Why is the grand thief Gladys Shollei still in office?


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Shollei’s brazen corruption and abuse of office

It is clear Gladys Shollei has been coordinating on behalf of a corruption cartel (probably being pulled from the Deputy President’s office) a concerted and determined effort at mega-corruption. It has already cost the Judiciary billions of shillings.

The cartel’s protectors in parliament have now circled wagons around Shollei’s accusers. The fight-back has unveiled discomforting truths about some JSC members – starting with the crooked heckler called Ahmednassir Abdullahi…who is apparently as corrupt as Shollei.

Chief Justice Mutunga should at least try to restore a little credibility in the Judiciary by rooting out this growing corruption – starting with sacking Shollei. THE ROT IS BEYOND REDEMPTION…see for yourself:


16 comments on “Why is the grand thief Gladys Shollei still in office?

    • Well well well, wonder never cease.
      So these guys are going to kick out everyone including the CJ?
      Good luck.

      If only they would accept that Shollei is a thief then go on to sack the other thieves in JSC then I will be ok with them. But protecting one thief and trying to get rid of other thieves does not add up.


        • If you haven’t yet had a chance, do read this flurry of emails from the CJ’s war council


          It shows the mindset behind the people behind the CRJs woes and the uncanny scheming and planning behind her ouster.

          Clearly there is rot in the judiciary and Gladys Boss Shollei is definitely not clean in this saga. Her history from previous employ is also mentioned NCLR, IIEC etc, and she does appear to be closely tied to Moi and his minions

          The master strategist in the CJs war council is Joel Ngugi who appears to be reading from the same script as Mutahi Ngunyi.

          They devise a Thirty One Point Strategy (TOPS) at about page 45 which is then clinically executed. It is clear from this that it is multi-pronged and probably has the inputs from OP strategists and probably Ahmednasir. Nevertheless the strategy is to dispense with CRJ at whatever cost.

          Knowing how jubilee operates this will be the same strategy to be visited on the CJ and other institutions to bring all command under one house of Mumbi

          For some reason the CJ was firmly in the former CRJ’s corner for a while and then just as suddenly he flipped and is now the major crusader against her. It is not too clear what informed the change but clearly they worked on him for a while and something happened to trigger that change.

          For now the narrative from this nefarious war council is judicial transformation framework which is the same catchy ruse used when jubilee govt campaigned but the appointments tell a different story, and so am sure once the vacancies in judiciary are created, filling them up will not be too hard

          Adongo maybe you can take some time to go through those emails/correspondence and provide your feedback since you have a more closer knowledge of the CJ. Its a long read, but if you scroll to about page 40 that’s where the real stuff is. But you do need to read all the correspondence (some of it is duplicate so you can skim through quite fast)

          **[new info] Just gone through some 10 more pages of the document pages 50-60.

          Didn’t realise office politics could be this deep, but from the tone of the messages there is a clear power struggle/play in the judiciary pitting CRJ minions against CJ minions. Favors and sabotage are the order of the day from one to the other. Clearly the favors and sabotage have since been crafted to take illegalities from which the fallout has generated disciplinary actions or actionable items. The power play is in trips, recruitment, courses, location/posting etc and associated perks to each of these. These in turn generate loyalties to individuals (CJ or CRJ) and or/their hatchetmen.

          The JSC is brought in to legitimize and reinforce the (re) take over of the judiciary by the CJ’s team – it is this enactment of internal turf war that the so called war council is strategizing for and they label themselves fashioning themselves as the Jedi (good guys) war council from the Star Wars series, but in real life, and christening the arch-nemesis (the CRJ) as Darth Vader (the war lord that strikes terror in all that walk). Its kind of comical but is in fact a real life political struggle o battle for survival in the judicial chambers.

          Whereas my general impression is that there is mostly a perception war (of who has more clout, who has more loyalties, who commands more minions etc), the underlying problems manifest themselves in logistics, efficiency and of course cash payments either in salaries, per-diems or deals brokered etc.

          It appears the JSC enters this fray as “friend” to the CJ side (Jedi War Council) of the game. From then on its a question of isolating specific activities, find credibility gaps and label these as suspect/corrupt etc and of-course with usual govt inefficiencies in either delayed processes, long winding or just plain mischief, this is not hard to do. At this point it gets fuzzy, the CRJ shows some naivete in her explanations and also in the management because these govt procedures require extremely elaborate planning otherwise the treasury mandarins will have you for breakfast lunch and dinner everyday and twice on Sundays. Right form the get go, no one has the CRJs back and she relies on her placements and ghost players (from previous connections who cannot really show themselves), She is going to take the fall and hope the puppeteers will somehow salvage her (financially or as she claims, her reputation)

          [final edit/addendum]

          Phew .. finally having got to the final pages in summary

          First and foremost – this has been a power struggle within the judiciary pitting one axis centered around the Chief Justice, and another axis centered round the Chief Registrar

          The Chief Registrar demonstrates some cockiness and basically wanted to be an authority unto herself. Many times appears to take unilateral decisions where she should have consulted or obtained authorization.

          CRJ also demonstrates a casual and almost sloppy approach to major accounting issues which include the payment for properties and unfortunately for her, the major trigger is the fraud of 80m that gets detected, but starts her exit out of service.

          From reading those emails, this is probably a tip of the iceberg in that these were the major glitches noted, it is unclear how many under the radar deals have been done and covered, since there appears to be a general sloppiness in auditing expenditure.

          All in all, under the circumstances, this was not a problem of accounting but more of a problem of personalities. In due course the accounting audit would not reveal malpractice other than the one instance of 80m fraud which was effectively contained. The clash of personalities however was irreconcilable.

          Its probably true that a lot of the deals have favored people that could be associated with Shollei but these are difficult to prove since all money paid out are within market rates.

          In conclusion I think a private settlement should be reached and the story just joins other sad satires gathering dust on shelves. Unless Shollei has some earth shattering revelations, she does not have a leg to stand on. That she has been railroaded is not in doubt especially considering that any other person would have more or less acted the same (with varying degree of due diligence) the net outcome in terms of expenses would not have varied significantly even if different vendors, property owners etc were used.

          IMHO this has been a personality conflict within the judiciary.

          *** And then somewhere in there skip Pg 135 and then to Pg 147 out of the blue we have some interesting story on the Presidential elections/results 2013 and IEBC

          And then somewhere in there is some mention of the judges that were axed by JSC, as well as prof Githu. quite disconnected from the Gladys case but an interesting read. Clearly IEBC and TNA went to great lengths to cover up mischief in the presidential elections and the SCOK rubber stamped and endorsed the process.


  1. it seems that the grand mullah has won this round. But he, the grandmullah, Ahmednassir should also be sacked. Not because she has “worked” on Shollei but because he is just as corrupt.

    But the interesting is that Dr. Willy Mutunga who was on Sholleis side has all of a sudden changed sides. What flip flop. Has the grandmullah scared him once again. And what will the MPs who were supporting Shollei on account of tribe do? Interesting times while corruption continues.



  2. The more you look, the less you shall see. Ask yourself why the JSC is equally scared to conduct public inquiries. Have you heard the story of Goliath killing David?…well, neither have I!!!


  3. Job

    I came across that document and wondered WTH Kenya is all about

    Today we even celebrate Mama Ngina, Uhuru and the family as some of the celebrated billionaires in Africa

    Methinks terrorists have a field day recruiting disenfranchised Kenyans because we have provided the perfect field for it

    How do we allow say a Pattni guy to loot 17b, and then when kids are dying in NE due to preventable cancer that can be cured with 150,000 less than .002% then we gasp.

    the total loot stolen by those in power vs that required to remedy simple issues is appalling

    SHollei could perhaps be just another pawn in this game

    A learned imbecile, but a pawn nevertheless, hopefully she will be smarter than all of them but for now …….

    We now have Kenyan roulette…..

    Game on……..


    • This woman Shollei should have been out of office long time ago.
      But being the smart person she is, she pulled a fast one on Ahmednassir Abdullahi, threatening to expose his corrupt acts. That effectively killed the story. Apparently she knows one or two things about Ahmednassir Abdullahi that the man would not want to come out. So two corrupt people fighting each other = zero work.


    • This is shocking, incredible rot. What appears to be theft itself is shocking enough. More shocking is that large amounts have been involved over some time, which suggests that JSC has not been exercising oversight or, worse, perhaps even colluding. In either case, one wonders if JSC can now investigate the matter.


  4. The silence and inaction smacks of the kind of impunity that thrived during the Moi era. Has Shollei and her parliamentary backers succeeded in intimidating the Chief Justice and the JSC?


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