Burkina Faso Burning – Revolution 2.0

The people of Bukina have had it. They are burning the parliament down.Because they dont want to see

Blaise Campaore extend his 27 year rule. After murdering

Thomas Sankara, one of the greates sons of Africa  27 years ago

A man stands in front of a burning car, near the Burkina Faso's Parliament where demonstrators set fire to parked cars - 30 October 2014, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

They took over the streets

Burkina Faso's parliament on fire (30 October 2014)Men shout slogans in front of burning cars, near the Burkina Faso's parliament - 30 October 2014,  Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Anti-government protesters take over the parliament building in Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso, October 30, 2014.

Took over the parliament

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Things got worse
This man has taken over .
Lieutenant-Colonel Isaac Zida

10 comments on “Burkina Faso Burning – Revolution 2.0

    • Admin,
      See how long AFrican despots have ruled

      Museveni 25 years
      Biya 29 years
      Mugabe 31 years
      Dos Santos 32 years

      see more here


      There is alot of jittery going on.

      But give Blaise the “murderer” Compaore credit for going “away” in peace. At least for now.


  1. ok guys on a side note is this similar bundling out of office at orange house

    “we want to talk to Magerere”

    on finding him “Magerere atoke inje”

    as he is “escorted” out – “Our party is dead, (please leave – my line), get out”

    finally as he is driven off in a police vehicle
    “mpeleke/twende/enda kwa Ruto”

    nuff said


    • Its hard to know what was going on and where its leading.
      But what I hate about this even though Magerer could have been a traitor but the parading of a certain tribe to “gladly” support the ejection of the man.
      My take is that there is a better way of doing things.


  2. Sankaras murderer finally relinquishes the presidency after 27 years. Peoples power at work. Mali is next, watch this space


  3. This is a significant event in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Kenya media is quiet because Kenya’s best friends over in Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan, etc have similar troubles looming ahead

    Plus no need to even try to instill such a thought in Kenyans since these are rather volatile and troubled times indeed

    Kudos to Burkina for ejecting a dictator who has long overstayed his welcome


    • Very true.
      There is a lot of twitching nerves in many African countries.
      Until now they have been saying that countries south of the Sahara are not Arabs nor is there a season called spring in them. Which means there cannot be an Arab spring in these countries. I guess they have been proved wrong


      • hehehe, can’t recall where i read this joke :

        BBC Reporter: Mr Mugabe, you’ve been at the helm as PM for 8 years then President for 25 years. When are you going to say good bye to the people of Zimbabwe?

        Mugabe: Bye to the people of Zimbabwe? Where are they going?


  4. Finally Blaise Campaore is overthrown. His whereabouts unknown as the army chief takes over. Campaore took to twitter urging for calm without success.


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