1. As we celebrate the life of Mandela, listen to one of his finest interviews. Hear how he defends the aborigines, Arafat etc.

    The finest


    • John you are right judging by his lifestyle

      Guy sounds like a classic fraud and goofball, why he went on yet knowing that he is not qualified is either amazing courage, or most dumb individual ever, willingly broadcast “I’m an idiot” all over the world.


      And then bringing in irrelevancies like being a violent schizo – sheesh, in any case if that were true and known, then him and his organisation should be indicted for endangering lives of presidents (100 of them) and other dignitaries. Maybe we should take our Kenyan forces who can demonstrate how they handle the likes of Boniface Mwangi when he uses indeterminate hand gestures in public events.


  2. A true legend, one whose legacy is well listed and will live on for generations to come.

    An inspiration to millions, hero to millions in thought word and deed. Firm and steadfast in standing for human rights.



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