I can’t believe that William Ruto is again involved in yet another land scandal after the Muteshi land grab. This man is fast becoming the most corrupt individual in Kenya rivaling and surpassing Kamlesh Pattni. I would probably, just probably, understand his grab of Muteshi´s 100 ha but now he is the DP and still keeps taking public land? Tyranny of numbers is a wonderful thing. Charity Ngilu locked herself up in the lands office for weeks only to come up with the Karen land title deed in her handbag. The reason Kidero is dancing with the Jubilee crowd is now clear. He has simply joined them in looting from the public. Na mta do?

By Mzee Posted in kenya


  1. Good lawd my head is still spinning from the 48hr rais-raiya-rais charade. Anyway, am glad we all haven’t been hypnotized and bamboozled by the jubilee PR machine…yes some Kenyans have remained focused despite all the balls in the air.

    Here’s vintage RAO telling these thieves what most Kenyans talk about privately but are probably too scared to mention publicly. No wonder he’s being fought so viciously.

    ……Raila said hope for land reforms is fading with the opaqueness at the Lands ministry and the spirited effort to render the NLC ineffective. “I therefore wish to challenge the Government to publish the list of all pieces of land whose leases have expired and what is being done with them,” he said…..


    More importantly, I notice that Swazuri and his team at the NLC seem to be making an effort to reclaim their territory (about time). Yes, the moneyed land thieves will fight back and only the strong-willed would withstand the threats, intimidation and such ‘incidents’ that may be perceived as ‘a warning shot’.


    ….It came as police revealed that a man who was killed two weeks ago was known to a suspect who had been killed in an attempted raid at the Nairobi residence of National Land Commission chairman Muhamad Swazuri……..

    anyone struggling to be hopeful like me? 😦


  2. Bwana Tom,
    No need to twist the truth.
    I have never heard that CORD Mps have stolen land in LAMU. If anything, its the father of the chief executive who grabbed land from the locals and gave to his people who he had disenfranchised in central province.


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