War of attrition between TNA and URP


Unlike the grand coalition government it all  started so well. But things are going wrong by the day


The confused Jubilee government is now eating up itself from inside. All manner of accusation are being thrown from one side of the divide to the other.

The bone of contention being that TNA has basically taken three quarters of the loaf that was to be divided fifty fifty between URP and TNA. All the lofty appointments have so far gone TNA ways leaving URP high and dry.

On the other hand TNA claims that URP men in high places e.g. Kenya Ports Authority only employ Kalenjins in the civil service leaving out Kikuyus. In fact a person visiting Kenya from mars would think that these are the only two tribes in the country for the rest are not even part of the equation in anything.

The issue of William Ruto being disrespected by TNA junior staff in the government is making URP folks very angry. In some cases the DP has been humiliated in public but those in the know say that worse things


have happened out of public eyes.

There is a feeling within TNA that Ruto has played his part by delivering the Kalenjin votes to Uhuru. For that he has been awarded with a DP position plus other goodies. He is now expected to sing in praise of Uhuru Kenyatta. The man is learning the hard way that a CS such as Waiguru and many other TNA leaning officials do not give a damn about him nor do they respect his position. Word is that Waiguru has blessings from above to do what she is doing.
As I write this article there is a concerted effort by URP to impeach Waiguru for among other things firing a Kalenjin NYS director but this impeachment plan is dead in the water, its going nowhere. URP has tried roping in CORD in this circus to no avail. It’s said that just about 10 CORD MPs are in support while the rest don’t care. Truth of the matter is the URP alone do not have the numbers to impeach Waiguru. This is bad news for Willaim Ruto who is said to be behind the impeachment. This failure has proved beyond no doubt that he has no powers in the Jubilee government.

Interestingly, URP has tried everything in its power to downplay the rift between the two partners. Only a few souls such as Keter have dared come out to talk openly on this issue. The opposition that URP was banking on is lukewarm to the named on goings. They simply don’t want to be used in the inside war between Kalenjin and Kikuyu.

Kenyans still remember how William Ruto used to chide the PM whenever he complained about the manner in which PNU was treating ODM. Now he is in the receiving end and has completely lost his voice. Unlike the PM who could via the court and parliament counterman illegal moves by Kibaki, the DP has no ammunition for counter attack. The presumably brave and charismatic son of Kalenjin has all of a sudden become a coward who dare not speak up even as “his people” are shafted left, right and center. But as the saying goes, thieves have no honor even amongst themselves. Meanwhile, the country is heading downhill.


13 comments on “War of attrition between TNA and URP

  1. The war continues…

    NANDI COUNTY: Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter has challenged Deputy President and United Republican Party ( URP) leader William Ruto to vie for presidency in 2017 citing a raw deal in the Jubilee coalition. The outspoken MP says their The National Alliance ( TNA) members have made the URP camp to lose trust with the side lining shown in making key government decisions. Keter added that the Rift Valley region that is dominantly URP has been side lined in terms of development projects and appointments in state offices. “We are a significant partners in the Jubilee government and we expect to benefit just as our pre-election pact states,” he stated. According to Keter the Jubilee leadership has stalled major basic projects in the Rift valley including the construction of three major roads that were initiated by President Kibaki. Eldoret-Ziwa-Kachibora, Mosoriot-Kaiboi and Chepterit-Baraton roads are among the projects the legislator says President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government has deliberately ignored while prioritizing development in his backyard. See also: Busy weekend as President and deputy head to Nyanza “We cannot keep quiet when we see the contractors withdrawing their machinery from here citing lack of funds yet these projects had been approved by the national government, they should have prioritized funding of such projects,” he explained. He also raised concern with what he termed as neglect by the government to resettle the Ogiek and Ndorobo communities that were evicted from Serengonik forest more than ten years ago with the promise that they would be given alternative settlement. “I continue to question the government’s consideration of the Sererengonik evictees resettlement because all other people who were internally displaced were given a place to continue with their lives,” he added. Keter challenged Ruto talk about the correction of issues raised by the URP members in the coalition since they are genuinely salvaging him from betrayal. “Our leader should read the signs, when you rear cattle it is advisable that you sleep with an eye open lest your cows be carted away while in slumber, he should lead the way to edit the pre-election marriage agreement” he pointed to Ruto. Keter explained that Ruto should push for the presidency in 2017 so that he leads for five years and return the baton to Uhuru to complete his second term in 2022.

    Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000123866/vie-for-presidency-in-2017-we-have-been-cheated-in-jubilee-keter-tells-ruto?articleID=2000123866&story_title=keter-challenges-dp-william-ruto-to-vie-for-presidency-in-2017-claims-urp-has-been-cheated&pageNo=1


    Ruto reduced to a weak partner say Kalenjin MPS



  2. After the CORD rally yesterday, Ruto insisted that there would be no national dialogue as demanded by Kalonzo and Raila. During the madaraka day speech Uhuru Kenyatta overrules William Ruto on the matter. The attrition and show of who is boss continues.


  3. Are Kale’s like to join up in KANU, where Gideon Moi has already drafted another fake strategist in the name Ngunjiri Wambugu?


    • Phil,
      They might but WSR will fight with all his might to make sure that this does not happen. Unlike the Luo or Kikuyu who say things as is Kalenjins are more calculating. You never hear their voice. They just act. Kicking Ruto out will not be a problem, they did that to one Daniel arap Moi.


  4. Adongo,
    William Ruto was in the RVP a couple of days ago and the people ignored what he said. Infact most leaders openly disagreed with him on his blind support for Uhuru even in the face of his people being fired left right and center.

    I understand that Uhuru Kenyatta is returning there this week to appease the people. But this wont work, afterall anti-kikuyu leaflets are already being distributed in the region.

    These are two communities that will never be at ease with each other until the land issue is resolved. The firefighting thats going on wont do.

    While some thought that giving so called Mau evictees 400 000 KES would do the trick, it has infact backfired big time with more and more people demanding the same.

    The next four years or is it three are going to be fun.

    Bottomline is the Uhuru has made up his mind, he does not need Ruto to do his thing now and in future.


    • mzee,

      This tribal alliance crap was bad from day one. Kenya is no more. It seems the theory is that if Kalenjins don’t get jobs they will be ready and willing to kill Kikuyus in Rift Valley. What do other people have to do? Also threaten to kill Kikuyus? That seems to be the new normal. It is absurd, but we will have to go through this phase to move to the next.


      It seems every so often, Uhuru has to go to Eldoret in between his trips to Nigeria and China to try to bembereza the warriors to spare Kikuyus. That is the Jubilee doctrine. It is pathetic.


      And when Uhuru leaves Rift Valley he has to go to meet Mt. Kenya M.Ps to make them happy. Bwa Hahahahahahaha. We are happy now. Very happy. Yes.


      How about the country called Kenya? All is lost? May be not. It is a battle. A Good one. It is going to be long. We knew that coming in. It shall be done. Yes. That too we know.


      • Adongo, I have to admit that this is the type of thing I will never understand. It would be one thing to say that TNA is being unfair to all the other communities, but it is amazing that even clerics see the issue as just one of dividing the spoils between two communities. That, and the implicit threats that you have noted, do not augur well for the future of Kenya. It will be interesting to see how readers from other communities comment on that article.


      • John, I see it differently. Ever since the 2008 PEV, the Kikuyu community has never been comfortable with Ruto. In fact, one can say they hate his guts and Kibaki never wanted him in the coalition government but for RAO’s insistence, which Ruto promptly forgot.
        But they needed him for the 2013 elections for without him they won’t have won, which I personally don’t believe were rigged at all, but that’s another thread altogether.
        What I see happening in the RV is the coming together of the old monied elite i.e. the Kenyatta and Moi dynasties. I have a very strong suspicion that Moi, who also hates Ruto passionately, with the tacit blessings of Uhuru, is behind the Ruto woes which will culminate in the elevation of Gideon Moi to RV leader. Look at the people behind the RV politicians who are coming out against Ruto leading the onslaught.
        In my opinion, Ruto is a dead man walking, just doesn’t know it and will never win against the deep wallets of the evil forces after his neck.
        Phil seems to be seeing the picture and asking the right questions.


      • Tom,

        You make good points.

        This thing is just getting worse: Even the Ruto cheer leaders like Murkomen now admit things are messy for the little tin god.


        It is funny that Uhuru and Ruto keep preaching their so called unity in funerals in Kiambu while lecturing CORD about peace and tribal harmony and here we have a situation where Kalenjins are getting ready to lynch their Kikuyu neighbours because Uhuru has turned Ruto into a little shamba boy who comes to Kericho to abuse his colleagues who dare question his leadership. Why don’t they deal with that first. Uhuru and Ruto came together. It has nothing to do with Kalenjins and Kikuyus. They are just pawns on the chess board.

        I hope CORD takes a strategic look at things tomorrow in their rally and come up with a strong message for all Kenyans demanding an end to Jubilee hypocrisy and addressing the fact that Kenyans have been abandoned on the roadside as Uhuru and Ruto serve the interests of the mighty elites who own Kenya and who are the owners of Uhuru and Ruto.

        And this guy gets right to the point.



  5. After sponsoring the the removal of Waiguru William Ruto all of a suddent backed off claiming that the lady had done no wrong.

    But looking deeply into the matter one finds that the DP was quite as long as there was a real possibility of impeaching Waiguru. The moment CORD refused to be dragged into the matter he realised that URP alone did not have the numbers to remove Waiguru. This is the reason why he finally decided to pretend to support Waiguru who has been humiliating on so many occasions.

    It turns out the Uhuru had already lectured Jubilee on the matter telling them that
    Anne Waiguru is not going anywhere.

    Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000122316/leave-waiguru-alone-ruto-tells-critics


    • Mzee,

      Ruto can’t mess with Waiguru. Ruto is powerless to do anything. His job is to sit there and look pretty. Uhuru does what he wants and Waiguru is in the circle of inner cabinet. They just laugh when they see the little tantrums. They know they have Ruto here they need him. Ruto cannot even pass air without Uhuru’s permission. Ruto only opens his mouth to attack his own URP M.Ps and he brings Duale to even insult Keter as some useless bubu in his own backyard.

      Ruto has to hold his fart and hope that the ICC nightmare goes away. He needs Uhuru to save him from the ICC noose.

      Ruto’s political future looks doomed to me. He can cherish that DP thing because. It is the end of the road for him. ICC doomed him to be Uhuru’s side kick. His story is over. If he brings manenos in 2017 Uhuru has options. Ruto has to lie lower than an envelop. Ruto thought he was finishing Raila’s political career. Little did he know it was his neck that was on the line.


    • Uhuru, Ruto warned of Rift Valley revolt

      Rebellion against the Jubilee government is brewing in the Rift Valley, Bomet governor Isaac Ruto warned on Monday.

      The county chief yesterday cautioned President Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto not to underrate the “boiling political heat” in the region.

      Mr Ruto also sensationally claimed that some of the Deputy President’s allies are behind attempts to impeach governors in the Rift Valley.

      “Our people are beginning to get tired. People are realising that this is a coalition between the DP and the President and not between parties… it is only a matter of time before things get out of hand,” the Bomet governor told the Nation.

      He said that the region is asking legitimate questions, which the President and his Deputy are “arrogantly ignoring.” “When we ask questions about Kiplimo Rugut, we need clear answers. When the DP comes out and takes responsibility for his sacking, we are shocked,” Mr Ruto stated.

      Mr Rugut, the director general of the National Youth Service was transferred and replaced by Dr Nelson Githinji, causing an uproar within the URP.

      The Bomet governor told Mr Ruto to listen to the voice of the people and warned him that the region is unhappy with the Jubilee government.

      The governor also accused Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen and his Kericho counterpart Charles Keter of masterminding the wave of impeachment motions against governors in the region.

      “We have come to learn that the impeachment of Prof Paul Chepkwony was initiated by one of the senators,” he said, adding, the same senators are behind threats against Elgeyo Marakwet Governor Alex Tolgos and Baringo’s Benjamin Cheboi.

      But Mr Murkomen denied he and Mr Keter are involved in the plots against the governors.

      Alfred Keter

      “It is an insult to the MCAs to claim they are being pushed. This is an indication that some of this governors have no respect for County Assemblies,” the senator said.
      On Monday, Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter accused Jubilee of discriminating against Rift Valley civil servants.

      ‘‘We are being kicked out of plum jobs to make way for other people. We know Rugut was removed because of the planned Sh10 billion cash injection into the NYS,” he said.

      The transfer has led to a bid by some Jubilee MPs led by Igembe’s Mithika Linturi to impeach Devolution Secretary Anne Waiguru who effected it.
      But National Assembly Majority Leader Adan Duale dismissed this saying Ms Waiguru cannot be faulted for doing her job.

      He criticised Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter for leading an anti-Jubilee crusade in the Rift Valley.

      He downplayed claims that the government was giving the URP wing of the Jubilee coalition, a raw deal in public appointments.
      Mr Duale said that many other government officers were moved on the day Mr Rugut was transferred.

      “We will transfer more. He (Keter) is a young man on the loose. Voters should get him and take him to church,” said Mr Duale.

      He said besides representation of their people, MPs have oversight and legislative roles yet some legislators have only been concentrating on one role at the expense of the others.
      Ms Waiguru, he said, is one of the best performers in the Cabinet.



      • einstein,

        Rift Valley has already abandoned Jubilee and they are on the way to parting ways with Ruto. With the new power structures where State House has no more goodies to dish around the way Moi and Kibaki were doing it is very hard for State House chaps to get a grip on the ground.

        The only thing available to State House is to grab cash from the treasury using their tricks and getting tenders for their satellite businesses. Unfortunately for Ruto Uhuru and his mob has their fists right into the cookie jar and Ruto is out looking in. State House also dishes out the plum jobs and Uhuru is worse than Kibaki when it comes to tribalism. That is why Ruto has now been reduced to heckling his own URP members and cleaning Uhuru’s mess like a loyal shamba boy.

        Those big projects Uhuru is talking about like SGR etc other than bankrupting the country will take decades for people to actually see anything.

        Ruto should have concentrated and worked with Uhuru to actually implement the much heralded youth employment projects that could see the millions of young people all across the country and in his own backyard in Rift Valley benefitting directly and seeing changes in their lives.

        Instead Anne Waiguru is in charge of all that stuff. She is in charge of the uwezo projects and even that nobody knows what is really going on. The same Waiguru has come up with the crazy idea of using billions to recruit youth in the NYS and engage them in mungiki style leadership ideals. The youth will then deployed to do things like controlling traffic and building roads etc. Ruto used to ridicule such ideas. Now he is comatose. Basically nobody is interested in what he thinks.

        Uhuru is focused on 2017 and he is building the infrastructure to make that happen. Ruto will have to trust and obey or else. The uhuruto marriage is dying a natural death. We told him that is what will happen. Did he listen?


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