Kalenjin leaders: William Ruto undermining governors

Bomet, Kenya: A section of leaders from Bomet County have come out to support Bomet governor Isaac Ruto and accused Deputy President William Ruto of undermining governors. The leaders blamed the deputy president for current woes facing Ruto especially after he demanded for increased allocation of revenue allocated to the counties. Former Bomet County Council chairman John Kalya claimed that the Deputy President for his own selfish political agenda, has been funding Senators and MPs to hold press conferences and rallies across the South rift region accusing Governor Ruto of all manner of imagined ills. “The propaganda coordinated by senators Charles Keter and Prof Wildred Lessan has roped in other leaders and is meant to contain the Governor politically owing to his forthrightness and steadfast push for increased allocation of resources to the counties under devolution which is enshrined in the constitution,” said Mr Kalya. Kalya claimed the sustained onslaught against governor Ruto, who is the chairman of the Council of Governors, meant to taint his image politically and portray him as corrupt. He asked the Deputy President to show respect for the support he got from the people of Bomet during the last general elections and also respect governor Ruto. “As people of Bomet County, we would like to caution against the mudslinging against our governor and warn that if the trend continues, it would divided the entire Kalenjin community into blocs,” added Kalya. The former chairman at the same time urged the DP to respect other elected leaders in the region and work together for posterity of the Kalenjin Community. “Being a senior politician, we all expect him to rise above petty politics and act as a unifying figure in Rift Valley and the entire Kalenjin community – but he has sunk so low,” added Kalya.
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2 comments on “Kalenjin leaders: William Ruto undermining governors

  1. Bomet Governor and Chair of Council of Governors has rightly fingered William Ruto as the biggest threat to devolution.

    “@dailynation: Isaac Ruto: DP is the biggest threat to devolution http://bit.ly/1gt7SAq”

    Many forget the DP was the red card captain in 2010 leading the onslaught against the new constitution referendum, not forgetting that he led in mutilating the zero draft by the committee of experts. So what Governor Isaac Ruto is alluding to is not new.


    • Even if too late in the day, the kalenjins are finally realising that William Ruto is a complete sell out who is told by told by Uhuru Kenyatta how high to jump.

      While devolution is in the heart of people of RVP Ruto is determined on behalf of Uhuru to destroy it once and for all.

      Unfortunately he cannot countermand what Uhuru does unlike the Coalition government days when Raila would quash some of Kibakis nonsense through court.


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