Things 303 Billion Missing from Kenya’s Budget (Mars Group)

The Kenyan Auditor General has just published his report on the Government’s accounts for the year ending 30th June 2012.  He reports to Parliament that “33% of the total actual expenditure for 2011/2012 of Kshs.920,024,249,603 or Kshs.303,608,023,369 can be regarded as having not been properly accounted for.

We thought it necessary to estimate the opportunity cost of such huge losses of public finances.  So here are some things the  KES 303 billion missing could do for Kenyans.

KES 303 Billion would:-

1. Fund the Basic Education Programme for 10 years at the current Kenyan Government recurrent spending on basic education of Ksh 33 billion per annum (see appendix 1) also see:

2. Fund the Curative Health Programme for 15 years at the current GOK recurrent spending levels of Ksh 20billion per annum (see Apendix 2)

3. Fund the Preventive and Promotive Health Care Services programme for 20 years at the current government spending level of KES 14 bn/ annum (see Appendix 3)

4. This annual amount lost is 6 times as large as the Anglo Leasing scandal (which took place over 6 years between 1999-2005) and 2 times as large as the Goldenberg fraud (which took place over 5 years between 1990-1994)

5. And that’s quite apart from being enough to double allocation to all 47 counties from ksh 210 billion each year and still have enough to immediately repair the burnt Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and double the airport’s passenger capacity by completing already planned expansion projects such as the Greenfield project.

In conclusion; someone famous once said, “Kenya government can never go broke, only people like you and me can go broke.” That person was very wrong.  The question remains: what are we Kenyans going to do about this?

You can read the Auditor General’s Report here: (link)

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