Obamas Presidency Has Been Huge FailureI

I must confess at the outset that I did not support Obamas selection as the democratic nominee for the presidency in 2007 against Hillary Clinton. Although when he ran against Senator McCain for the presidency of the United States, I grudgingly gave him my support since there was no choice. The reason I have had so much trouble supporting Obama wholeheartedly is because I am of the school of thought that believe effort and courage is not enough without principle and direction.

Somebody may want to know why I am bringing this up now. Well, it’s because of the so-called African Summit in Washington, which is ongoing as we speak. I am extremely disappointed that American Foreign Policy that held steady for a while during Obamas first term administration has been tossed out the window and is replaced with the knee jerk policy that we now have in Washington.

Inviting someone like Kagame, Uhuru Kenyatta, Museveni and Kir to a summit like this, is in itself an insult to those who have sacrificed so much and become lonely voices of emancipation in a sea of hopelessness while remaining true to a calling for the recognition of every human being’s dignity regardless of their political persuasion.

By inviting Kagame; Obama automatically validate the former’s style of dictatorship that allows and call for political assassinations of regime opponents. By doing the same with Uhuru Kenyatta, he gives a portrayal of a policy that is vindicating an indicted ICC criminal into an assembly of dignified person’s that I believe Uhuru Kenyatta has not yet attained.

Obama’s administration, appear to be only focused on its competition with china as far as Africa is concerned and this should give worries to those who thought the west would always stand on a moral high ground when it comes to the dignity of human in relation to freedom and rights of expression.

What Obama should have done was to invite to Washington outstanding African leaders who have showed poised in leadership and governance of their people to the mountain top and discuss ways by which his administration could help them get to where they want to get, on condition that the freedom and democratic desire of individuals within the member states must be held paramount at all times. In this way you give tin pot dictators the desire to change and be apart of this exclusive club.. Lumping Botswana, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania with countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda South Sudan, is a mistake, all these countries belong to failed states category and should be treated as such.

Obama also need not to be reactive to games being played by china in the African Continent. He should understand that there is no country in the world that has risen up while being aided by china. All Chinese lead satellites have all crumbled and there is hardly anything to show for in terms of longevity. By the end of the day all these countries that have been rushing into Chinese hands begging for handouts come out empty handed because Chinese interest in Africa is not conceived on solidarity with the people, its inseminated with the desire to plunder no matter the cost.

10 comments on “Obamas Presidency Has Been Huge FailureI

  1. “Uhuru Kenyatta is now embolded like never before knowing that America need Kenya more than Kenya needing America.”

    Can you explain this a bit more? I don’t understand it. As I see it, Obama did well in that he got to see so many African presidents in such a short time. Can you imagine trying to organize 40 state visits and what (time and expense) it would take as opposed to having all in one room and giving each 30 seconds for a polaroid snap to take home, with all of them feeling really good about it?

    Uhuru had his 30 seconds, but to be objective, how does America need Kenya more than Kenya needs America?

    This was mostly a public-relations thing, and in that regard in went well on both sides, although in places like Kenya people seem to be reading more into it. When it comes to serious diplomacy, the US government will have proper state visits, not “as many as we can get in within a day”.

    Following from that, the other thing I don’t get is “the expectations that we were sold”. What were the expectations? Who did the selling?


    • John Dibbley
      That was truly a sea of shame, seeing Obiang Nguema and Blaise Campaore amongst others was indeed the most unthinkable happenstance. What a pile of hypocracy Obama hsa been carrying in his head all this time and making us believe that he has standards. Remember how he shunned certain countries in his first visit to Africa – what then was it for/, a political gimmick?
      @john you are serious when you ask who sold us “We are the change we have been waiting for” mantra? Of course it has now turned to be snake oil i suppose.

      Coming to Uhuru’s being embolded – You are aware that Uhuru had been hatching a plot to lock up and detain CORD leaders with treason charges. The reason they did not act upon this misguided scheme was because they were afraid of the backclash for the west. Now, with tacit validation and vindication by Obama who is now willing to do business with Africa regardless, dont you think that is now a free path for Uhuru to be as mischieveous as he would like, knowing what we know today?


      • Johns, you ask

        “@john you are serious when you ask who sold us “We are the change we have been waiting for” mantra? Of course it has now turned to be snake oil i suppose”

        Yes, I am. Americans might be in a position to complain, but even then Obama can claim that he has been stymied by Republicans. But I don’t recall him campaigning on the promise for change in Africa. I will however note that since he came to power, Kenya jumped up in the list of US aid recipients and is now in the top 10.

        You mention Obama skipping certain African countries on his visits. Has he now visited them? If not, then I’m no sure I see your point. It is one thing to not visit certain countries but quite another to not invite them to some group meeting.

        I was curious about your statement that the USA needs Kenya more than Kenya needs the USA. You have not addressed my query on that one but take a read of this:


        Regarding arrests and Uhuru being emboldened, I don’t see it. Uhuru was invited as just one of so many leaders. But I see nothing to suggest that he now has American approval to do as he wishes.

        Maybe people are not happy that Uhuru was invited. Realistically the situation at the ICC has changed, no matter whether Uhuru did it or not, and I believe he did. The case is now set for a collapse, perhaps on a temporary basis we hope, but in such circumstances there is no reason for Obama to play hard-ball.

        Too many people on both sides seem to be reading too much into this event, e.g. in Kenya Jubilee supporters think Uhuru got to heaven. The truth is that is that if you look at international coverage of the event, you will see that most think it is rather minor.


      • @John Dibbley

        You seem not to understand what i am trying to say about Obama and Uhuru Kenyatta in this context. I am not complaining that Obama did not visit many African Countries during his first term in office why should i care about that?. What i was reiterating was the reason his administration gave for skipping countries in africa then including kenya. They said he could not visit countries that were: in american eyes had issues with their own citizenry in matters of governance, countries that were in constant violation of basic rights of their own people. I welcomed that style of approach because it was for intended purpose calling out the despots africa had as leaders and giving them time to change, so we thought

        In contrast to what just happened, that propagation of policy which he had conducted in his first term in the way he related to African leaders went out the window and has now been replaced with the policy of expediency.

        And as far as Uhuru Kenyattas issues go, i am just tired of regurgitating them.


      • Johns, we could go back and forth indefinitely but to no end. You did say that now the USA needs Kenya more that Kenya needs the USA and I wanted to know more about that, because I did not see Uhuru treated any differently than other three dozen or so African leaders.

        You also say that

        ” What i was reiterating was the reason his administration gave for skipping countries in africa then including kenya.”

        I wasn’t aware that any reason was given for the skipping, especially Kenya. can you give more information on that one?


    • Dada Akinki2005, this must have been a difficult one for Obama but the truth is that if he looked at the records of African leaders in that depth there would have been less than 5 people he could invite. He is leaving in a couple of years and he wants to have a record of some impact in Africa. That means he has to accept Africa as it is, he cannot change anything.


  2. When I saw this title must say was taken aback, but having read your article, can see where you are coming from

    Looking at the overall big picture, you would be hard placed to justify “huge failure”. Considering the odds and challenges that the Democrats have faced at the hands of Republicans and a largely hostile conservative old crowd, I would say that Obama and the democrats have pulled off a sterling performance.

    The only disappointment is that the progress has been hamstrung by the belligerence of Republicans

    Coming back to the matter on hand i.e African presidents, again I agree that some of these despots have no place in world leadership forum. However you have to be alive to the reality that these despots have (ab)used the world approved instruments of democracy to (il)legaly retain or ascend to power.

    In the absence of any other process, these are the “peoples” representatives. Its what is on paper. Anything else would be considered a coup at worst or double standards or hypocrisy at best.

    Under the circumstances, any true leader would do exactly the same, i.e hold a partner conference for leaders of Africa i.e its for the people of Africa, but then snub the despots i.e avoid any unnecessary social mingling, for the very reasons you state above.

    This is what is true diplomacy.

    I think I would not call it a failure at all, but your point is noted.


    • I call it a failure based on the expectations that we were sold on during “we are the change that we had been waiting for” moment. You dont amplify such message and fail to deliver when your time arrive. To bring change you got to be a thinker, dynamic and constantly searching for creative ideas. Obamas fatal mistake right from the beginning was to go back to that cesspool of old thinking to get his script.

      The moment he accepted the script he became an old wineskin, doomed, never to seperate himself from the crowd of great wannabes. Complaining over the Republican intrasigence for not allowing him success is something i have come to believe is lame – that kind of defence is for leaders lacking conviction and purpose of their moment.
      Take the example of Bill Clinton who is modestly regarded as a success – when he came into Wasington he already knew what he wanted to do and how to go about getting it regardless of the opposition he was faced with. He brought with him a battalion of thinkers from outside washington whose mission was to execute goals that had been laid down as priorities. When faced with the non co-operating Republican Members, he simply took his agenda to their districts and allowed pressure building from the grassroots, that was the basis of triangulation which left Republicans dumbfounded. So this idea that Obama has good things in his sleeve but its the opposition can not go on uncontested forever – its time we lay it to rest.

      Coming to the despots of Africa, i am pretty sure that Uhuru Kenyatta is now embolded like never before knowing that America need Kenya more than Kenya needing America. He is going to do things worse than he has already as far as the contempt factor viz a viz the opposition. The whole scenario applies to all the good for nothing African Leaders.


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