Raw- Bonny Khalwale on referendum

Clips speak for themselves


By Mzee Posted in kenya

3 comments on “Raw- Bonny Khalwale on referendum

  1. Well folks

    Here are some very interesting pictures (courtesy of DN)

    This is “celebrating” the homecoming for none other than the CS for …. drum roll … devolution

    Now if these pictures do not by themselves simply scream “pesa mashinani” then truly someone needs to “Okoa Kenya”

    To put this in perspective, its like having the CEO of central bank being hosted to a feast of “air burgers” by street beggars, … go figure ….

    bad road

    bad road

    bad road

    bad road

    bad road

    bad road


    • Blog Admin,

      Na haya yote ni maendeleo! Heheheheeee!!

      You mean these people like the CS drive their big Mercedes Benz on such Kind of roads?! And then they have the temerity to scream that Nyanza is backward; now what is this yawa?


      • Einstein

        The Jubi-liers have now turned this story around and now claim they were show-casing how Martha Karua spent time politicking at the expense of development. And the people in central buy this storyline

        Just too many lies, too many stories. I wonder what is really so hard about letting counties determine their priorities. Its all a very sick game


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