Treacherous / Selfish Politic of the Kikuyu Elite

Evidence from successive multiparty general elections (all six of them!) show voting trends that indicate there is a siege mentality which the Agikuyu elites have built in the psyche of their community resulting to the sad reality that the Kikuyu find it difficult to vote for anyone other than a fellow Kikuyu. It is strange and inexplicable.

Case in point is when, the then aspirant Uhuru agreed to support Musalia, and signed an agreement to that effect. Less than 24 hours later, as a result of intense pressure from this club of rich Agikuyu elites, Uhuru was compelled to back off and violate an agreement with Musalia since no Kikuyu would vote for Musalia even if Kibaki endorsed him.

This sad state of affairs is also the reason why William Ruto can only act and is only good as deputy. He assures them of numbers to keep the likes of Raila at bay. Nobody can fathom a situation where Ruto would be at the top of the Jubilee ticket, come 2022, or even 2032!

When people of Kenya were gallantly fighting for restoration of multipartyism in the 1990s, the Kikuyu political and economic elite were in the opposite side. Save for Matiba who joined up only after being expelled from KANU. They were part of the oppression and infringement of the rights of the people of Kenya. Today they are no different. Most young people in Kenya have a poor grasp of political history and as such, have been brainwashed into supporting tribal alliances.

Looking back, and history proves it, Moi’s ascendancy to state house was accidental. It was impossible to keep the aging Kenyatta alive and plans did not go as expected since the then Vice President Moi who was labelled a ‘passing cloud’ stayed on for an agonizing 24 years.

In the years that followed, the Kikuyu elite were disadvantaged in political power as Moi treated them with suspicion and excluded from power corridors. They were very bitter and wanted Moi out or at least they get political position to give them political power to access government business and also engage in grand corruption, smuggling and such get-rich-quick schemes.

During the constitutional reform process in 1990s the Kikuyu elite led by John Michuki were not embarassed to propose the position of executive prime Minister in their submission to the Constitutional of Kenya Review Commission. Later on, after a Raila-led NARC handed Kibaki the presidency, the same Michuki, without batting an eyelid, said the constitution review could be shelved because one of their own was now president.

Michuki had promptly forgotten how they had propagated for periphery local governments with more powers when Moi was in charge. Were they doing it for their own interest or they wanted real power to the people? Was their only mission to take power from Nyayo and betray the fight for empowering our people?

Can these rich elites be trusted to support devolution ad resources to the people now that we can see their true colours?

Today it is this political and economic elite working behind the scene to dismantle the Constitution and annihilate the devolution using URP hawks as the front. Of course Duale and others would rather make personal gain than community gain. They see okoa Kenya and pesa mashinani campaigns as a serious threat to the status quo of economic plunder. Sadly, it appears to be the same strategy Jomo Kenyatta used between 1964 and 1969. Then, Tom Mboya was their front man doing the dirty work for them before he was also gunned down in broad daylight along a Nairobi street.

One way of fighting tribalism is through fostering a culture of diversity. In Kenya, we have made it a constitutional requirement. It is dispiriting to all the other 41 tribes to learn that only a Kikuyu can ever lead Kenya because of the ‘tyranny of numbers’. There was 15 years of Kenyatta Senior, 10 years of Kibaki, then 10 years of Kenyatta Junior, out of 51 years of independence, with the balance occupied by Moi. If the unmistakable pattern is maintained, there probably will be 10 years of Jimmy Kibaki!

URP and more specifically Rift Valley counties must stand up and be counted in the new constitutional reform process!

One comment on “Treacherous / Selfish Politic of the Kikuyu Elite

  1. Sometimes one is perplexed by the level of arrogance from the named elite. Have a look at this video to see what I mean. The senator of Kiambu county talking. Just jump the initial minute he is talking about tanks. Follow raw tribalism as from 6:30 onwards. Pretty disgusting


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