Jubilee Govt Kibera Title Deeds Issuance is a Major Scam

A major scam is in the making. The issue of Kibera title deeds is now taking a life of its own. What are the facts?

Nubians originally expected to be allocated more than 700 acres of land. Ngilu is giving them less than 300 acres with rest having been supposedly sold to unspecified people. As at the time Raila was stepping down as MP, all land in Kibera belonged to the state, so what has happened in the few months Ngilu has been in charge of the Lands Docket? Clearly, Ngilu is pulling a very fast one on Nubians. The National Land Commission have denied approving this allocation.

The land on which Kibra sits is worth Kshs60billion and this is conservative estimate. Now we are being told 60% of the land is already sold off. Reliable sources confirm that Chinese developers will be coming to Kibera to build hundreds of housing units and they are the suspected developers who Ngilu has cut a deal on Nubian land. Moreover, Nubians are being given titles with the rider that they must agree to Chinese housing development on the land they own. Chinese, as we learnt from Wikileaks, have no qualms paying kickbacks to government officials.

Meanwhile, Ngilu and people ring-fencing Uhuruto have spread propaganda that CORD leadership (Raila Odinga, Governor Kidero and local MP Hon Kenneth Okoth) are against the issuance of titles. As we all know, these titles are a brainchild of Raila Odinga himself. An extensive housing estate of 300 housin gunits will be developed by Chinese on Nubian land in Kibera yet the governor and the local MP are not involved. The residents are not involved, and Nubians themselves are not aware of these plans. Who gave land to the Chinese and what did the Chinese give in return? Land is an emotive issue every where, and moreso in Kibera where we know all communities of Kenya live there. There are already reports of clashes between Nubian and Luo youth in Kibera and that a certain group has been armed in preparing of teaching the other a lesson. Mind you these are communities that have been living in these neighbourhoods for decades and have even inter-married among themselves.

CS Ngilu is intent on making hay while the sum shines. She is mobilizing funds to launch a campaign in 2017. What better way than to target free prime land in Kibera? She clearly is not interested in what the Nubians think and cares less about the peace and tranquility Kibera has enjoyed in the recent past. This is why she lied to Nubians that President Uhuru would be presenting titles to Nubians on Sunday. Uhuru has denied ever having such plans in his diary, and is in fact flying off to Nelson Mandela’s memorial in Johannesburg.

Why would Ngilu host Nubian Elders at a private club in Nairobi and repeatedly offer them a fully paid trip to China to meet the investors? Does Ngilu want the elders to mortgage community ancestral land in exchange to having their palms greased? Ngilu has gone at great lengths to rope in leaders of the Nubian Council Chairman Issa Abdul Faraj and trustee Ms. Husna Mabruka, who in turn have been unable to conceal their bitterness towards Kibra MP Hon Kenneth Okoth, accusing him of sabotaging a free trip to China by asking too many questions and demanding transparency in the issue of the title deeds and the land sold off to developers. The MPs has been on the fore front pushing for a clean transparent process involving the entire 700 acres and for all Kibra residents to be considered for this allotment fairly and on merit. Ngilu on the other hand has corrupted community leaders and they are living off handouts from the ministers associates.

Ngilu is to Uhuru, what Chris Murungaru was to Kibaki. The earlier President Uhuru gets rid of her the better it will be for Jubilee and for Kenya.

Moreover, Jubilee Government has to stop this impunity. The responsibility for land allocation is now in the docket of National Land Commission, so why is Jubilee so much keen on these titles?

4 comments on “Jubilee Govt Kibera Title Deeds Issuance is a Major Scam

  1. It’s shocking the only less than 300 of the 700 hectares on land are left in Kibra just under one year of the jubilee rule.

    Uhuru Kenyatta himself told us during the presidential debates that there was at least 700 hectares of land in the area. Just a few months later some have been sold to shadowy figures, probably in the corridors of power.

    The Nubians having suffered for so long don’t even think that it is necessary to ask the hard questions. To them ¼ loaf is better than nothing. Their leaders having been bribed and have naturally “given up” the rest of the land to corruption dons.

    That Ngilus invoked Uhuru Kenyatta’s name in the issuance of title deeds tells me that the president is not completely unaware of the on goings. We all know the Kenyatta’s love for free land. Perhaps he has a direct or indirect personal interest in the land through proxies. So firing Ngilu or even reshuffling her might not arise. The blatant and arrogant manner by which Ngilu is going about this issue is a pointer to where she is getting her authority.

    After being caught trying to cheat the Nubians and the people of Kibra, the corruptions dons thieves have tried making the thing look as if the Luos don’t want Nubians to get title deeds or even own land. They have even tried roping in Raila into the saga in vain. They want to make it look like luos are standing between Nubians and their land. This very dangerous action can lead to serious ethnic clashes with many deaths as a result.

    The Chinese are not loved by African leaders for no reason. They don’t ask questions and are ready to corrupt and be corrupted as long as they get their way. It’s not a wonder that its them who have been called to do the “dirty” work in Kibra.

    The Jubilee government is a den of corruption. It’s a great pity that we don’t have a parliament thaa can properly check and even censor government officials. As long as one sings praises to Uhuru Kenyatta there is no danger of being sacked. We are surely back to the nyayo era (error). So Ngilu is not shaken or worried as we speak.

    I have always said that Uhuru Kenyatta is the smoothest criminal in Kenya. He is just finishing what his father started. Just look at the way he dances with Ngilu to understand what I mean.


    • `

      If there was a government with audacity to grab Kibra land and stoke tribal conflicts, this Uhuruto’s Jubilee is it!

      The underlying time-bomb of ethnic tensions and recent history of PEV (2008) has not deterred the ICC duo (Uhuruto)from dabbling into the deadly domain of land grabbing and stoking of ethnic conflicts at Kibra.

      Why Kibra and not Mathare, Mukuru, Kawangware, Kangemi, Githurai, Ruai, Uthiru, Korogocho, or Soweto?

      Your guess is as good as mine. For the same reasons why police were sent to kill civilian demonstrators in Kibra during 2007/8 PEV, focus in now back to the site to complete the political re-engineering of Kibra’s demographics.

      It is no longer a secret anymore. Grapevine has it that Uhuru and Ruto and their ilk are out to create a new wave of “Mau Forest” IDPs at Kibra – setting the stage for a very dangerous precedent.

      Notwithstanding the fact that Kibra is not a gazetted state forest, the sheer circumstances and urban setting makes it quite complicated.

      Jubilee’s formula of ethnic deconstruction of Kibra is not only the wrong formula, but quite plainly also dumb! Whatever their motive, if it takes the eviction of other communities in Kibra to create room for Nubian “natives ” plus the new foreign land grabbers (private real estate developers), could this formula also apply in the rest of Nairobi’s slums, and peri-urban settlements in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu, Nakuru, Mombasa and other parts of the coast?

      Is this Jubilee’s new solution of solving slum problems? That is – unconstitutionally reserving a slum portion for the original ethnic dwellers (ethnic favouritism or discrimination goes against the Bill of Rights), evicting the rest, and allocating the vacated land to private (& palm-greasing) Chinese real estate developers.

      This Jubilee policy of targeting certain immigrant ethnic settlers and tenants for disenfranchisement while bringing in foreign land users (grabbers) – essentially picking ethnic winners (beneficiaries) and losers (IDPs) is the perfect powder keg for ethnic warfare. Is this not what happened during PEV albeit without gunshots and arrows?

      The Kibra problem is complex because unlike other Nairobi slums (Mathare, Mukuru, Kawangware, Kangemi, Githurai, Ruai, Uthiru, Korogocho, Soweto) all successive governments that come in apparently tend to manipulate Kibra for sheer political reasons.

      When the Colonialists selectively created the Kibra ethnic enclave for foreign Nubian soldiers, they gave them no legal claim to the land. The Nubians (then Sudanese foreigners) indeed became the first settlers to build shacks on the land despite no legal ownership.

      Enter Jomo Kenyatta and the political reorganization of Kibra began –starting with its name which temporarily became “Kibera”. Kibra is a Nubian (language) term for “jungle”. Through political and ethnic patronage, Kenyatta allocated parcels of land in Kibra to many Gikuyu landlords who eventually built what is now a majority of the shacks in the area (throughout the 1960s and 1970s).

      Some of the most conspicuous beneficiaries of Jomo Kenyatta’s Kibra allocations were the original members of Nyakinyua traditional dancers (a Gikuyu cultural women group) who frequently entertained Kenyatta at State House.

      What the land grabbers and professional masterminds of contemporary ethnic /tribal wars are forgetting is that more than 50% of Kibra landlords (shack-owners) are actually Gikuyu. While most of their tenants are Luo, Luhya, Kamba, and other communities, most of the Gikuyu landlords do not live within the slums. Many of them were allocated rights to build these shacks by Jomo Kenyatta in the 60s and 70s.

      In the Nyayo era, a new wave of slumlords arrived in town courtesy of the Moi patronage – including a youthful brand in the outfit YK-92 – who spearheaded the encroachment of slums towards the Nairobi dam. This group of slumlords transcends the ethnic divide – many being former Kalenjin administrators and senior security staff; fewer others being- Maasai, Kisii, Meru, Luhya, Luo, Kamba, Arabs, and others.

      To its credit, rather than perpetuate the same pattern of patronage allocations, the last grand-coalition regime focused on building upgraded high-rise housing for the slum dwellers rather than meddling in land ownership transfers.

      Enter Uhuruto and Jubilee!

      Rather than borrow a leaf from their predecessors and build permanent housing for its poor citizens, they have reverted back to the old dirty ways of Jomo and Nyayo.

      Their plan is to allocate Kibra land to a few rich private and foreign real estate developers –essentially enriching a few foreigners while creating hundreds of thousands of IDPs out of poor slum dwellers of Kibra.

      It is conspicuous that only Kibra slum is on their radar for immediate deconstruction, despite the existence of many slums in Nairobi. Legitimate questions about state sanctioned ethnic discrimination and political persecution by the Uhuruto/Jubilee administration can be argued from this case study.

      In this misguided and toxic eviction and land-grabbing plan, the interests of slumlords and tenants are inadvertently merging together. This exercise is likely to take ugly tribal and political dimensions pitting an amalgamation of ethnic groups slated for eviction/disenfranchisement not just against the preferred group holding entitlement, but against the alliance between the Jubilee government and foreign (Chinese) land grabbers.

      The inherent ethnic discriminatory nature of the exercise calls into question whether it is indeed constitutional in the first place. The underlying corruption and open land grabbing only adds fuel to the fire.

      Numbers not adding up!

      As Mzee notes in his post, Charity Ngilu’s land acreage numbers don’t add up –for obvious reasons. Jubilee’s new land grabbers (the likes of Ngilu, Kenyatta and their newfound private-developer friends from China) see this in terms of free acquisition of land valued at over Sh 60 Billion. Pinching off land from the originally assigned 300plus hectares set aside for Nubians provides ample prime land for grabbing by the Jubilee bureaucracy. Pinching off from the land reclaimed by evicting the rest of slum dwellers provides another golden cow for milking. Concessions and free-giveaways to Chinese private housing developers provides yet another avenue for mega corruption by Jubilee bureaucrats.

      The other important philosophical distinction to note is that while the previous grand coalition government saw Kibra land as the best template site for constructing permanent low housing high-rise units for poor slum dwellers within the same site; the corrupted optical lens of Uhuruto and Jubilee view this as an opportunity to kick out poor slum dwellers of select ethnic groups altogether and develop luxurious prime housing units for the rich elite within the Kilimani/Adams Arcade/Yaya/Kabarnet Gardens real estate market.

      Despite being hindered by respective ICC cases, it just took Uhuruto’s Jubilee administration a couple of months to take Kenya back to the dark ages!


  2. I hope we can get more detail on this.

    We have already heard that the coast title deeds are suspect in the manner in which they were handled.

    Obviously the government can bulldoze its way and provide some cover which benefits middle men more than all others, but eventually it hurts genuine buyers (anyone remember Syokimau) as well as the local communities who must then watch as “outsiders” invade their ancestral land (anyone remember the simmering and unresolved underlying causes of PEV)

    With no long term land policy, because unlawful acquisition of land in the past by a handful (read Ndungu report) must be protected, then its obvious that the only recourse is to continue to muddy the waters by creating more of the same thus deflect attention

    The sheep are firmly under the guard of the wolves.


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