Maina Kiai : Hold Uhuru Kenyatta Responsible Should Any Harm Befall My Family

Former Chairman of Kenya’s National Human Rights Commission and current UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of assembly and association, has this afternoon held an international press conference in Nairobi following grave threats on himself and his family.

“Early,this morning, direct threats against my family have resulted in the presence of armed police and dogs at my mother’s homestead in Nyeri. I’ve been informed by the police that a militia group calling itself the “Nyaribo Support Group”intends to burn down the family homestead and my house in Nyeri today.”  Maina Kiai….



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8 comments on “Maina Kiai : Hold Uhuru Kenyatta Responsible Should Any Harm Befall My Family

  1. Maina Kiai’s lawyers have done an apt response to Ahmed Nassir Abdullahi who are acting for Itumbi


  2. Mara there will be no power vacuum when Im attending at the United Nations. Mara I cant go because there will a power vacuum since Ruto is at the ICC.
    This ICC is becoming a nightmare to these fellas. As much as they are dreaming of ruling for 20 years, they might spend 40 years behind bars in a country near you.


  3. Now, read this and put it in context and you know where we are headed as a nation!

    Jubilee in State House for next 20 years, says Uhuru


    Eldoret,KENYA: President Uhuru Kenyatta renewed the onslaught against his presidency’s detractors, saying they should not think of dethroning him and his deputy William Ruto soon.

    In what would appear as a clue to their future plans, Uhuru on Thursday said those opposing his government should consider waiting for the next 20-years before they exit the stage.

    The President said Ruto and himself would be in power for two, 10-year terms each.

    “Those who think we are leaving soon should wait for me to clear my two terms and they should know that Ruto has his 10-years also,” he said.

    Speaking when he made a stopover in Eldoret town from Moi University where he had gone to preside over its 29th graduation, Uhuru maintained that the time had come for the youth to lead the country.

    “They (old guard) had their time and this is ours, but they should not be worried because we will take good care of them,” he said.

    Uhuru further lashed out at former Prime Minister Raila Odinga whom he described as a man who has not yet come to terms with defeat.

    “Now he is going round inciting people to go for a referendum. He is just seeking relevance. He should join us or leave us alone to build this country,” he added.

    Raila and his CORD alliance have said they will sponsor a referendum to switch the election of the country’s presidency from presidential to parliamentary system.

    Quality of Education

    On the ICC trials, Uhuru described charges facing them at The Hague based court as ‘nonsensical”. The President said he did not understand why they were being pursued by the court yet their attempt to ascend to the presidency was peaceful.

    Earlier, in his graduation speech, Uhuru outlined a host of plans his government has to grow the country’s economy through education of more citizens.

    Stressing the need to have more literate Kenyans, Uhuru, however, said his government was more concerned with quality of education. He said the government would strive to expand access to quality education by removing all barriers to learning.

    Please bear in mind in your course of contextualising the above statement by President Uhuru Kenyatta this advert currently being run by the Amnesty International about democracy:

    “Democracy is synonymous with Independence,

    Independence is synonymous with Emancipation,

    Emancipation is synonymous with Sovereignty,

    Sovereignty is synonymous with Superiority,

    Superiority is synonymous with Arrogance,

    Arrogance is synonymous with Domination, and

    Domination is synonymous with Dictatorship!

    Dictatorship ALWAYS finds its way. Learn,……,act!”

    (Amnesty International)


    • einstein,

      Uhuru just passed by to remind the Ruto mobs that they have ten years to wait. I am not sure that is a brilliant idea. Uhuru is just too obssessed with Raila and power. Not a very good combination when he can’t even appear at the United Nations General Assembly because of the ICC complications. This is going to be a good show. May be the country needs it.


      • tnk,

        Uhuru shot himself on his both feet the moment he told ICC that he cannot attend the court cases at the same time with his Deputy since the Kenyan constitution bars both the president and his deputy from being out of the country at the same time!

        Now, he CANNOT turn around and say he MUST be at UNGA with his deputy still at ICC! That won’t wash with the ICC court.

        Like my brother Adongo is wont to say, even stupidity has limits!! So, there you have it my brother.


      • hehehe

        einstein i got that and its subtly put in my post above, maybe i should rephrase it a little differently,

        are you suggesting that ruto attending that shoddy investigation, kangaroo court (as we have been told) is “more important” than muthamaki attending the UNGA session? where is our sovereignity when we need it? 🙂


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