Shock as court oust Kidero as governor

This is a nightmare for Evans Kidero.

Its clear that he was the better candidate amongst those who stood against him in the last general elections. Even though some of his actions while in office have left a lot to be desired he is still better than the man called Waititu who believes he can beat the governor. Should the supreme court uphold the decision then Kidero has a fight in his hands.

Kenyans are waiting to see if Waititu, a man who was barred from holding public office by the court is allowed by IEBC to contest. And even if he does not take part Jubilee will throw everything in the ring to take control of the city.


The Court of Appeal Tuesday nullified the election of Dr Evans Kidero and his deputy Jonathan Mueke as Nairobi Governor and Deputy Governor respectively.

Two judges upheld the complaint that his arch-rival Ferdinand Waititu raised but a third judge dismissed the appeal.

The judges said the petition court had suppressed the truth by not allowing Mr Waititu to cross-examine witnesses.

They also said the judges’ refusal for a scrutiny of votes as had been demanded by Waititu had rendered his petition null.

The refusal for scrutiny further suppressed Waititu’s evidence, they added

They said the election was fraught with irregularities and malpractices which naturally should have attracted criminal investigation by the presiding court.

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4 comments on “Shock as court oust Kidero as governor

  1. Admin,
    There you go. The supreme court temporarily reinstates Kidero.
    This country is becoming cartonish by the day.
    But as you said the only chance for Kidero to stay as governor is to actually beat Waititu in court or else he is screwed. Not because he is a bad guy but he has created the wrong perception of himself in the eyes of CORD/ODM. This is the time he will learn that that party that sponsored you carries alot of clout and you cannot do without it. Jubilee has been playing Kidero and the sooner he knows that the better. It would be interesting to see if UK supports him. If was really for Kidero really for him, they should have proposed him as co-chair of governors.

    Having said that, the man is better than Waititu by far.


  2. Mzee

    As a party, for CORD/ODM this is of course a blow, but on the individual level, Dr. Kidero was trying too hard to please Jubilee and its therefore hard to find any spot of sympathy. He was basically a Jubilee governor, preferring to attend Jubilee functions over those of CORD/ODM. Arrogance and haughty, almost unreachable and now even Shebesh will have the last laugh.

    He needs to overcome the tag of being a Jubilee sympathizer in order to gain CORD support, reach out to the Jubilee crowd as the best candidate in order to win. Also reach out to the many who found him hard to get.

    In my view, this guy needs to go home. I don’t see him overcoming these hurdles unless he is willing to flood the city with cash. Also there are other folks with too much vested interest and far more cash to spare.

    If I were him, I’d think about tightening the loose ends in the sugar industry, because he is about to become fair game and will be lumped with all the failure in the sugar industry

    His best bet is to make sure he win this is in court, out there in the electoral field, he has no chance. The little goodwill he had from CORD/ODM and Jubilee has all but vanished


    • Kidero has so far been the most incompetent governor of all the 47 we have. Kidero has become the “Planner In Chief”. He has been talking about master plans for over a year and has not even come with one plan leave alone implementing anything.

      This man is a Chief executive of the largest county (city) in the region with over 3 million residents and the commercial centre of East and Central Africa and he couldn’t figure out even one thing to do. He is constantly talking about cleaning the city(which he still has not done) and behaving like he is the mayor of Nairobi. He is the godamn governor for crying out loud.

      To me Kidero’s politics does not matter. He has no clue about politics and that is fair enough. He thought he was elected to be holding fund raisings and playing chicken politics in Nyanza. He couldn’t even pull stunts like Mutua is doing in Machakos. He is just a stale boring incompetent man. He gave a little hope to those obsessed with Raila but are too lame to do anything. He tried to turn himself into a Tuju clown which is a sad spectacle by itself. He forgot that the political graveyard is littered with all sorts of the unmarked graves of hapless chicken who thought they were slaying the Raila dragon here and there. There is a group like that on steroids in Nyanza. This pitiful group is of no political significance anywhere in the republic. It is a bunch of cowards who think fighting Raila makes them look brave and important. Nobody bothers with them.

      Kidero should have been very aggressive in Nairobi. One of the revenue sources for counties is to issue and charge for licenses in eating places, bars, restaurants, hotels and such places. Nairobi has a million such facilities. Even if poor Kidero could not push his way into setting structures for this large source of revenue and take charge of the big hotels, conference halls etc he could have started with food kiosks and street food vendors. Don’t laugh now. Please. Instead the silly man (Kidero) got himself entangled in trying to collect money from motorists especially matatus. Even that never worked.

      Nairobi could be a magnet for revenue collected directly by the county government if it was done smartly and a clear development agenda set up for the county revenue. Mombasa is doing it as we speak and they had to fight it out with the county commissioners to push them out of that business. The county governments are allowed to change the rates and the smart ones should reduce the licence fees for individual enterprises. Nairobi could have set the example for the other counties across the country. Well they ended up with this confused governor who felt he was just warming the seat while waiting for bigger things. Do the small things properly and the big ones will come. You screw up with the small things and you are gone.

      My thinking is that the Supreme Court will give Mr. Clueless here another rope. Hopefully he doesn’t use it to continue hanging himself. Kidero has to stop embarrassing himself as a useless and hopeless governor with no idea what to do for the people of Nairobi. That is a long shot. If it comes to an election it will be Kidero and Jimna Mbaru who couldn’t even get started in the campaigns. Nairobi could do better with the Sonkos and waititus. If Waititu is dead politically I am sure they can pick up another lunatic. May be Livondo could do. In a serious election, Peter Kenneth could make it in Nairobi and do a good job. Paul Muite can try and lose. Same with Mudavadi. Who else?


      • Adongo

        Am glad you have even attempted to look at his (rather dismal) performance record. I personally have had no time or inclination to do that, not just with this governor but all the other 46 as well

        A quick look and you find that the Kericho governor has been impeached, following those of Embu governor. Joho is in trouble, and Ruto is muscling it through

        Basically this is a power struggle between those that want to kill devolution by all means necessary vs those that want devolved structure to set up little fiefdoms and of course an eating base.

        Its got nothing to do with good governance.

        In such an environment, the Machakos governor is a superman. In reality however, that is a powder keg that can blow everyone sky high. The first thing i know about public service management is that capital procurement is not how to measure success. And yet Mutua’s “success” is all about large scale procurement effort. I guess in the absence of anything else or better, he surely must be a pace-setter.

        Anyhow, at this rate, true county government will be realized after 20 years, by then, the original design and wishes, will have been overtaken by whatever monster structure it will have evolve into.

        On a side note, the bubble that is the spending spree that Machakos is experiencing will probably burst in about 3 years time. Thats about when we can evaluate what he is doing today, its not gonna be pretty


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