Is the National Youth Service Key to TNA’s 2017 Electoral Victory?

The last NYS recruitment advert. Can opposition CORD demand an audit of the outcome?

The last NYS recruitment advert. Can opposition CORD demand an audit of the outcome?

IN the last one year, Kenyas have been treated to subtle but very significant developments in the National Youth Service (NYS).

In July last year (2013) Kenya’s Senate passed a law that brings back NYS conscription for high school graduates. Previously, the pre-university service was voluntary. But with the new law, all high school graduates will be required to sign up for the NYS, and undergo a program that give young people vocational training, instil patriotism and empower them to help safeguard the country. What did not escape keen political observers is that the law was sponsored, passed and implemented by Jubilee aligned senators. Of course the Jubilee president very promptly assented to it.

This was followed by a massive national recruitment into NYS in January 2014, one whose outcome is believed to have led to the ouster of Rugut as the Director of NYS. Even within the Jubilee government itself, there is sustained effort to strengthen one partner at the expense of weakening others, while simultaneously creating a county-based powerful structure of presidential authoritarianism using the provincial administration.

Globally, an increasing number of young people are enrolling into civilian or non-military national services, generally referred to as National Youth Services. Civilian national services have been instituted for varying reasons, such as to foster national unity; to make conscription more equitable; to provide young people with experience, perhaps to improve their employability; to achieve certain social objectives, such as helping poor people or the environment; or to allow students to fund their education.

It’s a poorly kept secret that since independence, the insecure ruling elite routinely misused recruitment into police, military, NYS and KWS rangers to protect their individual interests and to favour certain regions in the republic. A survey by an American scholar in 2002 on Kenya’s coup prevention strategies found that both Presidents Jomo Kenyatta and and Daniel Arap Moi “each set up a paramilitary organisation as a counterweight and rival to the other regular services of the military”. Kenyatta bet big on the General Service Unit (also then known as FFU or Fanya Fujo Uone), and Moi on the dreaded Special Branch that is the present National Security Intelligence. They both filled the ranks with their tribesmen and lavished them with goodies at the expense of professionalism.

Experts are quick attribute the deteriorating insecurity in Kenya to, amongst other factors, the simmering discontent running deep in lower cadres of regular police who for several years now have been poorly remunerated, under-equipped, over-worked, and with non-existent terms of service; all at the expense of their bosses and their favoured counterparts in Administration Police.

Between 2005-2007, the Kenya Administration Police emerged from the shadows and morphed into a feared combat force, complete with an aviation department for aerial patrols, advanced anti-riot gear and speedboats for marine surveillance, with its annual budget rivaling that of the regular police and leaving the military forces anxiously glancing over their shoulders. Kibaki was clearly following in the footsteps of Kenyatta and Moi – creating a tribal personal army within the AP.

Thus, in the run-up to the contentious 2007 General Elections, thousands of AP officers were summoned to their training college in Nairobi for an undisclosed mission. These officers swore an oath, even as their colleagues from a certain region were ejected from the camp. It turned out that they were to act as poll agents of President Kibaki’s Party of National Unity. Others were assigned official duties with the disbanded Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK). The APs were further shocked by the appearance of a commissioner and top officials of ECK who trained them on how to stuff ballot papers.

A stunned nation then watched in shock as KTN played a clip in which fleets of buses provided by local company transport Citti Hoppa, owned by a deceased PNU politician, departed the AP camp in Embakasi carrying hundreds of AP officers to ferry them to their stations for electoral and political duties during the December elections. This mission ended in disaster for Kibaki and PNU.

Following Jubilee government assumption of office, and with 2017 electoral cycle just around the corner, the present regime is seemingly not leaving anything to chance. It does not escape anyone’s attention that the same security chiefs who advised President Kibaki are the same security chiefs still advising President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto. Like Kibaki in 2007, Uhuru is desperate to be re-elected in 2017, and has gone public to guarantee that his re-election in 2017 is a done deal and the rest should wait! So what’s the plan with NYS? Why replace the Director with a Kibaki insider just at the same time increase the budget? The NYS budget has more than doubled in this financial year to over Ksh 6 billion up from over ksh 3 billion the previous year. Further to this, the Chinese Prime Minister reportedly pledged a Ksh. 30 billion grant to NYS during his visit there accompanied by the Deputy President. This amount far exceeds the annual budget of the National Police, and constitutes a significant proportion of the annual defence budget. Is this money merely to train recruits to “excavate dams and undertake minor road repairs?”

It is against this background that the goings on in NYS should be viewed. Like PNU before it, the Jubilee government is planning huge numbers for youth recruitment for NYS paramilitary training under guise of an amorphous youth empowerment programme known as “Catalyze Transformative Youth Empowerment in Kenya”. Jubilee have already enacted statutes that guarantees them numbers into the training programme. The law is vague on the exact content of training for these recruits and how the state utilizes the new graduates.

For starters, Kenyans must bear in mind ‘paramilitary’ is a militarised force or other organization whose organizational structure, training, subculture, and often function are similar to those of a professional state military, but which is not considered part of a state’s formal armed forces. In layman terms, youth are being trained to be soldiers but not really be accountable to the Armed Forces or Police Acts, but be entirely left at the whims of the executive.

The devolution and planning cabinet secretary Ms Anne Waiguru, now widely considered to be the most powerful in Uhuru’s kitchen cabinet, revealed that the NYS plans to recruit and train 21,870 youths annually, through what she called a “National Service” and that these servicemen and women will ‘disciple’ 227,670 youths per year. The 227,670 youths will then “serve the nation” for between 4 to 6 months as paid labour under the supervision of the 21,870. These numbers break down to 10,935 biannually. Question is: How do these numbers fit with number of polling stations and polling streams in perceived opposition strongholds? What exactly does the NYS training entail? There are numerous ways such graduates can be used to skew the political platform.

According to Ms Waiguru, the start date for each cohort will be in July and January, and graduation to happen in November and May of each year. This means that there is an impending massive recruitment to NYS in the next few weeks. Waiguru further says that every six months a set of “Huduma Corps” comprising 10,935 recruits will graduate and after paramilitary training, youth will transfer to developmental activities such as building of small dams and water pans and integrated road construction. Sounds all good isn’t it? But which law has been enacted to monitor these recruits beyond their graduation?

Another red flag in the NYS program is the state’s proposal to create a security firm within NYS, ostensibly where Kenyans can hire NYS security guards to supplement the work of police. According to Ms Waiguru, NYS Security wing is intended to provide a sustainable alternative to militia groups and vigilantes. Did parliament debate and approve this? What is the scope of NYS towards providing civilian security and which law will NYS security men operate under? Will they be armed? What is the structure?

In 2005-2007 the opposition wasted too much energy basking on 2005 referendum victory and grew complacent, only to be caught sleeping with widespread electoral rigging whose foundations were traced back to administration police recruitment and training by Kriegler and Waki commissions. In 2013, the rigging was mainly digital with main protagonist were all focused in government duties of the grand coalition.

Why would CORD allow Uhuru to single handedly define the NYS paramilitary program without questioning its intentions and demanding a clear, equitable and transparent recruitment, training and deployment? Can CORD demand an independent audit of the January 2014 recruitment at NYS (including those of police and army) to be conducted? How about criteria for deployment into frontlines, how is it done? Who do some get UN and diplomatic missions abroad while others are consigned to sure death in Baragoi and Somalia? Lack of youth employment ranks third after inflation and insecurity on issues that the nation feel are the most serious according to the recent survey of by IPSOS Synovate. This means joblessness is a major problem that bedevils all counties and all regions and such recruitment must be equitable and fair.

In 2017, let not the opposition CORD be caught asleep when thousands of “empowered” NYS graduates, labelled by Ms Waiguru as “Huduma Corps”, are unleashed for political and paramilitary errands. There is ample time to counter these moves using legal and political methods.


NYS to be restructured – President

How NYS Will Become “Social Change Army”

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  1. Moi did it with Goldenberg, Kibaki Anglo Leasing, now NYS is shaping up for Uhuru


    For public accountability purposes, there are, in my view, only two questions for which we need answers. Who is CS Waiguru covering up for? There are two distinct possibilities, herself or people close to the President. The second one is why the President is protecting her, writes DAVID NDII

    When Devolution and Planning Cabinet Secretary Ann Waiguru descended on Parliament with a cheering squad and her MP “friends of the committee” proceeded to scuttle the hearings on the National Youth Service debacle, I was reminded of this passage from Animal Farm:

    “Silent and terrified, the animals crept back into the barn. In a moment the dogs came bounding back. At first no one was able to imagine where these creatures came from, but the problem was soon solved: they were the puppies whom Napoleon had taken away from their mothers and reared privately. Though not yet full-grown, they were huge dogs, and as fierce looking as wolves. They kept close to Napoleon. It was noticed that they wagged their tails to him in the same way as the other dogs had been used to do to Mr Jones.”

    Some things never change.

    The President may come to rue the day. Goldenberg did it for Moi, Anglo Leasing did it for Kibaki. The NYS scandal has all the makings of Uhuru’s bugbear. It is emblematic of all of the Jubilee administration’s fatal flaws: hubris, duplicity, fecklessness, profligacy, impunity, megalomania, and of course corruption of every conceivable kind.


    Where does one begin?

    Kibera. I wrote not too long ago about Kibera being mesmerised with pantomimes. I meant it metaphorically. It turns out to be literally so. Anyone who has been exposed to economics will be familiar with the concept of opportunity cost. What is the opportunity cost of the Sh50 million that we have learned was blown on one evening’s song and dance in Kibera.

    Some Sh2 million will get a state-of-the-art public toilet block complete with solar power and a biogas plant. Sh50 million is enough to capitalise a community-owned microfinance bank. But I’d imagine a (sober) digital government might be more inclined to ICT training facilities for the youth of Kibera. Make that 10. Sh5 million is enough to equip and run a decent one for a year.

    Moving on to the big picture, the NYS budget has been scaled up from Sh13 billion to a whooping Sh25 billion. This is lunacy. There is no organisation, other than a military going to war, that can effectively double its budget absorption capacity from one year to the next. If there is one thing I am certain CS Waiguru knows very well, it is the corruption risk that such a budget escalation entails. Power corrupts.

    But even if the money could be absorbed, is this how we should be spending it? What is the opportunity cost? Our primary school teacher-to-student ratio is approaching 1:60 — one of the highest in the world — against a recommended maximum of 1:40. Sh25 billion is enough to pay 100,000 primary school teachers for a year, which is more than we need to bring the ratio back to 1:40. We don’t have anywhere near enough health workers either.

    Would these young people we are militarising not be more useful to society and themselves as teachers and health workers? Sh5 billion would be sufficient to set up a loan scheme to send an additional 100,000 young people to tertiary colleges instead of boot camp over the next five years. Incidentally, the Higher Education Loans Board budget request of Sh9 billion was cut to Sh4.9 billion. Reason? Lack of funds.


    A year ago, we borrowed $2.75 billion (Sh250 billion) by way of the debut Eurobond issue. It is gone, and we have nothing to show for it. We claimed it was for infrastructure projects. There is no sign of increase in infrastructure building on a $3 billion scale, other than those projects financed by other loans such as the standard gauge railway. Where did the money go? Well, if you get into the habit of splurging Sh50 million on impromptu gigs, on strategy at Sh8 million a bullet point and cornering the ndengu market at Sh25,000 a sack, you can burn any amount of cash. We are squandering borrowed money.

    The southbound shilling is the subject of much fretting at the moment. I am at a loss whether the fretting and exhortations to the just landed CBK governor to stem the tide is a lacuna of economic knowledge or cognitive dissonance. This year, the Jubilee administration plans to run a record-breaking budget deficit of 9 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The current account (external deficit) is in the order of 10 per cent of GDP and rising. We are looking for trouble and we are certainly going to find it.

    As for the scam itself, CS Waiguru’s defence is that no money was lost. It is diversionary, and it is not original. It was also the Kibaki administration’s first line of defence on Anglo Leasing. But the similarity ends there. Anglo Leasing was a fairly sophisticated scam that was not easy to unravel. This one is a typical Kanu-Jubilee trademark smash-and-grab. Piecing the whole thing together is not particularly difficult.

    It all starts with a procurement frenzy from cronies without an approved budget that, from the look of things, was going on for the better part of the last financial year. This is of course a gross violation of financial regulations. As the financial year was coming to an end, the Devolution ministry asks for reallocation of money from other budget lines. The reallocation is approved but with a warning from the Treasury PS to the effect that unauthorised spending is “an offence of financial misconduct”.

    The Treasury PS’s letter makes reference to pending bills. Pending bills is the practice of spending units bursting budget ceilings by sitting on invoices that they do not report to the Treasury. It is a big problem in public financial management, as it makes it impossible for the government to control public borrowing and the deficit, as the Treasury will have no idea how much public debt is sitting in unpaid invoices in the ministries.

    The Integrated Financial Management Information Systems (IFMIS) is supposed to eliminate this by ensuring that all financial transactions, from ordering to payment, are done in the system.

    It should be evident now why the Treasury PS’s letter would create panic in the Devolution ministry. Following the funding approval, there is another flurry of transaction activity to pay the pending bills. But somewhere along the line, the alarm bells go up and attempts are made to delete the transactions from the system. They do not succeed. In the meantime, the Central Bank has also picked up the trail of suspicious-looking payments.

    The most suspicious of them all is the letter from CS Waiguru to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to instigate theft of passwords, long after attempts to delete the transactions had failed. There is no likelihood that theft of the passwords would have resulted in unauthorised payments.

    One would think that the theft of passwords is the purview of the people responsible for managing IFMIS in the Treasury, not the CS of a line ministry. The motive for this seems to be that they must have got wind that the thing was about to be blown wide open, as has come to pass.


    For public accountability purposes, there are, in my view, only two questions for which we need answers. Who is CS Waiguru covering up for? There are two distinct possibilities, herself or people close to the President. The second one is why the President is protecting her. Therein lies the answer to the first question.

    What is not in doubt is where the buck stops. It stops with the President. The whole NYS thing is his racket. He is going to have a hard time convincing those of us who find his autocratic pedigree and Kanu political morality a trifle unsettling that he does not have designs on a political militia. Parallels with the Interehamwe have already been drawn.

    Following an attempted coup in 1958, “Papa Doc” Duvalier disbanded Haiti’s army and police and established in its place a paramilitary force, “Militia for National Security Volunteers”, that became known as the Tonton Macoute, which he deployed to rig the next election, and shortly thereafter, a referendum that declared him president for life. The Tonton Macoute were to terrorise Haitians throughout his misrule and that of his son “Baby Doc” Duvalier — a good 28 years.

    Founded in the mid-20s with fewer than 5,000 members, the Hitlerjugend was 100,000-strong when Hitler came to power in 1933. Three years later, with a membership of five million, it was declared mandatory for “Aryan” teenagers. By the outbreak of WWII, all German teenagers belonged to it. The Hitlerjugend provided the Nazis with their most fanatical and fierce soldiers, including child soldiers. The near universal membership meant that virtually all Germans who were teenagers in the 20s and 30s have a Nazi past, including Pope Benedict XVI.

    Food for thought. Some things never change.

    David Ndii is managing director of Africa Economics


  2. More than meets the eye in ongoing NYS changes


    In late 2013, Kenyans received official communication from the Jubilee Government that the erstwhile civilian oriented National Youth Service (NYS) was being transformed into a paramilitary organisation complete with its own security firm to provide security services for hire.

    Further, other suspect changes were rapidly effected. Such changes include unprocedural appointment of a new director-general, a huge budgetary allocation way above that of regular security organs such as Administration Police, Regular Police, etc.

    Of particular interest was the transfer of NYS from the Ministry of Interior to the Ministry of Devolution, the enhanced interest of the Office of the President in NYS, the vested interests of the Chinese Government in the promised activities of the revamped NYS, and the glaring lack of legal mechanisms as well as Parliamentary approval to underpin the restructuring of the NYS.


    It is of great public concern that although the NYS is being transformed into a paramilitary agency, it is not subject to control by official security organs such as the Police Service. Equally, the necessity of its paramilitary nature is not clear nor the post-training deployment of NYS trainees.

    Following the 2007/8 post-election violence which was traced, as per the reports of the Commission of Inquiry into Post Election Violence and the Kriegler Inquiry, to the illegal activities and assignments given to the AP, suspicion is mounting that part of the ruling clique has redesigned the NYS to camouflage political activities to be carried out by the organisation in the 2017 General Election.

    Thus, in the wake of suspect developments at the NYS and also in the context of the turbulent nature of Kenya’s presidential polls, it is instructive to draw parallels to the establishment in Haiti in 1959 of Tontons Macoutes – a paramilitary organisation – by President Francois ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier and the aftermath of that action. Papa Doc created the paramilitary force two years after he became President. The Tontons Macoutes was only answerable to him since he perceived a threat to his regime from the regular armed forces.

    He authorised the Tontons Macoutes to commit systematic violence and horrendous human rights abuses in order to suppress political opposition. The Tontons were responsible for murders and sexual abuses in Haiti. Political opponents often disappeared overnight or were sometimes attacked in broad daylight.


    The Tontons stoned and burned people alive. Sometimes they displayed the corpses of their victims for everyone to see and to serve as a deterrent to the opposition. The unrestrained state sanctioned terrorism by Tontons was accompanied by corruption, extortion and personal aggrandisement among the leadership. Analysts estimate that the Tontons Macoutes murdered more than 60,000 Haitians.

    Some of the most important members of the Tontons Macoutes were voodoo leaders. This affiliation gave the Macoutes a kind of supernatural authority in the eyes of the public.

    The Tontons were everywhere during the rigged 1961 Haitian elections, in which Duvalier was re-elected for another term. They appeared again at the 1964 polls in which Duvalier staged a rigged referendum that declared him President for life.

    Already, it seems that a section of the Jubilee leadership has realised that the 2017 polls might prove too tough for them to rig and have, therefore, redesigned the NYS to serve as a camouflage for effecting rigging the Tontons Macoutes style.

    First, by endearing them to the public through community-based activities; secondly, by training them on combat skills for violent activities; thirdly, by training them on rigging techniques and preparing them to work for IEBC at the 2017 polls; fourthly, providing them with military uniform to instill fear amongst the public.

    An official document prepared by a known local political analyst, who was reportedly hired to propose the restructuring of NYS, reportedly relied on the operational organisation of the Mungiki gang, including activities such as oathing and pseudo-religion.

    The writer is a management consultant based in Nairobi: Ahmednasir’s column resumes next week


    THE SINISTER TRUTH BEHIND ANNE WAIGURU’S VIGILANTE ARMY SHE IS PREPARING IN NYS-RECRUITMENT of 21,870 youths to the NYS yearly, up from the current 2,000. The youths will need to save part of the pay for work to form a seed fund that will ultimately be used to access loans.
    – THE 21,870 annual recruits regimented into squads of 15 will make a mandatory contribution of Sh100 per day to accumulate Sh111,000 after an average of 74 days of service. The contribution will be used to get a loan three times the amount either from a cooperative or Uwezo Fund or even a matching grant from the parent ministry.-
    -THIS is enough to buy two brand new motor cycles for the squad of 15. This is how MUNGIKI does it through Amani Sasa,” the document says.
    -Ms WAIGURU said the strategy will create opportunities for government to counter strategies vigilante groups use to recruit and radicalise Kenyan youth.
    -The NYS recruits to “disciple” another 227,670 for a year. This group will then serve the country for between four to six months as paid labour under the supervision of the 21,870.
    -THE “discipled” MUNGIKI STYLE will be identified but says after the service, the 227, disciples will be organised under what the document terms “four principles of social movements-regimentation, RITUALS (MUNGIKI STYLE) of bonding, livelihoods and identity and significance”.
    -THE SQUADS of 15 will then be linked to the Nyumba Kumi initiative as well as Uwezo and the Kenya Youth Enterprise Development Fund in an unclear arrangement.(SINISTER AND SUSPECT)
    -“BORROW (sic) from the Mugudugudu model in Rwanda (THE GENOCIDE LINKED GROUP)or the Kebele model in Ethiopia to involve the youth in Manyumba Kumi. This will be a significant score”, the document notes.
    -THE 227,670 youths will be “regimented” into 323 squads of youths per county, meaning, there will be 4,845 youths in each county who will have graduated from the programme.
    -The NYS recruits are also expected to create what is being referred to as “Huduma Corps”(COULD EASILY TURN INTO TERROR GROUPS) of 10,935. The service will be reorganised in nine units with service men and women posted to work under these units as part of service to the nation.
    They include integrated dam construction units (2,250), road construction units (6,345), Vector control units (3,645), slums civil works and public environment units ( 1,215), Huduma kitchens units (840), Traffic control units (1,215), public security units (1,280) and agriculture units (6,075).


    • A woman like Waiguru can not in any way conceive and/or concoct such a plan, she is more likely a willing and gullible pawn, probably being fed some fine yarn to beleive she is saving the youth. This is straight up the alley of a master strategist like Mutahi Ngunyi whom as we have learnt, is “consulting” for the NYS.

      It is these people who operate from the shadows, that must cling on to power

      But I must say that is a frightening expose.


  4. William Ruto could be the architect of the new Anglo-leasing payment as you have mentioned above. But I also believe that Uhuru Kenyatta is a willing participant given that some of his drinking buddies are also part of the scandal. This is a great opportunity to once and for all reward his friends by paying for the dirty money using Kenyans taxes.

    The pretence of re-opening the case again with the anti corruption authority is just that, pretence. Uhuru Kenyatta is buying time for he needs the money to be paid first then he will simple give Kenyans the middle finger. This he will do knowing full well that the Jubilee crowd led by Willaim Ruto will even go to the streets to support this fraud.

    Coming back to Ruto, I do believe that as long as Raila is still in elective politics he has no chance of fulfilling his ambition of becoming the president of the republic of Kenya. This is the reason why he has not wasted any effort in trying to force not only Raila but also Kalonzo to retire from elective politics. In Rutos mind, he is the only one in a position to inherit Railas votes from the former Nyanza, Coast and Western provinces. As long as Raila and Kalonzo are in politics he must remain Uhurus number two. But he also realises that in the event that Uhuu does 10 years Kikuyus will not reciprocate by voting for him. That’s the dilemma that the DP faces.

    His current position as DP is more than weak. At least in the grand coalition government, the PM often countermanded the illegal dealings that the president did with a lot of success. In this case Ruto cannot do anything and he knows it hence his silence even as tribal appointments are made in his face and “his people” are thrown out of office.

    Then we have the heavy load of ICC evidence hanging over his head. Those that hold the evidence against him are clearly in Uhurus corner. He has to continuously beg and appease them or else they might just unleash evidence. So what can he do is the face of the above? Easy, let Uhuru trash all the pre election agreements at will. All the noise and demos by akina Keter will not be enough to shake Uhurus will to completely humiliate William Ruto and his Kalenjin folks. It’s a pity that’s happening but Ruto asked for it.

    Ati oh, URP wants to impeach Waiguru. Ati the party cannot continue to be associated with an alliance that does not embrace nationhood in appointments of its leaders (read kalenjins). Ati Ragut was removed the moment Ruto boarded a flight to Hague bla bla bla.

    Lets face it, no one in URP can even attempt to impeach Waiguru. The lady is more powerful than William Ruto and she has shown this in more than one way. Ruto and the kalenjins should declare themselves defeated and move on. That’s the only way forward.


  5. Waiguru: I did not fire Rugut via SMS, but he had to leave

    PHOTO | FILE Devolution and Planning Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru waters a tree at the National Youth Service headquarters on May 7, 2014, as Director General Japther Rugut (in uniform) and PS Peter Mangiti look on. Mr Rugut was removed from his position a few days later. NATION

    On May 7, two days before the arrival of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in a landmark visit to Kenya, Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru visited the National Youth Service headquarters in Ruaraka, Nairobi. She was received by the Director General, Mr Japther Kiplimo Rugut.

    A picture of the Cabinet Secretary planting a tree later emerged, probably as a mark of a successful visit. But a senior NYS official who attended a closed-door meeting with Ms Waiguru and her Principal Secretary Peter Mangiti said things were less than cordial as the Cabinet Secretary warned those who did not measure up to her vision that they would be transferred to the Sports ministry, or the counties.

    The most significant announcement was that the Chinese Premier would visit NYS on May 11. But according to the source, on the appointed day, Mr Rugut received a text message asking him not to attend the event. The long-serving administrator learnt that he had been transferred to the Sports ministry, just like his predecessor Japheth Mwania, and replaced by Dr Nelson Githinji.

    It is an appointment that stirred controversy within the Jubilee Alliance and triggered debate on social media about ethnic balance in appointments and disrespect to senior civil servants such as Mr Rugut.

    But in an interview with the Sunday Nation on Friday, Ms Waiguru, who is emerging as one of the most powerful individuals in government, denied sacking Mr Rugut through SMS, adding that she followed proper procedures.

    “He was not fired by SMS. He was not the only one. We released the director general and his deputy as well as other people because we needed to change the situation,” she said.


    On Friday, during a media briefing at State House, President Uhuru Kenyatta also denied Mr Rugut was relieved of his duties through an SMS.

    “That is not true. What I can confirm is that yes, indeed, the officer who was in charge of NYS was moved to another State department in a normal reshuffle in government. And again, what I can say is that there will be more changes to come,” he said.

    Dr Githinji, a former mid-level manager at Coca Cola who later had a brief stint as State House comptroller in the Mwai Kibaki administration, reported to NYS on the day the Chinese delegation visited alongside Deputy President William Ruto. But later in the week after President Kenyatta posted photographs on Facebook of Dr Githinji’s swearing-in, State House was forced to take down the post that had sharply divided opinion with more than 4,500 comments.

    Ms Waiguru acknowledged she initiated the move to remove Mr Rugut within the laid down procedure, saying he and his team did not perform as expected.

    Mr Rugut rose through the ranks to become a provincial commissioner in the last two regimes and had only served at NYS for a year.

    Multiple interviews with officials at NYS said no questions had previously been raised on Mr Rugut’s performance and there were no complaints on supplies and equipment to recruits.

    “We expected him to bring his own senior officials when he was appointed, but he opted to work with those he found here. However, we now believe it is some of those people that have worked with outsiders to undermine him,” said a senior officer, who requested not to be named.

    Interviews with those privy to the matter confirmed a vicious fight at the institution over the control of billions of shillings from the government, donors and internally generated revenue.

    In the 2013/2014 financial year, NYS received Sh7 billion from the government out of which about Sh5 billion was to construct small dams and water pans across the country.

    The institution is also said to be generating about Sh600 million monthly mostly from the hiring out of equipment that include heavy machinery, drilling rigs, earth movers and vehicles.

    But to add to the intrigues, NYS officials say political commentator and consultant Mutahi Ngunyi, famous for his “tyranny of numbers” prediction of a Jubilee win in the last General Election, was hired in February to spearhead restructuring.

    It was not clear how Mr Ngunyi’s services were procured since no public advertisements were made. NYS insiders also questioned his skills in the area.


    “Mr Ngunyi came with three other people and are sometimes based at the NYS premises but all we were told was they were consultants who would be working to restructure NYS.

    We were, however, not told of his terms of reference or how he was hired,” our NYS source said, adding that the consultants’ contract was worth millions of shillings.

    Ms Waiguru acknowledged Mr Ngunyi was indeed consulting for NYS but added he was only working for a company that had been given the job. The CS, however, declined to name the consulting firm nor the amount they were being paid. She referred the Sunday Nation to PS Mangiti for details, but his phone went unanswered.

    Ms Waiguru pointed out that the firm was hired through restricted tendering because NYS was a security outfit just like other uniformed disciplines and the consultant was expected to handle sensitive documents.

    When asked on Thursday whether Mr Ngunyi had the requisite know-how in restructuring organisations, the CS insisted he was bringing to the table skills just like any other consultant.

    Mr Ngunyi has in the past strenuously denied consulting for President Kenyatta, but on Wednesday he told The Star newspaper that he now consulted for the government strictly as a business.

    In the same interview he denied being Ms Waiguru’s political adviser, even though he mentioned nothing about his NYS role that has now been revealed.

    Ms Waiguru has also defended the appointment of Dr Githinji, a civilian, to head a security outfit, saying there was no law that demanded a uniformed officer to be at the helm. Sources told the Sunday Nation the Devolution ministry has previously resisted attempts to transfer NYS to the Interior ministry.


    The chairperson of the Public Service Commission, Mrs Margaret Kobia, supported the minister adding that the changes were necessary as a result of the radical transformation that NYS is undergoing.

    Another controversial proposal that has been put forward by the consultants is to shorten the training period for recruits to facilitate the recruitment of about 20,000 youths a year as opposed to the current 4,000. The move is aimed at the Jubilee agenda of creating youth employment.

    But NYS insiders say that in its current state the organisation has no capacity to take in such a large number of recruits.

    On performance, the CS blamed Mr Rugut saying NYS was unable to deliver on its target of constructing 830 pans and 189 small dams this financial year. They only managed 80 pans.

    She explained she was forced to give the job to water service bodies in areas they were supposed to be built resulting in the awarding of 550 contracts that are being carried out. Ms Waiguru now says the function of constructing the water pans and small dams in the next financial year would revert to the NYS.

    In addition, the authority to incur expenses was withdrawn after only Sh1 billion had been committed by the Rugut administration.

    But those interviewed say matters took a turn for the worse after completion of 50 pans when Mr Rugut resisted corrupt cartels that were keen on unprocedurally benefitting from the resources.

    We were told of a senior officer who would make unauthorised visits to the field to demand kickbacks. When the matter reached Mr Rugut, he suspended the officer, a move that was not taken kindly.

    From then on, authority to undertake some of the tasks and which initially came from the director general was being issued by some ministry officials without Mr Rugut’s knowledge.


    On Saturday, Kericho Senator Charles Keter, a close ally of Deputy President Ruto, questioned the urgency of making the changes and said the job should have been competitively filled.

    “I think the way it was done leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Why was it done on a weekend and yet the person had not committed an offence? You cannot act with such immediacy unless there is something. And yet Dr Githinji is a good man and an excellent individual. The President and the Deputy should discuss it,” said Mr Keter, adding that the matter was not expected to cause cracks in the ruling coalition.

    Leaders from Mr Ruto’s Rift Valley backyard, where Mr Rugut comes from, have criticised the treatment of the respected administrator.


    • so Ngunyi is an advisor to NYS, an advisor to Uhuru, and still continues with his Kikuyu hegemony. Nothing new there. THe guy that surprises in Nelson. THis is one guy who can refuse to be drawn into this sort of tribal appointment and reject such appointments but I guess its hard when one is seeking acceptance.

      But this Ms Waiguru sounds like a total loose cannon and obviously has some backing from very powerful individuals. Amazingly Ruto, the so called King of Rift Valley is nothing but a shamefaced puppy in front of her or rather under her. So what does that make his Rift Valley subjects … cattle fodder? Good grief, we have said it here before, Ruto’s only purpose is that of an election rubber stamp, other than that he is nothing other than a public funds crook. He may be doing dodgy deals behind the curtains, but as far as real power/politics he is nothing but a hot air balloon. But I have to admire the brave face URP is putting up as they get screwed over.


  6. @job

    (Nice to read from you after a while :0)

    On this Ruto issues, perhaps it is the Anglo-Fleecers who have something on Ruto, perhaps they are the ones holding the key to the massive NSIS evidence that indicted Ruto at the ICC and are using the same to armtwist him and Rotich… it could be a high level game of blackmail going on. Parliament has rejected this matter. If there well be anyone to answer for Anglo Leasing in future, it is either Uhuru or Ruto.

    Ruto may be in need for funds come 2017, but the fact of the matter is he got more than enough to agree to be Uhuru Kenyatta’s running mate in 2013. And he is too helpless to even demand some appointments for his people. I understand the transaction to auction Kalenjini vote was overseen by Mama Ngina herself who asked WSR to name his price…. and it was paid in full without any bargaining on condition that he would no longer make any demand but dance tothe whims of the power brokers.

    It is Mama Ngina – the largest land owner in our shores – that is the force behind the two women ministers making waves in Jubilee government, Charity Ngilu (Lands) and Anne Waiguru (Devolution).

    Even this NYS issue, look at how Anne Waiguru shunted the deputy president aside when they were hosting the Chinese Prime Minister. It was a real embarrassment. Mark my words, NYS is nothing but a private army being built for 2017 elections.


    • job,

      Where have you been. We miss your insight. This is a war of attrition. Every bullet counts.

      But here is straight talk to Uhuru on his nonsense with Anglo thieves who own him and his illegal revival of PA system.

      This government will go down in shame and infamy. No problem. Apparently CORD is organizing mass action about the Uhuru thievery with the anglos. They better be serious. Very serious. We are tired of talking. Act. Now.


      • Adongo,

        I have been extremely busy! But I often lurk around from time to time – just not finding time to post. Great to read from you again. Keep up the good job folks!


      • Phil,
        Now everything in the name of weapons have been put tightly put under Karangi and Kimaiyo. They are now in safe hands. Paranoia has finally set in.


      • The problem with such crafty “genius” is how fast it goes south when a very small insignificant change happens. Lets watch this space, because as sure as the sun rises from the east and sets to the west, there will be an unexpected change in circumstances


      • Admin,
        Thats for sure, things might fall apart sooner rather than later.
        Im convinced that total paranoia has set in and all weapons have to be secured and keys given to trusted lieutenants. Its a recipe for disaster for if anyone is intending to forcefully remove a government, (which I dont think is the case in Kenya) they will go the ISIS way not look for government guns


    • Phil

      The one thing that puzzles me is the end game plan. Ngilu is quite adamant at Lands and is “so called unearthing major scams”. Yet at the same time she is a front for the largest land scam in Kenya i.e the Kenyatta’s

      So what is it that they are trying to do over at ardhi house?

      Two things are clear,

      ICC is after assets.

      Kenyatta wealth is over 50% land related

      2 and 2 equals 41 tribes so am guessing its important to befuddle (where the buzzword is “digitize”) the lands records in a win win situation so that when looked at from prying eyes it belongs to someone else, but if you touch it you are dead meat

      Oh my, the price tag for consequences is very high

      And of course, the county commissioners and other “devolution” schemes are simply other options for entrenching ownership.

      I think Tony Gacoka was onto something in his last JKL appearance


    • Phil,

      No matter how many “retreats” and ethnic purges (guised as fight against corruption) that Isaak Hassan organizes at IEBC, the single episode of Jicho Pevu’s investigative show about the 2013 general elections sealed the fate of the electoral body.

      Perceptions of partiality and lack of integrity have already created a general loss of public confidence in IEBC’s ability to oversee the 2017 elections. Broad consultations will ultimately be required to reconstitute the IEBC – this is a fight we would rather have sooner than later. Statements by some Jubilee legislators supporting the same outfit to oversee 2017 elections amidst abundant evidence of gross improprieties is the best testimony IEBC is indeed a rigging outfit. What in essence is happening at IEBC in subterranean style is a quiet ethnic reconstitution to remove “weeds” like Oswago who Jicho Pevu had on record spilling some of its dirty secrets. Isaak Hassan and his team of ham-fisted commissioners are being feted and given state reassurances in Mombasa this week – the so called IEBC retreat.

      Jicho Pevu merely opened the layman’s eyes to some details of the execution of the 2013 rigging which were otherwise already in the public domain:

      • Isaak Hassan’s collusion with security agents (NSIS) to relocate the election tallying center from KICC to Bomas of Kenya was conveniently made to allow the laying of cables from the Kencall offices on Mombasa Road and then roll them to a nearby venue at the Catholic University, where part of TNA/Jubilee’s rigging team was located. Jicho Pevu exposed and televised the raw cut ends of the cables left over from the grand-sharing of the electronic data. The thieves forgot to completely cover up their tracks. This arrangement is what facilitated improper and illegal sharing of electronic data between the constitutional body (IEBC) and third parties including election competitors TNA and the NSIS – to facilitate the shenanigans and spectacle of the 50% + 1 avoid-run-off arithmetic. The infiltration and interference of the electronic transmission was enabled. The optics was not pretty – Uhuru’s tally jumping up with each of Odinga’s returns at a predetermined ratio, with spoilt votes exponentially rising beyond fathomable limits. Isaak Hassan’s IEBC were to later revert to manual counts and freshly emergent voter registers such as the so called “Green Register” which were ultimately unveiled at the Supreme Court. Isaak Hassan’s IEBC was an inside and active participant in the 2013 rigging into power of Jubilee. One sunny day these folks should be held to full account – and made to pay a big price.

      • Under the guise of an already-existing voter register following the 2010 referendum, Isaak Hassan and the IEBC team deliberately shortened the voter registration period to 30 days to cut off millions of eligible voters in CORD strongholds. The numbers speak for themselves – IEBC itself has admitted that millions of voters in CORD strongholds were disenfranchised by their own bureaucratic time restrictions. In most modern democracies, voter registration is a continuous process that proceeds daily since every single day, new voters become freshly eligible by turning 18 years old. In which century is Isaak Hassan living? These archaic schemes were definitely meant to disenfranchise the real voter numbers and artificially create fake “tyranny of numbers”. Kenyans must not allow such short timetables whose aim is to lock out people in far flung areas like Turkana where it takes a 20 km walk under a scorching sun to reach a voting registration center.

      • The mobilization of the provincial administration during Hassan’s short 30 day period ensured unprecedented registrations in Jubilee strongholds – Kiambu recording about 110% turnout. Deep Cogitation’s Phil has already pointed out the 2017 preamble to déjà vu – using the recently retooled NYS and the “restructured” and supposedly empowered County Commissioners. The NYS and the County Commissioners are gearing to mobilize registrations in Jubilee strongholds yet again – while suppressing registration in CORD strongholds using the same bloody tricks of 2013 – artificially manufactured insecurity. This is why Jubilee clings to the good ‘ol provincial administration, despite its excision by the new Constitution. This time, besides ID delays and non-issuance to “wrong” citizens, “terrorist” bomb threats will be the new formula to prevent millions of eligible voters from registering at the Coast, NEP, the Northern Frontier, and parts of Nairobi. Bomb threats are also likely to keep some voters away from polls on voting day – as happened at the Coast in 2013. Artificially instigated insecurity has become a potent tool for voter disenfranchisement in CORD strongholds.

      • Here is why IEBC needs to go sooner rather than later: Now that Oswago has gone, insider IEBC honchos have started reorganizing themselves for the new onslaught in 2017. That’s the context for the current IEBC retreat. It is essential that BVR Kits and other IEBC infrastructure and data are safeguarded under a clear mechanism without state interference. Word is already out that IEBC intends to lend its computers to the Jubilee administration for state “digital transformation”. This is how brazen thieves operate. They take all people for fools. Such borrowing is even sanctioned by the Attorney General. The questions is – Should Kenyans continue living these lies? Is this the Kenya we want to resign our fates to?


  7. #
    And here nonsensical spin from Denis Itumbi:

    DENIS ITUMBI: Insights: There are things that I should not tell, but given the passionate feedback,let me open up the boardroom curtains abit..

    President Kenyatta called in NYS and senior devolution officials into State House in September last year the purpose how to transform NYS and create jobs for Kenyan Youth.

    The meeting lasted for an hour and we got a mandate to present a new NYS in form,look and function.

    Within two weeks that was done. A document was adopted and on it a radical transformation was adopted.

    To underscore the central place he placed NYS The President asked for constant updates directly from the NYS boss on the transformation.

    Up to the time the entire top management of NYS was redeployed – nothing had moved, including simple things like traffic Marshals

    My point is that there is a major transformational plan for NYS whose details I will share later..let’s focus on that plan.

    The question in the NYS debate should be what is in it for me as a Kenyan youth and what else can be done. I will be back with the ‪#‎NYSTRANSFORMATION‬ discussion – my take


  8. Is William Ruto is the ‘De jure’ Deputy President while Ann Waiguru is the ‘De Facto’ Deputy President? #SwaliTu”

    via Sirma Kimutai

    Devolution Cabinet Secretary, Anne Waiguru, seems to be the new talk of the town after she publicly embarrassed Deputy President, William Ruto, in a Cabinet meeting held at State House Nairobi.

    According to our impeccable source at State House, Waiguru, who is currently the most powerful Cabinet Minister in the Jubilee administration, was having a talk with Deputy President over the recent sacking of former National Youth Service (NYS) director, Kiplimo Rugut.

    With his usual charisma, Ruto asked Waiguru to give him the reasons why she sacked Rugut, a career civil servant who has served the country diligently for over 30 years.

    But instead of giving Ruto an articulate answer, this is what Waiguru told Ruto.

    “I am in charge of Devolution and above you”

    Shocked Ruto walked out of the meeting with his head down as Head of Public Service, Joseph Kinyua, watched the drama in dismay.


    • phil,

      Anne Waiguru is the new Mary Wambui and Uhuru to his credit gave his Wambui a job to run the government unlike Kibaki who was reduced to lying and having nightmares with Lucy and driving Lucy to complete madness. Ruto knows very well who Waiguru is and he has to put his tail where it belongs when Her Excellency speaks. Ruto has been paid and delivered. He has to shut up or else.

      In terms of NYS delivering the vote for Uhuru in 2017, I think CORD on whatever form it survives by 2017 has to do one thing that they failed to do and they need to start very early. In my estimation CORD lost about 3 million votes in their strongholds by failing to get people registered to vote and also failing to get just about everybody registered to actually vote. There need to be a systematic mobilization starting with getting people ID cards and then registering every single voter. Of course the alliances that will contest the 2017 election are yet to be formed.

      Uhuru will keep his base but he is systemically destroying Ruto who now behaves like a simple body guard for Uhuru. Look at the AngloFleecing circus. Ruto hang his head out there telling Kenyans the matter will go to parliament. Uhuru has now ordered the money paid immediately. Apart from the fact that this is sheer robbery of taxpayers money what does it say when Uhuru treats his deputy as an irrelevant burden to his government?

      Here is Uhuru making mince meat out of Mr. DP in name only. Do you think Uhuru even called him at The Hague to ask his opinion:


      • Adongo, I will not comment on the Ruto-Waiguru story, as I am not up-to-date on the usual Kenyan circus, but you make one very, very important about CORD w.r.t. registration and voting. If you look at the real numbers in Kenya, Jubilee could not have won if CORD had good strategy and tactics. The problem now is that I am not sure the lesson has been learned, for example that it is not the big rallies that matter but sustained and tedious work at the grassroots level. Take Obama, for example. One big thing he did after 2008 was to maintain the grassroots networks and quickly bring them into action for 2012.

        The biggest problem with CORD right now is that it is mired in internal self-destruction. Specifically, I refer to the ODM, which is the real core of CORD. Raila is a great man, for whom I have the greatest respect and admiration. But I maintain that he has some very low-quality people around him, and this will continue to be his Achilees heel. How this can be changed is a tough question.


      • Are you guys saying that Uhuru has a “chips funga” or something like that as its called? Thats going to devastate the guys who believe he is safi kama pamba, but then again these are sycophants who will sanitize anything.

        On the other hand, the issue you mention and John Dibbley captures very well i.e mobilization at grassroots. Lets face it, ODM and the general movement is not due to any exemplary leadership, but rather has largely been based on the volunteer spirit and effort of those in Kenya that believe in having good governance. a few have jostled to take advantage and place themselves at the helm, but very few have actually been elected based on leadership ability, but rather for the fact that they offered themselves for positions. Its for this reason that many soon after defect or lose in subsequent elections (look at folks in the URP, Kidero, etc). Their hearts were not in ODM/CORD but for that season in time, it provided the winning vehicle for them. Shebesh, Ngunjiri Wambugu, etc are some other examples.

        I dont think ODM with its current leadership has the ability to focus on leadership that will result in mobilization, we have to go back right to the beginning where this is people driven. Remember even Willian Ruto had to be forced into ODM while his heart has always been with Uhuru and KANU ways.

        Strangely enough even though he has been screwed over and over in this Jubilee arrangement, he is like the submissive wife/spouse that endures all manner of torture, just to present a face of a happy union.

        All over social media, what is now being referred to as “Kalenjin nation” has finally woken to the fact that the honeymoon is long gone. I guess however a few bones will be thrown their way to just keep them happy and at bay, but their role of flower girl has lost the shine.


      • Adongo,

        On Devolution: Waiguru is the face of anti-Devolution. Check! This naïve anti-Devolution bureaucrat Waiguru seems not to have learnt from the history of Kenya’s past use-and-dump cabinets. Unlike Waiguru, those past hubris-filled Ministers were actual politicians. The NYS “reorganization” raises a lot of questions that need thorough scrutiny – the move to undermine devolved governments cannot however escape notice.

        On the current climate: The big things with potential to reverse the current cynicism and apathy in Kenyan politics are the now frequent spate of attacks by Al Shaabab (aka Al-Saitan ), alarming incidences of insecurity, and the resurrecting ghosts of corruption and Anglo Leasing. Every project in this Jubilee government stinks corruption and nepotism. These occurrences will channel national energy towards a cause worth fighting for…which is even beyond CORD and the opposition.

        How to mobilize a nation to actually agitate for issuance of youth IDs, reform IEBC to ensure equitable and continuous registration of voters, equitable distribution of polling centers and proper staffing of the polling centers, (as stipulated in the new Constitution) is where opposition activism is badly required. Action, Action, Action! There is no need pretending to go into an election with only half your supporters registered.

        Is CORD waiting for another IEBC charade of a 30-day registration period?

        How about how to man the over 10,000 polling stations with actual trained and paid staffers? Will CORD hoard such funds again? There should be an army ready to collect evidence of poll malpractices – able to meet the test of scrutiny of the Supreme Court. The burden of organizing a credible election lies with the incumbent Jubilee government…should the Supreme Court find fishy business and order a run-off that would send a death-knell to the incumbent’s chances.

        On Anglo Leasing:

        From very reliable sources…Ruto knows more about Anglo Leasing than he is pretending to publicize. He is deeper in this scam than probably Kenyatta is. Contrary to popular opinion, William Ruto is the new face of Anglo Leasing embedded in Jubilee with Kenyatta towing behind.

        Make no mistake — from an opportunity cost logic… Kenyatta may not eagerly risk taking these Anglo Leasing kickbacks…it is the cash-hungry Ruto who is desperately dying for it. Ruto promised to carry on the baton for the Anglo Leasing ghosts as soon as he gets into government…and his actions are already being noticed.

        GEMA elites warned Uhuru to stay away from this unpopular Anglo Leasing mess but the barefaced and unabashed Ruto used the pretext of Nyayo politics (buying sycophants) to drag muthamaki into this monkey business. The ghosts of Anglo Leasing – aka Jimmy Wanjigi, Deepak Kamani, Chris Murungaru, Moody Awori, David Mwiraria, et al., have found one suitable ally in William Ruto who privately promised that they will be paid watu wapende wasipende.

        When Francis Kinyua clipped Ruto’s fingers away from the DP’s expenditure budget…Ruto reared his relentless fingers elsewhere…emerging in the murk of Anglo Leasing. Ruto played it in conniving fashion, dragging his boss into the mess.

        Ruto has succeeded in dragging Uhuru Kenyatta into the Anglo Leasing scandal. It is now too late — Uhuru and Ruto are deep in the Anglo Leasing corruption scandal.

        If anyone has doubts, Tony Gachoka just confirmed on Jeff Koinange’s show that Ruto is actually wheeler-dealing for the notorious looter of public funds — Jimmy Wanjigi (aka James Bond). Grapevine actually has it that Ruto was introduced to Wanjigi by former intelligence chief under Moi – Wilson Boinet… These folks mean real business with taxpayer funds. The Wanjigi-Ruto partnership is actually a potent threat to Kenya’s Treasury. Cantankerous William Ruto is a super-ambitious loose canon who can’t wait to outdo Nicholas Biwott in pilfering public coffers. Uhuru might have to chain Ruto away from public coffers completely. If Ruto could kick out and inherit a hapless neighbor’s 100 acre farm…what would he do with public coffers?

        Even Kibaki was shy to pay ALL these Anglo-Fleecers fearing backlash. Here we have Ruto pushing Uhuru to commit hara-kiri…shauri yao! Ruto badly needs cash to fuel URP and his political ambition…at the expense of —you guessed it right—you and me! With other URP funders deserting (wakina Alfred Keter’s boss, Zakayo Cheruiyot and other Nyayo era Kalenjin elites)…it is the season of open and brazen looting. Ruto tried, in conniving fashion, to have Parliament sanitize the day-light robbery…but MPs refused – not for any patriotic reason but precisely because the ghosts wouldn’t part with a sizeable cut for the “waheshimiwa” (the cut is strictly meant for Ruto and boss). MPs have rebelled. Kenyatta has said mpende msipende! Now what? Let’s see what the courts can do. What is shocking is the turnaround by Kenyatta, a man who investigated Anglo Leasing (as PAC Chair) and found it stinking to the heavens…and is now authorizing illegal payments for political expediency.


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