Kivuthu Kibwana to Resign as Governor of Makueni

I wonder what the CORD principles especially Kalonzo Musyoka is doing to stop this stalemate.  This is the time to show that they are leaders. But read on…..



MAKUENI County was staring at another by-election yesterday after Governor Kivutha Kibwana announced his intention to resign following a unresolved financial row with county assembly members.

The former presidential adviser is hospitalized out of the country, possibly in Israel, “with a bit of blood pressure and stress.”

“I have decided that I am not able to be of help to the people of Makueni in this matter. After I leave hospital, I will tomorrow offer a letter of resignation as governor of Makueni County Government. I thank you for the privilege of serving you since March 27, 2013,” he posted yesterday on the Makueni County Sharing Forum on Facebook.

“Makueni is in the intensive care unit and there is a need for communication between the County Assembly Members and the executive board,” he told visiting Commission for Revenue Allocation chair Micah Cheserem last month.

Yesterday Kibwana said he had failed to convince the assembly members to agree to a compromise.

“My negotiations have reached a dead end,” he said.

In its original Sh5 billion budget, Kibwana’s government had allocated the assembly Sh89 million but the MCAs demanded Sh1 billion instead.

“After trying to see whether the MCAs can come halfway to Sh554 million, that is, between our Sh484 million and their Sh624 million, they have said they will only accept Sh601 million,” he said.

Assembly salaries and allowances amount to Sh127 million so Kibwana argued that the only extra needed was for their “extra operations and that of their staff.”

He believes that the MCAs can still surrender Sh117 million from their proposed budget.

“For the Executive to cut its budget by 117 million we may be forced to cut some development projects and even reduce the number of ministries from 10 to a lower figure. As it is, the operations money for each ministry has been reduced to the nearest of minimum”

“The ball is now squarely on the side of the people of Makueni. The Executive has exhausted its capacity to negotiate with the MCAs. I am sorry to have engaged you for so long on this matter,” Kibwana said on Sunday in another post from his hospital bed.

The Kamba Council of Elders has tried to mediate but failed.

Kibwana said that the executive removed construction of the governor’s house and executive office from the 2013/2014 budget for.

“I have realized that I cannot effectively respond to what I perceive to be county assembly insensitivity to the people’s development agenda,” he said.

“He should take up the challenge and not throw in the towel. If he really wants to save money, he will not do it by resigning. The reconstitution of his government would alone cost the county much more than what he wants to save,” Makueni MP Daniel Maanzo said.

County Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior said he had not been officially informed of Kibwana’s resignation although he said he has spoken to the deputy governor.

If Kibwana resigns, his deputy Adelina Mwau will take over for the remainder of the term. She will make history as the first woman governor in Kenya.

It is unclear how the deputy governor will be selected

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By Mzee Posted in kenya

4 comments on “Kivuthu Kibwana to Resign as Governor of Makueni

  1. Phil

    The details are a bit sketchy and perhaps we need more information. Will look up the link for county budgets that Akinyi provided awhile back

    But from this article it looks like there was a huge disconnect between the county executive and the MCA. How does one allocate 98m when the request was for 650m? And then how does the executive then concede to a “compromise” for 480m? Smacks of mischievousness. Since these two groups are supposed to be working together for the benefit of the county, it appears the real issue here is more of budget control. Anyway we need a little more detail on this story. We need to see why the Makueni MCA is demanding for 601m and what it is budgeted for?

    The biggest problem with county governance is that many of these guys want to have high impact projects rather than focus on creating infrastructure for governance and delivery which is more important in these initial stages.


    • Phil,
      Seems that this fellow was just testing the waters and is not going to resign or wanted to but as you said convinced otherwise by CORD.

      It would be most interesting to know why Kibwana refused to let the MCAs have 601M and why he wanted them to get 89M instead. From this one can evaluate who is wrong/right. For the difference is so huge. I would understand if it were just 4-5M more but here were are talking of over 500M.

      As things stand lips are zipped and its impossible to know anything. So lets wait and see.


  2. Mzee,

    So far, Kibwana has not resigned as he had promised to do today, and I believe this is because there is a lot of behind the scene lobbying to avert the resignation.

    Although in CORD, Kibwana is not WDP which is also CORD affiliated. Kibwana was elected on Muungano Development Party. He defeated a Wiper candidate, and as you can imagine, the county government is dominated by WDP MCAs.

    Here is his pre-resignation statement for those who missed it.


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