Plot To Murder Blogger Robert Alai Caught On Audio Tape – Chilling

Robert Alai posted this on twitter.

Its is just chilling listen to all the things that these people admit they have done  and are planning to  do.

Moses Kuria and Matsanga are part of the deal.


By Mzee Posted in kenya

5 comments on “Plot To Murder Blogger Robert Alai Caught On Audio Tape – Chilling

  1. its absurd…Moses Kuria is the father of l poverty,,, from importing a transit good full of pangas during campaigns to planning of killing bloggers..Inciting his gang to Kill Raila Odinga…God is our watch,,had the clip not leaked


    • He posted that only today, and in panic. The narrative they are building is that those tapes are doctored. I wonder how they will react when they see the videos.


    • Akinyi,
      The plans that two men are making are very serious. Its only that we are dealing with Kenya police that is probably disinterested in the whole thing for obvious reasons.

      One cannot doctor such a long audio tape. Should the British intelligence get hold of the tape, then I bet you they can easily prove that it is not doctored.

      Matsanga might write whatever he wants but the fact is that he has been busted. Caught pants down talking about how he set thugs to sodomize his daughters boyfriend.


  2. Days after this shocking revelations, Messrs. Kuria and Matsanga are yet to publicly come out and clarify the damning recording. What is more, the grapevine has it that the same clip clip was captured on video. The police OB report was done more than a week ago and to date no one has been called to record a statement, and other than the complainant threatened on the tape, little progress is being made here despite the IGP himself assuring quick action to save the life of the threatened citizen.


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