KDF soldier: I helped westgate terrorists – true or false?

True or false I dont know but be the judge.


My name is Omar Abdi. I think Kenyans deserve to know the truth about what happened.  I joined KDF in 2006 and has been posted to various missions and at the same time I was an Islamic fighter.  I have also been paid to train Islamic fighters 2006 when we fought the Ethiopians for the Islamic courts union. We were paid directly a man called gabre halake, he is from Eritrea. At that time we were told the money was from Eritrea government. We were at a place called beledweyne and we could meet a man called indho ade for more money and guns. These we used to fight at Jilib. We sacrificed a lot but at that point, we lost contact with gabre halake and indho ade. Only sharif sheikh Ahmed could meet us at that time. We lost many fighters. Some of us foreign fighters left. I came back to Kenya together with a man named Abdi Wahid. We later learnt that sharif sheikh Ahmed came to Kenya and was arrested and guarded at a hotel. There is a time we visited him around late January in 2007 and he told us he would soon leave. Abdi Wahid, and a man named Farah Eyrow were there. It was hard for me because I was in the kdf and also paid to train Islamic fighters.  Kenya was at that time viewed as sympathetic to Ethiopia. Three days later, sharif sheikh Ahmed left Kenya to Yemen. His release was easy because he had a lot of money and connections with senior Muslim officials n Kenya government. He was especially helped by a by powerful muslim lawyer in Kenya who organized the money for the police and court judges. Most of this money is from pirates and most of the time it is handled by this lawyer.

From this time until early 2009 I did not take part in any more fighting in Somalia. But I was in contact with the former Islamic fighters I had met there especially Abdi Wahid. I also again met sharif sheikh in 2009 when he was chosen as the president of the transitional government. I also met abdirahman janaqow who is from murusade clan where my wife is from. A man called Mohamed Qalaf was also there. I was requested to come back to Somalia to help set up a fighter group for the government under Hussein Isse.
When Ethiopia left Somalia, our fighting group was controlling much of the southern part of Somalia. There were several fights including outside Kenya. Some of our fighters lost their lives in Uganda in suicide missions. That’s the time Mohamud Raghe was in charge under Abu Zubeyr. Later Raghe also commanded fighters who killed people watching football in a restaurant in Mombasa. I left Somalia and came to Kenya but went to Mombasa to live in a house owned by  Abdi Wahid. In the same house was a white woman whom I later was told is Wahid’s friend. Other Muslims lived in houses within the same compound. Thats where I met a man called Habib Gani who is a bomb expert and Mussa Abdi who was killed that same year.
I left the house of Abdi in May 2011 but we kept in touch. He was traveling so much to Europe and there are times when he was arrested and released but we could talk on phone. When kdf went to fight in Somalia, I was in Kenya. I had already asked to leave kdf. I stayed for over one year in Mombasa. Al shabab was paying fighters very good money for killings and for kidnappings. Most fighters were from Afmadow but some lived in Mombasa. The ones in Kenya were organized by Habib Gani who later left Kenya and went to fight in Somalia.
In May this year, I received a call from a person who said he was with me in kdf. He wanted me to help them. It was strange because kdf has so many fighters and at this time, several islamic fighters were kidnapped and killed. So I was very careful. I asked to meet this man at a hotel in nairobi but I did not go. Instead asked  him to meet me at another hotel nearby just near a petrol station in koinange street. I was at the petrol station and only went to the hotel after 10 minutes. The man told me his name is Yusuf and that he does not work for the kdf but for Kenya security intelligence. He wanted me to help them know where Abdi Wahid was. It was every hard because the new al shabab leader was killing rival fighters but I knew Abdi Wahid was not a rival. It was difficult trusting anyone who knew the name of fighters. The Kenya intelligence man told me they knew about Omar Shafik and that they would find Abdi Wahid without my help, but they would pay me good money if  I gave them his contacts.  I gave him his Kenyan number and another he uses when in Europe.
In August this year, I came to learn that Omar Shafik was shot and killed in Somalia. I was in Mombasa at this time when Yusuf called me again and i came to nairobi. I met him and a white woman he told me is called Nassim Halima. Nassim is a woman I had met in Wahid’s house. She had changed so much but I could recognize her. She wanted me to meet a man called Saleh. We went to a house in Majengo. At that meeting, Saleh asked me to help them attack a big shopping building where lots of europeans and americans go. I initially thought this was a setup because Yusuf had told me Saleh had been working with Omar Shafik’s fighters to kidnap and kill foreigners in Mombasa. Saleh also told me that the new commander in chief was aware and what we were going to do was to help him fight America and nothing would go wrong.  He also told me that fighters from Europe and America would be used. I was to help them get vehicles and a house. At this point, I was still very afraid because i could not believe the commander in chief  would be involved and i was also not aware of any date or place of attack. During my period in KDF, I had gone to train fighters in Somalia for al shabab but I never heard of any communications between the leaders of al shabab and any senior government officials in Kenya.
I again met Yusuf that week. He came with another man who did not speak any Kiswahili. We drove around nairobi for a while and went to Sarit Centre. We were joined by two other men who also did not speak Kiswahili. We left and went to a house nearby. It was at that time that I knew we were to attack Westgate because several pictures of Westgate were on the wall of this house. There were also pictures of al Mansoor on the wall and several verses from Quran written on the Westgate pictures. Yusuf explained how the attack would take place, several weapons were already inside Westgate. He also said the fighters already knew the inside of the building after going through training. That evening I left with Yusuf and the three men remained in the house. I was staying at a hotel and Yusuf told me to change locations. By this time, I had been paid 5 million in cash for getting three vehicles and as part of my payment. We agreed to meet again the following week. Yusuf never called, and his phone was off. It was almost three weeks later when another man called me and told me that I would only talk to him from that time. He said he would call again. On 20th September the same man called me using a different number and asked that we meet at Jamia Mosque in the evening. I had by now shared this with a very close friend of mine. He was a fighter though not actively because his father was a very senior man in the previous government. That evening we met at a hotel called Jamyat near the mosque. The man did not tell me his name but said he was with intelligence and works with Yusuf. He gave me a briefcase with money and told me that if I have a family at Westgate then I should find ways of making them not go there on Saturday. He also said two other attackers and more weapons were brought in from Somalia border using a helicopter belonging to a very senior person in government. We then went with the man to Majengo where the vehicles were kept. I gave him the keys, agreed to meet at the house near Sarit and I left. The following morning I was at the house around 10am. I found only two vehicles at the parking. I again met Yusuf and four other men and a woman who was not Somali. She made phone calls and spoke in Kikuyu. Three of these men are the same ones I had met before. Yusuf told me that I was to drive one vehicle to Westgate then drive away. Although we had not agreed about this, I agreed. At around midday, both Yusuf and the other intelligence man were constantly talking on their phones. They seemed to be talking to people inside Westgate  because they asked if things are ready at the building. Yusuf asked on phone if the important people have been removed and said it would go on even if those people are not removed because we had agreed to stick to the agreed time. I didn’t know who these people were but I later came to know that some members of the president’s family were in the building. We left the house about twenty minutes later in two vehicles. Both Yusuf and the intelligence man were in the white car I was driving and they got off at Peponi road. The other car used the Other road near the smaller nakumatt supermarket. I drove to the front of the building and stopped and the fighters jumped off then I drove away. That night at around midnight, someone called me to say that I should change my phone number and throw away the phone. I called Yusuf and the other intelligence man but their phones were off. I also received another call the following morning to tell me that  I should not travel outside Nairobi. The person told me that the fighters had all left but the building would be blown using the other third car.  I knew he was not saying the truth because fighting was still going on at the building. Despite his warning that I don’t leave nairobi, I left and travelled to Mombasa. Two weeks after the attack, three men came to my house and asked my wife to inform me that they were my friends and asked to see me. They told her they would be back the following day. That evening, I told my wife to leave Mombasa and go to her sister. I also left. Four days after that, I called a man known as Mahat whom I was with in KDF, and who had also met Abdi Wahid. He told me that Abdi Wahid was in Kenya but already left for Europe. Two of his friends had been arrested at the airport but released.
I write this in good faith. If I betray someone may Allah have mercy on my soul.


18 comments on “KDF soldier: I helped westgate terrorists – true or false?

  1. I am a journalist with experience as a mainstream newspaper reporter, working in east Africa. I have been researching the Westgate attack since 2013; almost entirely and only. What I’ve gleaned as a journalist agrees with what is stated above. There doesn’t seem to be any way the episodes with the gunmen in the Nakumatt storeroom; praying, leaving their guns on the ground, walking in and out of an adject hallway casually, while a video camera films everything they do could be by accident or coincidence. Its too much. As for the other days of the attack, of course we begin to understand now, there never were.

    If there’s anyone who’d share their thoughts with me – privately and strictly off-record – I’d apprecate it. Any inside or strong information/leads, to finally put this story to bed, would also be appreciated.


    • `

      This writeup corroborates what is now public knowledge. Westgate was all about ICC, fullstop. The full effects of the Ngorokonization and Mungikinization of Kenya’s professional forces will come back to bite Kenya real hard.

      The professionalism is long gone. We all saw the new talents of KDF — besieging Westage Mall for three days doing nothing but looting...then crowning their criminal enterprise by bombing the mall.

      KDF forces in Somalia aren’t doing any better. They are not fighting al Shaabab but in fact quite busy working with al Shaabab to export charcoal through Kismayo. Their Ugandan counterparts in Somalia are meanwhile busy stealing UN weapons and selling them to -guess who? al Shabab!


      He added that it is “absolutely unacceptable” for Amisom soldiers to sell weapons on the black market or to facilitate exports of charcoal from Kismayo.

      About 40 Ugandan troops assigned to Amisom were charged earlier this week with having stolen from the AU’s stockpile of arms and petrol.

      A UN monitoring group reported earlier this year that Kenyan soldiers in Kismayo flouted a UN ban on charcoal exports from Kismayo that financially benefit al-Shabaab.


    • Hehehehehehe. This is beyond stupid. We need to put limits on the stupidity of the Kenyan government. Now they are hunting to arrest journalists who exposed the Westgate robbery by KDF KTB’s Jicho Pevu. I mean these fools can’t catch the so-called terrorists. They rob Kenya’s premier mall and literally burn it down after four days when they were in the mall all by themselves shooting bank machines and drinking themselves silly while pretending to be fighting terrorists and now they want to arrest journalists and shop owners for exposing the truth about what went down at Westgate. They still want to make up the story of fighting 15 soldeirs for four days and KDF soldiers going to harvest water from Nakumatt. Please.

      Those who planned this whole deadly circus need to think twice. It is going to explode in their faces. Now they are mad that shop owners have given CCTV evidence to journalists after they thought they had consficated all the CCTV evidence of their treachery. We need to arrest Kimaiyo, Kirangi and their bosses who send them on such dangerous and harmful operations.

      Here we go: I am not making this up.


      These mashetanis are deadly. They are making Kimaiyo look like a complete moron which probably is not such a hard job but really this is insanity on steroids.

      They are going to have to arrest anybody with a copy of that KTN show and charge them with possession of seditious material. Where is Michuki when you need him. He could have collected the Artur terrorists and burnt down KTN mara once.


      • Adongo, at a certain level it is funny and very stupid. But Kenyans should be awake to the seeds of repression being sown in ways that have historically been seen the world over, including Kenya. Things can get very ugly if, as expected, Uhuru absconds from the ICC trials.


      • Adongo,
        You make me laugh. You put it so comically I cant stop laughing.
        To be fair to you, I think that the thing is very funny. The police cant even separate nyama choma from dead bodies.

        Our KDF could not even identify living terrorists, now the investigators are unable to finger dead bodies. Its crazy.

        What next?


      • The sad thing here is that this was a messed up crime scene, tampering, blown up, hosed down, trampling, etc.

        Considering that even in a less disorganized situation such as that of Mutula Kilonzo, now long forgotten, we are yet to still get the true account, I have little hope that we will make much of this.

        The more experienced forensic experts were scrambling to try to get a foothold, but had little access and are left to sift between beef and human flesh provided “piece-meal” (with apologies for the pun).

        Its a question of when (and not if) will Kenyans collectively have moved on and forget this nasty experience and start afresh like nothing ever happened.

        And just like that we will forget every detail of this episode and who knows maybe one day in the future we will be electing into political office, the folks who fumbled and bungled, as well as some of the perpetrators as we move on in the indefatigable forgiving, reconciliation and national healing spirit (of course that is until the next catastrophe and then we replay the script above).

        We are simply amazing.


      • Every time a news snippet leaks out, it dumbfounds even more


        Cannot tell if there is any credibility but the following excerpts raise questions about (a) how many soldiers/officers fell to the attackers and/or friendly fire (b) whether it was an elite KDF team deployed (c) claims of torture that may have triggered the disproportionate force eventually used – i.e flatten everything

        ….”recalls hearing Muchoka saying that he was the only one alive in his company of about seven soldiers; the others had long been killed and their bodies gone cold”….

        …..”They also provide support services to the soldiers on the war front.
        This assertion presents another big question on the criteria used in selecting the soldiers that were deployed in the botched-up rescue mission at the mall.”…..

        …”the fallen soldier may have been tortured before he finally died.
        His body had been mutilated and his head blown off “….


  2. as a country you know we are in trouble when a terrorist’s account of events sounds more credible than the government’s. sadly,we are held hostage by the mademoni. the only positive thing 🙂 is that by the time they are through with us hopefully some lessons will have been learned.

    for now we deserve everything coming our way for electing people that have no qualms about taking the life of a fellow human being.

    all i can say is : brace yourselves for worse things. the painful consequences have just started.


    • Yeah my sista, but do I say!? I am laughing my head off even in this VERY sad situation!! Ehehehe ehahaha!

      Akinyi wrote:

      “as a country you know we are in trouble when a terrorist’s account of events sounds more credible than the government’s. sadly,we are held hostage by the mademoni. the only positive thing 🙂 is that by the time they are through with us hopefully some lessons will have been learned.

      for now we deserve everything coming our way for electing people that have no qualms about taking the life of a fellow human being.

      all i can say is : brace yourselves for worse things. the painful consequences have just started.”


  3. This account by this man is the closest to the truth as to what really happened. The westgate mall attack was an inside Job carried out by people known to NSIS and Kenya Military Top brass. We all know what it was meant to achieve and i guess to that end it has, because its this basis of lies which the Union of African Dictators used to try to intimidate the ICC with.


    • Dang it

      Johns, I had not put this in perspective, now with that perspective, its a whole ‘nother story altogether.

      Finally connecting the dots with what Job had alluded to earlier

      I can only say, God forbid, but if true, then the wolves were not at Westgate as inside story suggest, but the real wolves are at large elsewhere.

      That could be a critical turning point in this whole saga.

      Lets wait and see what the response to this article is.


    • Initially I was giving Uhuru the benefit of doubt because I just do not think its in him to put his family in harms way knowingly – I could be wrong of course, but its what happened thereafter that has left me totally speechless and numb. ICC is ongoing because of PEV, surely hasnt anyone learned a lesson. To knowingly let terrorists attack its citizenry and then escape isnt this another form of PEV – Bonsouda has already said, she was willing to prosecute the perpetraitors..

      Someone from the top sent KDF in that mall and informed them to stay the extra 3 days in there milking the situation for ICC purposess. And like Zombies, our idiotic soldiers made a mockery of themselves…….. looting, shooting in the air and drinking for four goddamn days and then finally blowing the place up…………….If this isnt pure madness, I dont know what is. My question is, if Uhuru is not running the country, then who is. Kenya has never been this low


      • Moesha, I don’t think Uhuru imagined that his relatives might be there. As for KDF look at what they did in places like Mt. Elgon. Is it really coincidence that Kenya’s first two requests for deferral were refused because there was no threat to peace but now for the third one there is suddenly a “threat to peace” to be used in the application?


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