Three Kenya Navy officers sacked for attending Raila’s rally at Tononoka

Ukabila and Jubilee politics has reached the military. It´s getting worse than I thought

So if you are a soldier you must only attend Jubilee rallies and pretend that the opposition exists?

As far as I know military personnel vote and that means that they have a right to listen to political opinions to make choices.

Seems the Jubilee government has now banished them from even thinking. How dangerous if you ask me.


Kenya Navy  officers have been sacked after they  allegedly attended a Cord  Rally at Tononoka ground  in Mombasa on June 15.

Senior navy officer said the three were positively identified to have been at  the rally that was attended by Cord Principal Raila Odinga among other politicians.

The three are senior Sergeant John Apollo, Corporal Ben Nyambuk and Corporal George Ongo’nyi.

Two officers have served the navy for more than ten years and one has served for seven and half years.

The service men were summoned by acting fleet commander  Lieutenant  Coll. Wambua at the Mtongwe Navy  Barracks on June 20 and accused of contravening the Code of Conduct for military defence force.

He claimed that he had video footage of them attending the rally .

The officers were allegedly put to task to explain where they were between 1pm and 5pm  on July 15.

They were allegedly served with discharge letter and were given matching orders to leave the barrack under tight security.

Speaking to The Star on phone one of the officer said they were ordered to vacate the houses with their families for allegedly violating the Code of Conduct.

“We were summarily dismissed and order to leave .we had no option than to vacate they claimed that we attended a political rally contrary to the code of ethics,”said the officer.

A source within the Navy said that most of the officers  at the barracks are aggrieved by the decision.

The officers expressed fear that the sacking targeted certain individuals in the force .

“They never went their to participated that does not contravene the military code of discipline,” said  the officer.

The article on disciple in the forces state that ‘officers will not express a political opinion in public or support any political party.’

Military spokesman Bogita Ongeri could not be reached since his phone went unanswered.

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