Jubilee appointees dont even have proper academic qualifications

itumbis fake certificate

ABOVE: Bwana Dennis Njue Itumbis— alleged fake certificate   (Double click to see full size)

BELOW: A genuine certificate from the same institution, year and class (Double click to see full size)



Here are Qualifications for appointment to Dennis Itumbi’s position as Director Digital Strategy & Diaspora Relations


Here below are the PSC requirements for one to be appointed to Dennis Itumbi’s position, it appears like Itumbi fits the bill BUT read through and be the judge if you so wish!

The qualifications for appointment as Director Digital Strategy & Diaspora Relations.
Requirements for Appointment
For appointment to this grade, an officer must have:
i. Requisite experience in any of the following: Communication, Communication Studies, Public Relations, Journalism, International Relations or Social Sciences;
ii. In addition they must have at least 5 years of experience in the Communinication Industry;
iii. Shown exemplary leadership qualities;
iv. Shown outstanding capabilities in communications;
v. Be of high integrity, commitment to and demonstration of, ethical practices;
vi. A proven ability to create standards for ethical behavior;
vii. Ability to think analytically, within difficult constrains and develop solutions to problems;
viii. Committed to excellence;
ix. Ability to interact with peers and senior officials in a professional manner;
Personal Qualities
In addition to the above requirements, an officer must have the following qualities;
• High commitment and ability to set priorities;
• Ability to work with and manage virtual and flexible teams;
• Organizational, conceptual and analytical, managerial and decisive skills;
• Creativity, dynamism and innovation;
• Resource management skills;
• Interpersonal and communication skills;
• Integrity and commitment to producing results;
• Leadership, advocacy, relationship building and collaboration;
• Self-drive and initiative to achieve expected results.
Core Skills
• People management
• Financial management
• Policy formulation and implementation
• Planning
• Organizing
• Directing
• Controlling
• Coordinating
• Strategy formulating




Dennis Itumbi, Director of Digital, New Media and Diaspora Affairs at the Presidency may not be having ‘clean’ academic certificates, after all.

Sunday Nation has published an exclusive story where the country’s spy agency, NIS, casts doubts on Itumbi’s credentials. The import of the story is that Itumbi lacks the academic qualification to serve in a ‘sensitive government office’.

This revelation justifies rumours circulated by his HATERS last year that he has NO ANALYTICAL SKILLS and MENTAL WHEREWITHAL, he is too operational. As a CERTIFICATE level holder, he can only report on what is said BUT cannot do a proper analysis.

Other haters have also said that whatever he blogs is often drafted by the likes of Jasper Mbiuki and Moses Kuria. At other times, the man’s hogwash may have come directly from the Ugandan vagabond David Matsanga.

Does this revelation explain WHY Uhuru decided to take a way the Diaspora affairs portfolio from Itumbi’s section giving it back to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade? ofcourse this left Itumbi with only Facebook ‘bullshitng’ a thing that fits a certificate holder(just thinking )

Anyway his task during the campaigns was to speak to majority low academia cadre – the hawkers – so to speak, and he did very well. Now the challenge is that his position requires some serious analytical mind. To be ‘Director’ one must have a basic degree.

Here is part of the story:

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) report seen by Sunday Nation alleges that Mr Dennis Itumbi is among 50 students from Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) in Nairobi whose qualifications are open to questions.

According to the NIS security vetting brief, Mr Itumbi allegedly led student unrest at the institution and used this as leverage to force the then management of the college led by Mr Eliud Sang to “award him and his class (of 50) Diplomas in Broadcast Journalism while they were enrolled to do a certificate course in the same”.

“In 2001, he joined Kenya Institute of Mass Communication as a parallel student to pursue a certificate course in journalism. He, however, was awarded a Diploma in Broadcast journalism in unclear circumstances,” says the brief.

Mr Itumbi, who commands huge social media following and actively campaigned for the Jubilee coalition in the last elections, is among top advisers in the Presidential Strategic Communications Unit led by Mr Manoah Esipisu.

Mr Itumbi’s confirmation to hold the position of “director” is also still pending at the Public Service Commission (PSC). It is unclear whether this has anything to do with education qualifications as directors are expected to hold advanced degrees.

The NIS report has also attached Mr Itumbi’s PSC application for employment form. The document shows that apart from KIMC, he has only attended short courses at various institutions without indications of a bachelor’s degree.

The NIS report was circulated to PSC among other concerned institutions.

The report alleges Mr Itumbi is a “self-motivated go getter who uses any means at his disposal . . . to get his way”.

The critical report also alleges that Mr Itumbi may have in the past been involved in leakage of classified documents through his Facebook page, Twitter handle, his blog and local media houses.

The NIS report also lines up past and current court cases that have faced Mr Itumbi.



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