Westgate Siege in Pictures

Terrified: A young in tears is led away form the terror by a police officer

Protection: A mother and her children lie on the floor as they attempt to hide while the gunmen armed with automatic weapons go on the rampage

Scared: Clearly distressed, this family join hands as they make their way out of the building. Bullet wounds can be seen in the glass behind them

Wounded: A Kenyan policeman sits clutching his stomach alongside his rifle while a colleague exchanges fire with the terrorists

Fleeing: A child runs to safety across the shopping mall

ScrambleScramble: People crawl on their stomachs to safety as security forces keep a lookout at the Nairobi mall on Saturday : People rush for safety away from gunfire between police and armed attackers

Helping out: British High Commissioner to Kenya, Christian Turner (left) lies on a bed after donating blood, following the overwhelming numbers of casualties from the shooting

Hands up: Hostages of all nationalities head for the exit with their arms raised to show they are not carrying any weapons

Killings: At least 59 people are believed to be dead, although police have not confirmed a death toll

Soldiers from the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) arrive at the Westgate Shopping Centre in the capital Nairobi

Shock: A soldier directs people up stairs inside the Westgate shopping mall after a shootout in Nairobi, Kenya. Gunmen had fired automatic weapons and grenades

Armed response: Kenyan troops with machine guns take position in the mall

A woman holds a baby sitting with other injured people who are crying for help after gunmen went on a shooting spree in the Westgate shopping centre

Army: Soldiers were drafted in to help police tackle the gunmen, who are now known to be terrorists from the Somali al-Shabaab organisation, which has links to al-Qaeda

Cat and mouse: A security officer points out the location of where some of the terrorists may be hiding to his colleagues, all three of whom have their pistols at the ready

Desperation: A crowd of people hold their arms out to catch a Kenyan woman as she jumps out from the air vent where she had been hiding from the gunmen

Shootout: Soldiers and armed police fire at the suspected terrorists as they try to wrest back control of the shopping centre

Escape: This family, who had been trapped inside the shopping centre, support each other as they escape from the scene

Response: Soldiers take positions outside the shopping centre in Nairobi. Dozens of people have been killed after masked gunmen stormed the mall and held shoppers

By Mzee Posted in kenya

3 comments on “Westgate Siege in Pictures

  1. live update feeds also being provided here



    its a harrowing time for the hostages, our prayers to them and their family and friends

    to the soldiers out there, they risk their lives to rescue the hostages and at teh same time capture the militants, our hearts and prayers with you too on your noble mission

    to the militants, obviously some of their colleagues have escaped and more or less abandoned the mission. the few remaining have no intention of ending this siege and are therefore only hanging on to the hostages to prolong this episode as much as possible because without any hostage, there will be no further reason to prevent an assault on their position.

    strangely this siege is actually quite stupid. their intention was to cause injury death in a popular and high profile public place through use of assault weapons. that outcome/objective was achieved in the first 10-15 minutes of their operation as they indiscriminately fired on innocent bystanders. from then on, nothing they do can add to their agenda. whether they give up now, die with guns blazing or what, will achieve nothing. shows a complete lack of general tactic and completely useless in terms of strategy. in the end it is nothing more than a heavily armed criminal outfit defeated by law enforcement/peace keepers.


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