Is Kidero bent on embarassing Raila?


Is there bad blood between

Dr. Evans Kidero and

Raila Amollo Odinga?

And if there is, what is really causing it?

We all know that Kidero was elected to serve the people of Nairobi not Raila Amollo Odinga. But those who elected Kidero are purely ODM/CORD members. Its goes without saying that Raila and Kalonzo vigorously campaigned for Kidero.  We also know that the likes of Joho and even Dr. Mutua (who is not even in ODM)  have given the PM the respect he deserves. It’s with this in mind that many are wondering why the governor is always trying to embarrass his party leader especially when in the company of Uhuru Kenyatta.

There have been several reports in the media that Kidero was not in good terms with Raila Odinga and even the party/coalition that sponsored him (ODM/CORD).  Kidero has not made things easier or better by not being emphatic about this matter. He has more often than not half heartedly denied these allegations.  Its as if he is playing both sides. While on one hand is intends to please Jubilee on the other hand he knows that CORD put him where he is today.

A good example of the embarrassment that he caused Raila is this

Its said that he did not even arrange a seat for Raila at  all leave alone doing so at the high table. The former PM had to go and sit with cabinet secretaries before being brought to the high table. And even when the PM was brought to the so called high table, Kidero made sure that he was sitting at the most extreme end of the table.  The truth is that Raila had no designated seat at the ball. The question then arises why he was invited in the first place if he was so unwelcome.

Then there is the issue of being invited by Raila to join CORD governors for the tour of US which Kidero declined.

And then another time when he recently refused to accompany Raila to open Makadara railway station.

Party loyalty is important world over, has Kidero moved to Jubilee and in CORD only by name.

As we all know, perception is everything, will he make it back in 2017 with this kind of attitude?

Finally is it ok to snub his party leader and even embarrass him at every opportunity?

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3 comments on “Is Kidero bent on embarassing Raila?

  1. Cord leaders on Saturday dismissed talk of a rift between Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero, and former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, terming them as malicious.

    They said the perceived sour relations between the two leaders were “a creation of the media who are out to propel the agenda of people with the intention of dividing Cord.”

    Speaking at the homecoming ceremony of Kisumu County’s Kaloleni Ward Representative, Ms Prisca Misachi, Mr Odinga said the allegations that Mr Kidero never received him at the Governor’s Ball hosted on the eve of the Jubilee celebrations were false.

    “I was received from my car by National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi. He handed me over to Kidero who ushered me to the high table where a seat had been reserved,” Mr Odinga explained.

    The Cord leader said that the purported differences between him and Governor Kidero have never existed, adding that he fronted the former Mumias Sugar chief executive to run for the Nairobi seat because if its strategic importance.

    Instead, the former premier said falsehoods were being escalated as part of a scheme to weaken the representation of the coalition, which currently has governors taking care of 24 counties of the 47 devolved units in the country.

    “Kenyans know me; when I have a problem, I speak my mind. I do not walk away in protest like cowards do,” he said.

    Mr Odinga also said that the rumour that Mr Kidero was working with the Jubilee government against Cord is misplaced.

    “Kidero, just like any other governor, must work with the government of the day in order to achieve development for Nairobi County; that has nothing to do with his loyalties to me or the ODM party,” Mr Odinga said.

    Governor Kidero, who was also present at the fete, stated that his relationship with Mr Odinga cannot be shaken by forces out to scuttle the fruits of devolution.

    He recounted instances where Mr Odinga had come to his help, stating that the enemies of progress and Luo unity were behind the negative impressions.


    “The development we now see in the regions is because of Raila’s fight for devolution of resources. How can I fight with the creator of the position I am currently enjoying?” he posed.

    He further explained that Mr Odinga had come to his aid when he was at the helm of the troubled Mumias Sugar Company.

    “We must caution our people not to be swayed by media fallacies in their attempts to divide Kenyans. Raila has been the one behind the call for me and other governors to work with the Jubilee,” said Mr Kidero.

    The Governor asked the media to let Kenyans judge issues in the public domain on their own instead of propagating malicious propaganda.

    The two leaders, who had held a meeting at the town earlier in the day, condemned attempts by various factions out to divide them. Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga, who was also present, called for unity among the leaders for the country to prosper.

    “We must be cautious of attempts by our competitors to create disunity among us; divisive politics is not good at this time,” he said.

    Several MPs present at the forum called on Kenyans to work together towards ending insecurity, among other challenges.


  2. CORD leader Raila Odinga has denied claims he and Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero are not in good terms. Raila also denied that Kidero is working with Jubilee.

    There have been claims that Kidero has been working with the Jubilee government after he hosted President Uhuru Kenyatta in his office in October.

    But speaking at the thanksgiving ceremony of Kaloleni ward representative Prisca Auma at Shauri Moyo Primary School in Kisumu on Saturday, Raila, who was accompanied by Kidero, defended the governor over the allegations. “I want to tell you that I am also in the government.

    I have been in constant consultation with Kidero and I advised him to cooperate with the national government whose headquarters is his county of Nairobi,” he said. The former PM said there is no way Kidero can only work with Cord leaders in Nairobi, which is a cosmopolitan town with elected leaders from diverse parties.

    “All these vehicles that you see me using belong to the government and that clearly shows I’m right inside,” he said. Raila said devolution, which brought the county governments, gives him an opportunity to serve as the leader of Cord, which controls 24 counties. Kidero reaffirmed his commitment to serve ODM. He said Raila saved him from being hounded as the Mumias Sugar Company CEO.
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