Al Shabaab Warloard Killed. Big Deal?

There is a big story in all Kenyan media and the US how the drones took out the biggest Al Shabaab warlord in Somalia. In reality I doubt Godane is anything big in Al Shabaab. I looked at the Al Shabaab leadership and the mess in Somali way back in 2011. Old stuff but here it is for what it is worth. This was during my tour of duty in Jukwaa.

2 comments on “Al Shabaab Warloard Killed. Big Deal?

  1. The days of a big stick to settle political issues are long gone

    With so many options, less reliance on dominant economies etc, lone ranger missions and policies are largely ineffective. Further as can be seen from various players on the continent, it only requires a bizarre twist to acquire legitimacy.

    There are two matters that need to be separated and tackled separately

    There is the ideology or some semblance of it, that is driving youth to join outfits such as Al Shabaab. Coercion and/or monetary benefits only form a part of it. This ideology in whatever form is what needs to be thoroughly studied and understood.

    Second is the more mechanical aspect of countering their schemes, unlike in the past where neutralizing the “head” almost always crippled the organisation, nowadays, a new head simply pops up elsewhere. And many of these organisation rarely depend on a single control center which is partly why their activities are mostly random, unpredictable and uncoordinated, but also provides alternative control and command centers.

    Its time for people to start paying attention to what these guys are saying, and work towards getting them to a negotiation table, no matter how unpalatable it sounds. Otherwise just like in the middle east, prepare for decades and perhaps centuries of conflict with no real winners.


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