Kisumu County Development Projects

Is this another useless MoU.


KISUMU county government will spend more than Sh18 billion to put up 100 megawatts of green energy.

Physical Planning executive Vincent Kodera said this will be part of the 5,000 megawatts the national government plans to construct to boost power supply in the country.

He said only 35 per cent of Kenyans have access to power according to Kenya Power Company. Kodera was speaking to the Star on the phone yesterday.

The national additional generation of power is expected to be undertaken in the next 40 months. County Executive for and Infrastructure Vincent Kodera said feasibility study is underway in Chemelil, Muhoroni and Koru area.

Kodera said the power projects requires about 100 acres of land each and is likely to be constructed in Muhoroni and Koru respectively.

Speaking to the Star on phone yesterday, he said the construction of the projects is expected to kick off by December. Kodera said the European Investment Bank has also agreed to finance components of hydropower in the county.

He said that the production of 100 megawatts will ensure sufficient power supply in the county and other neighbouring counties. Kodera pointed out that a lot still needs to be done to secure seven a sound industrial path in the county.

“We are working closely with friendly donors and potential investors to secure sufficient energy for industrial take off,” Kodera said.

Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma said they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with an Italian company to improve our water supply.

Ranguma said Nyakach Water Project, Muhoroni, Maseno-Kombewa and Kisumu Rural Water Projects will be the primary beneficiaries.

Last week during the county assembly opening, he said the projects will be modified to work with solar-generated power. The governor said that the county is also working on the expansion of existing water systems to improve water supply to the residents.

“The slum dwellers in Manyatta, Nyamasaria, Bandani, and Obunga recently benefited from energetic water points,” he said.

Ranguma disclosed that tenders for floodlights and other lighting systems will be floated to provide opportunity for informal settlements to conduct trade.

“We are in the process of erecting the city street lighting. This will enhance trading activities till late in the night,” he said.

He said they have also secured funding for the building of a multi-purpose dam that will support irrigated agriculture, water supply, and energy production and flood mitigation.

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  1. As the rest of the country is kept busy by the daily dose of useless distractions the eating continues elsewhere.

    Apparently the Kenya Urban roads authority thinks 5 counties deserve more money than the rest of the counties combined. How the bleep are the rest of the counties supposed to develop with such skewed allocation? Check this out : Nairobi gets Sh4.6 billion, Meru Sh2 billion, Murang’a Sh1.8 billion and Nyeri Sh1.6 billion while Kiambu was allocated Sh1.2 billion for road infrastructure in the current financial year.
    Kisumu and Bomet are among counties that will get least amounts of the cash to develop their roads. The schedule shows that Kisumu has been allocated Sh5 million…yawa:) while Bomet gets Sh25 million.


    • hehehehhehehehe. The Mutua fantasy is falling apart. Mutua has been in a rush to create the super boy image and separate himself from the dimwits we call governors and now he is the one looking foolish after blowing Kshs 650 million for a super highway which is turning into dust after two weeks. This is laughable. And Mutua is also facing EACC investigations which are driving him nuts and now he is claiming Muthama has sent the EACC after him. Lying was Mutua’s full time job when he was working for Kibaki. That is not the case now.

      Mutua has a lot to answer with regard to his phony highway.

      Here we go:


      • Admin,

        The really sad thing with King Mutua here is that he actually had a very good idea. The road crosses and connects the county. It was a sharp and brilliant idea. Even the concept of using local labour to do these things is great. I had many fights with Raila with their Coalition government to help create a system where we use all these money to do roadworks etc to be bring local folks to do the work and get paid instead of giving all that money to Chinese workers. I told him they should make that a condition for constructors who apply for those tenders.

        That way the money circulates in the communities and grow the local economy. Kenyans built roads and great houses during colonial days. In fact some of the best houses in Kenya are those old DC and DO offices and houses. The engineers and other experts designed these things and the locals did the work. They were paid by caning in those days. Now we can pay folks real money. That is how you create jobs.

        When I was in Bondo last year the Chinese were building all the roads kina Raila started with Kibaki. There are some fantastic roads they are doing in Siaya county. The locals are not even allowed to cook for the Chinese. And the Chinese have the nerve to build their own compounds to live. You are lucky if they allow you to cut grass in there. That is just not a viable economic system. They lend you the money and they take all of it back to China.

        So Mutua had a good idea but he blew it. First he behaves as if he is the engineer for the roads. He is also supervisor and quality expert. Then he brings his cheap labour and they just slap paint on the stuff and call it tarmacked highway. He builds a 33km road in three months using 11 contractors most of whom were using Machakos county bulldozers. Stuff comes cheap and kaboom Mutua is dancing on the highway pulling stunts.

        Now the whole thing is a mess. The paint is coming off. Even a murram road would be better. This mulato thing is terrible. And it cost Kshs 650 million. That would be cheap if it was a real road but it is not a road. Very soon it is going to be a very expensive heap of dirt and filth. It is going to cost Mutua dearly. Either he spends Kshs 1 billion to completely redo the road or leave it as a dangerous eye sore and a reminder that you can’t pull political bling bling and get away with it. And people are going to demand to know how you spend Kshs 650 million on the bling road which lasted a few weeks after completion.

        My thinking is that to have good roads we need the counties to work together. For example Kisumu and Siaya counties have to work together and also link up with Kericho and Bomet counties. These are neighbours and those roads interlink. Already we are lucky that the Kericho Kisumu highway is fantastic.

        When I was there they were just finishing the Kericho Kisumu highway. It is really well done. Kisumu, Bondo Usenge is also being redone very nicely. And for the first time they are tarmacking the feeder roads to Rarieda and another loop from Usenge going past the beaches. I don’t know what is going on towards Homabay and Migori.

        The problem we have in Kisumu and Siaya are some real good feeder roads through Gem, Kisumu rural and connecting to Maseno and the other Luanda connection road. To do that the two counties have to work together so when one county pushes the road to one end the other county picks it from there. Uhuru and Ruto are not going to build roads the way Kibaki with all his madness did. They will build roads in places like Garissa because of the oil and may by Lamu because of LAPSSET and nowhere else. We are going to face a national government that is going to be invisible in peoples’ lives. The counties have to pick up the slack. They asked for it. Now here it is. Go to work.


      • The myth about Mutua being the most hard-working and development-conscious governor has finally been debunked right from within his own coalition CORD. They say the devil is in the details.

        I was one of those who were initially impressed with Mutua’s itemized budget proposals which seemed to allocate a relatively robust proportion of funds for development expenditure. Now that folks are starting to see his interpretation of “development”, they are getting weary if not already fed up. Alfred Mutua has been uncovered early in his game not just for his penchant for publicity but also for corruption AND misplaced priorities.

        Alfred Mutua is a master stuntman – totally preoccupied with publicity stunts and photo-ops rather than delivering priority services. Make no mistake: Mutua is playing politics 24-7 in the name of “development” while wrongly prioritizing projects and eating big in the process. My astute in-laws from Ukambani have already fingered where the problem really is. Mutua’s political priority was to put up as many superficial but visible stunts and white elephants, at lightning speed, before his cover is blown. Like building sand-castles mid-air, they are collapsing before completion. Worse, their misplaced prioritization is ringing loud:

        1) Take the issue of electrification: Rather than invest in rural transformers distributed to schools, health centers, trading centers, markets and village centers – (from where nearby transformers can be cheaply accessed by ordinary wananchi), Mutua opted for a publicity stunt — putting the millions instead into street lighting illuminating roads that have zero traffic at night; but which create the illusion of “maendeleo”. Very clever PR stunt that will hoodwink gullible villagers! Fact: Machakos residents need electricity in schools, dispensaries, markets and homes, and not alongside empty roads!

        2) Health: Rather than invest in equipping existing health centers and dispensaries, and building a few more rural clinics (especially maternity and child-health clinics), Mutua went for the VISIBLE and highly MOBILE (self-advertising) stunt of purchasing 110 ambulances each @ 5 million shillings (total = 550 million/=). Remember there’s a hefty kick-back for bulk purchases – probably a free luxury SUV

        I am sure the PR-savvy governor (Mutua) typically orders these ambulance drivers to just drive them around the county blazing their sirens to advertise his “hard-working” stance while pretending to be transporting sick patients.

        Each of these 110 ambulances is manned by two salaried paramedics and a driver. Thus, instead of hiring 220 more nurses (for maternity, emergency and child health clinics), he hired 220 paramedics to man his 110 ambulances. Add 110 drivers in lieu of 110 nurse assistants and you start getting the picture of wrong priorities. Add @ 30,000/= per month fuel and maintenance for each ambulance (= 3,300,000/= per month misallocation). Any public health expert will tell you this concept is frankly STUPID if the goal was to address the most pressing health issues/indicators for Machakos county, like the high infant mortality rates and high maternal mortality rates. The fuel and maintenance fee for ambulances alone (3.3 million shillings a month) can purchase enough oral rehydration electrolytes, fluid replacement for diarrhea, malaria, typhoid, and dysentery medicines, and emergency medications for the existing 30 health centers and dispensaries in the vast county.

        3) Road: The myth of a cheaper version of “Thika Highway” brought to Ukambani has been debunked before the tar dried. Supposed repairs before testing by cars. This is no road! It is a stunt, a white-elephant! A very expensive stunt (Sh 660 million) that will not withstand the rainy season! There is no way a 33km road can cost less than Sh 2 billion. The cost of trying to maintain his PR stunt may turn out more expensive that building an actual road in the long run.

        4) Parks: Is the building of recreation parks a priority for Machakos when a sizeable fraction of the population survives on food-aid? Is this surely where tens of millions should really be spent in the name of development? How about more water and agricultural production?

        5) Land: Mutua will go down in history as one of the biggest outsourcers of Machakos land to “land grabbers”, development-land speculators, and mining-land speculators, especially those with political ties to Jubilee and the former PNU party. This is indeed at the very heart of the problem between Mutua and Muthama.

        Machakos prime land is under siege and Mutua is playing the viceroy role Moi played in the Rift Valley during the colonial and Jomo Kenyatta eras.

        The Jubilee propaganda machine, aided by mainstream media, have painted Uhuru-critic Johnstone Muthama in very negative light, discrediting the latter at every opportunity, yet he is emulating the kind of defense of local Ukambani interests similar to that mounted by the likes of Jean Marie Seroney in Nandi. On the other hand, media darling Mutua is now the adopted son of the pro-Jubilee media – he is their gatekeeper into Ukambani! For clarity – I am not trying to insinuate any progressive-credentialed equivalency between Muthama and Seroney…just comparing their similar roles in different times and localities.

        When will Machakos people open their eyes to these clever Jomo-Kenyatta-esque tricks?

        There is a calculated, latter-day scramble for Ukambani land – which is the future hub of real estate and commercial developments and the mining industry. Kenya’s biggest land baron (notwithstanding zero-land-records for the ICC) is occupying State House. His family has been straddling all mining-mapped areas in Taita and Taveta. Coal and natural gas deposits were recently mapped in Ukambani (Machakos, Makueni and Kitui).

        Your guess is as good as mine who is salivating for the vast and barren Ukambani land; this is precisely why Ngilu is Minister for Lands.

        Similar things are happening in Turkana and Lamu. Probably Mutua wants to also join-in and not miss-out the grabbing frenzy in Ukambani. Watch this disaster unfold in the same way it did at the Coast and Rift Valley. The land-grabbing bug (homa) that afflicted Nandi, Uasin-Gishu, Kericho, Narok, Kajiado, Mombasa, Kwale, Kilifi/Malindi, Lamu, and Taita-Taveta for the last several decades has finally arrived in Ukambani. This is the untold story of Ukambani politics pitting Mutua versus Muthama. Who is on the right side of history?


      • Adongo, you make very valid points about the “Chinese model”. Note that they are not just taking back the money they lent. They also take back the interest on it. Past the money aspect, a real problem is that in such a model there is no real transfer or knowledge or skills. That means the next time something needs to be built or even just repaired, the Chinese will be back again.


  2. What a brazen attempt to arm twist the governor of Kisumu into accepting a rotten deal. With no competitive bidding, this fellas just hoped to make some backroom deal and kaboom, billions in their pockets. And where the heck are they doing the so called cleaning? Kisumu is a filthy as was one year ago. Yes, there is a need for a solid waste management but not in this corrupt manner that is making even the governor , who I believe was part and parcel of the deal hide in shame. As I understand it, some MCA´s have vowed to impeach Ranguma if he does not follow the correct tendering process hence the knee jerk. Read

    Kisumu Solid Waste Management Project
    Press release 16/03/2014

    Open letter to Governor Ranguma

    Dear Governor Ranguma,

    since November last year we have worked round the clock to set up solid waste management for Kisumu County. Our goals are clean streets, better health for the people, protection for the environment, and the creation of several hundred jobs.

    Using our own resources –

    – we have set up a management team and an office in Kisumu
    – we have recruited workers and sourced equipment for them
    – we have developed a strategy that puts Kisumu at the leading edge for solid waste management in Kenya and beyond
    – we have educated already dozens of teachers and their pupils
    – we have prepared land and permits for a recycling plant
    – we have collected advice and input from ordinary people, from their leaders and political representatives, from academics and from business people
    – we have negotiated with technology suppliers in Germany, including specialists for biogas plants, for recycling machines, and for compactor trucks
    – and, above all, we are already cleaning streets and collecting waste, having started in Nyakach in January and preparing the roll-out in the other subcounties.

    It is with some disbelief that we notice your ongoing opposition to our work. On numerous occasions at public events, through the media, and even in your speech at the opening of the County Assembly in February you have talked very badly about this project, distancing yourself from it, and even going as far as trying to smear the name of one of the directors with patently false accusations.

    We work under a contract that was signed by the County Government under your leadership. Moreover, you were personally involved in the planning and negotiation as early as July 2013. On 10th, 11th and 12th of September 2013, when you visited Germany in a delegation including the deputy governors of Mombasa and Nakuru as well as the Executive Member for Education from Kisumu, you took the opportunity to meet four times with one of the directors to discuss the solid waste management project.

    A few days later, we received an official notification from your office that we have been selected as the organisation to implement solid waste management for Kisumu County. This notification specified the investment volume of 1.2bn ksh per year and was followed a few weeks later by an agreement on certain details of the implementation.

    As you are well aware, it has never been the plan that the County of Kisumu should pay 1.2bn ksh per year from its own money. Right from the start, it has been clear that an investment of this size can only be funded by international development organisations. We find it hard to understand that you actively resist our efforts to bring this international money to Kisumu. We can only speculate about your reasons, and none of those speculations are pleasant.

    Despite your sustained resistance, we have been continuing our work so far because of the overwhelming and active support from the people of Kisumu County, including their representatives in the County Assembly and the National Assembly. We have been continuing our work because of the dire need for action to address the menace of Kachok and the waste in the streets all over the County. We have taken considerable financial risks ourselves to help Kisumu County to leap forward.

    If you don’t want solid waste management to happen in Kisumu County then kindly go ahead and officially cancel the contract that was signed under your leadership. It would be a sad day for Kisumu County if it came to this but we are not prepared to put up for the next four years with political battles. There are other counties that are waiting for our team, our equipment and our expertise.

    On the other hand, if you do decide to honour the contract then we expect your public and solid support and an immediate end to the efforts to hinder our work. We are ready to do the right thing for Kisumu, and we hope that you are, too.

    Yours faithfully,

    Renish Omullo, Chairperson

    Dr Sebastian Hallensleben, Managing Director


    • mzee,

      Whatever happened to all the past Solid Waste Management initiatives. I’m talking about Habitat’s Kisumu City Development Strategy, JICA, SIDA, lake Victoria basin commission’s integrated solid waste management….and now this?

      Almost 2 decades later….. it’s still seminars, conferences, promises and more promises as the mound at kachok keeps growing. ranguma has squandered the chance to set the county on the right path. let him cancel the contract and take personal responsibility for the consequences.

      BTW …..which streets of nyakach are these conmen talking about? pap onditi, sondu market or my local shopping center nyamaroka?


      • Akinyi,
        I have been thinking really hard about the “cleaning” exercise going on in Nyakach. Places like Katito, Nyabondo and the others that you mentioned are not the dirtiest in the county. Perhaps they are cleaning river miriu. This is blatant theft of public funds. Or they might just be cleaning us of our money.

        They go on to write that other counties are in need of their services. Then why not just pack and go to those counties instead of making noise in Kisumu.

        This man called Ranguma is a complete failure in my opinion. There is nothing of significance the man has done is Kisumu.


      • In the Daily Nation article, the governor states that

        “To help Kisumu grow we are promoting free WFi. This will create jobs for youth and ease education.”

        One is left lost for words.

        Going personal, I am married to a lady from that part of Kenya. So I visit regularly, and every time I have visited, the most striking thing I see is a region with enormous untapped potential. Perhaps one day the right person will be given the power.


      • JD,
        You are now officially a shemeji. Welcome. That said I think that we have a completely vision-less leader in place. Yes, I heard about the free WIFI. It boggles the mind to even start imagining that this could create jobs. Oh! Perhaps for the providers, thats what he means. The moment you see the biggest resource in the county going untapped then you know that there is no vision. I’m talking about lake Victoria. Instead of wasting our time with some useless agendas, why not just bring investors to put passenger and even cargo ship in the lake?

        Ranguma cannot claim that he still needs time to “think”. Kwani where did people like Joho get time? Ati they county wants to employ doctors. Is this really their job?


      • Mzee, thank you. The lake is not just the biggest resource in the county. Is there a single bigger resource in the western part of the country? From what I see, what is lacking seems to be determination, imagination, and focus in the leadership. I hope that people will not have to wait until 2018 to see any improvements. To tell you the truth, I can’t actually imagine what these people do when they get to “work” each day. Do they just dream up hot and flowery words from 9 to 5?

        When it comes to leadership, it would be nice to hear from people on the ground, but the ODM wrangles ought to be very worrying. Sometimes people can start a company or an organization and then get thrown out of the same, for the greater good. It even happened with Job at Apple, as with many others. Surely, it must be obvious that if some in ODM keep insisting that it is a “Luo party”, then that is how it will be seen (I don’t know if they are, but that is the view being sent forth.)

        Regardless of Raila’s future, anyone who looks at the region’s history in relation to central government ought to be more thoughtful and to tread more carefully instead of giving such an “insular” impression.


    • Is this even possible?
      How would Ranguma go about pulling down peoples properties and replacing them with his so called human-friendly modern structures?

      Would it not be more prudent to provide loans to develop these structures. What he must understand is that those who have depleted structures in slums do have the financial capacity do build better homes. By the way, these structures are on private land, how on earth is one going to build county houses on them.

      I know for sure that there is a lot of government land in Nyalenda, Pandpieri, Dunga areas that can be developed as a showcase.

      By the way, why not decentralize. Build houses outside the town. In places such as ojola, Obambo, Ahero, Rae, Kajulu which are less than 30 minutes from the town by bus. I’m convinced that people will move out of Nyalenda, Obunga, Manyatta etc if the named places had better and affordable housing. Lakini vision ndo`imekosa


    • Governor Ranguma did a workers audit which he has refused to make public. The wage bill in his county stands at more than 80%. Yet I heard his deputy say that they want to employ doctors. Adongo has explained to us very well why the counties must not venture into such activities if the central government does not devolve doctors salaries to the counties.


      • mzee,

        Today I had a chat with my nephew who is a pharmacist in Bungoma and I was asking him how this whole thing of being moved to the counties is working. He is a smart kid so I figured he would know what is going on. He told me some pretty scary things.

        1. Doctors and pharmacists are quitting in large numbers even though the government is trying to supress that info. This guy is the pharmacist for the whole district and he is putting the groundwork to leave and go to the private sector. Personally I would want him to run his own pharmacy. In the hospitals he knows you are lucky to find a single doctor. Now figure how that works for the whole country.

        2. The counties were not given the budget from the ministry of health but were given some money. Even if the counties were to use every penny given to them from the ministry of health they will not be able to cover the wages alone forget the other materials needed to run any hospital or clinic. To make things worse the counties are using some of the little health money they got to finance other things not related to health. That means the whole thing is a circus.

        3. Nobody knows what the government is doing with the rest of the health money. They (the national government) are supposed to run the referral hospitals only but they kept the bulk of the money. This basically is a recipe for disaster which some people think is what Uhuru wants because there is a load of money in health and the national government wants to take it all back. That is another story.

        4.All promotions for healthcare workers have been frozen without any idea as to when things will get back to normal. Another reason why many professionals are calling it quits with the public health sector.

        5. The projection is that in one to two years the public health sector will collapse and may be from the pieces something will be built from the ground up.

        6. My own assessment is that the health sector is one area where the senators could have focused their energy to ensure that all health sector funds due to the counties are moved to the counties and secondly to pass a law prohibiting counties from using health sector money for any other purpose.

        But of course the test tube politicians are better at singing for their masters than thinking about how the counties will actually function and fulfill their mandate. Here in Canada as I have said many times we have a health act that ensures that all health dollars are transferred from the federal government to the provinces and that the provinces cannot divert even a penny of health funds to anything else.

        May be we should organize a visit to Canada for our governors and some senators. Of course they can get all the buttock allowances they need as long as they learn something. Providing public health is complex business. Look how screwed up they are in the US of A.

        Now this is only health services. Agriculture will follow because it is also suppoed to be under counties. Now let them screw that up too with help from State House. There is a growing sense that things are going to get messed up top to bottom before they can be sorted out. Exactly what we thought.


      • Adongo
        Check this out.
        Doctors are resigning in numbers yet some silly things are saying that it does not matter. In a country with only 3000 doctors this is a disaster. Wether they biuld the so called new hospitals it wont matter if they dont have doctors. No wonder the chief justice in now recommending that people go to witchdoctors, healers etc. Perhaps Uhuru and Ruto should borrow a leaf from CJ.

        The Ministry of Health has downplayed mass resignation of doctors from county governments saying they were free to do so.

        Principal Secretary Fred Sigor said the movement was like those in other sectors.

        Mr Sigor said the county governments should employ other doctors and health personnel after the “few” moved to private practice to fill the gaps.

        “We encourage county governments to recruit extra personnel including doctors, nurses and lab technicians,” Mr Sigor said during Cabinet Secretaries briefing to the media on the achievements of their ministries in the past one year at Harambee House in Nairobi.

        Mr Sigor said the country needed to train more doctors so that no gap is left in public hospitals when some move to private practice.

        He said his ministry intends to increase money allocated for training of doctors from the current Sh70 million to Sh400 million in next financial year.

        “We are aware of shortfall in training and we are putting more money in that area. After training, the doctors can serve either public or private sector. What is important is, do we have enough doctors?”

        He said the government was also equipping all public facilities to reduce the exodus of health personnel to private sector.

        Mr Sigor said visits to public dispensaries and health centres has increased from 12 million people per year to 18 million following the government’s move to waive the Sh10 and Sh20 charges respectively.

        He said the government will further construct health facilities in informal settlements at a cost of Sh200 million.

        Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru said the national government is committed to devolution and that was why it had transferred functions and allocated 32 per cent of last audited revenue to counties.

        Ms Waiguru said the government had no ill motive in failing to attend the governors meeting in Kwale Thursday as it was meant for self -appraisal.

        “It is their right to hold the meeting. They held such a meeting before but we didn’t go and it was not an issue,” Ms Waiguru said.

        She said the counties will get Sh226 billion in next financial year, up from the current Sh190 billion.

        Ms Waiguru said 10 more Huduma centres, which give various government services to the public, will be opened by June and that all the 47 counties are to be covered next financial year.

        She said the national government was also keen of ridding itself off ghost workers this year.

        Labour PS Ali Noor said his ministry helped 13,700 people get jobs in the past one year.

        Science and Technology PS Colletta Suda said her ministry plans to train one million artisans in the country.

        Sports Cabinet Secretary Hassan Wario said plans were afoot to establish a film school in Kenya next year.

        He said five new stadiums are to be built in the country in next financial year as per the Jubilee manifesto.


      • mzee,

        The funny thing is to hear that Sigor fellow saying the counties should employ new doctors to take the place of those who are quitting to join the private sector. There are no doctors tarmacking in River Road looking for work. This is not like employing civil servants to hang their coats on government offices.

        We don’t have enough doctors in the country and if the few we have decide to abandon public hospitals the government should use its money to build cemetaries and help folks buy coffins. That is a smarter investment than buying ambulances to take people into empty buildings called hospitals.

        Also you notice the Cabinet Secretaries were all herded together at Harambee House to give a summary of what they have achieved. Most of them talked nonsense like Rachel Omamo talking about how Westgate operation was such a masssive success. Essentially the deal was to mobilise the Cabinet Secretaries to boycot the governors conference in Mombasa. This is the dumb and dumber show.

        Many of those cabinet secretaries should be at the governors conference in Mombasa trying to figure out how to get things working for the citizens. The Health CS should be down there talking with the governors on how to tackle the looming complete implosion in the health sector. This is not the kind of stuff to fool around with. When the public health sector collapses wananchi are going to turn heat on all governments not just the county government. And the collapse of the public health sector is no longer an issue of if but when it will come down.

        My nephew who is a pharmacist told me today that if I am a smart investor he could be my best asset. He told me to put money together and open a few pharmacies and he can run them all and make good money doing a good thing. He is damn right. The future is about knowledge based businesses and pharmacy in one such area. Not any regular thief can run a pharmacy. You must have the technical knowledge and this young man is as good as they come. I am going to take up his challenge.


      • Adongo,
        The interesting thing is that some of these people trying to rubbish doctors quitting are just hiding the truth from kenyans. But sooner or later it will hit the fan.

        I’m told that even nurses are moving to our neighboring countries such as Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. It’s such a shame that countries that we used to laugh at are now loudly laughing at us perhaps wondering what went wrong.

        As you said, investing in the health sector is one thing that one cannot go wrong. I have been seriously contemplating starting a little dispensary somewhere in the bush, getting proper equipment in it to help people while helping myself at the same time. The doctors would probably take up employment at my little dispensary where they are treated decently than be at perpetual war with the government. Perhaps I will be ordering drugs from some of your pharmacies. Who knows?

        The painful thing is that our leaders never bother to go to the local hospitals. Even a simple headache and they are off to South Africa, EU or America. Why THEN would they even bother fixing hospitals?


  3. These stories alternate between being very amusing and being very disturbing. Is it really that hard to find competent and serious people to work in this counties?

    It is true that getting ambulances to rush people to dilapidated hospitals, perhaps without money or staff. But the optics are good and even if he fails, people will say Mutua at least tried.

    On the other hand, I found the Kisumu case very odd. Looking at Nyanza’s historical relationship with the central government in Kenya, it is the one place where I expected there would be the most effort to make devolution work. For some reason, there does not appear to be much of any kind of serious effort.

    The Sh. 18b contract for handling trash is surprising. Out of curiosity, I took a look at whatever figures are available to the public. From what I can tell, first it appears that the county will be running deficits even without such contracts. Second, there does not appear to be a solid plan to generate any revenue, even just to pay for the trash. Third, most of the current budget is going into emoluments, leaving very little for development or investment in revenue-generating activities. Fourth, the possibility of borrowing to finance revenue-generation investments look dim, given that lenders will want serious proposals.

    Economically, on the current basis, it is hard to see how counties like Kisumu can survive unless central government allows them to run deficits for a few years and covers those. Even then, there does not look like there will be much left over to improve the lives of the citizens.

    I think may of these counties need to develop a seriousness of purpose. E.g. cut back on salary costs (although that might mean letting people go), cut back on numerous frivolous and costly expenses, etc.


  4. Mzee,

    Mutua and Joho have set the standards and acquiring ambulances and police cars have become the silver bullets for solving all our health and security problems. hehe, actually that is maendeleo considering that the whole country has slightly over 200 ambulances!! someone please tell me am wrong.

    Before he dishes out more poppycock can Kodera and the rest of the clowns clear the air about the 18 billion German-funded solid waste management project? I understand Mr Ranguma hosted the first batch of joy riders to a sumptuous dinner at Serena just before they flew out to meet the so called German investors. Am informed Fred Outa is again leading a second delegation to meet the same investors even as Ranguma distances himself from the said investment. How now?

    Perhaps Kodera should have told us when we are getting our own fleet instead of the same old generalized lofty statements. For me, Kisumu county assembly takes the trophy for being the most dysfunctional of the whole lot. If any consolation, our neighbors aren’t fairing any better. Look at Bungoma county assembly wasting a whole week touring other counties. As if this isn’t bad enough, they are currently on an eight-day retreat (at some beach resort) supposedly drawing up the county’s development agenda!

    Back to our mess. Kodera claims the county has secured funding for some multi-purpose dam. Really? how much money and where will this dam be developed? I have heard of Magwagwa (covering sondu river basin, kano plains and south nyanza) multipurpose dam being developed by Kenya Investment Authority. could this be what kodera is talking about?


    • lizoke70,
      Let me just say that Im fed up with this man called governor Ranguma.
      I had given Ranguma time to organize himself and start working but the man seem so confused he does not know where to begin.

      This man´s idea of development is just telling people of what he plans to do. But not even the simplest amongst his promises have taken off let alone being achieved.

      If some governors are already doing things that can be seen and felt, Ranguma cannot claim that he is still on the planning phase.

      But what irritates me most is his attempt to take credit for things that he never initiated. Take the water points in Obunga, Nyamasaria, Bandani etc. This was initiated long before he became governor by some NGOs.

      Ranguma has not only promised ferries in Lake Victoria, but also the removal of hyacinth. Both have been forgotten and the new thing is the so called solar energy. Looking closely at the the solar issue, you find that he has just signed some empty MoU with some useless third rate Italian company that does not have money and know how. Basically, Italian gold diggers looking for a piece of the African pie.

      There was the solar electricity street lights project that never took off. I believe that street lights are more effective than 200 police cars in combating crime. Criminals hate light.

      He talked of a major project of upgrading Nyalenda slums. In the project there were to be construction of both high and low cost housing. In his own words the rich and poor were to live side by side. This is long forgotten.

      He talked and promised the biulding of multi million international conference hall in Kisumu. Untill now nothing has happened in that front and big meeting are held in Bondo University that has a big hall.

      How about water to all residents in Kisumu county? Nothing has taken off.

      Recently they have been talking about repossession of land/houses that had been illegally acquired. We all know that its just empty talk.

      I challenge anyone to tell/show me ONE not two things that Ranguma has done in Kisumu county.

      I dont consider buying ambulances and police cars development for they are more for show than anything else but even this has not been done in Kisumu county.

      The other joke i heard last month was Rangumas intention, yes intention to biuld railway lines around kisumu county. That must have been forgotten as soon as it was spoken.

      Kisumu county has perhaps the greatest potential given its vicinity to the lake but we have a governor with no vision.

      To be fair to Ranguma, most governors are clueless just as he is. But Kisumu is special county with a special history. He cannot afford to fail us.

      Rangumas promises are endless but none has been fulfilled. If there is one governor who needs to be “fired” then its this one.
      These are some of the the pillars for development of Kisumu county. None has taken off

      6.1. Rapid light rail

      Kisumu County government will construct a light rail to ease traffic congestion and improve efficiency of transportation between the Kisumu City CBD and other parts of the metropolitan including the Kisumu International Airport.

      6.2. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

      In line with Kenya’s vision 2030 all the major cities are preparing to become 24 hour operational centers. There is therefore a need to install surveillance cameras to enhance security in these cities. The Government of Kisumu County will invite the Private Sector players to support in undertaking this project. This will help improve safety and security and reduce the cost of policing in the CBD.
      6.3. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Planning and Mapping of the County

      The County government of Kisumu will invest in Technical Assistance in institutionalizing a GIS based spatial planning and management of County resources.

      7.1. Development of a dry dock port

      The government of Kisumu County plans to develop a dry dock port within Kisumu city. The features of the proposed dry dock will include: storage and clearing facilities, and support facilities/amenities e.g. offices, banking hall, hotel and restaurants. This investment shall be operated under build-own-operate-transfer (BOOT) framework.

      7.2. Lake transport

      Lake Victoria offers potential for mass transport of goods and passengers across the region and beyond.Already the County government is negotiating with strategic investors to set up ferry and boat services, construct a shipyard and supporting rail system.

      7.3. Dams

      The County government is in discussion with a number of foreign investors who can develop, operate and maintain a number of multi-purpose dams across the County to store runoff water, support fish farming, enhance industrial activities, aid in micro-irrigation projects and generate hydroelectricity.

      7.4. Irrigation projects

      Alongside existing Ahero and West Kano irrigation schemes that have already been developed by the government, Kisumu County government will over the next 10 years develop newer small scale irrigation projects with high potential for increasing irrigation acreage, particularly for paddy rice, sugarcane, sorghum and maize production in Kisumu County. An estimated 50,000 Ha of land is suitable for irrigation projects across the County.

      7.5. Mining Sector

      Kisumu County is endowed with a wide range of minerals such as soda ash, fluorspar, limestone, barite, gypsum, salt, dimension stone, silica sand, soapstone, manganese, copper, zinc, titanium, lead, nickel, chromite, pyrite, rare earth elements and pyrochlore. Most of these minerals still remain unexploited due to inadequate knowledge on their status, economic viability and appropriate mining technologies. Already, an appropriate mineral prospecting and mining policy conducive to investment and Private Public Partnerships (PPP) in the mining sector is in place.

      7.6. Integrated waste management

      The County Kisumu produces an average of 300 metric tonnes of solid waste per day. Management of this waste through recycling will reduce environmental pollution and offer employment opportunities through commercial ventures. The County government welcomes investors in solid waste management. Specific areas of investment interests include waste disaggregation, sanitary landfills, recycling, and sewerage systems maintenance.

      7.7. Construction of Low Cost Houses

      Kisumu County government is working out modalities of partnering with private sector to construct and sell houses, including low cost houses to the people of Kisumu County.


      • mzee I hear you. my comment about the ambulances is borne from the realization that we have set our standards so low, expecting anything different is like squeezing water out of a stone. Look at Mutua all razzle dazzle with his police cars, stadium, park and ambulances getting much applause for his lopsided priorities.

        A s you rightly pointed out, Ranguma has spent the last nine months doing nothing but talking, racking up frequent flier miles, signing big checks, sitting in day-long bonding sessions, retreats, conferences, seminars you name it. Despite all these, what is now clear is that our governor is not a leader and he is not in control of his team. That’s who he is, it is what it is and things will only go downhill from here – I hope am wrong. I have also never understood the wisdom behind including his opponents in his cabinet. has anyone had any success with that in Africa? 🙂

        We are between the devil and the deep blue sea. Keep Ranguma and watch helplessly from the sidelines for another 4 years (at least). Get rid of him after 2 years and have Ruth at the helm (hehehe this would be interesting). What i know is that despite all the potential that the county has, we have lost an opportunity and whatever route we take, the usual ‘clannism’ issue will rear its ugly head. Jo kano believe this seat is theirs for 2 terms. How they came up with the mellow Ranguma still beats me.


    • Now we may be facing speedy collapse of the public health care system much faster than we thought. Duale got instructions from the Uhuruto mob to kill the Referral Hospitals in bunge and he did it fast and furious. Not even a single M.P said anything. That speaks for itself.

      The crime here is that Uhuru and his mob have gobbled the money allocated to Referral hospitals and have now asked the counties to absorb all the 11 Referral Hospitals. Trying to be clever by half parliament then increased the total budget for the counties to make it look like they have transferred the money allocated to the Referral Hospitals to the county.

      Many lies there.

      1. The money transferred to counties will go to all the 47 counties while only 11 counties have Referral Hospitals. So the Counties that have Referral Hospitals will be shortchanged and they will simply reduce the expected budgets of these hospitals and kill them fast. The counties will tell the citizens that the Referral Hospitals are meant to serve the whole country and they are not going to use their small budgets to run Hospitals for 40 million Kenyans.

      2. The money allocated to the counties in this budget are most likely a one time allocation to cover up the mess Uhuru is causing. Next budget the allocation will not include this amount as little as it is already. That is when we will be taking the referral hospitals to the mortuary or we may as well turn then into mortuaries to serve the whole republic effectively.

      3. As we have said a million times the whole funding arrangement for the public health sector has been screwed over and over. It all boils down to Uhuru and his State House operatives cooking a plan to refer the administration of health services to the counties while keeping the money expected to run them. It is a recipe for destroying the already struggling public health sector. The monies intended to run these Referral Hospitals for example should be directly allocated to the Hospitals and administered through agreed accountable mechanisms. It is not rocket science.

      4. This matter needs to go to the senate and hopefully someone there will take this thing seriously and look at solutions. Secondly the counties which have Referral Hospitals like Kisumu, Kakamega, Machakos, Meru etc should team up and make it very clear that they want the monies for these hospitals allocated to the hospitals even if the money has to go through the MCA Health dockets. The money should not be just generally distributed to all 47 counties.

      5. In the big picture all counties now have a right to demand funds allocated to them to set up their own Level 5 hospitals which is where surgeries and complicated tests and treatment programs are done. But with the bungling and acts of sabotage against the health care system going on we will never even have that discussion. Uhuruto and their friends are sending the public health sector to the ICU. It may never come out of there. What exactly do these guys want to achieve for the country?


      • Adongo

        Some of us have thrown our hands in the air and said let it be

        What you detail out here is extremely frightening. What it means is that the health system are on a downward spiral and will deteriorate so bad as to be beyond salvage

        But the spin here is that since health services have been “devolved” to county, its the governors and senate to take the fall. Yet its a consequence of central government ineptitude.

        On a different note

        It reminds me of another issue on insecurity – right now judges are being blamed for following the law and releasing suspects on bail. Previously mall owners were blamed for harboring terrorists. I read somewhere that matatu owners are being charged for allowing IEDs on board vehicles. Then there was blame on immigration officers for not screening foreigners. etc etc

        Everyone else is to blame except for those directly responsible for keeping the country safe. i.e the people who actually draw a salary and are trained to conduct security checks as well as stop criminals are now pointing fingers at the victim

        Its only in Kenya where things are turned completely upside down, roles ( that lols hehehe) reversed and people just simply move on, waiting to finish political opponents while service grind to a halt

        … does anyone want a staddy 1 laptop? 🙂


  5. Governor Ranguma ought to stop building castles in the air and start delivering tangibles to Kisumu County residents. People cannot talk and politik forever. These guys have been in office long enough and problems of Kisumu County persist. People are getting fed up of this.


    • mzee, allow me to rub it in and let phil take it like a man. did you know ranguma before phil floated his name on this forum? oh how proud I was watching the kisumu gubernatorial debates. here we were listening to all those that were brave enough to openly debate their opponents, state their vision for Kisumu….. kumbe ranguma the chosen one was watching and laughing at all those ‘idiots’ from the comfort of his lavington home. isokay.

      delegate phil OMT, the ‘whole world’ is waiting for the big fallout from next week’s events. please prove them wrong.


      • @akinyi2005,

        I am not disowning Ranguma. As a matter of fact I only corrected you folks during the gubernatorial debates because you were making skewed analysis without taking into consideration what these two (Ranguma and Ruth Odinga) were doing with voters on the ground. And true to my predictions they won the nominations and the subsequent general election.

        Personally I vigorously campaigned for Kidero and voted him in Nairobi. Kidero’s case is not dissimilar to that of Ranguma. No one is feeling the county government in Nairobi. Kidero has raised taxes and levies which as you know have hot the common Nairobi resident more than anything Jubilee have done in one year.

        Wambora was impeached, and it is likely Ranguma and Kidero will soon follow. We can’t have people talking about masterplans, strategy forever. We need to see services improve, especially the visible ones like garbage collection, traffic management, healthy and education, etc. but as it were Nairobi and Kisumu are far worse compared to when Kisia was Town Clerk and Okello was Mayor. It’s time to get rid of joy riders.


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