Senator Sonko confirms Westgate indeed a false flag operation!


Was the government fully aware of Mercenaries aka “terrorists” sourced from Somalia or Pakistan yet they did nothing to stop the attacks? Did the government (in complicit approval) sit on the sides and actually watch a planned terrorist attack unveiled to conclusion?

Note: I deliberately started a different thread for this serious matter to avoid mixing up coverage of the tragedy itself from warranted scrutiny of its serious cause.

Please read the serious message below carefully, without casually dismissing it as cynical conspiracy.

Listen carefully to the elected Senator of Nairobi, the Hon. Mike Sonko Mbuvi in the video clip below captured by Nation TV.

The Senator of Nairobi reveals what was indeed an operation known by Kenya’s top security – in which mercenaries/terrorists were this time not some Armenian Artur brothers, but some Pakistani terrorists.

The truth is coming out!

Senator Sonko’s claim is very credible, and backed by video and tape-recorded evidence that he shared with media (Nation TV).

Just carefully listen to the clip below where Sonko confirms the NSI and Police were aware of this attack for 3 MONTHS before it occurred.

  • Sonko got wind of the impending “terrorist attack”…taped and video-taped her conversation with the informant – anecdotes claim she is a woman running a high-end brothel for elite Asian clients in Westlands. It is fair to postulate that Sonko and this woman must be tied in some form of “business” one way or another…probably they share the same market pool of elite clients…the woman allegedly supplying upscale prostitutes, Sonko probably supplying some fine-grained, snow-flake-white “Unga”.
  •  I absolutely have no doubt the woman confided in Sonko based on shared mutual trust and business history between the two. The woman was accompanied by another female – my hitch tells me probably a younger service worker who initially got the actual deadly information directly from one of the mercenaries aka terrorists.
  • Sonko immediately shared the same information (including taped and video conversation) with NSI and top security (Police, CID).
  • .

    Weeks ago, Sonko gave the NSI and Police the residence addresses where the mercenaries/terrorists were living.

    Like the case of the Armenian brothers Artur Margaryan, and Sargasyan, who lived in a luxurious abode in Runda, under police protection,  Sonko publicly states that the government was fully aware of the living quarters of these Pakistani nationals and other foreigners in Westlands…for up to 3 months…yet did not disrupt their stay or nefarious operation.

    This is the pregnant matter Sonko is raising –which media and others are choosing to be silent about.  Where is the outrage?

  • None of the terrorists/mercenaries were apprehended before the attacks – and Sonko is now furious.
  • Westgate Mall was eventually attacked weeks later. Tens if not hundreds of innocent Kenyans and foreigners are dead – hundreds wounded!
  • .

    Some victims reported seeing “Arab looking” attackers (fitting the profile of Pakistanis).

    The Kenya government was quick to point fingers at Somali “Al-Shabab” and foreign accomplices from Europe and America.

  • Headline news that quickly followed worldwide – went along with the Al-Shabab storyline…supposedly “backed” by so called Al-Shabab “spokesmen”.
  • Government narrative sticks with the “Al-Shabab” storyline…as espoused on choreographed foreign media rounds by Foreign Affairs Minister Amina Mohamed…at BBC (UK), CNN (Int’l), PBS (US), etc
  • .

    That Al-Shabab government narrative alludes to presence of “serious threats to peace” and “regional insecurity “ in the horn of Africa (pitting Kenya, Somali terrorists, & recruited Al Quaida foreigners)

  • Regional Insecurity is valid grounds to trigger UN Security Council to defer ICC proceedings under Article 16 of the Rome Statute – stopping the court proceedings for renewable yearly terms.
  • `Here is the new International Headline Post-WestGate: : “Mall Raid Rallies Foreign Support for ICC- indictee Kenyatta”

    Clearly, Kenyatta’s local and international publicists (who include Uganda and Rwanda President Museveni and Kagame) are using this Mall attack to supplant a new international image and appraise his legitimacyas a busy President fighting international terrorism

    whereby Uhuru should be treated as an international ally in the global fight against terrorismall taking precedence over the ICC trials. This is in fact the subject of some international policy discussion today here in Washington DC. 

    — This is the very reason why citizens (especially victims of Westgate Mall attacks) must critically interrogate the real motive and actual perpetrators of the attack.

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  1. have watched various snippets of the CCTV cameras at the mall such as this below

    and my assessment above remains true. these attackers, were in two or more groups both ideological and in the attack. one group got in fired and left just as quickly. the other group remained behind but with no real purpose having expended their adrenaline were just bunching together and moving around aimlessly, no real planned strategy or end game. no intention of hostage taking or looting.

    with their rather distinctive outfits it gets hard to understand how they (or their bodies) have vanished. but then who knows, maybe we should check with gichangi over at NIS.

    also since they appear to move as a mob and bunch up, most likely the first rocket launched grenade blast could have taken all of them out, that is if they did not get bored and walk out while some folks were drinking and looting i suppose


    the group in the clip below from about min no 2:40 was perhaps the most organised and most well equipped for this operation and believe brought it under control rapidly, as i understand it this was the recce squad


    • tnk, your analysis seems spot on but what I find odd is that KDF is not even claiming that they killed the people in the second clueless group.


      • as the final chapters of this saga are written, i sincerely hope that none of those attackers escaped. they clear up minor inconsistencies like they stashed their weapons in rented shop, and yet all witness accounts state that they came out from two vehicles and started shooting right away,
        the “eye witnesses” that claim to have been shot at by a woman, were they hallucinating?
        and finally, the exaggerated 10 to 15 number of terrorists that was used ostensibly to justify the use of KDF in a show of power by kimemia i suppose, now whittled down to 4 or 6 (about one third) now puts into question the use of heavy artillery rather than a specialist force like recce. and highlights the inexperience of our forces.

        doing simple arithmetic, if to contain 5 guys we need recce, an army platoon (some who were being flown in from somalia), israeli, fbi, mi7 and all of the plainclothes, cops and vigilantes. how many or what type of force would be required to handle say 10 of them? this was a poor show of leadership, and i bet you can hear al shabaab scornful laugh echoing all over cyberspace

        the good thing is that no matter what, they did contain the situation. but lakini, no more KDF deplyment internally unless for peacetime development projects like building bridges, roads, etc. nothing that involves guns.


    • `

      It was bound to happen…was just a matter of time! The fierce blowback on Sonko has began in earnest. The onslaught is multifaceted – from the Senate it’s led by the pathetic apologist of the ICC-accused duo, Kithure Kindiki. In the media, Sonko’s every movement or discretion is being publicly reported — thanks to NSI’s airtight trail of the flamboyant Sonko. Sonko publicly exposed Kenya’s official complicity in the Westgate operation –revealing the information he shared with NSI and top security…followed by inaction. The impunity merchants besieged by ICC are now targeting Sonko. It means the drug manenos are on the table. I doubt Sonko will go down without a fight — a big and dirty fight…that might reveal further rot in this government.


      Monday, October 7, 2013 – 00:00 — BY IBRAHIM ORUKO

      Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko Mbuvi has dared Senate Majority leader Kithure Kindiki to push for his expulsion from the National Alliance Party.

      Sonko told Kithure he was not scared by threats of his expulsion over his criticism of the conduct of security forces during the Westgate siege.

      “They can expel me if they so wish but I will defend the people of Nairobi to the bitter end. It’s the people who elect leaders and I am ready to face them again,” he said.

      “I will stand by the truth to the very end because those killed at Westgate were not animals. They were human beings and Kenyans need answers.”

      Sonko was responding to a statement attributed to the Tharaka Nithi senator to the effect that he will push for Sonko’s expulsion over his criticism of security agencies.

      Kithure said TNA does condone victimization of public servants “who cannot defend themselves” and exonerated security forces on allegations of laxity during the siege at Westgate.

      Kithure had told Sonko to direct any evidence he may have in relation to Westgate terror attack to the joint committee of the House that starts its work today.

      “TNA is not a party that victimises public servants who cannot defend themselves. Sonko should stop joking and submit whatever evidence he has to the parliamentary committees.”

      However, Sonko said Kithure’s call for his expulsion from TNA was part of the scheme by the National Intelligence Service (NIS) to malign him and vowed not to quiver.

      “I think this is NIS’ money at work. NIS has poured out money to spread propaganda to malign me in the most diabolical way.” He said

      Sonko has filed a motion of censure against NIS director general Michael Gichangi in which he is seeking Senate resolution for his (Gichangi’s) sacking.

      He challenged Kithure to explain to the public how the guns, the bullets and grenades that killed Kenyans at Westgate found their way into Kenya.

      – See more at:


      • power games in TNA were not entirely unexpected but what is confounding is the speed at which TNA is imploding. its not yet one year and the divisions are sharp. sonko will be easy coz he’s chosen the TNA “untouchables (top leadership, security and finance)” . security being extrememly pivotal to the TNA leadership, is not going to be taken lightly and unless he does some political acrobatics behind the scenes as indeed he will, he is toast.

        the wrangling from within TNA has picked up several decibels

        on this issue, it does appear that the NIS did its duty of informing the powers that be. strangely enough, sonko is after the NIS director rather than kimaiyo and/or karangi (what he perceives to be the softer of the three targets). NIS can hit back through propaganda but have no real teeth.

        with the current power struggles in TNA, october dragging on for ruto and november fast approaching for uhuru, mara he is too busy for diplomats essentially shutting doors on the diplomatic front, i wonder how this will pan out.

        but no… its too early for popcorn


  2. To laugh or to cry …

    During a press briefing Ole Lenku stated the reason the security forces did not respond to intelligence reports provided by the international community was because Kenya police were over stretched.

    The govt is reportedly stonewalling investigations by international analysts to collect DNA samples that would help in identifying the terrorists. Word; there were no terrorists killed.

    After reports of widespread looting, Inspector General of police, David Kimaiyo, has deployed senior police officers to Westgate Mall on a six hour rotation shift …

    Meanwhile, Uhuru has ordered the formation of a commission of inquiry to investigate the Westgate massacre.


    • `

      The architects of Westgate inaction calculated it wrong?

      Kenyatta and Ruto mistakenly thought the West would peg Kenya’s stability on the two of them as individual holders of the Presidency and Deputy respectively – thereby expecting relaxation of the ICC noose around their necks. They couldn’t have been more wrong. The West actually pegs Kenya’s stability on taming three individual ills – corruption, tribalism, and the impunity of tribal/political violence (PEV). The West views the Westgate debacle from the same lenses – blaming the same ills of corruption, tribalism, and political violence (within the OP and security) for failing to act on NSI warnings.

      The West correctly knows there is no other possible opportunity or venue to tame the ills (of corruption, tribal violence, impunity) other than the ICC (Hague) – where Kenyatta and Ruto’s cases are already in progress. The ICC court has provided Kenya a golden opportunity for the first time ever, to deal with tribal violence, corruption in security, and impunity –whether one is President, Deputy President or ordinaries like Barasa.

      No future Kenyan leader will ever wear the impunity banner again should these two amigos face real justice –while in office. This is the shock measure that Kenya needs as it approaches the next decade where prospects of oil and mineral wealth beckon. The West will stick with this script which it hopes would help Kenya advance towards the rule of law.

      The other thing the architects of Westgate inaction failed to consider is that the attacks would quickly expose to the Kenyan public the desperate need within Jubilee to directly link Kenyatta and Ruto’s personal woes at the ICC with the country’s overall security/stability. Kenyans are now becoming apprehensive about having internationally besieged leaders who would do anything to extricate themselves from the ICC.

      Now Kenyatta has been forced to act – as the apprehensive public watches. The Westgate Inquiry is not going to wash!

      With Maj. Gen. Gichangi throwing down the gauntlet, leaking his warning memos to the public, Kenyatta has no option but to roll some heads within Kenya’s top security apparatus. The NSI has confirmed it shared intelligence of the impending terrorist attack at Westgate. Police, CID, and Counterterrorist agencies all failed to act.

      It should therefore not be a matter of if, but when Kenyatta fires Shadrack Kimaiyo, Ndegwa Muhoro, and other senior security honchos. The time-buying antics of an Inquiry will not wash.

      Anything short of that decisive step will otherwise be correctly interpreted by all intelligent Kenyans and the international community as Kenyatta’s admission of complicity in the inaction that led to the murder of close to 100 innocent civilians – presumably over personal ICC concerns.

      Every Tom, Dick and Harry can see how inaction over NSI warnings (& the ultimate attack at the Mall) benefits Kenyatta’s arguments at the ICC – for non-attendance in person or attendance by Skype (video-conferencing).

      Kenyatta will therefore be a fool if he does not act on Gichangi’s thrown gauntlet.

      In terms of US-Kenya relations, the timing of this Westgate attack also puts the Jubilee government in a catch-22 situation in the sense that it just highlights the unprecedented level of non-professionalism, ineptitude and corruption within the country’s security apparatus.

      Currently, the US Congress (in the preparation for appropriations legislation) is perusing through a report of abuses by Kenyan security forces – which called for strict vetting of all Kenyan units receiving U.S. assistance (NSI, CID, Counterterrorism unit, Counter-Narcotics unit, DoD).

      A separate report by the US State Department corroborates reports of police corruption, impunity, and of serious abuses by nearly all of these security agencies listed above. How do these agencies expect to continue reaping from US dollars in terms of increased security and counterterrorism cooperation – with the same inept but conniving, and corrupt faces at their helm?


    • This plan for whatever it was is not going very well. The rest of the world has forgotten the initial shock and horror of the attack and now the looting is the focus.

      I went to Google today to look for an article whose title I had forgotten. Typing something like “westgate mall looting” brings up incredible results. E.g. this is what the New York Times is now reporting.


      • what a mess. we have such a corrupt incompetent lot that even when we have a tremendous opportunity to showcase something new, we fall back onto the same old bad habits

        i guess not everybody understands what it means to have a “terrific shopping spree”


      • Andrew N,

        Here is even more spin from the usual suspects and all reported by the government propaganda media house the Nation Media! What a shame!

        Attack will draw West, Kenya closer

        The misguided policy concept of “only essential contact” by the West with Kenya can no longer be indulged given Kenya’s geostrategic importance to Africa’s stability.

        The cowardly and horrific terrorist attack against innocent civilians at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi will draw Kenya and the West back to their historical close relations.

        It also tragically highlights the need to quickly resolve the International Criminal Court (ICC) cases against President Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto that are a politicised distraction from pursuing our common interests with Kenya in protecting international peace, advancing democratic governance and prosperity, and promoting justice and reconciliation.

        US President Barak Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s early calls to President Kenyatta to offer assistance during and after the attack are clear signals of a shift in policy that will be made more meaningful only with sustained and fully normal engagement unhindered by the ICC.

        Kenya’s role in region

        Kenya has long suffered from Somalia’s instability and terror attacks by al-Qaeda. The Somali terrorist group Al-Shabaab has taken responsibility for the attack on Westgate, claiming it is in retaliation for Kenya sending troops to Somalia in October 2011, and eventually joining the peacekeeping force, African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom).

        In reality, long before Kenyan forces deployed to southern Somalia and Kismayo, its security was threated from the north. Since the fall of Somali President Siad Barre’s government in 1991, arms, insurgents and terrorists have crossed into Kenya, undermining the security of its citizens and visitors.

        President Kenyatta’s resolve to stay the course in Somalia is fundamentally in Kenya’s interest. Containing insecurity emanating from Somalia has not proven viable over the past two decades.

        The best path forward is to continue proactively working in concert with the region to stabilise the Federal Government of Somalia now under elected President Hassan Sheikh Muhamud.

        The US should hold talks with Kenya at the highest level to forge a common approach on Somalia and to coordinate our global policy more generally. President Kenyatta’s trips to Russia and China should not go unnoticed nor left unanswered by the US. Threats to Kenya’s security are threats to US interests in the stability and prosperity of east and Horn of Africa.

        Al Qaeda’s East Africa cell members that planned the terror attacks against the US embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam in 1998, killing and injuring hundreds of innocent Kenyans and many Americans, went into hiding in Mogadishu, Somalia.

        They re-emerged as top commanders of Al-Shabaab, the armed militant wing of the Union of Islamic Courts formed in 2006. Al-Qaeda was embedded in Al-Shabaab from the outset. Al-Shabaab has always been a toxic mixture of globally oriented jihadists, Somali nationalist and irredentist insurgents, and Mujahideen recruited from around the world.

        Kenya’s geography places it on the frontlines of the international war against terrorism. Kenya’s policies as a democratic society that respects freedom of religion, aligns it with the West and in opposition to militant Islamists.

        Our shared values of openness and tolerance leave all democratic societies vulnerable to terror actions. The Westgate attack shifts attention to the need for more strategic and intensive engagement with Kenya as a key ally to the US and West.

        Moving forward, the US should work closely with Kenya to support the East/Horn of Africa coalition against terrorism.

        It is now time for the West to fully embrace Kenya’s new democratically elected government and respect its institutions.

        Put more plainly, the ICC cases against President Kenyatta and Deputy President Ruto have become a distraction reflected clearly by the need to suspend Mr Ruto’s trial for a week to allow his return home to attend to the Westgate crisis.

        No one believes that in a week the terror threat to Kenya from Somalia will end. Yet, the Deputy President is expected to sit in the Hague for a case the Kenyan people judged with their vote in March.

        The ICC’s exclusive focus on Africa has cost it legitimacy as an impartial “international” criminal court. It is now widely viewed as an instrument of Western foreign policy used against Africans.

        The selection of cases has apparently been guided by what former Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo reportedly described as “low hanging fruit,” meaning targeting African countries and individuals unable to resist the ICC’s jurisdiction.

        The ICC has not taken on more “powerful” countries or those protected by the UN veto power of the permanent five. This politicisation of cases targeting Africa is evident in the failure to mention the ICC in addressing the chemical weapons use on August 21, 2013 in Syria that is responsible for killing more than 1,400 civilians, not to mention the estimated 85,000 to 100,000 or more deaths caused by the Syrian civil war.

        The US, as a non-member of the ICC and a powerful member of the UN Security Council, should lead the diplomacy to end the Kenya ICC debacle. The US needs a strong Kenyan leadership at home and in charge, and it has the ability to pragmatically navigate the multiple global interests at stake.

        The first best option is for ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to drop the cases for lack of evidence. Already the charges against President Kenyatta’s alleged co-conspirators have been dropped and it is common knowledge that the cases are weak, witnesses have lied, according to the Prosecutor herself, and many are now withdrawing.

        The Court has 18 cases opened (from Uganda, Congo DRC, Darfur, Central Africa Republic, Kenya, Libya, Ivory Coast and Mali) and should concentrate it limited resources on cases in countries that lack legitimate national courts and capacity to prosecute, and are suffering endemic crimes against humanity.

        Second, the US should mobilise support and work with Kenyan authorities to address the continuing needs of victims of the 2007 post-election violence.

        Mr Moreno-Ocampo did a disservice to Kenya by cherry picking high profile politicians rather than carrying out real investigations to pursue and bring to justice all those responsible for the violence from the most senior politician giving orders to the person that lit a match, raped a woman, or pulled a trigger. Lacking such evidence, the focus now should be on resettling, rebuilding, and reconciling communities.

        Finally, failure to resolve Kenya’s cases quickly can lead to the undoing of the ICC, and our readiness to confront, deter and defeat terrorists. Already Kenya’s parliament has voted to withdraw from the ICC. The African Union has called for the cases to be turned over to the national courts, and other African countries are contemplating withdrawing.

        Africa makes up 34 of the 121 countries that ratified the ICC and their withdrawal can swiftly and permanently end the ICC’s exclusive and politicised focus on Africa. The US should side with Africa as a non-member of the ICC. After all, whose interests are served by the ICC distraction while Al-Shaabab and Al-Qaeda plot more attacks against Kenya?

        Jendayi Frazer is the former US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa and distinguished service professor at Carnegie Mellon University–/-/1056/2013544/-/f0hilh/-/index.html


      • Einstein,
        Back to the spin from our friends at the DN

        Kenyans aint buying it … I have sampled some comments from the above article

        Is this what passes for analysis these days? One taxi-driver, an anonymous diplomat ( from Uganda?) an NGO leader, and there you have it: Uhuru’s support has spiked.

        I think the window of opportunity the President had to be able to bring Kenyans Together is closing very fast. I’m sorry for those who lost Loved ones including the President, but i’m also disappointed for him taking advantage of the crisis to continue appointments along ethic lines to his tribes men.

        Mere speculation, hardly analysis. Almost a desperate attempt to show support for Uhuru. No data whatsoever.

        I guess you mean support by those who don’t know how the government is responsible for the murder of Kenyans at the mall, once they can connect the dots I dont think anyone with sound mind will still be supporting this government

        This article is unscientific, and largely relies on anecdotal evidence, almost as though the writer wills the fact to be. Has the Westgate attack led to a spike in patriotic sentiment? Yes. Has it melted partisan divides? That remains to be tested. It is safe to say that in the critical moment Kenyans pulled together to confront a common threat, but will still hold on to their separate loyalties. That, in my opinion is mature and I wish it didn’t translate to division.

        Desperate times call for desperate ‘analysis’

        If I commit a robbery, and then I get tried in a local court and let to go on bail. During my bail, my mother die and I am left to be in charge of the family in matters bread and responsibility, does this allow me to negotiate with my judge for an acquittal?
        Abuya Wuod Omeme

        positive spin DN.pray facts bear you out.the reality at the Hague is a spoon a spoon.

        “President Kenyatta was due in The Hague in November …”
        Incorrect! President Kenyatta IS due in The Hague in November. And he had better go, too.


  3. Adongo,
    Were this thing to hit Gikomba or Kibuye market we would not have heard of all the above. But since the elite were hit all manner of issues are coming up. Its as if these are the kind who care. Remember that all the people who are supposed to protect us and who have access to intelligence live in fort like homes. Do you think that they care for people of Garissa, Kisumu, Kakamega or Mombasa? Is this not the government that killed close to 10k youth claiming that they were mungiki? Is this not the same government that has refused to settle IDPs since 2007. All we are seeing are crocodile tears.


  4. Einstein,

    Exactly the point! The nefarious plot is coming to light so fast – like lightning! The Reuters report you pasted depicts the motivation for this bloodshed. The lingering question is – if “serious threat to security” is what it takes to try wiggling from ICC, what more will these folks do?


    • `
      The pro-regime and apologist paper Daily Nation is going out of its way to SPIN the sensitive issues raised in the Star Newspaper…without uttering a single word about Senator Sonko’s weighty points.

      The report (below) without an author (accountable), also quotes “anonymous” officials at the NSI rather than ask NSI Director Maj. Gen. Gichangi himself –who has not retracted the Star report where he is quoted blaming police and CID for inaction to NSI intel…

      Poor Daily Nation — deeply immersed in the deception!


    • Exactly what people are saying. The so-called killed terrorists are nowhere to be seen. The moment they had foreign forensic experts I knew the bodies will melt. Most likely the soldiers mainly killed civilians blowing up the whole joint.

      And then the looting. We have problems.


      • So Kenya was not even attacked by terrorists (their dead bodies cannot even be traced), but by government sponsored security agencies’ looters!? ……only in Kenya jameni! What a failed state we are!!

        Everything the two top government duo is doing lately ONLY revolves around ICC. All else is just but stupid smoke screen to fool Kenyan citizens!!!

        The two thugs should go to ICC and leave Kenyans alone! How much more blood must be shed after the PEV so the duo can avoid ICC???

        Did somebody say that choices have consequences? My dear fellow Kenyans, you asked for it and you promptly got it by making the choices you made! Please shed no more tears but instead embrace your choices!


      • einstein,

        I think a bunch of good for nothing terrorists came to Westgate mall and started the whole mayhem. We may never who they were and how they got there. Uhuru is setting up an inquiry that will do what inquiries do in Kenya. Cover up everything.

        What happened after that is emerging as a complete fiasco of biblical proportions. Mara “white widow”, mara big guns assembled at Westgate for months by the terrorists. Mara hostages etc. Then our security forces did what they do best. They screwed up everything. No chain of comand. Multiple security teams. Sooner “friendly fire” was taking out Kenyan security chaps.

        Then massive disinformation. Mara 10-15 terrorists. I mean who actually counted these people.

        Now the obvious insanity is that the Kenyan officials told Kenyans they had killed several terrorists and everybody was waiting to have them identified. Kenyans were told some of the terrorists were American and British citizens etc. Those countries want to identify those characters and trace them back in there countries. Nobody seems to find the dead terrorists. It is possible there is actually no dead terrorists at the mall as we were told.

        Then comes the massive looting throughout the mall particulalrly in the high end stores. What security officer facing terrorist fire power gets time to do window shopping and looting. The terrorist could be hiding in the computer box. So at some point right after the big invasion by KDF the soldiers realised there was nothing to fear in the mall. The army threw out the media and looting started in ernest. You would think the security bosses would be at the mall at this time. If they were, they were conducting the looting and nothing else.


      • adongo / einstein

        it is not at all unbelievable

        incompetence abounds in kenya. the moment a credible organisation gets involved then sabotage and disinformation is the only recourse

        DNA samples will possibly reveal that the only dead people are hostages blown up by our very own. rather than risk such negative publicity, just send all bodies to mortuary and then cross your fingers.

        kenya is such a fine mess, we cannot count, we cannot shoot straight, we have no strategy, we have suspects for leadership condemning acts that they themselves are charged with.

        i still cant get around this ” there were 10 to 15 gunmen, 5 were killed, none escaped, and there are no bodies, and a bunch of false suspects (of the 10 suspects i believe 5 have been released) ”

        i think at most these guys only killed two of the gunmen and with anti-tank weapons which also caused the floors to collapse and thus killing dont know how many hostages

        so the problem with this DNA thing is that its going to blow their spin and also put into question their judgement i.e a whole army against a handful of terrorists, just doesn’t inspire confidence.

        and that is besides the lethargic response to intelligence briefs


  5. Until convinced otherwise, I maintain that the attackers who hit Westgate Mall were not Al Shabab…Video evidence and witness accounts point to Pakistani-looking or Arab looking assailants…whom Sen. Sonko claims he shared intel about with top security.

    Why didn’t top security act on Sen. Sonko’s serious warning ahead of time. That’s the elephant in this tent. The Al Shabab threat is indeed real, but this particular Westgate Mall Attack doesn’t show Al Shabab’s fingerprints (figuratively).

    I think Sen. Sonko was also being very wise to publicly speak out lest he “accidentally” gets involved in a fatal helicopter crash.


      • Adongo,

        You bet! That report is further confirmation – the NSI itself, including Gen. Gichangi – are confirming they indeed received the intel about a planned attack at Westgate, KICC and Parliament(I don’t know how it would have turned out had the latter venue been the one blown) ….. Gichangi is indeed stating that NSI actually alerted Police and CID …and is therefore blaming (for inaction):

        1) Police – under Kimaiyo (the buffoon who tired deceiving Kenyans by running into the scene with a bullet proof vest over his suit)

        2) CID – under Ndegwa Muhoro

        3) Unnamed officials from the Office of the President.

        It is this trio above that SUPPRESSED action on the SERIOUS INTEL…thereby allowing HUNDREDS of innocent civilians to be maimed or actually DIE in the bloodshed….all this in the name of KENYATTA trying to wiggle out of the ICC.

        It’s no wonder Fatou Bensouda, with tongue in cheek, yesterday offered to also “investigate and prosecute” the perpetrators of the Westgate Mall attack….who might well be accused persons already at ICC.

        This is slowly percolating through the international community with one US based blog already seeing this thing as an inside job –whereby the top leadership of Kenya knew about and played along with the plot.

        The amplification of the death of a son to Uhuru’s second cousin — not immediate family — was particularly meant to completely distance State House away from any suspicion..

        Well, it’s not enough!

        I already see billions of taxpayer shillings in lawsuits to families of victims — all because the POLICE and CID failed to act to prevent imminent death…(reckless negligence)…all in the name of saving one Wanyokwa from the Hague…

        Who would’a guessed the misappropriation of State instruments of power in the fight against ICC was going to be this bloody!!!!

        I feel terribly sorry for the victims. My own sister and my nephews are a frequent visitors to this mall. Needless to state, they are terrified beyond belief. The kids have not gone back to school– not far from the venue — which was closed since the attacks.

        A security consultant I spoke with questioned several things surrounding the whole tragedy…right from the shenanigans that went on between Kenya’s law enforcement and foreign agencies (FBI, Mossad) who offered immediate help…to the protracted delay in seizing the building…(done in slow-motion … with conflicting reports of things being “under control” then “not yet”)…culminating in the literal blasting down of sections of the mall under suspicious claims of a mattress-borne fire.

        Was someone deliberately burning up some evidence?

        That is what it looks like. Anyone gets a stark reminder of the slow-motion release of Presidential results in March?

        Quite mysterious and nefarious things going on…under this ICC threat.


        • Job,

          Listen to this clip where Julie Gichuru interviewed Raila Odinga months ago, and Odinga alludes to the fact ICC pressure will motivate Jubilee Government to “make the country “ungovernable” so as to escape ICC. Listen in, especially Odinga’s remarks at minute 28.00

          Those are very serious allegations that were never denied nor challenged by anyone within the KE Government..

          Meanwhile, where is the link to the American blog you refer to that alleges this to be an inside job? Kenya is starved of information and we are having to rely on Al Jazeera and Daily Mail for uncensored scoops of this heinous act.


    • Job,

      How right you are! Check this out and please read between the lines!! Holy Molly! Lives of both Kenyans and foreigners have been sacrificed again for the sake of two individuals who possibly committed crimes against humanity in Kenya during the PEV!!!

      Mall raid rallies foreign support for ICC-indictee Kenyatta

      While it hurts Kenya’s tourism and investment, the bloody Nairobi mall assault by Islamist militants will help President Uhuru Kenyatta bolster international support as he confronts charges of crimes against humanity at The Hague.

      Accused by prosecutors at the International Criminal Court of fomenting post-election bloodletting in 2007/2008, Kenyatta leads a nation that is now in the spotlight as a victim of crimes punishable under international law.

      Saturday’s raid on Nairobi’s upscale Westgate mall, in which Islamist militants killed dozens of civilians in a hail of gunfire and grenades, has won Kenya words of support and firm condemnations of ” terrorism” from leaders around the world.

      This could shift the diplomatic scenario for a 51-year-old president, whose election in March as Kenya’s head of state had already added a new dimension to the ICC prosecution against him. He denies encouraging the post-election violence that killed upwards of 1,200 people.

      Kenyatta’s allies are arguing that the security implications for Africa and the world of the weekend mall attack claimed by the Islamist militant group al Shabaab from neighboring Somalia should take priority over the president’s obligations to the ICC, where he is due to face trial on November 12.

      “Do you want to focus on the ICC when so much has to be done?” Moses Kuria, a strategist for Kenyatta’s Jubilee coalition who has worked alongside him, told Reuters.

      He suggested the ICC suspend its ongoing prosecutions against Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto, for two to three years, to allow them to confront a threat to Kenya’s security that the Kenyan leader has called an “international war”.

      “The security concerns of the world at this time would better be served by us focusing all our energies on fighting terrorism, and … ensuring the whole of Africa will not be a safe haven for terrorism,” Kuria said.

      “Therefore, it will be untenable to have these cases continue,” he added.

      ICC judges on Monday adjourned Ruto’s trial, which began this month, for a week to allow him to return home and deal with the mall attack crisis.

      ICC spokesman Fadi El-Abdallah said Kenyatta’s defense lawyers had filed a request for the Kenyan president to not physically appear at his trial in the Hague next month, but participate via video link.

      All requests for adjustments, suspensions or postponements would be considered by the judges on a “case by case” basis, he told Reuters, without commenting further.

      Western governments, obliged to walk something of a diplomatic tightrope in their relations with the ICC-indicted pair after their election, now seem willing to work more closely with them, especially in anti- terrorism cooperation.


      “I would regard the need to combat terrorism as essential business,” the European Union’s Africa Director Nick Wescott told Reuters. He was in Nairobi specifically to discuss with the Kenyan authorities the security implications of the weekend attack, which killed several expatriates as well as Kenyans.

      Asked whether this would mean greater Western flexibility towards dealing with Kenyatta, Wescott said the two issues – the Kenyan leader’s ICC trial and his international role in fighting Islamist extremist violence – should be kept separate.

      But he added: “Let’s see how it goes. It is essential that we all work as closely together as possible to deal with threats like this in Kenya, in Somalia, everywhere.”

      Reflecting this intensified cooperation, Kenyan Interior Minister Joseph ole Lenku said the United States, Israel, Britain, Germany, Canada and the police agency Interpol were assisting in the investigation of the Westgate mall incident and the identities of the attackers.

      But for those who want Kenyatta to face justice and an end to what they call a culture of impunity in Africa, the idea of giving the Kenyan leader any judicial leeway is anathema.

      “As tragic as the events at the Westgate mall are, the number of people killed there is a fraction of the people who were killed in the course of the events Kenyatta is accused of orchestrating,” said Makau Mutua, a Kenyan-born law professor at New York’s State University.

      He criticized the one-week postponement of the Ruto trial, saying the ICC acted emotionally rather than logically. He added he saw “short-term sympathy” over the mall attack but “for Kenya, not for Kenyatta”.

      Global risk consultancy Maplecroft said the Shabaab attack on Kenya’s leading shopping mall showed up how the ICC trials against the Kenyan leaders would be “hugely disruptive to the processes of governance” in east Africa’s biggest economy.

      “As such, the attack will provide another opportunity for Kenyatta and Ruto to demand that their hearings are switched from The Hague to Arusha in neighboring Tanzania, or postponed altogether,” Maplecroft said in a briefing note.

      Ratings agency Moody’s said the assault would dent Kenya’s growth, particularly by depressing tourism.

      But Moody’s Assistant Vice President Edward Al-Hussainy added in a statement: “We also expect it to give President Uhuru Kenyatta’s new Jubilee coalition government an opportunity to galvanize a broader mandate and dull the international and domestic political effect of the ongoing International Criminal Court trial of the president and his deputy.”


      Kenyatta, who has up to now publicly pledged his cooperation with the ICC, has made clear that he is actively seeking international backing to confront the widening threat posed by cross-border jihadists like the weekend mall raiders.

      In a speech addressing the nation and its “friends” late on Tuesday when he announced that security forces had defeated the attackers after a four-day siege, Kenyatta stressed that ” terrorism is a global problem that requires global solutions”.

      “Kenya will stand with our friends in tackling terrorism and I ask our friends to stand with us,” a somber president told his nation, adding that Kenya had “stared down evil and triumphed”.

      Since the mall attack, Kenyatta has received calls and messages of support from world leaders including U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

      Kenya is seen as a key ally in the fight against violent Islamist extremism in the Horn of Africa and Kenyan troops form part of an internationally-backed African peacekeeping force in Somalia that has put al Shabaab on the defensive.

      In contrast, another ICC indictee, Sudanese President Omar Hassan al Bashir, who is accused of orchestrating genocide in Darfur and is defying an arrest warrant, is treated as a pariah by the West.

      Kenya’s government, backed by east African states and some other nations on a continent that is increasingly suspicious of a perceived anti-African bias by the ICC, had already asked the ICC to suspend the hearings scheduled for Kenyatta and Ruto.

      African leaders are due to discuss the Kenyan prosecutions at the African Union next month, amid some calls for a walkout by African states from the decade-old ICC. [ID:nL5N0HC3MP]

      The Hague court’s prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda of Gambia, who is leading the cases against Kenyatta and Ruto, has given no indication so far that the ICC will ease up on the prosecutions.

      In a statement on Tuesday, Bensouda said she was ready to work with Kenya and the international community to bring to justice those responsible for the weekend raid in Nairobi.

      “Such attacks by armed groups upon innocent civilians are contrary to international law and may constitute a crime under the Rome Statute, to which Kenya is a State Party,” she said.

      Evelyn Ankumah, Executive Director of Netherlands-based Africa Legal Aid, said that from a legal point of view the Nairobi mall attack should not affect the ongoing ICC cases.

      But Ankumah, whose organization supports human rights and criminal justice from an African perspective, said she could not rule out the possibility of the U.N. Security Council asking for Kenyatta’s ICC trial to be deferred, maybe for a year.

      “It would be naive to say that international criminal justice is not political,” she said



      • `

        That’s where I was coming with the timing issue — this unprecedented level of non-professionalism, indiscipline, corruption, and ineptitude within the entire lot of security and defense agencies (Police, CID, Counter-terrorism unit, & military KDF) is being exposed at a time when the US Congress (in the preparation for appropriations legislation) is perusing through an earlier report of corruption, tribalism, ineptitude, and other abuses by Kenyan security forces. Your guess is as good as mine — it is only under such confusion can such forces be used for nefarious agendas that have got nothing to do with securing the country.

        Are these surely the forces to depend on for real counter-terrorism? Can these forces surely secure JKIA in case the airport security level is graded higher –to allow for direct flights between the US and Nairobi? The whole world is watching for themselves…

        This is how a nation stiffles its own development –by being complicit in ineptitude, corruption, tribalism, and non-professionalism. A nation should never allow itself to misuse its own security apparatuses for politics, and tribal agendas….allow its taxpayer paid and subsidized military staffers to loot and abuse its own people…then expect citizens to call them heroes. These are the same goons that killed its own citizens during PEV.

        The US has been funding these forces to the tune of billions annually. Congress is now demanding strict vetting and accountability within all Kenyan units receiving U.S. assistance (NSI, CID, Counterterrorism unit, Counter-Narcotics unit, DoD). These reports of looting only corroborate the mess reported about Kenya’s security forces. How do these agencies expect to continue reaping from US dollars in terms of increased security and counterterrorism cooperation – with the same inept but conniving, and corrupt faces at their helm?


      • job,

        The part that is very disturbing is that the fact as early as Saturday the looting was already going on which means the soldiers were not facing fire from the alleged terrorists as early as that. You cannot loot buildings when are under fire. Then for the next two days all that talk about hostages held by the terrorists who were killing civilians and security officers was just a pile of lies. In fact the question is where are the terrorists, dead or alive. This is beginning to look one big con operation.

        Here is more confusion:


      • adongo this is not surprising

        i would venture to add that yes there were many heroic acts on that day

        but the reality is that the attackers had an incredibly limited scope of action, and they were able to execute it within the first hour and then completely wasted the next hours to the end of the siege with nothing to do except wait for their end.

        it is therefore not surprising either that only four of them were left behind and were either killed by collapsed floors or hopefully not somehow escaped from the mess leaving behind people still trapped in the buildings

        here is the deal,
        – if these attackers intended to take hostages, they would have rounded as many of them up as possible, they would have identified some place where they would take them, and then from that vantage point would either systematically eliminate hostages while trading with authorities. but no, they filtered non muslims from muslims and shot everyone else

        – if they were on a suicide mission, why play hide and seek. if their game plan was shoot to death, then they simply would be walking from shop to shop shooting at anything that breathed until their guns were empty or were killed. but instead we see them burst out with gunfire killing/injuring quite a number and then incredibly move into one spot without a single hostage from where they engaged armed personnel

        from this its quite clear that either they had two groups – one that intended to get in, hit quickly and get out, and a second group either too inexperienced for the mission or most likely brainwashed to fight to death but with no objective or target hence finding themselves cornered in one part of the building for two or three days

        for the kenya security, if there existed a group that went in, hit targets and then came out with victims, that presents a horrific nightmare, because they will do so again and again. the group they left behind has no imagination other than tote a gun

        which brings me to the response

        reading all the amazing and captivating stories from all the “heroes” of theday paints a hopeless picture

        first am very proud of what they did

        but here am critical of organisation. all of them talk of individual effort, and little coordination. there is some random commonality of purpose in reaching out and helping

        here is what i mean, look at the video of the officer that crawls to where the mother and two children are lying down, and then after some very commendable engagement convinces them to leave and he is seen carrying one of the children and assist the mother to leave. all this was very courageous and his efforts lauded

        but from a military standpoint, when an officer relies on the grace of God, then you are simply a sitting duck

        i.e if for example, the attackers had split into say three groups, some to get into the mall and starting shooting at random, while other group would sit out and wait for the ones coming out ….. you get my point…

        my concern here is that this officer was crawling on the ground towards this family with only a bare hint of safety. he is not even aware of the folks above him, taking video film and only becomes aware of them a little after engaging the lady. now imagine of there were say 14 attackers still still roaming the corridors.

        we were very fortunate in that these attackers had very little imagination or resolve. because the kind of weapons /rifles they had, compared to the hand guns of the first officers on the scene were simply no match.

        anyway in as much as these officers did the best they could, clearly the force needs more training in rapidly securing such acts of barbarism

        in truth, these guys never took hostages, all they did was walk in corridors and through shops shooting at whatever moved, and having completed their walk, reassembled at some position to square it off with authorities

        hostages were actually people trapped in positions from where they could not move but in reality at that point were not the target for the attackers who instead taunted officers to come out and fight

        so the rescue of the shoppers did happen, but not as a rescue from captivity but more of as trapped in cross fire

        from the victim perspective it doesn’t matter one way or the other because a bullet when served, kills just the same

        but for the police service the difference here is in tactic and especially in this case the complete reliance on good fortune that the attackers really had no game plan

        in fact the real story here is that so many were rescued despite the lack of organisation of the forces, and most of those rescues happened due to lapses by the attackers and well before the tactical KDF team moved in. from then on, its unclear how many trapped people got freed.

        video footage shows hundreds running out in the early stages, and then a trickling out the next hour or two after that all we see are grim faces in jungle fatigues, and then smoke …. and now we are learning folks walking out with loot.


      • With all those people who were in the mall and all the talk about hostages, what I find most incredible is that not a single person has come forward and described any hostage experience.


      • `

        You’re right! The weekend looting and beer-drinking spree by the soldiers pretty much confirms there was neither a hostage situation nor ongoing security operation in the building…just good ‘ol cover-up and theatrics for the gullible public.

        Many more unanswered questions keep popping up?

        – The evolving number of terrorists
        – Misreported number of civilian casualties
        – No bodies of terrorists
        – No report of any hostages who were actually released by the so called terrorists
        – Why was a lead security official (originally set to coordinate the rescue) killed at the site
        – Why did Foreign Minister Amina Mohamed lie on TV about British and American participants in the attacks…only for Kimaiyo to contradict those claims
        – Who at the OP, CID, and Police sat on the intelligence reports from NSI – that pre-warned about these attacks?

        It should be clear by now to most people that it is indeed the KDF that actually collapsed the Westgate building (by setting it on fire). What evidence were they trying to conceal?

        Since Sonko and Gichangi revealed they reported impending attacks — it is clear this is nothing but a huge con operation (often called a false flag operation).

        Hundreds of lives were sacrificed in a bid to play ICC politics. Real tragic.

        No wonder Bensouda (who seems to have an inkling who the real terrorists are here) offered to investigate the Westgate Mall terrorist attacks. Looks like she already knows the terrorist masterminds!


      • this is a great reconstruction of the westgate attack. the jigsaw pieces beginning to fall into place quite plausible although there are still many missing pieces that authorities need to fill in

        regretably the kenyan media and authorities take too long to provide accurate or engage in disinformation and we have to rely on foreign press to know whats happening in our house. aaiiiishh

        i mean we have another friggin commission (what happened to the JKIA fire commission) give us a break. the more things change, the more they remain the same


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