In Memory of Westgate Victims

No doubt some of you have already seen this documentary that was aired by HBO

To all the victims and survivors, on behalf of this forum, our deepest sympathies and wish you full recovery.

The loss of life, and crippled physical or emotional state is hard to bear, but we saw tremendous courage and resilience in all of you.

Regarding the response, by security, we have to admit it was pitiful. The massacre was over in the first 30 minutes. The attackers then had time to regroup and literally comb up for the next 45 to 90 minutes. And then engage with the handful civilians and plain clothes police officers. By this time, the attackers were anticipating military response and had no more need for civilians and the rescue operations went on for those who were able to survive that long.

3 hours late, and nearly two hours after the massacre, is when the armed response takes place. And then we see little tactical moves, but after a 2 day standoff the building is brought crashing down, whether intentional or accidental is hard to tell

More disappointing is how the security officers only briefly touch the steps of the building and then hordes of them rush out with a “rescued victim”, come-on 12 people carrying one person out, give me a frigging break.

So many armed folks outside the building, more than 50, and yet only about 8 guys inside the building for 2 hours.

Anyway, to all those brave people out there, and to the victims and survivors of this tragedy, our prayers are with you.

3 comments on “In Memory of Westgate Victims

  1. Just wondering – will a

    a) westgate
    b) mpeketoni and/or
    c) ROSS civil strife

    reloaded be the key to NOT attend the October 7 status conference? I hope not, but we have some pretty desperate people and fewer options, and the chaps are ever so predictable.

    One question that will not escape attention is whether there are people working behind the scenes, with or without direct approval, intimidating witnesses. That will be interesting

    The October 7 status conference will be the turning point for this ICC saga and will either mark the end of this trial, or will be where the imps unity (s is silent) shall finally meet its waterloo.

    I however will not be holding my breath


  2. Akinyi

    You bring up a very good point. Westgate was horrific, but we also have the Baragoi massacre, and other similar murders all around from Wajir/Mandera to Coastal counties and Western counties.

    They may not have had “high profile” victims so as to attract the “national outrage” and the dreary “we are one” tags, but these also deserve commemoration

    Not to mention the alarming levels of poverty and hunger related deaths


  3. For the survivors, reliving those scary moments every day must take a heart of steel. Watching a loved one’s final moments must be heart-wrenching and I can’t even begin to imagine the pain and anguish. Watching the guy talk about how he helplessness watched as his wife breathed her last brought tears to my eyes.

    Let us remember the victims, not just of the WG massacre, but all the other unexplained happenings.

    What’s even more scary is that (as promised) the bad guys can strike again wherever and whenever they want to and the response will be the same.

    Poor Kenyans may God help us.


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