Homa Bay county launches 560 billion AgriCity project

I think that this a county worth watching very closely because its seems to be making the right moves. I wish the county could develop and maintain a better homepage than facebook. Looks like the county is giving Kisumu county a major competition.

Anyways, he governor Cyprian Awiti says that….

“On Wednesday 2nd October, I launched our first flagship project – Homa Bay AgriCity at Riwa in Homa Bay. Homa Bay Agricity is expected to deliver on:
-100,000 homes;
-food storage silos;
-Light Industry Buildings;
-Commercial centre,
-Leisure facilities & Recreation parks;
-Agricultural College;
-Paved roads with street lighting;
-Sewerage treatment plant;
-Water Purification plant sufficient to provide clean water to every home;
-Uninterrupted Green Power generation plant;
-A dedicated internet connection per house;
-A satelite TV reception capability in each house; among other facilities

My appreciation still goes to Good Earth Power Company, through the CEO Jason Rosamond for choosing Homa Bay county to implement this mega project. God bless County Government of Homa Bay and its people as we begin writing our history!”



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There is hope for better economic times for residents of Homa Bay County as the much awaited Sh560 billion agri-city project was officially commissioned yesterday. The project, a joint venture between the county, Good Earth Power (GEP) and Urban Green Energy, is the first of its kind under the devolved system of governance and will be rolled out in phases for a period of 30 years.

Homa Bay governor Cyprian Awiti and senior directors from Good Earth Power, which is the major partner, graced the event at Riwa area in  Karachuonyo  sub-county. Speaking during the event, Awiti lauded the project and all partners, saying creation of an agricultural industry is key to the county’s economic growth, job creation and improved livelihoods for residents.

“This project will put Homa Bay at the same level with other Future Earth Communities as the city will provide all services of a modern urban setting such as schools, health clinic, community centre, leisure facility, commercial centre, and administrative buildings within a secure, gated neighbourhood,” he said.

Awiti said the project involves construction of 100, 000 houses, modern road construction and communication network as well as clean power generation. Other venture include water purification, sewage treatment, waste management and construction of modern recreational facilities.

“The project will be on the fast lane to the achievement of the Vision 2030. The agri-city will house a large-scale agricultural production and processing industry while providing the infrastructure for a growing community as it will produce 175 Megawatts of clean energy,” he said.  The project is projected to provide at least 20,000 direct jobs.

Gep official Martin Gillard said they will ensure all the facilities and infrastructure are efficient and are maintained for future generations. The projects aimed at leading the way not only addressing housing and food security issues, but also in providing integrated infrastructure, creating neighbourhood communities and delivering jobs with practical skills education.

“We are excited to be part of this project. As a company, we focus on responsible development by leveraging proven, sustainable technologies to deliver next generation, modern communities for people in all walks of life under a ‘live, learn, work, play’ framework,” said Good Earth Power’s global chief executive officer Jason Rosamond.

“We look forward to working with the Homa Bay county government to launch our first Future Earth Community project in Kenya.” Beyond the benefits of the project itself, Gep will also implement its Power for Good programme that reinvests company profits into local community development schemes.

“As our key commitment is to serve people and communities, we have committed to re-investing 50 per cent of our profits to deliver everyday practical benefits at the grassroots level,” said Gep community development director, Maya Minkova.

Good Earth Power is an international consortium based in Oman, with interests in the construction, energy, communications and land development sectors.  The company’s primary purpose is to leverage unique technologies to drive forward self-sustaining growth and economic prosperity in developing nations through the provision of energy and infrastructure. – By DICKSON ODHIAMBO


25 comments on “Homa Bay county launches 560 billion AgriCity project

  1. My President Hon. Awiti that is the way to go. We will stand by u 2017. Provide the needy Hon. e.g students because they are leaders of tomorrow. Student of Spu. Nairobi campus. Struggling Sana to pay fee. My humble request is that consider such students. Going to stand by u.


  2. please we need to know the real identity of the cosortium since it looks to me that these are just international conmen out to punch holes in county governments. does it not sound as the same company was sent parking in both Migori county and Kisumu county. Mr Cyprian Awiti should seriously look at the company profile and their economic worth before engaging in serious economic transactions otherwise he will have to cry later when billions of money from county accounts are wired out without his notice. Who is GEP to pumt 560 billion in 30 years


    • `
      What I sense is a sophisticated form of land grab lease – to secure food security for export to distant lands in the Middle East by way of European agents. Thus, the AgriCIty’s chief beneficiaries are based abroad. The consumers of the products from the Nutridomes (big greenhouses) would mainly be abroad.

      It is therefore incumbent upon Homabay voters to ensure that before they agree to provide CHEAP LAND and LABOR to GEP…they get guarantees for schools, clinics, agricultural college, paved roads, street lights, and water purification plant. There should also be a full stop option at the end of the short leasehold depending on how things turn. Yaani, open your eyes wide!

      I know many folks in the county are viewing the project (& the Governor’s sales pitch) with cautious optimism.


    • Folks,

      Devolution as was programmed by the butchers of Naivasha who refused the sensible concept of 8-10 regional governments and came up with 47 counties is going to flop with disastrous consequences: Already they are crying but it is too late. Fighting Raila blindly has its consequences:


      It is funny that some M.Ps now see the foolishness of having 47 counties but when the battle was raging in Naivasha as the draft constitution was being mutilated by Uhuru and Ruto some of these people were cheering thinking this was just to beat Raila and his ideas. It was Kenya getting a beating. The harm that has been done to Kenya in the name of fighting Raila will continue to destroy the country for generations to come.

      The truth of the matter is that devolution was designed to fail. Those who have been robbing Kenya through the centralized power where everything comes from State House did not and still do not want this whole devolution thing.

      As it is the governors are not helping. Look at the ridiculous budgets posted somewhere here by Mzee. Those people are spending billions on so called recurrent expenditure and nothing on development. It is only going to get worse. Why? Because Uhuru and his lunatic friend Ann Waiguru who runs 27 departments are busy off loading workers to the counties but keeping the money that was budgeted to pay them. It is madness.

      Look at the doctors saga. Uhuru and his mob wants to offload them to the counties and yet the money to pay was budgeted with the ministry of health run by some fellow called Macharia who strikes me is a master fool. I will explain that later. But the point here is that whereas the medical services are supposed to be under the counties, there is nowhere in the constitution where it says their salaries cannot be paid by the central government and in fact all their pay and benefits are in the ministry of health budget. So Uhuru will keep the money and ask the counties to find some money to pay the doctors and other medical staff. How the heck does that work. That is how you design something to fail.

      The idiot governors thinking having doctors under their jurisdiction makes them look powerful jumped into the trick and never asked the central government why they are keeping the budget for the doctors etc and off loading them to the counties. Send the doctors and the money or keep paying the doctors and let them get the services coordinated by the counties. The same thing is going to happen with agricultural officers and everybody working with the ministry of agriculture. They are supposed to be under the counties and yet their salaries were retained in the budget of the ministry of agriculture.

      The central government retains 70% of the budget of the whole country and yet they want to offload 70% of the workforce to be paid by the counties. I am stunned nobody has figured this out. Not the M.Ps. Not the governors and not the senators. They are busy fighting over nonsensical things. This is the real elephant in this grass tent called Kenya. When the counties will be unable to pay for medical services and unable to pay for agricultural services etc, citizens are going to burn the county offices and assemblies down in a hurry.

      Then we have the nightmare of the counties collecting “revenue” through all sorts of mischief. They want to tax everything. Lories passing through counties are being taxed. Kabogo wanted to tax people for dying. Now I here they are even taxing chicken and goats in some counties. In Kisumu they just doubled rent for all municipal houses and apartments, most of which are in terrible shape (the good ones were stolen a long time ago). In Machakos Mutua has introduced all manner of levies (so much for the Machakos mega investments that were going to rain from everywhere). In Mombasa, same thing. The really tough thing here is that in the tiny counties there are only one or two urban centres that has to be taxed to death. In Kisumu it is Kisumu City. Who are you going to tax at Otonglo market?

      This thing needs to go back to the drawing board. The bonehead ideas of just reducing counties or reducing senators cannot happen because it will require another referendum and the thieves eating in these places will never want to be out of office. What is required is a sensible re-think and reworking of the budget allocations and setting perimeters of how that money gets spent.

      The nonsense investment conferences by governors have done their round now is the time to start the heavy lifting. With the mess at State House with crazy money grabs like that of the lunatic express railway, the country can easily be grounded and bankrupt in a few years. No money is going to rain from the sky to pay the madness going around. The other day I read about the entire MCA members of Kitui going for a trip in Israel and another mob going somewhere. That is tens of millions in one silly shopping spree. We are headed for major chaos in the midst of a financial meltdown.

      Then there is one other piece. Parliament is supposed to have 1/3 of its members being women. That was postponed by a bonehead ruling of the Supreme Court to August 2015. Come next year it is very likely that we will have an additional over 100 women M.Ps coming to parliament because there is no chance in hell that some male M.Ps will offer to quit and hand over their seats to women.

      Now why did I call the minister of health Mr. Macharia a grand fool? Because yesterday in the media he was reported to have visited Mathare Hospital where Kenya warehouses people with mental health problems. You know what got him really concerned? He was stunned that some of those in there were walking within the hospital. He asked why that is happening and claimed some of them are there because they killed people. With an idiot like that as our minister of health we should expect very little imagination to try to resolve the looming crisis in health services in Kenya.


      • Adongo,
        Thats a beautiful analysis. You hit the nail on the hit.

        What you are saying is that the idea being advanced of merging the counties in not after all a bad idea. But I think that those going for the merger might have other ideas. Might be they want to abolish the counties all together for Ruto was caught pants down claiming the government was about to dissolve marsabit county because of security reasons (which the county has no control over).

        If Im not wrong this is exactly what Jomo Kenyatta did. He starved the regions into extinction. His son is just following the same script. Kenya might just explode.

        William Ruto who is now just a spectator in all that is going on will have alot to explain to the people of RVP. Yes, they might follow him but devolution is in their hearts and I guess they feel cheated.

        Our governors dont care about anything. They are lining their pockets and exercising non existent powers. But what more, they signing silly MoUs with other countries that wont be implemented. Mara one is biulding a city, another 70K capacity stadium, another airport. Just crazy things


      • Thanks Mzee,

        Yes we have big problems with with the sabotage tag team at State House and clueless governors. But it is a war we must fight. I just made some changes on the piece to include the maddenning collection levies and all manner tax including Kabogo trying to tax people for dying.

        There is a public forum (KENYA BEYOND 50) on the new katiba for next week on Wed 29, 2013 being held at the Alliance Francaise organised by the Katiba Institute. A good friend of mine Waikwa Wanyoike works at the instiute and he is part of the crew putting it together.

        The panelists are Prof. Yash Pal Ghai, Mr. Micah Cheserem and somebody from the Institute of African Studies.

        I am sending some questions to Waikwa to put across to Micah Cheserem specifically on the issue of offloading civil servants to the counties while their pay was budgeted with ministries that are in the central government. How are the counties supposed to pay them. I will post the questions here and hopefully the answers. I am baffled that nobody has raised that question even in the senate which is supposed to protect devolution.

        Cheserem is the one dividing the money. He should tell us what the money in the ministry of health is for when counties pay for medical services.

        My thinking is that in ministries where the civil servants are supposed to work under the counties, there should be commissions like TSC which pays them with money from the Treasury while their work is monitored and streamlined by county offcials. Agriculture is there. Fisheries, livestock and even part of infrastructure and housing. And it is not just the salaries of civil servants. We have to include materials and other components of service delivery. In the medical services we need to figure out medications and other things needed to treat people including the supply of buildings, beds etc. Agriculture we need to deal with fertilizers etc.

        The nonsense that we need to change the constitution with a referendum for the central government to keep paying doctors is just utter rubbish. There are a million ways these things can be resolved. For example the governors can come together and with the ministry of health to form a Medical Services Commission which gets allocated the budget for medical services and then they work with counties to ensure everything is working and people are getting paid. You can’t devolve the services and keep the money.


      • Adongo I hear you.

        It’s so strange how most the counties are operating. You really don’t know what they are doing simply because nothing happens. Everything seems to be opaque except when complaining about this or that thing.

        Yes, it takes time to organize a county from scratch. But again this is the reason we elected governors whom we thought were smart enough to do this within the shortest period of time. We did not expect them to forever be in an organizational phase.

        It now seems that all governors do is to pose for pictures with all manner of foreigners who they claim they are in discussion of future business. This is well and good but would it not be nice to also see some ongoing work? I have not been to all counties but the few that I have been to eg Siaya and Kisumu have nothing to be proud of at the moment. Except for announcing what they intend to do, nothing is actually happening on the ground. Even simple things such as garbage collection have come to a standstill. One does not need foreign donation to this. Well, perhaps it’s necessary who knows?

        Most counties are just but treating symptoms of insecurity (even though this falls under the county government) than actually tackling the problem. Take the case of banning tuk tuk at night. How does this prevent crime yet there was crime even before this mode of transportation came about. Why can’t eg Kisumu County revive Kicomi or even buy the neglected brewery plant to make local beer and soft drinks. People don’t care if they are drinking beer from KBL or any other place as long as they can get drunk.

        How about water transport in Lake Victoria. The last time passenger ships sailed in lake Victoria from Kisumu to e.g. Homabay was in the 70s. Just cross to Tanzania and you still find MV Serengeti, Umoja and Bukoba still traversing the lake carrying passenger and goods, yet all these ships were brought from Scotland in crates and assembled in the dry docks in Kisumu. Or why not offer small loans aimed specifically for fish farming? These are the kind of things that would reduce crime. As Adongo stated above, governors must understand that they are working with a central government that is completely against devolution. So they must show, through example that this thing can work. The people must not only feel it but see it too. At the end of the day, it’s the people who will support the continuation of devolution or not.


      • And here is Turkana:


        The big thieves are talking big in Nairobi everyday and Kenyans have to go squat in Uganda to get food. Uhuru gave his new friend Ndetei the job to manage disasters. Where is she. May be she is busy managing how to control Kethi Kilonzo in Makueni. That is enough disaster for them to manage. Folks have been eating dogs in Turkana for weeks because kids were dying for starvation. It was in the news. A woman and her children eating dogs. Nobody has thought about what to do there. And where the hell is the county governor and other county leaders. May be they have gone for a trip somewhere. We have problems. Not leaders.


      • Here is the problem we have been talking about. The national government has kept all the budgeted money for civil servants in ministries like health, agriculture, livestock etc and yet they are busy off loading the staff to the countries.


        The result is a payroll system that makes no sense. In fact it means the damn payroll is being processed twice both by at the national level and at the county level. The doctors had a smart proposal. That is not how these things are done. Set up a payroll system which is national and gets money directly from the Treasury and let the doctors work with coordination and direction from the county level while getting paid directly by the relevant national body. That does not undermine devolution in any way.

        But folks like Ann Waiguru who is Uhuru’s gatekeeper on the devolution docket don’t listen to anybody. She has the attention of the prince and will do what the prince wants. Then you end up with this nonsensical and wasteful confusion. And then we have staff being seconded to the counties and no money sent to pay them. When the counties reject them, they are not going to be absorbed back in the national government. What happens to the money budgeted for them?

        The gonernors need to get their act together and bring this whole rationatisation of devolved civil service to the national platform for discussion and resolution. But I doubt they even have a clue on what needs to be done.


      • This counties amze me. There is so much rush to look like governors are doing something. But there priorities are really messed up. Here is one.


        Leasing 6 ambulances at Kshs 3.6 million each a month amounts to Kshs 19.8 million every month. I don’t know about the cost benefit analysis but with actually buying the ambulances. The showman in Machakos actually bought 70 ambulances. I suspect many governors will be hurrying to buy them but what I know is that the main issue for rural folk is to being rushed to an empty hospital. It is getting the facilities and actual medications that people need. Don’t rush me to go die in a delipadated hospital. Please. Fix the hospitals and clinics first.


        • The Governor of Homa Bay Cyprian Awiti prefers the hotel comfort and live benga bands of Kisumu Kondele and is driven 240 kilometers everyday to and from Homa Bay to Kisumu, passing his own palatial home in Mawego Karachuonyo about 30 Kim’s from his office.. all that the cost of the tax payer.

          Apart from Raila, (and you can check on YouTube) no other personality has more Luo benga songs in his name than Governor Cyprian Awiti, a well known party animal, who is unbeatable in flashing currency notes in stopping and restarting songs… A proven and feared thuon in revelling clubs


      • Yes, I understand that he prefers to stay at Kisumu Hotel than be in Homabay. Same goes for the clueless governor of Siaya.

        Its in this hotel that Cyprian Awiti, Jack Ranguma and Cornel Rasanga mint useless promises to the people and sign bogus MoUs.


      • Now here comes the real nightmare. The crazies in parliament and senate now want to set up a third centre of corruption called County Development Boards to be allocated 15% of the national budget.


        The senators cannot believe the luck of the governors and MCAs who are feasting breathlessly.

        If we thought the country was screwed before, now we are going to see the real thing. There is going to be another centre in each county with billions and absolutely and no specific responsibilities and zero oversight. Uhuru and his mashetanis will be feasting at State House, the governors feasting in their mansions and the senators now have their own table while the M.Ps can keep chewing at the CDF level.

        The governors as clueless as they are have no strategy on how to counter these moves. They have no ground support either and State House would rather have the counties dead altogether.

        This matter will have to go back to court and to the Supreme Court (which has its own issues) and the issue will be whether such an amendment which undermines the operations and existence of the county government needs a constitutional amendment complete with a referendum.

        Kenyans voted for devolution not some phony outfits minted to divert money from the counties. But for that to happen the governors need to get out of the pig sty and do some thinking and start behaving like adults. That is not going to happen any time soon. This whole government could end up in one huge mess where all the politicians are fighting over taxpayer money. Is China going to be able to really finance all that? May be not.

        But yeah,

        This is all about who gets to control and pocket your money. We are headed for utter chaos and all the M.Ps are into this plan. How about the opposition? What opposition. There is none. CORD as an opposition movement has collapsed completely. ODM is too busy with the so called party elections. Kenyans are on their own. If the country ever needed a coherent and viable opposition movement, that time is now. Good luck with that.


        Now according to that Standard version which is different from the DN version (may be they attended two different meetings), the County Development Boards will be another layer of power to look at the budgets submitted by the counties. That to me makes it easier to challenge this whole nonsense in court because it will mean a completely different form of govervance as opposed to the one Kenyans approved in 2010. Trust the greedy fools not to grasp the law and to be too greedy.


      • This was exactly my fear. The M.Ps are chopping the budget left, right and centre. Hiking money from the Judiciary while giving themselves Kshs 5 billion for cars and mortgages.


        And for the love of god, what exactly does it mean to “audit the new constitution”. The M.Ps have allocated Kshs 80 million to the PSC to audit the constitution! How do you audit the constitution? How will the money be used? To pay special auditors to go through the constitution. There is the constitution implementation commission whose job is to look into how the constitution is being implemented. The PSC has nothing to do with the constitution.


      • Adongo,
        We elected two thugs to rule the country.
        They are sitting there clueless or to be honest carefree of whats going on as long as they are getting their “fair” share of the loot.

        The MPs gave a “clean bill of health” in the SGR scandal and they (Uhuruto) in turn decided to turn a blind eye on anything the members of parliament do.

        Trouble is that they forgot the senate which is now doing everything possible to find its way into the loot. Just as you said in your previous post all have an avenue for looting except our poor senators.

        The jubilee government is turning out to be worse the Daniel Mois government in the short time they have been in office.


      • mzee,

        I agree with you that we have the worst political nightmare ever in the country and it is indeed worse than the moi era. They are not going to put us in jail. That is the good news but everything else is in a pathetic state.

        We have a filthy group of M.Ps in parliament where sycophancy has become a national religion. You look at people like Duale and Muturi and you shake your head wondering where they collect these kind of people and put them in positions of leadership. At least Moi had to order his sycophants to do things for him. The mob we have now are like trained dogs. You don’t have to worry about them. They know what they are supposed to do.

        Right now parliament is sickening. When Nguyai told Kenyans that they should be ready to elect dogs as long as they are loyal to muthamaki some people thought he was joking. He wasn’t. Kenyans did worse and the results are there for all to see.

        The next four years are gone pretty much. The nation is going to get sick and sicker. That is not a bad thing if Kenyans learn from it.

        A lot of the changes the M.Ps are yapping about will be hard to sustain. They can disfigure devolution but they can’t destroy it. Look at the proposals below.


        The senators will take over the management of all monies in the county and then they will distribute it to the M.Ps in each constituency to eat and put a little on their pet projects. These are not just insane proposals, they are highly illegal because they will render the county governments completely useless. But the lunatics will go on with their crap until the courts stop them. That is coming down the pipe. But that is a story for another day. The war by politicians to grab our money is on big time. Every politician wants to eat and eat big.

        The governors are the biggest threat to devolution as of right now. They started in the worst way possible and that makes Uhuru very happy. It is going to be easy to starve the counties because the governors are just too greedy and they have no idea what to do. The governors will just use the money to pay salaries and eat. Real work in the counties is only going to be possible with round two after most of the current governors are jailed or thrown out.

        I found this interesting:


        Joho has made a very smart move. I bet you most of the governors do not even know that they should collecting such fees as Joho is starting to. Imagine what they would collect in Nairobi or even Kisumu county. But then again they will collect it and never bank it in the county account.

        Most governors it turns out do not even know what physical assets belong to their counties. What else is new.

        Here is the other shocker:


        The governors have not realized that they have no business paying civil servants who are seconded to them from the national government. The budget for those people’s salaries were already allocated to the national government. For example ministry of agriculture has the budget to pay for agricultural officers. Why should the counties pay the salaries of agricultural officers seconded to them from the national government? They are under their supervision but they are supposed to be paid by the national government until the budget for their salaries is allocated to the counties.

        Even the doctors should be moved to the counties together with the budget that was allocated to the ministry of health and in future the ministry of health must transfer all monies for paying doctors and nurses to the counties. If that is not done the counties will be crippled and their job will be just to pay salaries for staff seconded to them. They wouldn’t have enough money for that. What do they think the national government is supposed to do with the 85% of the national budget? This foolishness will have to be sorted out sooner than later otherwise this whole devolution thing will die a natural death.

        This Uhuruto regime was a disaster waiting to happen. Now it is happening. There is a real risk of the country going bankrupt and being weighed down with so much loans that all money available will be used for paying salaries and interest on loans. The battle ahead of us is a big one. We have seen worse. We are ready for it. The test tube politicians as Ahmednassir calls them cannot scare anybody. They are going to bark themselves into exhaustion.

        One thing I can say for sure is that the senate is an unneccessary burden. If there is one institution we need to behead it it is the senate. They have no work at all. In other countries the senate is for checks and balance against the lower house. In Kenya it is just a bunch of idle wakoras with no work and zero powers. They think their job is to police the governors and find out which toilet they went to last. And now they want to deep their filthy fingers in the money bag making themselves county boards. Nonsense.

        The katiba may have to go back to the referundum at some point. Then we have the nightmare of 1/3 of M.Ps being women. That must be effective as from August next year. How are they going to do it. Add a hundred more seats for women or have gender change for men already in parliament. Tough call. We warned them but they never listened. Adding 150 or so more seats would drive Kenyans crazy. That is about Kshs 150 million per month and they are already crying about the wage bill. The other option may be a little easier. We will see how they pull that off. Good luck!


      • This is by far the best thing I have seen from the governors. Forget those endless “investment” conferences.


        This is the way to go. Take charge of what you produce in your county and put value to it and skip the conmen called brokers and processors in Nairobi. It is called value added at source. That is real economic development. Then we will figure out how the counties can tax the revenue for the source without giving everything to the KRA.

        This is what we need in Nyanza which produces billions worth of fish which is processed in Thika. Get the local folks and the investors to process the fish right where it is produced. You will get better prices, get people working and starve off the rip off con artists in Thika. Then do the same with fruits which we basically throw away and hawk at bus stops for five cents and other products. Stuff is going to work but it is going to take a while. Even sick people get cured if they take medicine. God forbid they take the wrong medicine. That is the problem we are dealing with.


    • To my long suffering friends from Kisumu county, finally something good comes your way.


      This is a big deal. With Al Shabaab holding the country hostage, Kisumu and the so-called Western circuit has a window of opportunity. And of course you have the Kisumu International airport. There is a joke about some people who never lose and opportunity to lose an opportunity. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen here.

      The advantage Kisumu has is that it is developed enough to sustain international tourism and is also at the heart of the East African region.

      We need to clean the godamn lake once and for all. We need to revitalize the Kisumu port and bring in investments in lake transport between the counties and the region as a whole. We need to bring in investments in lake sports and recreational activities. Build the beaches. Invest in infrastructure within the city.

      If these things are done, money will pour in for investments like water from the lake. (Oh yes). Nairobi scares the hell out of a lot of people (Kenyans) who have money out here and want to invest. Mombasa is pretty much out of the question. Nobody is going to Garissa or Mandera and Nakuru is Nakuru. Where else? Think about it. sawa.


      • Adongo,

        You’re right. It is ordinary vinyangarikas like us who are ultimately pushing the growth forward with a boom in construction and service upstarts. Kisumu, like many other counties, is actually on a forward trajectory. I just hope there will be more investors in agribusiness and industry. There is tones of opportunity.

        The devolution advantage needs to be chaperoned through the right hands and minds though. The Achilles Heel in most counties are the greedy MCAs and mediocre governorships. Serious vision, not Sonko-and-Kabogo-like money-fests, is required.

        In Nairobi, the county has ushered in an investment-killing hike in annual city rates…security is zero…driving and parking a nightmare…as KRA zeroes in on those renting properties…the incentive to invest in overcrowded Nairobi where the land regime is rotten is diminishing fast…with attention turning to counties.


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