from the so-called “tyranny of numbers” to the safety of numbers. M4M has no concerns about or relations to any current political formations. Our main and only concern is designing an electoral system that will eventually get the Kenyan voter to vote on policy platforms and not tribally.

    Further, we have absolutely no plans to disrupt anything or to hold Egypt-style demos, and we have received no funding from any quarters, although we intend to solicit for funding from any lawful entities. Currently, we are fully dependent on a nationwide network of volunteers, who are working hard to roll out the campaign.

    On April 3, 2013, we wrote a letter to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Chair (Ahmed Issack Hassan) through the Executive Officer (Mr. O. J. H. Oswago) notifying the IEBC of our popular initiative to amend Article 138 of The Constitution of Kenya, 2013.

    Kindly, find attached hereto the following five .pdf documents I promised to avail to you regarding M4M:
    (i) A copy of KEJUDE’s letter to the IEBC dated April 3, 2013
    (ii) A copy of the Signature Collection Form
    (iii) A copy of the M4M brochure in English
    (vi) A copy of the M4M brochure in Kiswahili
    (v) A copy of M4M’s master document titled, Moving from the Tyranny to the Safety of Numbers in Kenya’s Presidential Elections.

    Please, let me know ASAP, if you think there there is a relationship between the M4M and Mr. Eliud Owallo’s alleged clandestine activities under the March Four Movement.

    Otherwise, be informed that M4M will be launching the signature campaign very soon, and we hope that Police will give us the support and protection we require to initiate an amendment to the Constitution of Kenya via a popular initiative. as provided for in Article 257.

    Kindest regards,

    Okiya Omtatah Okoiti – 0722-684-777
    Executive Director,
    Kenyans for Justice and Development (KEJUDE) Trust
    Room 4, Floor B1, Western Wing,
    Block A, NSSF Building,
    P. O. Box 60286 – 00200, Nairobi.
    Tel: 0717 180 146 / 020 271 3329 / 020 271 3995;
    Fax: 020 271 3996


    • Folks,

      I think now we can see with some clarity where all these Nyayo error foolishness is headed:

      We all know how ridiculous these Moi boys are but I have been asking myself: Can they really be this dumb? Now a plot is emerging.

      This whole nonsense is about the ICC. That is precisely why NSIS with state house have invented the fiction that all this “destabilation” is being planned with money from the US and UK.

      This to me is the plan B on ICC. The coalition of the accused is worried that if they were to abscond the cases and get arrest warrants the situation at home could become explosive. They know Kenyans will take to the streets to demand the two accused persons stop putting the country at risk. Kenyans are going to demand cooperation as promised and that could lead to turmoil on the ground. The chaps are not afraid of being arrested because they will confine their trips to Somalia and Burundi but they are very afraid of turmoil at home.

      So the plan here seems to be that the accused boys wnat to project any unrest arising from their ICC hide and seek as a plan by the US and UK to overthrow Uhuru and put Raila in power. Thatr way they hope their supporters can keep singing against Americans the UK, Raila and the civil society leaders as they throw the country into the dustbin. This whole Owalo saga is a bigger plot. The hope that ICC will disappear somehow has turned into a joke and the dark forces are at work. We will see.

      Ruto got a break when the Chamber ruled that he can skip most of the hearing but even if that were to happen this chaps know they have no control on what the verdict may be. Besides Bensouda appealed the skip ruling and there is a very high chance the the Appeal Court may reverse that ruling and that could very well mean their government starts falling apart in September.


      • Adongo,

        These guys know if they say Raila is still trying to get the ICC to clear the way for him that will be too obvious, but if they use Owalo as a proxy so that people make the connection to Raila in their own minds it works better. Don’t forget that Uhuru has hired some of the best PR people in the world and in PR you have to understand psychology, so many people will not see the Nyayo aspect. This thing looks like nobody thought before they came up with the plan but Kenyans are very gullible for stories so I am not sure that it is foolish.


      • What are the Nyayo progenies up to?

        My theory. In Uhuru’s and the Kikuyu elites’ mind, Raila is the problem to their unfettered reign. Get rid of Raila and all problems disappear.
        The initial idea was to reduce Raila into a tribal (Luo) figurehead, hence the KKK, G7 etc. The plan backfired when Kalonzo unexpectedly joined Raila and the other tribal chieftains’ save for Ruto failed to deliver their regions. Mudavadi failed and Ngilu who was to neutralize Kalonzo in Ukambani failed miserably. The Ongeri’s , Balalas, Wamalwa and Mwakwere were non entities.

        Raila was to be beaten comprehensively in the election thus have no option but retire. We all saw how the election went and Raila got overwhelming support from most of the country bar Rift valley and Central.

        Uhuru is reading straight out of the Moi rule book in trying to be popular, remember the days when Moi was mkulima no 1, churchgoer no 1, educationist no 1 etc. The maziwa ya Nyayo has it’s equivalent in laptops for kids. Uhuru has been issuing directives (nyayo style) left right and center, meeting with delegations from all over the country (recently hosted Muslim leaders in statehouse), attending youth events e.g. Groove awards, photo ops with the Kenya rugby 7’s etc.

        Back to my point. The plan was to confine the opposition to Luo Nyanza (nyayo style), that is why they tried by hook and crook to capture the Makueni Senatorial seat – remember Jubilee were the first to approach Kethi. Their actions in the Makueni by election have burned all bridges in Ukambani.

        Raila is not going anywhere, and the only way to get rid of him is to kill him – an action that will push the country over the precipice. In their clueless overreaction they have resulted in harassing Owalo.The recent Kisii burial saga will further to heighten the siege mentality.


  6. Police set to quiz more suspects as mystery over ‘March 4 Movement’ deepens

    Police will interview more people this week to establish the link between former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s chief campaigner, Mr Eliud Owalo, and the little-known March 4 Movement.

    Sunday Nation has established that the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has opened an inquiry file to establish the link between Mr Owalo and the alleged movement. CID has summoned Mr Owalo to appear at their offices for interrogation on Monday from 10 am.

    The case is being handled by Inspector Geoffrey Kinyua and Inspector David Cheruiyot of Serious Crime Unit at CID.

    According to a letter dated July 17 from head of Serious Crime Unit, Mr John Kariuki, Mr Owalo and others “plot to create civil unrest and plot nationwide demonstrations which will lead to discrediting government”.

    According to tipsters privy to investigations, the movement based in Nairobi’s Kilimani is fashioned towards Egypt’s “people power demonstrations” that deposed former President Hosni Mubarak from power two years ago.

    The movement was allegedly focused on tapping into discontentment of Kenyans who are unemployed and feeling the weight of high inflation and the high cost of living.

    Sections of trade unions and civil societies were expected to be roped in to mobilise Kenyans who would have pitched tent on the streets to achieve their means.

    Sunday Nation learnt that the CID accessed the information from individuals the movement was attempting to recruit.

    One of the tipsters claimed the movement was to be funded by foreign embassies. Also in the CID letter, it is alleged that they have information Mr Owalo was sponsoring the youths countrywide to cause chaos.

    Mr Owalo’s lawyer A.T. Oluoch, while replying to CID in a letter dated July 17, asked the police to name the complainant and the date he recorded a statement incriminating his client.

    He also sought to know whether his client was a witness or a suspect in the investigations.

    “Specify whether a report was made to the police in relation to the allegations against our clients, when and the occurrence book number and the person who made the report. Specify the allegations you are investigating in writing, which you never did,” said Oluoch.

    On Tuesday, Mr Owalo appeared at the CID offices and dismissed the claims as cheap propaganda being peddled by government. He said CID officers were upset after he penned an opinion article calling for dissolution of Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

    On Wednesday, Cord leaders led by Senator Anyang’ Nyong’o said that by interviewing Mr Owalo, the Government was targeting Cord leaders Mr Raila Odinga and Mr Kalonzo Musyoka.


  7. Einstein

    The Jubilee government is in panic mode, paranoia is killing them as they see Raila’s ghost everywhere and the writing is on wall that theirs may be a short-lived reign.

    Owalo is not being intimidated either, look at how he responded to the illegal summons by the CID


    And this is the apparently written summons after Owalo demanded the CID summon him in accordance with the law.


    Soon the CID – who still think we are living in KANU era – will wish they never came into this CORD – JUBILEE political wars.


    • phil,

      The Moi boys want to mimick their godfather. They should first ask him how that went down. Ruto was there killing people with his YK92 thugs and robbing the country. Where did that lead to?

      At a time when Kenyans have a report from the TJRC telling the whole world how State House has been the epicentre of political murders, assassinations and repression, it is quite shameful that some chaps already facing charges of killing Kenyans want to revive state repression and thuggery. They can’t scare anybody.

      The language is so Moi it is pathetic. Oh some people are orginising to “destabilize the government”. Oh someone is mobilising people to cause “uprising against the government” And on and on with the nonsense. Moi sang that song for years and all that did was to mobilise more people against him. These fools will learn that the hard way.

      Uhuruto have one big worry. They are trying to govern while looking over their shoulders to see what Raila is doing. They should look infront where the ICC train is speeding towards them. If they want to finish Raila they will have to shoot him and they are too scared to do that. This other crap will not help them.


    • Phil,

      These two ‘kalongolongo’ playing children cried to be given power and they were given that power courtesy of IEBC and now they do not even know what to do with it. Instead, they are already crying and throwing tantrum yet again that someone wants to grab that power from them!

      What a useless duo! We are headed for a massive and fatal crush as a nation if this country has to go through 5 years with clueless children on the driver’s and co-driver’s seats busy playing ‘kalongolongo’ on the steering wheel.

      God save our souls (SOS!!).


    • My nightmarish summons from CID

      Last Sunday, July 14, I penned an opinion article on the need to disband the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

      On the same day, Cord leader Raila Odinga arrived from a week-long visit to Australia. On his arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, the former Prime Minister spoke strongly on, among other things, the urgent need to disband the IEBC, terming it the most disgraceful, corrupt and inefficient electoral body in multiparty Kenya. Mr Odinga repeated these sentiments in Laikipia the next day.

      Later that day, a posting appeared in Jackal News, an online propaganda publication ran by a TNA operative, under a headline, “Raila Odinga’s aide named in plot to destablise government”. The story came complete with my photo.

      I posted on my Facebook and Twitter accounts a response to the Jackal article. In my postings, I stated that the reports doing rounds in the blogs emanating from the so-called Jackal News linking me to “plots to destabilise the Jubilee government” were utter nonsense.

      I said: “This is cheap propaganda being peddled by the Jubilee Government through the security and intelligence apparatus and their agents to divert the attention of Kenyans from the myriad challenges it is facing, including but not limited to the on-going teachers’ strike and complicity of Jubilee and the IEBC in the Makueni by-election nomination fiasco.”

      I appealed to all Kenyans of goodwill to treat “these mischievous allegations with the contempt they deserve. The Jubilee Government must be alive to the fact that it will be evaluated on the basis of its scorecard against its campaign manifesto; and should therefore desist from diversionary tactics aimed at apportioning blame for its non-performance. Nobody of sound mind will labour to sabotage a government that is not only dysfunctional but also has its priorities upside down.”

      I thought this matter would end there. To my surprise, on Tuesday morning, I got a call from a Mr Cheruiyot from CID headquarters who told me I was needed at the station to clarify some issues.


      I informed Mr Cheruiyot that it would require that I reorganise my diary to be able to accommodate the summons. I further suggested that my lawyer Senator James Orengo would get in touch with him to arrange an appropriate time for the clarification that CID needed.

      About 15 minutes later, I received another call, this time from a Mr Kariuki who said he was Mr Cheruiyot’s senior and that I needed to go to CID headquarters immediately and clarify the issues which were urgent and could not wait. I thought I needed to be a law-abiding citizen, so I told Mr Kariuki that I would go to his offices at 4 pm despite the fact that I had not received an official, written summon, contrary to Section 52(10) of the Constitution.

      I thought I was going through a bad dream, or that I was reading a novel written about the events of Kenya of the 1980s. But this was happening last week, in 2013. It was real. But it was a script deep from the past — the theatre of the absurd.

      And it is not over yet. On Wednesday, CID wrote an official summons to my lawyers asking that I avail myself on Monday, July 22 at 11 am “without fail” to O/C Serious Crimes Unit at CID headquarters “and to assist in investigations on the allegations communicated” earlier. The summons did not now articulate the allegations on the basis of which I was being summoned, which I suspect could be a ploy to allow for substitution of the same with graver fictitious allegations.

      In my considered opinion, such acts of political intimidation belong to the old political order. I still stand by my view that the IEBC as is currently constituted has no business being in business. Equally, I maintain that unless Jubilee gets its act together by setting its priorities right, then it has no business being in government.

      The writer is a management consultant based in Nairobi.


    • Raila aide grilled again

      Aide of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga was Monday questioned by police for the second time over reports of an impending anti-government campaign.

      Mr Eliud Owalo said he had declined to have his statement recorded adding that he had not committed an offence.

      He was the head of the Raila Odinga Presidential Secretariat in the run-up to the March 4 General Election.

      “I declined to respond and write a statement. When they establish any offence I will come back,” said Mr Owalo.

      Lawyers Harun Ndubi and Anthony Aluoch accompanied him during the interrogation at the directorate of criminal investigations headquarters in Nairobi.

      Mr Ndubi disclosed that police told them that their client planned to mobilise youth groups from Nairobi slums to cause chaos.

      The mass action would be funded with money donated from United States and Britain, he added.

      Police further asked him about other reports including forming a “standby force” consisting of young people in major slums and towns.

      Mr Ndubi said police had information that the activities would be funded in United States dollars and the money would be sent from Britain and Mr Owalo was required to explain what he knew about it.

      The money was to be channelled to Kenya disguised as foreign exchange for Somalia, Uganda and South Sudan.

      A Nairobi law firm would be used to “hide” the cash, Mr Ndubi said police revealed to them.

      It’s these claims that Mr Owalo said he would not respond to unless police told him the offence he had committed as well as the complainant against him.

      Mr Owalo was first questioned on Tuesday last week during which he declined to have a statement taken.

      Monday, he arrived at the CID headquarters at 11 am and left shortly after 1 pm.

      The matter is being investigated by the Serious Crimes Unit of the CID.


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