Opinion: Why Caroli Omondi Ought to be accountable

CAROLI-OMONDIToday’s headlines make distressing and traumatic reading to millions Kenyans of goodwill who supported and voted for the CORD candidate in the last general elections. Other press reports attributed to the the former Chief of Staff in the office of the Prime Minister Caroli Omondi include incredulous claims against Head of the Secretariat Eliud Owalo.

We now need to bury this ghost of the last elections by asking Caroli Omondi to be transparent and publicly accountable:

For starters, the news headlines would have been better spelt out : “RAILA WON  THE POLL ,BUT CAROLI CONNIVED WITH JUBILEE TO  STEAL THE VOTE”…

Can Caroli Omondi deny the following:

1. Caroli Omondi abused his position as Chief of Staff by hijacking the recruitment of party agents from the mainstream campaign machinery, and set up an autonomous agents and recruitment machinery answerable to him under the directive and guidance from the the then security apparatus.

2. Caroli Omondi conspired with the then Kibaki government when they supplied him with an unvetted parallel group of CORD COALITION presidential agents, most of whom are suspected to be NSI agents who gave their results to their head office for manipulation, and onward feed to Bomas of Kenya IEBC tallying centre through the underground firbre optic cable unearthed by Jicho Pevu.

3. Caroli Omondi  siphoned Ksh. 94 million that he was given by the CORD coalition for payment of wages to agents and other support staff; and that many of these agents remain unpaid to date, and the money remains unaccounted to date?

4. Caroli Omondi set up a parallel tallying centre which never furnished the CORD Presidential candidate and the campaign secretariat with any data/statistics but instead reported directly to Kimemia and Gichangi. (As yourself how 1.5 million voters showed up to vote for Uhuru as president, but discarded ballot papers for all other other gubernatorial or parliamentary aspirants)

5. Even before the March polls,Caroli Omondi was baited with the job of a Cabinet Secretary in the Jubilee government by Kimemia and Gichangi as a reward for being part of the Raila rigging machinery but the plot was only scuttled later by URP’s William Ruto due to past differences related to the special grain reserve maize scam.

6. Caroli Omondi found Mr. Owalo difficult to manipulate then later went and recruited Franklin Bett to come and oversee Raila Odinga campaign as a way of sabotaging the main secretariat. It now emerges Bett was ALSO promised the position board chairman at the Lamu Port Southern Sudan-Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) Corridor project, the position Uhuruto decided to  reward to and pull out to fellow ICC indictee Francis Muthaura  out of retirement. Bett is now a dejected farmer in South Rift.

7. Besides the IEBC, Caroli Omondi is the biggest facilitator of rigging of the 2013 presidential election, where he not only reaped financial rewards by squandering campaigns kitty, but also systematically undermined the work of the CORD coalition and Raila Presidential Campaign Secrertariat, a fact that is corroborated by two other former senior members of the campaign team Wafula Buke and Rosemary Kariuki-Machua.

8. After being omitted from Uhuruto cabinet, and like many others before him, Caroli Omondi has now taken up the role of Raila-bashing with the hope of attracting Uhuruto attention in order to gain employment in the government.

Predictably, Caroli Omondi is today evading press enquiries for clarification on his personal role by referring the enquiries to ODM-SG Anyang Nyongo and PM Spokesperson Denis Onyango, yet this people had no say or role in the twin campaign he was running.

Please be accountable MR. CAROLI OMONDI!!

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