Kidero’s PR team is complaining that the Daily Nation is putting only a snippet of the video that captures the slap, not the full video showing: the attempt to block Shebesh and team from barging forcefully into the Governor’s office; the forceful entry into the Governor’s office doorway by unruly and menacing men accompanying Shebesh; the angry threats of immediate harm to the Governor constituting assault; a low kick well aimed at the Governor’s genitalia; and the spit that Shebesh unleashed on Kidero’s lip.


In all jurisdictions whether in Kenya or in America, Rachel Shebesh committed a misdemeanor crime called “assault by contact”. Irrespective of gender (I see Cecily Mbarire trying to make this a gender crime), in the U.S., if you forcibly confront someone in their house or office, invading their personal space within inches of their face, and inadvertently spit on their face as you shout epithets, then they respond by slapping you – you have no case, period! It is called the doctrine of self defense, in all reasonable sense.

Even without Rachel’s spit on Kidero’s face which may not be clearly visible on video, Shebesh still committed assault. It is the spit that makes it assault by contact (or “battery” in some jurisdictions). Even without the spit, Shebesh committed a misdemeanor crime.

Common assault is punishable under Kenya’s Penal laws (Cap. 63, XXIV, 250; with other assaults at Cap. 63, XXIV, 253).

Initial aggressor

In many violent confrontations, people often forget to look at all elements and examine one of the most important questions of who the initial aggressor was.  In many instances, once the initial aggressor is found to have committed a crime, legal culpability (of perceived victim) often ends at that point if what followed was a reasonable response.

What is assault?

Assault does not mean throwing a punch or anything like that. It simply means doing the following related things:

1) Merely confronting someone in their personal space and trying to physically strike – even without touching.

2) Acting in a threatening manner that puts the other in fear of harm.

Here is what Rachel Shebesh did:

  1. Shebesh physically confronted Governor Kidero in the latter’s office (intent of aggressor proved; victim is in their lawful space).
  2. She aggressively pursued Kidero not acting alone, but accompanied by an army of menacing men (who the aggressor(s) was/were, is confirmed).
  3. Despite being denied entry, Shebesh and her accomplices forced their way through Kidero’s office door and violently acted in a threatening manner that put Kidero in fear of immediate harm (putting intended victim in fear of harm is confirmed). This fear may have induced temporary post-traumatic amnesia in Kidero who claims his memory of the event was temporarily clouded following the adrenaline-filled experience of fear of imminent harm by the menacing and angry-Mungiki-looking army.
  4. Shebesh and her army, visibly shouting threats, pointing fingers, and angrily charging, actually came within inches of the Governor’s face, with the former unleashing a spit on the latter’s face [try your luck seeing the spit on video] (actual physical contact was initiated from the aggressor, whether inadvertently or not).

All the elements above constitute the legal definition of assault by contact (aka physical battery).

The events above place Rachel Shebesh as the aggressor who initiates this confrontation.

Any assaulted victim is entitled to defend themselves (a very basic concept of self defense).

In defending themselves, the victim must limit their actions to use of reasonable force.

Slapping an angry aggressor who forces their way into your office accompanied by 50 menacing Mungiki-look-alikes, coming within inches of your face (invading your personal space), and in the process unleashing a provocative spit – is within the reasonable realm of self defense.

Kidero did not punch Shebesh unconscious or fire a bullet through the obvious aggressor. That would have been excessive and unreasonable use of force. But slapping Shebesh is a very reasonable response to the situation described above. This is not a difficult legal case to resolve.

Ilei iwe funzo to aggressors who commit assault on a daily basis with gross impunity – Rachel Shebesh needs to be found guilty of assault. The governor needs to be found to have acted in self defense, end of story.

The lesson here is that you may never predict the physical or legal outcome of any violent confrontation. Violence should never be anyone’s purported trademark towards problem solving. Therefore Shebesh should think twice before confronting people hovyo hovyo! You may lose both in the physical exchange, and in court!


  1. just when you think you’ve heard it all

    Beleaguered Nairobi Women Representative Rachel Shebesh was last Thursday night involved in a physical fight at a Nairobi hotel, that has left her nursing an arm injury.

    According to multiple reliable sources, Shebesh checked in at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Upper Hill District accompanied by Nairobi County Senator Gidion Mbuvi shortly past 10pm.

    A senior manager at the hotel told the Star yesterday that they booked the prestigious business suite on 5th floor for a meeting while being served drinks, where the duo are frequent patrons.

    A few hours later, a shouting match ensued between the two long after their bodyguards had left.

    “We could just hear her (Shebesh) throwing some unprintable words to the guest she was with. However, we could not access the suite as the lift to the 5th floor is controlled and restricted by our seniors and the private guests only,” said the manager.

    Sonko yesterday confirmed the incident but played it down saying we should not probe his private life.

    He however confirmed that Shebesh had reported him to the Coalition of Violence Against Women (Covaw) lobby group that has since called him. Sonko claimed the women rep assaulted him and said he will be seeking legal redress in due course.


    • For what reason should some else wife or husband for that matter lock themselves in a room beyond 22:00 hours? Then start a fight, for what? Will Mr. Shebesh come out as he did in the Kidero case and threaten with court action? And what is this Sonko is saying about “private” life being left alone?



    Nairobi September 07, 2013 Dr. Evans Kidero the Governor of Nairobi has termed the incident that took place at City Hall yesterday as unfortunate and regrettable and assured residents of Nairobi that the matter which was now in the hands of the investigative authorities will be pursued within the due process to its logical conclusion.

    In a statement issued in Nairobi today, Dr. Kidero for the first time revealed that during the commotion that ensued at City Hall yesterday, he was personally assaulted around his lower abdomen, an act he found embarrassing, disgusting and highly disrespectful.

    “I wish to regard what happened to me yesterday at City Hall as a despicable act of aggression on my personal integrity and that of the office of the Governor”.

    Dr. Kidero said that they have information that the storming of City Hall yesterday was a premeditated act orchestrated by negative forces who are opposed to the on-going reforms to streamline governance of the City.
    For the past 24 hours, I am aware that there has been a lot of speculation on social media as to what actually happened during the incident. I wish to appeal to Kenyans and especially residents of Nairobi to desist from speculation and presumptive actions and let the due process take its course.

    Finally, I wish to re-assure residents of Nairobi that we remain firmly committed to fulfilling our mandate to make Nairobi the city of choice in Africa for all to invest, work and live.

    For further information please contact

    Mohamed Abdullahi
    County Executive,
    Information, Communication & e-Government
    0728 490 590


  3. @Job

    Of course we have to agree to disagree here because we all have our opinions on this issue and yes I may be biased because I cannot see how you can separate gender from this equation. Had Shebesh been a man who confronted the Governor, do you think he would have reacted that way? Do you also then think that, had it been a man he slapped, would there have been this kind of public outrage? You keep referring to invasion of personal space when it comes to Gov Kidero but last I checked his office is government property and should therefore be open to the public to voice their concerns. Shebesh whether politically motivated or not had the right to enter that premise which should be open to the public and more so due to her position as women’s rep. How she chose to do is another issue all together and yes whether she is a politically savvy woman or a nut case doesn’t change my opinion of her. I have seen enough of her to come to my conclusion.

    Slapping someone may be regarded as self defense but here in the US I am yet to see a man slap a woman (whether she was the initial aggressor or not) and walk scorch free…… domestic abuse and most assault/battery charges cases mostly favor women that is why men are encouraged to walk away from confrontations. I am not condoning Shebesh’s behaviour, I just think the response was overly excessive. I also haven’t seen footage of Kidero’s claims yet. I remain of the opinion that the Governor should have handled the situation differently. Politics especially in Kenya is a dirty game so he should know of any traps laid out for him and preempt a response accordingly. More footage of the encounter will come out and we will eventually be able to tell if Kidero’s claims are founded or not and the courts will thereafter decide whether his response was appropriate. Note that I haven’t endorsed any calls for resignation, merely a honest approach to a possible mishap. I don’t that is asking for too much of our leaders.

    Jubilee adherents may be milking this for their own political capital but I am actually on the other side and those “manenos” concerning future presidential ambitions were actually being whispered in my social circles by Nairobians from all walks of life not tribal outfits as you seem to think. Those are the people who voted him in office and like me they are very disappointed at this turn of events. Mr cool is suddenly behaving just like all the other thugs, but I guess that is what it takes to lead this days. There is nothing new to this. I remember how Nancy Baraza was crucified in the media after slapping the security guard way before the legal system ever stepped in. Anyway I will let the courts handle the matter.


  4. There is this rather interesting write up here

    Excerpts below

    ….disturbing tidbits of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s China tour points to a well-orchestrated Jubilee Alliance onslaught

    …One of the people who grumbled continuously was none other than the Nairobi women’s representative Rachel Shebesh.

    … Feeling increasingly frustrated, Shebesh is said to have sworn Kidero must never have the limelight with his image intact, a threat she seemingly achieved last friday.

    …“It is a very dirty brand of politics, sadly it is at the very core of the Jubilee Alliance. Most of their elected leaders here in Nairobi County are crude crooks who belong to jails,”


  5. Phil,
    As Bob Marley said “Every day the bucket a-go a well one day the bottom a-go drop out”. Yaani, if you keep provoking people one day you will step on the wrong and get it. Thats what happened to Shebesh.

    Newspapers are now spinning all manner of fallout and disconnect withing ODM as far as this issue is concerned. Their aim is obvious and CORD has refused to play into their dirty schemes.

    Shebesh will have to blame herself for the immoral below the belt attack.


  6. Moesha,
    Women will always gang up against men when something like this happens given the abuse they have suffered for generations. But we must sometimes try to be objective and understand that women can also be abusive. In this case Shebesh was clearly unnecessarily aggressive and abusive towards the person of Kidero. Perhaps Kidero should have acted differently but the nature of the attack (low kick towards the groin) was such that he probably acted involuntarily. The issue of gender does not arise in this case.


    • Mzee

      I hear what you are saying and that gender part is what I am having a hard time coming to terms with but trust me I am trying to be objective. So far its Kideros words against video evidence. I ma waiting to see the footage about the gropping of his anatomies et cetera. Maybe then I will be able to weigh Shebesh’s actions vis a vis Kidero’s response. .


  7. Job,
    You hit the nail on the head. Only that you did not mention one detail of the encounter. When Shebesh stormed the governors office she was asked to leave but she refused. When the governor asked the askaris to take her out, its said that she attempted to land (perhaps landed) a knee kick on Kideros “sehemu nyeti”. Thats what triggered the slap apart from saliva that had by now drenched the governors face.The man literally feared for his life and had to act in self defence. This iwe funzo kwa watu wote who want to act that aggressive and irresponsible.

    I see some asking for the governors removal. I will ask them to go easy, Kideros position is very different from former deputy CJ Barazas. The court will sort this thing out and find Shebesh guilty of assault.

    Truly speaking I wish Kidero would have thwacked her properly and probably removed that wild wig from from her head.


    • Mzee;

      I have been updated the same about the low kick and will edit the post accordingly.

      Trying to compare with the Nancy Baraza case is like comparing apples and oranges…there’s a night and day difference.

      1) Like Kerubo, it is Kidero who was in his lawful space of employment; not the other way round.

      2) Like Kerubo, it is Kidero who received the initial aggression, and assault; not the other way round.

      3) Like Kerubo, it is Kidero who received the first wave of media judgement – blaming the actual victim

      4) Like Kerubo, it is Kidero who is being warned he should/will know people!

      Well, the anecdotes at Star Newspaper’s Corridors of Power state that “people” were recently banned from State House by Mama Ngina.


      • Good people,

        This Kidero slappathon on Rechel Shebesh is getting way out of control. My son just asked me about Kenyan men slapping Kenyan women after he read the story. Him and his mother are waiting for answers. They are my good friends.

        Lets put a few things straight. Governor Kidero assaulted Women Nairobi Rep. Rachel Shebesh. That is a criminal offense.

        Shebesh may be nuts but if citizens would be slapping nuts all the time, there would be no time left for anything else.

        And beyond this. The most vile of all. Violence against women. How many men after seeing Kidero assault Shebesh felt validated and ready to slap their wives, girlfriends, sisters and all women folk. This is outrageous.

        Kidero as the Governor of Nairobi County, the biggest in Kenya, he is a public figure. He has to accept those responsibilities with humility. Citizens including Rachel Shebesh have a right to break in to his office. He cannot violently slap his way out of that.


      • `

        The law allows for self defense in cases of assault/battery so long as it is within reasonable limits. The bible on the other hand, recommends turning over the other cheek to the nutcases to continue the slap-fest. I guess it just depends on the aggrieved victim’s choice/preference of how to respond. In this case, Kidero opted to lean on his right to self defense.

        The law is very clear in allowing victims of premeditated aggression –the right to self defense –and gender does not come in. Both men and women are entitled to self defense. This is not a case of reinventing the wheel. What one cannot do — is to summarily assume that being a woman is license to a one-way aggression highway…where men receive and hold back.

        In my neck of the woods, where women rights are pretty much upheld vigorously, self defense remains a doctrine used without discriminating on gender basis. There is in fact a simple standard where cops use to determine he-said-she-said assault/battery cases (whether witnesses were there or not/ incident caught on camera, or not). Was there any bleeding or visible bodily harm? That is a simple yardstick used by police to measure the reasonableness of self-defense responses which are in fact very much allowed. In self defense, reasonable force can be used as a deterrent to aggression or initial contact, while excessive force crosses the line…and can lead the person claiming self-defense in deep legal trouble. If the premise of self defense was altogether not allowed — Kidero would simply be arrested and charged, period! He is not. It is up to the courts to determine the facts: who went on the offensive (aggressor)? who was in their lawful space? who was accompanied in the confrontation? what was the purpose of carrying along many men; who initiated the first contact? etc etc…

        There is thus nowhere in law where actual circumstances that led to the act of slapping of an aggressor are either summarily dismissed or considered irrelevant.

        A case must examine what led to the slapping– precisely because there is slapping that is legally allowed, and that which is considered criminal. That’s the matter we should be seeking here — evidence corroborating either side.

        What is clear to everyone (in that short video snippet) is that Rachel Shebesh, accompanied by many men, assaulted (threatening harm) Kidero…and there was a slap in return from Kidero…no one knows whether the entirety of the video was selectively edited…but it is obvious only a small portion is shown. Kidero has claimed self defense…claiming to be a victim of a spit and battered genitalia.

        There is emerging an associated pattern of aggression (being the first to attack) which may not help Rachel’s case. She has been reported in media to have been in a number of violent scuffles (one with Elizabeth Ongoro). I guess a more recent one is described here (below) where Shebesh’s own watchman reports being another victim of battery — which was recorded a month and a half ago at Kileleshwa Police station.

        A pattern is emerging here…a pattern of assault and battery…and it happens to be linked to the same aggressor Shebesh who initiated this particular confrontation.


      • Adongo
        I understand your concern of Kidero being a public servant but storm the white house and you will get it. No man on earth would keep cool if his balls were kicked.

        Shebesh assaulted one Kazungu Changawa a watchman at a Riverside residence. The following have also thwacked Shebesh Mama Ngina, Liz Ongoro, Waititu, Ida Odinga and the list goes on. So those out there who want to bring in gender into this thing are not being realistic.

        But the problem is that we elect nuts like Shebesh and expect them to act intelligently. No way.


    • Job and Mzee

      Thanks for the update, I was looking forward to more detail on this issue and more so, the other side of the story.

      That Kidero or the Governors office was provoked is not in question at all.

      In fact am surprised that the security detail did not prevent the situation from escalating to that level of confrontation in the first place where the two leaders have to physically engage.

      It is very worrisome that even legislators and other leaders continue to promote the culture of mob psychology, mob intimidation etc, to force things to go their way.

      Clearly this event turned into a physical confrontation from when that mob got into the premises and should have been stopped by security details on both sides

      Nevertheless, it is clear that something happened that led to Kidero losing his cool.

      I however think that his reaction has put unnecessary focus on a side show.

      There are a lot of pretentious attitudes about how a man cannot hit a woman etc

      But the reality is even more hideous, visit the Kumekucha website and read this post to see the kind of mentality some of these guys claiming to never hit a woman are actually capable of doing. These events even as we speak today, have never been resolved and even worse the suspected criminal mastermind are in fact heading the country.

      Is it any wonder that violence is a culture that is glorified in Kenya?

      These are the symptoms of a society in moral decay and since we continue to ignore the root causes, we shall continue in the tailspin till we hit rock bottom.

      Regardless, Kidero as a senior public figure, has no business displaying such an outburst or act of violence. Its a major goof, and he needs to polish his PR. Its very likely that he will not recover his public image and this is the proverbial goof that follows one for life.


    • Wow………. I am very dissappointed with some of the comments that I am reading here, men some married with children, advocating for violence especially the kind directed at a woman in a society that has been known to disentfranchise women. As we speak, there are still thousands of women suffering quietly with no one to advocate for them. This macho culture so typical of Kenyan or even African isnt what we needed to be promoting right now.

      Its no secret that Shebesh is a known loudmouth and behaves like a gangsta for the most part, didnt she and Wambui just burst into IEBC offices the other day demanding answers…….despite that, she still won womens rep easily, that says something about us as a culture. The women chose her maybe because of that same fearless confrontational approach……. I dont know for sure and I coul be wrong because personally I dont think much of her.

      A person of Kidero’s stature should know better, regardless of what the lady may ar may not have done. There were camera’s rolling, he doesnt look like someone who is fearful of his life, rather embarrassed by the situation. He could have walked away the minute that lady set foot in the premisess or asked the guards to bar her entry, or if it was too late to still forcefully drag her out. That was withing his right as the holder of office….. but he chose to engage the irrate woman and when things dodnt go as planned he reacted by hitting her. That is a no no, I dont know how anyone cannot see this.


      • `

        Of course we will have to agree to disagree. Let me clarify one thing – it is my considered view that Kidero did NOT hit Shebesh for merely being a woman questioning his authority or actions. That would have been a serious and sexist crime I won’t condone. However that’s not what happened from the various sources I sought (including the short video). I view this as an assault-and-battery confrontation that has nothing to do with gender. It was a spur-of-the-moment exchange initiated by Shebesh, who ended up with a slap, period! It is now up to the court to sort it out.

        Wiping the spit and pressing charges is indeed an option you can choose if Shebesh spits on your face and hits below your waist but we can at least bet on one thing – that not everyone will choose that same option! Some will instead use reasonable force to defend themselves and deter the landing of the next spit or hit. This is especially if they are assaulted in their own personal and lawful space they are supposed to be. They will then explain themselves in court. Courts would then evaluate whether use of reasonable force was applied. In case you also didn’t know, in the U.S. hitting someone back with open hands (aka slap) in self defense is very much permitted (under the law) as being reasonable under certain circumstances. It is quite different from hitting back with a clenched fist which is on the other hand considered a ‘weapon’.

        Assault is assault – whether in the form of the initial aggression (only partially captured on video) or subsequent response (fully captured on video). Selectively excusing Shebesh’s action and focusing on the response does not cut. I was also under no illusion that Kidero’s apology could have changed the trajectory of this matter. He has in fact already apologized under undue pressure but it is not likely to do much. He has to go to court. To defend himself!

        It also appears you don’t know that spitting on someone’s face is in fact a crime just as slapping someone. In most jurisdictions, spitting on someone is an assault/battery charge punishable by actual jail time. In the U.S. it may even qualify as more serious “aggravated assault” or “hate crime” depending on other circumstances. If a White man spits on the face of a Black man for instance, it may become a very serious federal issue. I am not making anything up – take a virtual tour of the penal systems in ALL of the U.S. state jurisdictions (look at the Kenyan one too…Cap. 63.). One does not have to cause harm by assault or battery through actions such as spitting or inappropriate touching/hitting. Spiting and touching/hitting someone’s genitals is a double assault – both being inexcusable criminal acts. Is it kosher to address them, ama Rachel is a mad woman to be held by a different judicial standard?

        You are obviously viewing this particular confrontation selectively – from the point of Kidero’s response, and not in its entirety right from the beginning. Fortunately, that’s not how the legal system views such events. Who initiates a confrontation is important. Where it occurs matters! All facts are relevant and certain principles apply in court – including the doctrine of self defense which apparently some are completely blind to.

        I also don’t know whether to laugh or cry reading this maneno about the next great hope and presidential dreams. Forces who may have secretly sought to tame Kidero are indeed smiling with glee as they read the concerted disenchantment and fallout from Kidero’s own corner. That may have been the intended effect of sensationally placing that edited video snippet prominently in news. To incite rage (real or feigned) within Kidero’s own base! There goes in smoke your “next great hope” Moesha. What next?

        It would be better off having the next great hope being the constitutional entrenchment of increased funding for all counties.

        There won’t be any more need for cyclical presidential hopes and dreams from tribal or clan quarters. The Kalenjin holding Ruto as their next great hope; Gikuyu saying Kenneth is their next great hope after Kenyatta. Others supposedly grooming their own include the Luo, Kamba, and the various sub-tribes of the Luhya, and … oops! The list of big tribes ends there. Really!!!!!

        And surreptitiously lurking behind these hopes and fairytale is the reality of an unseen stranglehold upon the incumbency-dependent electoral body – which plays with tribal electoral numbers as it wishes, maintaining evolving voters’ registers and missing forms I-34 and I-36 to fit into political ploys diabolically termed “tyranny of numbers”.

        It is ironic that in a country that “elects” two individuals charged with the most serious crimes known on earth – mass murders, mass persecution, mass torture, and mass rapes – as President and Deputy President; sanctimonious calls are now being sounded to crucify a Governor who responded to assault through a slap – a response he has not been charged for. Can’t we even wait for the full investigation report? Must we impulsively jump in response to a snippet of an edited 30-second video clip which does not show the rest of the confrontation? Puuh-lease!!!!

        Lastly, Shebesh may not take it lightly that you dismiss her in denigrating if not sexist terms as a “mad woman”. What I see is quite different. I see a sane and very politically savvy woman who knows how to exploit situations (such as the rift between Kidero and suspended city workers) to simultaneously make political capital for herself while bringing Kidero down. Rachel Shebesh is a sane, educated woman representing Nairobi in the legislature. I also see Shebesh as a woman with a clear pattern of violence –another assault on her watchman (whom she slapped) is currently locked in the police/prosecution’s gridlock. She has previously confronted Elizabeth Ongoro and others physically. You can rest assured that those who live by the sword die by the sword. She keeps assaulting people around, one day she too gets assaulted back and loses in court.


        • Job,

          Kidero has not apologised to anyone. Kidero has not admitted to slapping anyone.

          I will post his full unedited statement soon as I get to a desk top. It contrasts sharply with what Standard & Star have published.


  8. The tribal rag called Daily Nation is trying too hard to keep this saga (& a skewed snippet of the video which captures only the slap) as its headline/no.1/breaking/continuing/hot news item….to distract from news about painful price increases of basic consumer items under this so called digital regime of wakina Shebesh.


    • @Job

      You have outdone yourself with this one. Spitting is now considered an assault….. wow didnt know that….. what about the use of excessive force on Kidero’s part…. instead of just wipping the spit off and pressing charges? Most women dont care too much about Shebesh anyway but that doesnt mean she can be abused and assaulted. That IMO would have endeared him more to the women folk especially around Nairobi.

      We are expending too much energy on this issue. Kidero should own up and apologise instead of trying to justify this behavior. He was the upcoming star who was going to lead us into the new dispensation, he had sooo much going for him, he should have known better. The fact that Sonko, Shebesh, Wambui et al have been behaving so uncouth should not be reason for him to also behave that way……. two wrongs never make a right. He then could have argued self defense in court instead of first denying. The reason this is headline news, is because he was the great next hope, all those other people do not matter much, we know they are uncouth.


      You are the only one who gets it. Thanks.


      • “……The governor appeared isolated after his coalition side, Cord, issued a statement saying the allegations “border on impropriety and breach of the coalition’s leadership code and our country’s constitution”.

        But the chairman of the Cord secretariat management board David Musila maintained that the allegations should be investigated impartially by relevant agencies of the State and due process followed. ”

        “Statistics show that 45 per cent of women in Kenya experience either physical or sexual violence, and Dr Kidero’s actions yesterday are a strong pointer why these figures are taking long to reduce. I want to call on all women MPs to keep politics out of this issue and rally behind Hon Shebesh as a form of unity against violence,”

        Women representatives of Meru, Murang’a, Homa Bay and Tharaka Nithi counties also weighed in on the matter, demanding Dr Kidero’s resignation.

        Homa Bay Women Representative Gladys Wanga said: “We cannot sit back and watch as a woman is harassed and intimidated. This has to come to an end”.

        Tharaka Nithi’s Beatrice Nkatha said: “Women have to unite against violence. We have to say no to such demeaning behaviour.”

        Mandera Women Representative Fathia Mahbub described as “unfortunate” the action by Dr Kidero. Her Nyeri counterpart Priscila Nyokabi called on all women leaders to rally behind Ms Shebesh as a way of denouncing violence against women.


        • What a load of crap! Ati the Governor appears isolated after CORD issued a statement…… That can only exist in the figment of the imagination of Nation media.

          For the records, Kidero is presently the senior most elected official from the CORD coalition. Have you asked yourselves why the thre top CORD governors are on receiving end by media, that is Kidero for greeting too close to Jubilee, Joho for allegedly having fake university degree, and Ranguma for allegedly running down Kisumu county budget? Only a fool cannot see the well choreographed political affront on CORD senior most officials. CORD has not isolated any of it’s governors… Watch this space.

          Shebesh (and I must add Sonko) have had it coming for a long time. CCTV footage for Kidero’s office implicate several people in Shebesh’s entourage of violent invasion of Governor’s office and trespass. Does Shebesh really want to press charges? Careful what you wish for; she may end up losing her Women Rep position and going to jail for a lengthy stint. and she should not be under any illusions. jubilee will drop her very fast and nominate someone else to run in her position.

          Did the Nairobi Women rep employ official channels to try and reach the governor? Or was she just up to the usual mischief of the Sonko’s of this world?

          Kidero has not admitted assaulting anyone and has not apologized to anyone, contrary to what you may be reading in the press. Will upload his full statement here to see how media are desperate to spin a narrative.


        • Gladys Wanga is among some CORD elected leaders who have been holding night meetings with Francis Kimemia and sections of TNA leadership. we even know the hotel they meet and have pictures to prove. Kidero has declined to accompany Uhuruto to a long planned tour of South Nyanza Kisii, Migori, Homa Bay Counties. Jubilee have a plan to replay the Odinga/Mboya supremacy wars and have identified Kidero as one to take the war to Raila Odinga by driving a non~existent wedge between South Nyanza and Central\Northern Nyanza.

          Luckily Kidero has not bought into this evil scheme like Wangas of Kenya. Watch them, they will even accompany Ruto to ICC on a joy trip after winning hefty traveling allowances from Jubilee. even as CORD was walking out of parliament enmass to protest withdrawal from Rome Statute motion, they remained…. We know them.


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