EAC leaders plotting to kill Raila Odinga — Oburu Oginga

Haven’t they got enough blood on their Hands already?


Nominated MP Oburu Oginga on Friday sensationally accused some East African Community leaders of plotting to assassinate his brother Raila Odinga for allegedly undermining them.

But Dr Oginga’s claim was quickly dismissed by State House spokesman Manoah Esipisu, who called it “cheap, unfounded and demeaning to the integrity and the agenda of EAC leaders” who met last week at Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi.

Without naming names, the Nominated MP who is an elder brother of the Cord leader claimed that “some of the Presidents of the EAC countries have a personal agenda in the region which they fear can’t be achieved with the ODM leader around”.

That was the reason the alleged plot to kill the former Prime Minister was supposedly hatched during a recent meeting at Safari Park where the Kenya National Electronic Single Window System was launched, Dr Oginga told a press conference in Bondo.

Present at the launch were Presidents Uhuru Kenyatta (Kenya), Yoweri Museveni (Uganda), Paul Kagame (Rwanda) and Salva Kiir Mayardit (South Sudan).

Mr Odinga travelled to the US two months ago to give a series of lectures in Boston, Massachusetts.

“I have received information from a very credible source that some powerful individuals within the East African Community want Raila Odinga dead,” Dr Oginga said, adding that the plot was to kill Mr Odinga on his return from the US.

“The fact that Mr Odinga enjoys a massive following in the region is also a reason why they want to kill him,” he said.


Dismissing the claim, Mr Esipisu told Dr Oginga to channel his energies elsewhere instead of engaging in dangerous talk.

“We wish to dismiss the malicious, ungrounded and unfounded allegations with the contempt they deserve. The Heads of States from the East African Community have a noble agenda of serving their citizens and are not ready to be distracted by the cheap words of Oburu,” he said.

Inspector-General of Police David Kimaiyo said he had not received any reports on the alleged plot.

“The matter has not been brought to my attention. It has not been reported to any police station but if we get the report, we will investigate immediately,” he said on the telephone.

This was the second time in two years that an ODM MP has raised allegations about a plot to assassinate the former PM who is expected back in the country at the end of the month.

In 2012, Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo claimed some senior officials in government at the time had planned to kill the former prime minister, allegations that were denied by the government.

“Mr Jakoyo Midiwo told us of a similar plot and was dismissed. I also said the same at a conference at the Bomas of Kenya and no one bothered to respond,” said Dr Oginga, explaining that his brother’s extended tour of the US had nothing to do with the plot since he wasn’t aware of it.




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4 comments on “EAC leaders plotting to kill Raila Odinga — Oburu Oginga

  1. Well let me make some observations

    1.) Dr. Oburu should go ahead and record the statement at whatever CID office that he has been directed to. Its his duty to make that statement

    2.) Having made the statement he should stay on top of any developments

    3.) It is absurd that in the so called “digital government” where government departments and offices are interconnected by telecommunication devices that a report cannot be made in any government office. What a digital fraud

    4.) In the failure of CID to record the statement, Dr. Oburu should publish for free the entire detail of the allegation so that the public is informed, even if the security agencies are too politically partisan to respond.


    • One thing is for sure. The tribal outfit that runs the CID are too scared of what Dr. Oburu Odinga might reveal hence the effort to prevent him from making a statement.

      I cant tell if the statement is accurate but the very fact that its going to become public seems to worry people above, whoever they are. By the way, I thought that the CID was independent and not controlled by people from “above”.

      So why give the information to the CID anyways? Does one think they will even investigate it if they are already prejudiced. I dont think so.

      Perhaps Oburu should call a press conference and spill the bean and leave it at that. Should anything happen to Raila thereafter then Kenyans will know what to do.


    • As far as I can tell, one of the suspects lives in Nairobi and the rest live outside Kenya. So there is no reason why he should return home to record a statement. Nairobi makes the most sense.

      Having said that, if there are problems with the CID, then nothing stops Mr. Oburu from just giving out the information to the media. Send the details in print or even call a press conference. What did Mr. Jakoyo do with his information after the CID did nothing?

      Leaving the question of whether Mr. Oburu has something or not, the manner of these revelations does not help anything. After the performance by Mr. Jakoyo, people everywhere are just laughing at this one. Even if the CID is useless, why not first go quietly to them and then make the huge media splash?



    Nairobi, 14/05/14

    Nominated MP Dr. Oburu Oginga was today denied an opportunity to record a statement with the Criminal Investigations Department regarding the claims he made over a plot to kill CORD leader Mr. Raila Odinga who is currently out of the country on education tour.

    Dr. Odinga presented himself to the CID headquarters on Kiambu road where he intended to record a statement and provide proof to his claims for government to investigate. However, on his arrival, Dr. Oburu who was accompanied by his lawyers Mr. Haroun Ndubi and Antony Oluoch and nine Members of Parliament was told blatantly by a Deputy Director of the CID Mr. Samuel Nyabengi that he had instructions from ‘above’ not to record a statement from him.

    Mr. Nyabengi said he had been instructed to tell Dr. Oburu to record the statement he indented to, with the District Criminal Investigations Officer in Bondo. Despite pleas by Dr. Oburu, his Counsels and Members of Parliament to allow him to record the statement owing to the sensitivity of the matter, Mr. Nyabengi maintained his grounds saying he had no capacity to listen to and record any statement from Dr. Oburu.

    Addressing the media later, Mr. Ndubi said it was against the rules of natural justice to deny any member of public from volunteering information regarding death threats to another citizen. “This is against the law. Dr. Oburu came here on his own volition to record a statement and give the evidence to support his claims regarding a plot to assassinate former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, but he has been denied the opportunity” added Mr. Ndubi.

    He said they will not relent and that they will wait for the substantive Director of the CID Mr. Ndegwa Muhoro to invite Dr. Oburu to record the statement and give the necessary information regarding his claims. “Let Mr. Muhoro himself tell us that he does not want to listen to Dr. Oburu instead of them beating around the bush” he added.

    Dr. Oburu said it was “unfortunate” for the CID to refuse his a chance to record a statement with them regarding the claims he made about a plot to kill Mr. Odinga. “I had come here to give vital information to qualify my earlier remarks on a plot to kill Raila but they seem not to be keen to listen to me” he said.

    Dr. Oburu said he was dissatisfied with the explanation given by the Deputy CID Director that he goes to report the same to the Bondo DCIO saying that “they are deliberately ignoring the information I want to give them for further investigations”.

    He said that the “government must beef up my brother’s security” to protect him from such machinations.

    Siaya Senator Mr. James Orengo regretted the CID’s action saying that “Dr. Oburu like any other Kenyan deserves to be given the opportunity to justify his remarks by recording a statement with the police”. He said it is unfortunate that a matter of that magnitude could be played around with by the CID saying that the information Dr. Oburu wants to volunteer to give the government is vital.

    He said crucial intelligence information has been ignored in the past until a disaster happens citing the case of the Westgate attack. He appealed to the CID Director to give Dr. Oburu a chance to record a statement on the remarks he made regarding the life of Mr. Raila Odinga.

    Dr. Oburu was accompanied by Senators James Orengo (Siaya) and Otieno Kajwang’ (Homabay) and Members of the National Assembly Messrs Mohammed Junet (Suna East), T.J. Kajwang’ (Ruaraka), Opondo Kaluma (Homabay Town), David Ochieng’ (Ugenya), Timothy Bosire (Kitutu Masaba) and Paul Outa (Nyando).


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