Data Mining by ICC Accused: Ruthless Hunt for Witnesses

President Uhuru Kenyatta. [Photo: File/Standard]


As Uhuru Kenyatta’s ICC Trial looms:

Mobile phone operators and Kenyan courts (through the “urgent” and “confidential” cases filed by Stephen Kay in Justice(s) Lenaola and Majanja’s courtrooms) are being intimidated & abused into revealing identities of OTP’s new witnesses.

There is a rolling mill waiting – the revelations will definitely be followed by a fresh wave of witness disappearances, coerced withdrawals and/or assassinations.

The “Boss” has even scared the real Kahuna of thugs –  Maina Njenga into hiding.

Uhuru’s digital thugs have been busy scouring the net deleting and bleaching out old postings about their bloody exploits:


Thanks to plagiarism, it was copied raw at this link below:

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2 comments on “Data Mining by ICC Accused: Ruthless Hunt for Witnesses

  1. Victims lawyer wary of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s private ICC suit


    A recent confidential petition filed by President Uhuru Kenyatta at the High Court requesting access to mobile telephone data relating to the International Criminal Court ( ICC) case has reached The Hague.

    Victim’s lawyer Fergal Gaynor now claims that confidential information, which could identify ICC protected witnesses and victims could have been disclosed during the proceedings. In a new application to the three-judge bench, Gaynor now wants the Chamber to compel Uhuru’s defence to state whether such information was disclosed.

    “There is at least a reasonable likelihood that unauthorised disclosure of information leading to the identification of protected persons might have taken place,” said Gaynor in his application dated Tuesday.

    The legal representative of victims complained to the court that Uhuru’s lawyer had not heeded his request to be furnished with a copy of the confidential petition, which he wanted to evaluate.


    He lamented that Uhuru’s Counsel Stephen Kay declined to respond to two emails sent to him requesting for clarification.

    “The defence did not reply to either of the emails sent by a legal representative on August 1, nor did it reply to a follow-up email of August 8,” he explained.

    President Uhuru’s lawyer filed confidential lawsuits against Safaricom and Airtel before different judges in Nairobi.

    It’s said the petition was meant to obtain information about key witnesses that ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda is expected to rely on when the trial against Uhuru opens on November 12. The first case against Safaricom was filed at the High Court before Justice David Majanja and the second against Airtel was filed yesterday before Justice Isaac Lenaola.

    In his application, Gaynor maintained that victims have repeatedly expressed concern for their safety.


    • Here is the Star version of the Victims submission.

      The real problem here for Uhuru and his sly lawyer who wants to use phone companies to cook up stuff is that they may already have committed a breach of confidentiality.

      The victims’ lawyer has indicated the Uhuru lawyers should have asked the permission of the ICC Trial Chamber to engage in this exercise, something they did not do.

      These people think by merely having a media blackout on the case they are protecting the identity of their targets. That is not the case. If Uhuru’s lawyer has passed any names to the court or to Safaricom etc that is a breach of confidentiality because any one in the court or the phone company can collect the names and hand them over to the killers who are diasappearing witnesses.


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