Wentangula Giving Jubilee Antagonists Sleepless Nights in Bungoma County


When Justice Gikonyo of High Court in Bungoma read his ruling that saw him nullify the election of Sen. Moses Wetangula as the Senator of Bungoma County, Jubilee supporters and enthusiasts celebrated without hiding.

The petition challenging Mr. Wetangula’s election was filed by Jubilee flower girl, the ageing Musikari Kombo, who was beaten by the former Sirisia MP and had the backing of top Jubilee echelons who sponsored him to the end.

The posting of Justice Gikonyo to Bungoma was a well calculated move by the State to try and destabilize a united CORD which after having its Presidential election stolen refused to disintegrate and instead became stronger.

It is worth noting that most of the successful election petitions have been in CORD strongholds and the aim is to try to weaken CORD. It is a manifestation of the desperation by the Jubilee administration which apparently seems to have a phobia for a united and strong opposition.

It is also clear that some elements in the judiciary have refused to live with fact that the constitution dictates that the Judiciary must be independent of any other organ, be it be the Executive or the Legislature. They are working at the behest of the system which is desperate to justify the non-existent theory of the ‘tyranny of numbers’ by trying to sneak into other people’s territories.

Back to Sen. Moses Wetangula and the Bungoma ruling, it is now clear that the players and the enemies of the people of Omulembe are hell bend to try to kill the rising political star of the FORD-Kenya party leader. They are scared of his influence in the Bungoma politics and his unwavering support for the increasingly popular Coalition for the Restoration of Democracy (CORD) which he is a co-principal.

Even before the dust settled on the ruling by Justice Gikonyo, and the thousands of supporters of Sen. Wetangula in Bungoma come to terms with the hard hitting news of the nullification of their Senator’s election, the Jubilee charlatans in Bungoma hatched another plot to have him shut out completely so that they can have their way.

A night meeting at the Nzoia Guest House that evening which was attended by Kombo, the wobbling Eugene Wamwalwa, the corrupt Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka and Jubilee officials agreed to have millions of shillings spend on blocking Mr. Wetangula from defending his seat in the yet to be set by-election, which if called anytime from now, he will hand them a resounding defeat.

The meeting’s agenda was simple, ‘lock out Wetangula and we have our way’… They simply want Wetangula out of the political scene so that they can pay off the 75% of the Members of the County Assembly who whole heartedly support him and loot Bungoma County.

A bird in the meeting whispered to me that the Mr. Lusaka complained that Sen. Wetangula has a lot of influence among the Members of the County Assembly of Bungoma and that, this was making it impossible for him to loot. Lusaka who is one of those spearheading Wetangula’s exit from the political scene is uncomfortable with Mr. Wetangula who is strict and would not want the people of Bungoma to be defrauded by corrupt people in the County.

It was therefore agreed that money be sought from State House, and that Amb. Yvonne Khamati who has close links with State House and has unlimited access to the house on the hill to co-ordinate the whole onslaught. Amb. Khamati who is a known wheeler-dealer and bootlicker of the system was tasked with the responsibility of sponsoring two voters to move to court and seek Mr. Wetangula from vying in the by-election on claims that he ‘treated’ voters in the March 4th General Election.

She was also tasked with the responsibility of talking to Justice Gikonyo who is her personal friend and has been seen together him wining and dining in popular joints in Nairobi to ensure that their mission goes through. Of late, Ms. Khamati has been quite on social media, ostensibly busy working on her new role ‘The Maliza Wetangula’ role.

The state will provide the money and Khamati will be the ‘Chief de’ Mission’. Blogger Steve Biko aka @SokoAnalyst on twitter will spearhead the war on social media and has a budget set aside for him to execute the mandate. Ms. Khamati will also be the link between the forces of doom with the media and will ensure that every event as it unfolds, receives good coverage. The meeting point with journalists and editors will be a nyama choma den popularly known as ‘Teremesha Kijiji’ along Dennis Prit Road in Kilimani area just before the exclusive Palacina Interiors.

Messrs Kombo, Eugene and Lusaka and also former Kanduyi MP Alfred Khamati have a phobia for Mr. Wetangula’s progressive style of politics. They are sympathizers of the Jubilee administration and have been engaging with the group of twelve Members of Parliament, dissident legislators who have been walking around with Deputy President Mr. William Ruto and trying to have him gain inroads in Western. This group of politicians is aware of the fact that Mr. Wetangula’s support has grown in Bungoma and that they cannot penetrate it with outsiders when he is still actively involved in politics.

Coupled by the enormous support the ODM Leader and CORD Co-Principal Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga enjoys in the region and the cordial relationship he has with Mr. Wetangula, Mr. Wamalwa and his henchmen Mr. Kombo and Mr. Lusaka know the die is cast and that they can only survive in politics by using unorthodox means to eclipse Mr. Wetangula from politics.

Mr. Lusaka on the other hand believes that his creditors in government including former head of public service Mr. Francis Kimemia (who together with others raised millions of shillings from public coffers) and gave him to win the Bungoma gubernatorial seat want their money back and he can only raise it by hoodwinking County Representatives to pass unreasonable budgetary allocations to amorphous projects. He believes Mr. Wetangula who commands respect in the County Assembly would not have him have his way.

They have been planning to invite President Uhuru Kenyatta to Western but it has been difficult because they know the ground is not prepared to receive him. Western is basically and CORD zone and they feel Wetangula’s presence in the political scene is an impediment to their plans. They have forgotten that Mr. Kenyatta referred to one of their own, Mr. Musalia Mudavadi as a devil.

A visit to State House last week by the NFK & UDF top officials was a clear indicator that they are not for the interest of the people of Western but their own selfish interests. They want to mortgage Western to outsiders who have no regard for the welfare of the people of Mulembe.

To add insult to the injury, recent pronouncement by Kakamega Senator Dr. Bonny Khalwale that he will without fear of intimidation rally behind Mr. Wetangula’s re-election to Senate caught the Jubilee crybabies’ off-guard. Sen. Khalwale was categorical in his announcement that the only politician today in Western whom the people of the Luhya community can rely on for the future is none other than Sen. Moses Wetangula. Indeed, that is a fact. Dr. Khalwale spoke for the rest of the Luhya community and whoever goes against his declaration is an enemy of the people of Omulembe.

Kakamega Governor Mr. Wycliffe Oparanya followed suit and stated that he will spend his fortune to ensure Sen. Wetangula is re-elected in the by-election. The people of Omulembe are always peaceful people, but this should not be mistaken for a weakness. This is the time the Luhya people separated the wheat from the chuff and realized who their enemies from within are.

Mr. Wetangula today is the darling of the people of Bungoma County who want their interests protected, rather than sold to outsiders. The political torture that he is being subjected to has expanded him his support base from without Bungoma County in Western region. The Luhya people will unite and send a chilling statement to their enemies that, Western is not for sale.

11 comments on “Wentangula Giving Jubilee Antagonists Sleepless Nights in Bungoma County

  1. Jubilee leaders back Wetang’ula

    Six Bungoma County Representatives elected on parties allied to the Amani and Jubilee coalitions have declared their support for Cord candidate Moses Wetang’ula in the race for the county’s senate seat.

    Mr David Barasa (Kimilili New Ford Kenya), Mr Ben Kipkut (Chesikaki URP), Mr Chrisantus Wechuli (Kimaeti URP), Mr David Fwaro (South Bukusu New Ford Kenya), Mr Jack Kawa (Bokoli (Kanu), and Mr Justus Kibaba (Kibingei New Vision Party) said they are supporting Mr Wetang’ula because he has been at the forefront of advocating for the full implementation of the Constitution.

    Amani threats

    Kaptama ward boss, Peter Cherui, who was elected as an independent candidate, is also backing Mr Wetang’ula. The former senator is facing Mr Musikari Kombo in the December 19 by election.

    Speaking after declaring their support for Mr Wetang’ula, the leaders also said they have been threatened by both Amani and Jubilee coalitions, who want them to support Mr Kombo. No amount of pressure or intimidation will make them change their decision, they said, adding, they are ready to return to the polls.

    “We have the mandate of the people. When we are pushed to the extreme, we will go back to the same people to make a decision,” Mr Barasa said.

    He said his party leader former Justice Minister Eugene Wamalwa has threatened to have him removed if he continues backing Mr Wetang’ula.

    Mr Barasa challenged Mr Wamalwa and the entire Amani coalition to first crack the whip on Governor Ken Lusaka and Kakamega senator Dr Boni Khalwale, who are not supporting Mr Kombo.

    Mr Lusaka has said he will remain neutral while Dr Khalwale is supporting Mr Wetang’ula.



    • Mt. Elgon leaders have today stated that their community is not for the highest bidder in the forthcoming Bungoma Senatorial by – election but they will advise the community to vote for a development minded and visionary leader.

      Speaking at Kaptama in Mt. Elgon today, the leaders who included County Representatives, teachers officials, former civic leaders, youth and women representatives, the leaders accused the area MP of trying to mortgage the community in the upcoming by – election adding that they had made up their minds that they want FORD-Kenya Leader Mr. Moses Wetangula back to the Senate.

      The leaders who were drawn from both sides of the political divide assured Mr. Wetangula who was present that they will vote him since he is the only political leader from the region who implemented the resolution of the Mabanga power sharing deal among the communities living in the county that was signed last year.

      They said Mr. Wetangula nominated one of their own Mr. Peter Ole Ndiema to vie for the Transnzoia Senatorship on FORD-Kenya when New FORD-Kenya reneged and fronted Mr. Kipruto Arap Kirwa.
      Mr. Wetangula urged the people of Mt. Elgon to vote for him saying that he had been tested and was upto to the task.

      “I have come here today to humbly request you for your votes, I know last time you stood with my brother Ruto, but its time you supported your closest brother who is me” he added.
      Mr. Wetangula told his opponents to avoid using abusive language when campaigning adding that he was going to conduct very peaceful campaigns.

      Earlier Mr. Wetangula held a meeting with Church leaders from Mt. Elgon who promised to help him in his campaigns.


  2. With a month to go for the Bungoma Senatorial by – election (scheduled for Dec. 19th), Jubilee administration, continues with their unorthodox means to discredit & madsling CORD Co-principal Moses Wetangula ahead of the campaigns.

    Jubilee busybodies Eugene Wamalwa and Musikari Kombo with the help of their ever drunk comrade Musalia Mudavadi have been burning the mid night oil to find a way of pinning down Mr. Wetangula whose popularity has risen to the shock of his adversaries.

    It is worth noting that immediately after the High Court ruling that nullified Sen Wetangula’s election, Kombo had to be escorted by two lorry loads of police officers to his Webuye residence. This was because the Bungoma residents were mad with him for being used to fight their popular leader even after they conceded defeat after Wetangula handed them a resounding defeat in the March 4 general election. Kombo conceded defeat and said that he was going to take care of his grandchildren and do farming.

    Kombo who is known for being so mean to the extend of even not being able to buy anyone a banana has suddenly become monied and quite liquid, splashing thousands of shillings to wananchi with the aim of wooing them to his dead side.

    Desperate is the man that he has now resorted to using a Webuye based pastor to advance his hate for the people’s choice (Sen . Wetangula).

    Pastor Nehemiah Mukubwa is Kombo’s ‘kanda ya moko’. He was his witness in the petition case that led to the nullification of Wetangula’s election as Senator.

    Pastor Mukubwa has been calling other men of the color in Bungoma threatening them and even promisingto give them money if they agree to write statements claiming that Sen. Wetangula gave them money during campaigns.

    A pastor from Bungoma who is a victim of Pstr. Mukubwa’s intimidations confided to us that he received a call from Mukubwa who told him to travel to Nairobi to write a statement against Wetangula and will be paid well.

    Until recently, Pst. Mukubwa was a pauper in Webuye but his fortunes have changed and is now one of those who can be counted to have some coins, thanks to Kombo and Wamalwa.

    Pst. Mukubwa told the Bungoma pastor that he should be on the right side of politics. “Wewe kuja Nairobi uanfike statement tumalize huyu jamaa”. He went on to brag how he is well taken care of by his funders, “unaona sasa mimi naishi hapa Hilton hotel mahali singeweza kuishi maishani mwangu. Huwezi kupigana na serikali bwana” he went on.

    The pastor is being housed at the luxurious Hilton hotel and is Kombo and Eugene’s pointman. However, despite the antics by his antagonists, Wetangula is the people’s choice and the most popular politician in Bungoma today.

    The desperation by the Jubilee administration and their spanner boys in the more increasing CORD region of Western was aggravated by last week’s appointment of UDF Senator Bonny Khalwale to the Finance committee of the Senate. Khalwale has declared his support for Sen. Wetangula and ensure that he reclaims his seat. The other UDF Senator from the region who is supporting Wetangula is Vihiga’s George Munyasa Khaniri.

    CORD plans to mount a campaign billed the ‘mother of all campaigns’ in Bungoma to ensure that Wetangula gets back his seat to serve his people as he had began to.


  3. What a disgrace to luhya people this man mudavadi is. Read on…

    NAIROBI, KENYA: Amani Coalition will support Musikari Kombo of New Ford Kenya in the impending Bungoma by-election.

    A meeting of coalition partners on Thursday at UDF headquarters agreed to give the nomination to the candidate in order to maximise chances of winning the seat.

    Amani said it will also support Isaa Timammy of UDF for the Lamu gubernatorial seat.

    “We will mount joint campaigns for our candidates to ensure they retain the seats”, the Coalition said.

    At the same time, the Amani Coalition called upon Cord to avoid politicising and bringing ethnicity in court judgments that are not in their favour.

    “We in Amani have lost several seats through petitions but have not conspired to accuse the Judiciary of favoritism. We have never looked at the ethnicity of a Judge. As leaders, we must respect judicial decisions whether they favour us or not”, said UDF and Amani Leader Musalia Mudavadi.

    He said Amani coalition through Kombo was robbed of clear victory in Bungoma and cautioned against offensive language by Cord.

    “Our candidate is a native and veteran leader from Bungoma. It is uncouth to call him names because it amounts to insulting voters”, said Amani.

    “The people of Bungoma should not be cheated their victory was stolen. This time round courts were clear who may have stolen their right to vote for a leader of their choice”, added Mudavadi terming claims by Cord that the court stole their win absurd.

    He cautioned that blaming the courts was a bad precedent where the public will loose faith in settling disputes within the confines of the rule of law. He said Cord leaders were going beyond criticism of court decisions and condemning the Judiciary wholesome.

    “You cannot accommodate the Judiciary by defending a petition and turn around to rubbish the institution merely because it did not favour you”, he said.



    • Ha! Ha! Ha! – Even before the ink dries up the guns for hire are crawling out of the woodworks. We knew that this would happen and it was just a matter of time. Without saying much, I know is that Wetangula will give Kombo a beating of his life.


      • You dont expect these propagandist to admit that they are hatchet boys for Jubilee government do you Mr. Blog-Admin?

        The ground is CORD’ed and we wait to see the action IEBC will take when the writs are issued by Speaker of Senate.

        CORD coalition agreement is clear on party strongholds. This is strictly a FORD-K affair but ODM may donate a candidate as it has strong people from the locality ready to step in should Wetangula be debarred by IEBC. Lets wait and see.


      • Phil

        I was thinking these guys would provide some argument in rebuttal but haven’t heard a peep from them

        Maybe they are re-strategizing perhaps from a different hotel where there are no flies on the wall


    • Soko Analyst is a Jubilee hatchet guy, to be taken in same boat as Itumbi. This is just to warn him, as a luhya, to be very careful not to be misused in upcoming Bungoma by elections.

      Perhaps he should address issues raised and dispute them with facts if he feels they are inaccurate?


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