Why DP Ruto is incomparable to former PM Raila Odinga

uhuruto-2Deputy President William Ruto has developed a deep phobia for CORD leader Raila Odinga. As a result, the DP has unwittingly turned the PM into a subject of ridicule and sustained attack at all his public functions with some of his pronouncements bordering on juvenile insults.

The bare fact of the matter is, while the CORD leader has used personal initiative and his extensive global network of contacts to travel with and expose CORD governors, introduce them to potential investors, the DP’s only foray overseas has been to the Netherlands, at the Hague to attend a criminal case. For this reason alone, any senior business executives sitting at any Western capital and watching CNN or Al Jazeera will be more inclined to do business with the CORD leader than the DP Ruto.

What should make the tax payer angry is that while the CORD leaders have traveled using their own initiatives and resources, DP Ruto’s large legal team,security, personal aides and family have traveled first class to the Hague on tax payer account with their stay coordinated by official government diplomatic staff. A highly incriminating picture emerged last week of Ruto, his wife and aides queuing at a fist class check-in counter at a transit European airport.

Interestingly, beyond court appearances at the Hague and apart from constantly shadowing and idling around the president, DP Ruto has no known achievement as a highly paid and marketed deputy president with a humongous workforce under him at the Office of the Deputy President. Observers say the DP has metamorphosed into an expensive liability to the president than an asset, and is in the interim period merely being used as political insurance policy.

Additionally, DP Ruto’s URP nominated cabinet and principal secretaries are operating in the background and unlike those of the TNA wing, URP are unheard of publicly. Most of them are known to visit Weston Hotel to plot how to cut deals that will finance their 2017 comeback. And to make matters worse, URP governors, save for Bomet’s Isaac Ruto and Kericho’s Chepkwony, are at total loggerheads with devolution with no development or investment agenda during the time they have been in office.

The URP party itself has not held any parliamentary or gubernatorial joint group meeting to undertake to review strategy or assess short-term positions on various public issues. To them, a political party is merely a vehicle to negotiating tribal coalitions and ultimately to power and needs not to have any ideology.

This is where the CORD leader beat DP and URP leader hands down. The CORD leader has been denied pension by the Jubilee government, is constantly ostracized as an election loser and also always being politically undermined by the Jubilee duo, led by DP Ruto. Yet, he still has managed to lead a coalition with the closest semblance to a working political party, as well as led investor initiatives. The former PM currently spearheading in plans to organizea constitutional amendment aimed at strengthening devolution, amongst others.

On the other hand, the flagship projects of the Jubilee coalition harmonised manifesto have effectively stalled, with its leaders having shifted goalposts and are now talking about maintaining a status quo from what they inherited from the grand coalition government. DP Ruto has made it his business to blind followers with unhelpful weekend harambee rituals where millions of shillings from unexplained sources are endlessly donated.

To any potential development partner, even outside government the PM appears a more viable prospect than the DP. In any case their records are world apart. By targeting the PM, the DP hopes to build anti-CORD sentiments and therefore hide his own failures.

The DP must learn to be DP for all Kenyans and avoid being quirky, abrasive and exceedingly condescending. He must start to work to attain pre-election promises and deliver services to all regardless of political affiliation. He is otherwise orchestrating his own downfall by courting an impeachment motion, let alone prospecting for a one term only.

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3 comments on “Why DP Ruto is incomparable to former PM Raila Odinga

  1. We can also debate that Hon. Raila was just ineffective when he was the co- principle of grand coalition. I think people get drank when they are in power. Hon. Rail cannot manage a mere campaign and therefore cast alot of doubt that he can effectively run a country. No punt intended but some people are just suited well to be career opposition leaders!


    • There is one thing Kenyans are going to have to come to terms with. In as much as Uhuru and Ruto are still trying to cling to the old order of things before devolution, something they will not achieve, Kenyan politics have evolved beyond the baba na mama era where Ruto and Uhuru were brought up. The days when Moi or even Kibaki after him will walk into a place and issue districts as if they are public toilets or announce a road to be built are long gone.

      In fact Ruto to his shock has found out he has nothing to offer. He has now been reduced to attending endless harambees and opening this or that office. There is nothing else to do. Never mind that under Kenyan laws harambees are actually illegal activities. Harambees were banned in 2003. I wonder what would happen if somebody was to go to court and seek a court order that so and so engaged in an illegal activity after they hold their endless harambees.

      The reason someone like Ruto is so noisy fighting governors is that unlike him with nothing to offer even to bribe his own constituents, the governors can deliver stuff to the masses. They build hospitals with tax payer money of course. They do roads. They build markets. They employ people. These are real and tangible things. As corrupt and confused as our governors are they have real power and real capacity to deliver to their constituents. Ruto has nothing to deliver. At least Uhuru can stack up public jobs with his cronies and misuse institutions like the National Youth Service to feed some of his vultures. Ruto has to beg him for a few slots for jobs here and there.

      If Ruto had any smarts other trying just to survive he would have been the greatest champion for meaningful devolution. It is great for his own constituency and it is really the future of Kenya however long it takes to fix it properly. I have said before and I will say it again. The worst enemies for devolution are the clueless governors who are just too corrupt. When you see that in counties like Mombasa and Kisumu the counties only used 2-3% of their budgets in development you know we are looking at monsters in our counties. The good news is that they have three more years and most of them will be thrown out. Uhuru and Ruto have the same amount of time left. In fact you can reduce it to two years given the fact that the last year is all about campaigns.

      If Ruto wanted to have any legacy that Kenyans can remember he should have put devolution front and centre in all its aspects. But it seems Ruto is content with being Uhuru’s shamba boy hoping that come year 2022 he will be rolled into State House. That is just nuts. In Kenya things don’t work like that. Anything can happen. We will see.

      The other piece that Ruto could have helped with was to stick to some of the Jubilee promises and projects. As it is they are all falling apart. The laptop project just got trashed by the courts the other day because of Kusema na kutender with corruption. In fact word on the ground is that Ruto himself was deep in the deal for Olive company, the fake nonsense group that was awarded the deal. Now it is back to the drawing board. God knows where the SGR and LAPSSET projects are headed. These could be major drawbacks and shameful failures. And on and on it goes.

      As to comparing Ruto with Raila that is comparing oranges with beans. They are not even the same species. I saw somebody there (limof) telling us Raila cannot run a country. If complete idiots like you know who can actually pretend to be running countries, I can assure you without any fear of contradiction that my late mother’s goat can run a few countries given a chance.

      Raila has done for Kenya what nobody has or could do. Today we have a new constitution that all Kenyans are proud of despite all its watts. Without Raila that would not have been possible. He fought along with other Kenyans for the concept itself and then after Kibaki came in and tried to bury it he put his neck out and fought with other Kenyans and come 2010 even Kibaki had to limp along to support the new constitution. Today we take democracy and basic democratic rights for granted. When people like Raila were fighting for this Ruto was busy killing pro-democracy fighters with his YK92 thugs. Kibaki was telling Kenyans about the Mugumo tree (dictatorship) which could not be cut with a razor blade. When multi party came Kibaki became its first beneficiary in 2002. That is another level. You don’t mix those with petty nonsense.

      In many ways Raila to Kenya is like what someone like Dr. Martin Luther King was to the USA. He was never a congressman. Never a senator. In fact he was not a politician. And yet today even the most racist scum in America realizes that America would never be the same without Martin Luther King. Folk like that come once in a generation. They are not in every street corner. Unfortunately.


    • Adongo

      Highly appreciate the way you have phrased this response

      Kenyans have resorted to “either this/my way or the highway” kind of intransigence, such that simple truths have simply evaporated

      Mostly I attribute this to Mutahi Ngunyi and his dogmatic principles which unfortunately and inconceivably, some folks believe as truth

      But maybe thats how weak people (he calls such woolly minds) allow themselves to be domiciled and eventually brainwashed.

      Anyway I hope this limof fellow is someone that at least reasons and can comprehend this extremely enlightening response


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