Digital Thuggery: Robbing the Maasai Ancestral Land

Who are the so called Ngatia Group — robbing the Maa of ancestral land on one hand, then robbing Kenyan tax-payers billions of shillings…in the name of Ken-Gen land purchases.

50 years since the British left, land dispossession of the Maasai continues in earnest…in real brutal fashion. This should not be acceptable in this day and age.

Talking of stooges, Isn’t the Interior Minister (Ole Lenku) a Maasai? What about wakina Sakuda? Is this their digital thing? Is this also the boogeyman’s (Raila’s) fault? Darn!

19 comments on “Digital Thuggery: Robbing the Maasai Ancestral Land

  1. We are in desperate need of education. Kenyans need to be aware of their constitutional rights as well as human rights. We need leaders who educate, motivate and inspire the youth not those who take advantage of the desperate by turning them into criminals and masonary Legos. Where then will our leaders come from when the youth are already tainted?


  2. it is people like the ones behind Narasha evictions and the ones using even old and forgotten relics such as the nyayo car to still loot the public coffers. these are the people for whom a jubilee win was a matter of life and death

    they no longer need to hide and are out in the open.

    with such cronies in place

    with this kin dof gluttony by buffoons

    and gold diggers

    and then someone probably wonders why

    treasury projects public debt will expand to 2.1 trillion in the next two years up from 1 trillion last year

    wow people, step on the pedal hard as we head towards the cliff

    kenya will most likely implode like greece


    • This is Uhuru in action. He sends Ngilu to go screw up things in the lands ministry and make illegal appointments to carry out their evil mission. Then now Ngilu is busted. Uhuru’s vultures in parliament pounce on her and Uhuru now is going to be the savious be getting her sacked. This nonsense sucks and we know the architects. Same with the media bill. Next. Please.

      Here in Ngilu toast and dry:


      • Akinyi,
        See what Adongo wrote. He seems to have read Uhurus mind.
        The “saving” of Ngilu has started.
        Remember where Uhuru comes from as far as land grabbing in concerned. Do you think he cares?


      • akinyi and mzee,

        The Ngilu land saga has Uhuru written all over it. This was Uhuru’s plan and predictably it has flopped miserably. There is no way in hell Ngilu sets up public offices (non existent in the katiba) without Uhuru’s approval. But remember thieves have no honour and no manners. Ngilu is now in a very bad position. Uhuru may save her but he is going to have mud smeared all over him. Can he handle it. May be. And then again, may be not.

        Uhuru brought Ngilu in this ministry for a reason. Uhuru wants to vaporise the National Land Commission by side stepping them. Uhuru needed someone with dirty hands and he hand picked Ngilu for the job. She is doing what Uhuru wants and then comes the Jubilee deliquents in parliament. Just like stray dogs they bite their master in the butt at night. Now there you go. Uhuru keeps Ngilu and it will be the beginning of chaos for his so called cabinet which so far is unmitigated disaster in all ways.

        Remember when Uhuru became a clerk distributing title deeds at the coast. That was to put off the land fire at the coast. It was a heap of nonsense because citizens should be able to simply walk in the land offices and pick up their title deeds. That is what I did in Bondo. I didn’t need to wait for 50 years for some president to come give me my title deed. Uhuru left the job for Ngilu and now that too is a huge mess. They are giving bogus title deeds.

        This is what I am talking about.

        This is vitimbi time for real. Na bado.


      • `
        Uhuruto’s cantankerous ways are showing yet again. Another bungled sector.A rotten but sacred cow in the cabinet sets precedence for chronic abuse of power.

        Ngilu was definitely acting in cahoots with Uhuru…in subverting the implementation of land reforms under the new Constitution.

        At least Ngilu opted not to keep quiet…she sounded alarm about being thrown under the bus. Left hand doesn’t know what right hand is doing…

        I see this as yet another extension of the subterranean battle between Uhuru’s handlers and Ruto. (ref. yesterday’s Star report about State House taking away budgetary powers from Ruto’s office). Watch out the shadow boxing between Uhuru’s buddy & Head of Civil Service Mr. Kinyua and DP Ruto.

        Grapevine has it that Ruto wants Ngilu out of this ministry to have URP fill this docket as originally promised. Uhuru on the other hand, is comfortable working with a crooked hand like Ngilu’s in Ardhi house…to easily hoodwink wananchi like those in Taita Taveta county.

        It is also interesting that loyal Kenyatta acolytes like Naomi Shaban are engaging in misleading their own voters. The public in Taita Taveta need to be reminded that Naomi Shaban is virtually among the local custodians of the Kenyatta property within the county…i.e local viceroys of the Kenyattas. These fake titles Kenyatta was issuing were nothing but politics to allay anxiety of folks at the Coast…the Tsunami is still coming anyway.


  3. Uhuru visits Narasha today for a public rally. Lets hope the charged crowd does not react in the same manner as they did with the PC and OCPD.

    But will the president disown his people? WIll he disown Njoroge and Mbugua?

    Lets wait and see


      • And to imagine the presidential tour of the volatile Narasha would see head roll and residents reinstated to their ancestral land. Only for the President to fail to condemn the barbaric evictions and to try to convert this into a political rally full of blame game.


      • `
        If there’s one goon who needs to accompany Uhuru to the Hague – it’s this former AP commandant Kinuthia Mbugua (now Governor of Nakuru). His legendary use of state hardware to persecute hapless civilians has come to light. This brutal incident highlights the very failure to implement the new constitution, both in letter and spirit. There should be no provincial administration and administration police remnants still being used to brutalize citizens, while elected Governors watch on the sidelines. See the connection between such activities and resistance to reform police and blatant refusal to abolish the provincial administration as mandated by the new Constitution?

        Coming to the ICC-accused President, Uhuru is paying lip service…no heads will roll! It is an insult to the Maasai community trying to distract their attention from the brutality —ati “wale ambao wanachochea” …Holy Molly! These folks were mercilessly brutalized, with their homes, properties and heads of cattle burnt to ashes….not by “wachochezi” but by “Ngatia Farm” goons under police protection.

        The Ngatia trio of Kinuthia, Njoroge, & Gatheca will stay put — ready to roll on business with this “important” land transaction. It’s called impunity and entitlement. Cowboys are rolling into sleepy villages and willfully grabbing them under the guise of “geothermal development”. This is classic land speculation at its best.

        First, Maasai herders will be kicked out of their ranches in books at the land registry…which will now read as “Ngatia farm”. Ken Gen board insiders will then “float” the idea that “there’s good prospects of geothermal power at “Ngatia Farm”…a quick approval for purchase will be made….then Treasury will release tens to billions of shillings for payment to wakina Kinuthia and Gatheca…and BINGO! Just like that…the Maa have been robbed their land, Kenyan taxpayers have been robbed billions of hard earned cash.

        What will these hapless Maa folks do? Zilch. After a cool-off period, the evictions will continue. This has been the game. That is the same story of Lenana, Ngong, Bul Bul, Matasia, all the way to Namanga. It’s the sad story of Kajiado and Narok counties. Such expropriation entail public use of local stooges (like Ole Lenku) — What’s new? Nothing! There is no wachochezi here — just hired arsonists & goons, a politicized and ethnicized provincial administration and security, and big time boardroom land grabbers. Kwa hivyo Uhuru — wacha porojo!


      • Who really ordered the Narasha evictions?

        By Antony Gitonga and Karanja Njoroge

        Despite denial by the Government that it was unaware of the Narasha land eviction, it is now emerging senior Government officers had been informed of the exercise.

        According to an officer in Nakuru who declined to be named, senior Government officers in the Ministry of Internal Security were aware of the order. The source said plans to evict the families started after a meeting between members of the Maasai community and Government officers failed to get a solution.

        “There was a meeting held in one of the hotels, where those residing on the land were offered some ‘compensation’ to get out, but they refused, terming it too little,” the source added.

        President Uhuru and his Deputy William Ruto have condemned the manner in which the evictions were carried out and disassociated themselves from the exercise. “Government officers should be in the forefront in upholding the law and we must exercise restraint and a show of humanity while enforcing some orders,” the President said during a public rally at Narasha Primary School grounds.

        Junior officers involved in the exercise are protesting moves to discipline them yet they were acting on orders from their bosses.

        “We were only obeying orders from our seniors but they now want to make us the sacrificial lambs,” one of the officers said.

        This comes as contents of the eviction order were made public indicating that police had been directed to offer security services. A copy of the order dated July 3 seen by The Standard on Sunday, directed the County Commissioner to provide security during the eviction.

        The order issued by J Mwaniki, the deputy registrar at the Nakuru law courts, was directed towards 205 families living on land No. Narok/Maella estate 8398/2.

        “The honorable court is pleased to issue an order directing the DC or County Commissioner and officer in charge of police division Nakuru County and Narok police station to provide security during the eviction,” reads the order in part.

        In the case pitting Ng’ati Farmer’s Co-operative Society and seven members of the Maasai community living on the land, the court warned that that disobeying the order would be cited for contempt. The order further directed Tango auctioneers to evict all those on the land.

        Speaking during the eviction on Friday, the auctioneer John Muthee confirmed hiring the more than 100 youth to carry out the exercise.

        “I’m a registered auctioneer and I have an order to evict all persons on this land illegally and that shall be done,” he said.

        It has also emerged that the provincial administration in Nakuru was divided, with certain officials opposed to the planned eviction. The group supporting the exercise, however, prevailed, paving the way for the hired youths to descend on the village in the company of armed Police officers. When contacted by The Standard on Sunday over who in the provincial administration authorised the evictions, Nakuru County Commissioner Amos Gathecha declined to comment.

        Meanwhile, members of the Maasai and Kikuyu communities living in Narasha have now signed a peace pact. A day after the President’s visit to the area, leaders from the two communities entered into an agreement to “find a lasting solution”.

        The meeting at Harambee House was chaired by Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku and several MPs from Narok and Nakuru counties. The leaders agreed to observe the rule of law particularly on land matters. Lenku said the State will compensate the people whose property was destroyed in the eviction. (That sentence there in bold tells you who really ordered the Narasha evictions)


  4. still from the same source

    its incredible how compensation quickly morphed into a cruel and vicious eviction and displacement

    Kenya’s electricity giant, KenGen, will spend Ksh5 billion to relocate Maasai families from areas identified as potential for geothermal production.

    A census of the community at Olkaria in Naivasha has begun. The census will validate the exact number of the people in the area before relocation begins. The last census was carried out in 2009.

    The community last thwarted the exercise by demanding a written agreement with the company in fear that the agreed upon promises will not be kept. They demanded scholarships for students for as long as the company will remain in the area, access roads and employment.

    The affected communities live in Oloonong’ot, Oloosinyat and Olomayiana.

    The expansion of geothermal production is Kenya’s effort to reach its 20130 vision of electricity sufficiency.

    Jackson Ole Sencho, a leader in the area told the media that KenGen has planned to construct 164 houses but the community wants 180 to cater for those whose names are missing on the 2009 census.

    KenGen will drill 57 wells in the area to generate an extra 394MW for the national grid. The project will be funded by the World Bank.


  5. Uhuru insiders : Eddy Njoroge (Presidential Advisor on Energy and Petroleum), and Kinuthia Mbugua (Nakuru Governor) are the two individual behind Ngati Farm and those who organised the violent evictions where innocent and defenseless villagers were killed and some lost property. The silence by president and his boisterous deputy on this injustice has not gone unnoticed. So long as the evictions do not threaten them or their immediate families, they have no qualms looking the other side!

    Those targeting Narasha area have it in their long term investment strategy by these oligarchs that Uhuru has inherited from Kibaki to consolidate economic and political stranglehold on Maasai and the larger Rift Valley. And they are using KENGEN as a front, the same firm that Njoroge served as MD for the entire period of Kibaki’s 10 year presidency

    Maasai leaders, esp those elected via TNA ticket, are soon discovering that their DNA is not TNA, and they were merely used as voting machines.


    • Phil

      this interesting article here vindicates what you say above

      The faces behind the brutal Enarasha-Olkaria attack

      Shomonews can now reveal the names and the reason behind the brutal attack on Enarasha community in Olkaria, Nakuru Country.

      A multi-billion shilling KenGen tender is the reason behind the debacle where hundreds of hired goons with the support of the police descended on a peaceful and sleepy Enarasha and razed it to the ground.

      At least 2,300 people were rendered homeless, 20 calves were burnt to death while hundreds of lambs are still unaccountable for. 247 houses were destroyed. 300 bullets were fired by the police. An elderly Orkosikos Parsambula was hacked with machetes and now fighting for his life in hospital.

      Enarasha village is sitting on a lucrative geothermal power potential and a combination of senior government officials, businessmen and energy giant KenGen are all involved in making sure the Maasai people are moved away from the area.

      Here is the list of people and companies that were involved in one way or another in the brutal attack on Enarasha community:


      KenGenKenya’s energy generating giant, KenGen is undeniably at the centre of the problems facing the Maasai people in Olkaria.

      The company has embarked on a new geothermal power push that will add 560 megawatts of power to the Kenya’s national grid. This is so far the largest geothermal project in the world.

      The Ksh165 billion (US$2 billion) projects will require expansion beyond the current land that KenGen’s wells occupy in Olkaria. Enarasha community is at the middle of the areas earmarked for the new geothermal wells.

      KenGen has for the last few years been negotiating with the Maasai in Olkaria on issues of compensation and relocation. Not all is going well with this process. There are big trust issues between the parties.

      Ngatia Farm

      This is a company that claims to have bought the 3000 acre farm from colonialists in 1964. The company and the Maasai have for the last 33 years been fighting court battles. The Maasai have called the land home for the last 400 years.

      With the recent push by KenGen for geothermal power generation, the land is worth billions of shillings and the stakes are higher for both parties.

      Eddy Njoroge – Former MD, KenGen

      Eddy Njoroge, the former Managing Director of KenGen and currently President Kenyatta’s advisor on energy and petroleum is closer to the Maasai-Olkaria troubles than anyone else. He knows the potential of the resources beneath the ground but also knows the ability of the community to fight back.

      Sources claim that he is planning to buy the disputed Enarasha community land from Ngatia Farm as long as the Maasai problem is brought to an end.

      Njoroge’s long term plan is to sell the land to KenGen.

      Kinuthia Mbugua – Nakuru County Governor

      Kinuthia Mbugua is accused by the Maasai as the mastermind of the Enarasha attack as well as another attack in the past.

      The former Administration Police Commissioner has a long history of hostility with the Maasai in Naivasha. He is among the people who are interested in buying Ngatia Farm, the company at the centre of the historical dispute for this Maasai ancestral land which has turned into a hot property. Ngatia Farm claims to have bought the 3o00 acre land from colonialists in 1964. The Maasai were still living in the area and were never consulted.

      Mbugua is said to be personally interested in a piece of land currently being occupied by the family of Odupoi ole Parsitau and has approached the family with a Ksh2 million (US$16,000) price and asked them to move away. Ole Parsitau declined the offer.

      After being elected as Governor, sources say Mbugua has vowed to remove the Maasai from Nakuru County. He is said to be planning evictions in Kedong Ranch – another historically disputed area.

      Governor Mbugua will be a big beneficiary of KenGen’s projects.

      Amos Gatheca – Nakuru County Commissioner

      Amos Gatheca, the new Nakuru County Commissioner is Governor Mbugua’s foot soldier. He has been used as a go-between in negotiations with Enarasha community.

      Shomonews can authoritatively reveal that Gatheca recently held a meeting with leaders from Enarasha at Nashipae Hotel in Naivasha and offered Ksh31 million (US$350,000) so that the community can relocate from the area. He is claimed to have told Maasai leaders that Eddy Njoroge is interested in buying the land on behalf of KenGen. The offer was declined and he made threats that he will use the same money to fight the community and force them to leave the area.

      This meeting was triggered by a June 19 petition by the community to the National Land Commission on the dispute with Ngatia Farm. The Commission started investigations that will delay the plans for generation of Geothermal Power in the area.

      Helen Kiilu – Naivasha District Commissioner

      Helen Kiilu led dozens of policemen to support Governor Mbugua’s hired goons in attacking Enarasha. Ms. Kiilu takes orders from Commissioner Gatheca.

      Ole Linti – Former Councilor

      Ole Linti, a former area councilor is said to have changed allegiance in exchange of a share in Ngatia farm or the proceeds from the KenGen deals. Ole Linti has a long history of fighting for the community against Ngatia Farm and KenGen. He is said to have run out of steam after many years of struggle.

      troubling times ahead.


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