REVEALED: The grounds for removal of Magerer Langat as the ODM Executive Director

ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga addresses the media flanked by besieged Executive Director Magerer Lang'at (R) and other party officials.

ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga addresses the media flanked by besieged Executive Director Magerer Lang’at (R) and other party officials.

The position of ODM Executive Director (ED) is an onerous one. It is a serious job since it holds the nerve centre of the party and generally directs the daily operations of the party. However since the current office holder was appointed, he has exhibited extreme incompetence, championed schisms within the staff and party rank and engaged in acts of insubordination. The analysis herein below demonstrates as much;

1. Blatant insubordination; The ED has seized every single moment to undermine the authority and leadership of the party by adopting positions divergent to the official positions of the party. He for instance disparaged and chided the quest for national dialogue, rebuked the party leader’s official reception rally terming it unnecessary and refused to attend all saba saba rallies including the rallies that took place in rift valley. He has openly campaigned for the replacement of the Party leader as presidential party candidate among members of the secretariat.

2. Flagrant falsification of the party delegates register. The ED conceived and authored the dubious party delegates list a head of the February 28th NDC. He blatantly replaced devout and bonafide party delegates who did not conform to his machinations. The NEC is aware that the only members of the secretariat who handled the delegates were ED himself and his personal secretary while ensuring that none of the Directors got involved in the exercise including the Director in charge of the exercise.

3. Failure to provide leadership at the secretariat; The ED has failed to spearhead party operations at the national secretariat. To date, he has not conceived the party strategic plan and the secretariat meetings are rare, irregular and poorly coordinated if and when they happen. A yawning disconnect exists among staff making it difficult to add value to responsibilities at the secretariat.

4. Breach of confidentiality; The ED as the sole custodian of secretariat strategic documentation and communication has the primary responsibility to ensure the party documents and communication remains a highly guarded secret. However, this has not been the case. Some of the secretariat policy documents have found their way either to the media or to our competitors thus compromising the capacity of the party to swiftly execute its strategies and policies as it further entrenches distrust among staff.

5. Incompetence and Complacence; The ED is yet to fulfill the Secretariat Retreat Resolutions which inter alia enjoined him to define and assign the staff to the existing departments. This has made it impossible to instruct the staff not to mention the anxiety they undergo. The lack of certainty in their employment makes them vulnerable to external manipulation with obvious devastating consequences. On many occasions, the ED reports to work on Tuesday and ends his week on Thursdays.

6. The ED’s style of work does not sufficiently take into account the existence of directors and their respective departmental mandates. The secretariat officers get to know of his activities through the media. He does just about everything without seeking the input of the department in which his engagement falls.

7. The ED has perfected the art of creating divisions amongst the secretariat staff thus stifling team work and morale. He has just three individuals he works closely with: Ceaser Asiyo, Maseme Machuka and his personal secretary Mildred Were whose roles are increasingly more as informants than workmates. They dominate his assignments list especially on external missions, meetings and educative workshops while proposals from others are often shot down outside a consultative process. The factional approach influences his political relations outside of the office. He is hostile to those he perceives to be close associates of Party Leader Raila Odinga and castigates their association with the party leader calling them names.

8. There exists general lack of confidence in the ED in a large fraction of the ODM fraternity with many accusing him of stage managing coups in ODM branch leadership in apparent effort to strengthen what he considers his faction within the party.

9. The ED is inadequately in touch (not easy to find on phone). That limits his input on unanticipated occurrences that characterize politics. The situation is aggravated by his known three-day work schedule.

10. In total defiance of the current political environment, the ED has irredeemably failed to ensure effective analysis and monitoring of political developments in the country in order to appropriately advise the party.

Additionally, the ED has failed to actualize the goals set out in his job description as outlined hereunder;

i. To date he has failed to initiate or conceive the formulation of party policies and strategies geared towards helping the party to develop a robust legislative agenda to propel its ideology and endear itself to Kenyans.

ii. He has failed to establish collaborative links and relations with party formations both at the national and county levels.

iii. He has failed to revamp the party communications strategy to enhance its public standing and visibility.

iv. He has failed to establish strategic partnerships with other directors, branch officials and grassroots leaders to drive membership mobilization.

v. To date he has failed to shepherd the formulation and effective implementation of party standard operational procedures, tools and resources for effective and timely delivery of operational support to the party organs.

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  1. I sincerely hope ODM leadership gets to read this discussion here. There have a been a lot of very good and hard hitting points all around.

    One thing is clear, people still believe in the political ideals of ODM, but there is a sense of repulsion over a vacuum in leadership or direction.

    I agree with everyone else that disinformation plays a key role, but like we have sung for more than 5 years, ODM has no excuse for not creating and perpetuating its own media or public voice to counter the partisan Kenya media

    My point however, is that John, Mzee Phil and others have listed/raised a number of key concerns that ODM needs to address sooner rather than later.

    On another note, about ODM collapsing, first off I don’t think that is the case. True we may loose a few charismatic leaders, True we may loose a few strong supporters. But I have always said and still maintain that its better to loose all these guys now and work on rebuilding a stronger ODM from scratch without some of these characters. Many of them think they do ODM a favor and that’s why its such a big deal to jump ship. The truth however is that they jump and join some very dictatorial outfits that simply will not tolerate any dissent against their chosen muthamakis or else form moribund outfits, waiting to be bought. Whatever the case, I prefer such guys to walk out of ODM and rebuild with members that focus on the way ahead

    If it wasn’t for efforts of people who shared vision with ODM, even the rather poorly managed devolution process would not be benefiting the majority as it is today.

    Slowly but surely the efforts have largely paid off with the central government stranglehold being painfully loosened, one finger at a time.

    Sadly but not surprising, the jubilee coalition is doing all in its power to reverse these gains.

    Am however hopeful that true justice and agitation for further reforms will prevail despite the minor hiccups at Orange house


  2. @John and @akinyi2005

    The are many false allegations being given undue prominence by the mainstream media involving the ODM. Most of this propaganda is meant to project an extremely desperate situation for the opposition party. This is not the true situation on ground.

    I have provided Magerer’s charge sheet, one that he is likely to be answerable to if and when he appears before the probe committee recently appointed by the NEC. None of you has made any attempt to analyze this.

    When you see small time politicians like Kidero growing bolder and others who cannot venture in their constiuencies at day time like Ababu and Obura make choreographed noise about democracy, then you know there can only be one master.

    There is deliberate moves by those who believe in this party to clean it up. The best place to being with is the secretariat where Prof. Nyongo has over the years presided over a trail of blunders that have inevitably contributed to the failure of the party to capture power despite its nationwide popularity, and eventually to the aborted elections and now a stalemate at party headquarters. He is the one who needs to step aside first, together with his entire secretariat. This should happen even before we think about holding elections or the NDC.

    The party is following due process in Magerer issue. But because media does not want the truth to come out, they are publishing all manner of allegations to divert public attention from the truth. The MCA’s who ejected Magerer are elected representatives of the people. Who elected Magerer? And what you see here is a tip of the iceberg. The ODM can actually have Magerer charged in court for serious criminal acts he committed against the party in the last one year, including the loss of Ksh25m, that so far neither he nor his boss Nyongo can account for.

    Watch this space.


    • Phil,
      If there anything that I totally agree with you about is the fact that a clean up is needed ASAP. No need for further procrastination.

      As I had earlier said. People at the apex of ODM know what the real problem is. They feel that there are people in the party being used for this or that reason. The problem is that they are not communicating this to the rank and file. By now I expected the party to go out with a full anti- propaganda campaign to straighten things out. As JOHN DIBBLEY says, there is no point of keeping information secret for that’s not helping the party.

      It also seems to me that the party is waiting for these issues to go away with time. But these are different times and the Jubilee machinery is not about to let go so easily. The problems must be countered now if any progress is to be made in future. In fact there is no need waiting until the party is on its knees before acting. It might be late. If there are moles in the party, remove them officially. End of story. ODM should learn from bembelezaring William Ruto and Musalia Mudavadi debacles that it does not pay to keep people who have made their minds to leave. They will only drain your energy and leave at the end of the day anyways.

      Having said that, party elections have to be held like yesterday. Anyang Nyongo has done what he could do for the party is probably tired and must go. The mistakes he has made are huge and keeping him as the SG is stopping the party from moving forward. ODM needs an innovative SG. We have seen that TNA has already started recruiting members, some underage. What is ODM doing to counter this? TNA is making forays in Kibra with false promises to the youth, what is ODM doing about it. Evans Kidero the governor of Nairobi is simply defying the party, what is ODM doing about it? Something will have to give.


      • Mzee, I hear you. I also hear the statements that Mr. Nyongo has to go and there must be elections. The year is going to end with no party elections. Why is that, and why is Mr. Nyongo still in office?

        When the MIB fiasco happened, it was alleged that one faction of ODM had been bought by JUBILEE. (The alleged leaders of the faction were then appointed to an interim executive.)

        It goes without saying that JUBILEE can be expected to do whatever it can to undermine its main opposition. If I were in the JUBILEE leadership, I would be doing that, so to hear such a claim by itself does not tell me much.

        When the MIB fiasco happened, it was stated here that there was “overwhelming evidence” that the people responsible had been bought by JUBILEE and that it would be posted here (which of course never happened). Here is what I wrote about that:

        “You also state that one of the factions is working with Jubilee. If that is so, then ODM’s problems are worse than people imagine. Naturally, Jubilee can be expected to work to undermine ODM. The question is what ODM is doing internally to counter that. If there is “overwhelming evidence”, then what is being done about it? Giving them positions on the interim team does not appear to be a very bright idea. That is especially ironic because you then state that “there is infiltration by people who want to position their people in key positions in the ODM hierarchy”.

        If Jubilee can wreak such havoc as is claimed on ODM and buy ODM people, then people will question whether ODM has the internal strength for national leadership and what kind of people it has. As I see it, the focus for ODM is to look deep at itself. In fact, if it is true that one ODM faction has been bought, then it just highlights the problem of what kind of people are in such factions as ODM. That is a problem for ODM to solve. After the “overwhelming evidence” is published here, then what? Even before it is published here, has Raila seen it? If not, why not? If so, what has he done about it?”


    • Phil, thank you for taking the time to respond. You started by writing that

      “The are many false allegations being given undue prominence by the mainstream media involving the ODM.”

      I looked forward to reading a list of these false allegations and why they are false. Sadly I have not seen the list in your article.

      You also say that

      “I have provided Magerer’s charge sheet, one that he is likely to be answerable to if and when he appears before the probe committee recently appointed by the NEC. None of you has made any attempt to analyze this.”

      I think the focus on this does not help. For may part, I did not attempt to analyze it because I am prepared to accept that the charges are true. That does not change the fact that he was publicly manhandled in a way that reflects very badly on the party, especially after the MIB fiasco. That the MCAs who did so are elected but Magerer is not seems to be an odd way to look at the behaviour.

      It is instructive to reflect again and carefully at the MIB fiasco. DC’s archives are still there. When that happened, the first salvos were all about moles, JUBILEE, and so on. A Mr. Etale (Director, ODM Communications) promised that a Task Force would to “the root cause” and so on. Statements from Raila were also posted here stating what would happen next. And? How exactly did that matter end? Can anyone see a connection between those unresolved issues and what is happening now?

      Below are some of the statements I made at the time. See especially the last one:

      “I would urge the ODM secretariat to take a break from what it wants to put out and try to see how things look to outside eyes.”

      “ODM party faithful should be careful about explanations that will ultimately show Raila and the party in a bad light. There should be some thinking through of claims that are being made about the fiasco.”

      “The way to deal with it should have been to act swiftly to arrest the damage. Instead, what is proposed seems to be just a way of postponing the inevitable, with the side-effect of the party’s leadership being seen as lacking in thought, strategy, will-power, and so forth. The other side cannot be disappointed with the slow-motion self-destruction.”

      “As I see it, the ODM party faithful have to look at certain hard and unpleasant realities and find constructive solutions, if it is to remain a serious national party. Internal games may fool or be acceptable to the party faithful, but there are others too. 2017 is most likely Raila’s last real short. It would be a pity if he got dragged down by his own party.”


      • John,
        You have to agree that Jubilee is in a serious attempt to derail ODM when you see a whole CS get involved in these matters . So Phil is not too far from the truth. Then you also see some ODM branches in RVP threatening to withdraw support. Why only Rift Valley?

        There are just two guesses here
        (1) to destroy ODM from within
        (2) to derail OKOA campaign

        I think I’m now convinced that Jubilee is causing havoc in ODM. The Orange party needs to come up with a counter strategy. Thats why the likes of Nyongo must go for he should be the initiator of such actions. And I don’t mean a press conference. We have had enough of that already. One does not expect the party leader to do everything.


      • Mzee, I meant to post my reply under this one. My main points are that it should not be surprising that JUBILEE would do something to undermine ODM/CORD. Moreover such claims are not new. The question has to be what ODM/CORD has been doing about it. However, care needs to be taken in making such claims; e.g. JUBILEE cannot be blamed for the lack of party elections to date or even a hint of when such elections might be held. The other reason is that it is very risky to cast every ambitious politician in ODM/CORD as a “mole”. That will ultimately backfire, with regrettable consequences.


      • Mzee, this will have to be my last word on this one. Once again, the party leadership has, in my view handled this one badly. Given that there is no information to the contrary, we will have to assume that he was “summoned”, as you too indicate. That was not good. The party needs to be more sensitive to public (voters) perceptions, especially after the MIB affair.

        I see that according to the article you link,

        “Magerer had been ordered to appear in person before the committee to make submissions on the events surrounding his removal from the party headquarters while Cord principles Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka were in attendance. This includes accusations made during the incident that Magerer is a Jubilee mole leaking secret to parties in competition with ODM and working against the party’s interests.”

        The way I see it, and regardless of what Mr. Langat has done, the first thing the party should have done is to damage control from the bad optics of his manhandling. Consequently, I would have “summoned” or “ordered” those who had done that to appear but “invited” Mr. Langat. From a purely subjective basis, I too would not respond to “orders” or “summons” after such physical abuse; in fact I would be demanding an apology.

        If the media reports are accurate on what he said during the weekend, then his position is not sustainable and he will have to go. But it needs to be handled with some finesse. It is also not clear to me that “giving him more time to appear” actually helps other than unhelpfully postpone what might be inevitable.

        I remain a very strong supporter of Raila, as the only serious alternative to Kenya’s current leadership, and I hope he can get things under control quickly enough. There appear to be very deep rifts in the party, and I don’t see “solution by committee” as the way to go. Raila needs to exert forceful leadership, in an honest, transparent, and democratic way. Otherwise the party will continue to waste energy on side-shows that do not help its electoral chances.


  3. ODMs problems are not unique, and in fact are in every political party. The problem is that ODM is everyone’s punching bag and of course helps to deflect attention from the ruling coalition. Its also the most potent rival and therefore all other parties and the media go out of their way to publish and exaggerate any conflict.

    Its true there are issues that need to be addressed as you guys point out. Interestingly everyone accuses everyone else for being a mole or allegiance to other parties. That points out to a succession battle. It appears that people are smelling vacancies and jostling for pole position. That is to be expected. The same will happen to Jubilee when the 10 or is it 20 year mark gets closer.

    What is important however is how ODM resolves these issues. I don’t think this should be up to the party leader. True he can show direction, but it should be up to the party to put in place structures for resolution based on member input. The party should be able to outlive present leadership.

    Complaints, mechanisms for addressing concerns, conflict resolutions etc need to be clear. Its obvious that these are documented but somehow, they were not adhered to in Magerere’s case and even worse, his interim replacement has become a bit of a sad joke.

    I think that ODM has to give more visibility to conflict resolution organs, and also ensure that members appointed to such panels are deemed to be trusted by the members

    As for the TNA and URP being attractive, well any party thats in leadership in Africa is bound to be attractive so long as they are in power. ZANU PF, ANC etc are also all attractive parties, KANU was once an attractive party.

    ODM had set itself apart as being one of the only parties that had a clear political ideology. Unfortunately its leadership has been over-run by selfish interests.

    I agree a purge is necessary to remove deadweight, moles and the likes, but this must be done in clear and structured form.

    Personally I think that ODM should be setting up more long term structures and not be blindsided by short term benefits.


    • It is true that ODM’s problems are not unique, but, presumably, the difference between successful parties and others is in how the problems are handled.

      I used to be an avid reader of Adongo when he was on Jukwaa, and his strong support of ODM and CORD is well known. When someone like that writes as he has written here, the view must be that things are seriously off-track. This is also true for others who write here and the view of a few random supporters I have talked to. We all support Raila, the party, and the coalition. Sure, the party leader cannot do everything, but he must show leadership, and people seem to be saying that they are not seeing it.

      It has actually become a tragi-comedy in which Raila himself could soon be called a TNA mole! The tragic part is that ODM will disintegrate or become a regional party, or one that is viewed as such, leaving no real alternative to the current government.
      The articles in today’s online Standard and Nation reveal a lot, especially the former. The way things are, this may not end in a good way.


      • My last word on this.
        Lets hold elections because the problem here are people jostling for vacant positions.
        Should the positions be filled you wont hear or see any of the noise.


      • hehehe phil,

        eti good luck? you probably need more luck trying to sell owalo as the next nairobi governor or is it kibra mp?

        anyway, what you are seeing here is what happens when there’s little or no official communication from the party to counter all the propaganda. yes, some of us will piece together and try to make sense of the hodgepodge of information from friends, relatives, social media, online newspapers, party rebels na kadhalika.

        of course we know the jubilee-leaning media is on a mission and will magnify and distort any real or perceived problems related to the opposition. so what exactly have they lied about?


      • Phil, the more important point is that that the voters rely on the public media for their news, and they do not take time to think about many things. Readers of DC even when they do not have all the real news do, I am sure, take time to think about what is there.

        The “real” news does not help ODM/CORD if it remains secret. Therefore I urge people like you to make the news known to the public. I think that is crucial right now when the public view is that of a party that is anchorless and drifting.


  4. I think it’s quite shameful watching the new circus in town that was once the country’s oldest and supposedly ‘most organized’ party. Margerer may have failed to get some things right. Now that this has been identified isn’t it time to refocus, address the need to strengthen the party, mobilize and recruit new members, nurture the next generation of leaders to steer the ship when/if the wazees retire etc?

    Frankly It’s quite tiresome watching the never-ending fights by camps already formed in readiness for 2017, deep suspicions, everyone branding everyone else a mole….and it will only get worse as we get closer to the 2016 party nominations!

    The tension has been let to go on for too long and the atmosphere is too poisoned to make any compromises and bring everyone on board. i think the various factions are better off going their separate ways because clearly, there are obvious ‘ideological’ 🙂 differences.


    • Akinyi,
      The funny thing is that everyone is making demands that suit their own ambitions. Today I saw someone called Butiko saying that he had been asked to take up Magerers position but he wont because, in a nutshell, he does not want to listen and do what the party leader says.

      Then there is Magerer, Ababu, Magerer, Mungaro led by Alfred Mutua meeting in Mombasa to plan their next move.

      ODM must step up its game.


      • mzee, the party is in tatters everywhere you look. keeping up with the drama and the hour by hour breaking news from chungwa house is becoming a full time job I tell you. its pains me to imagine that CBOs (without structures) like TNA and URP are starting to look more attractive than ODM. Where is RAO to salvage whatever is left of his party?

        I have just seen aladwa throw his weight behind wafule buke saying luhyas have supported the party and therefore deserve the ED position. soon the coast region will remind us that they have one of the highest or is it the highest number of elected ODM mpigs and therefore deserve the party leader slot. everyone feels more important than everyone else and wants the biggest piece of the pie. how now?

        as for the four ‘rebels’ and others trying out various stunts to gauge public opinion, I wish them luck.


    • Akinyi,
      Not to be left out, Ababu has added his voice. Tells Raila ODM has been hijacked.
      Indeed members are behaving like goons and hijackers and Raila himself must act. He cannot just relax and hope that the issues will go away and be forgotten with time.

      Ragtag parties such as TNA and URP that are only dusted and brought out at elections are beginning to looking good.

      The fact that ODM is large means that it needs a very good management. Seems to me that many put in place by the party just want to earn money and in the process kill it. Talk about going down with the boat.

      I believe that if the party leaders puts his foot on the ground all these problems will be solved. But the most crucial thing is party elections. Let TNA and URP not carry out elections, its OK, after all they never promised one and ODM must not even attempt a comparison.


  5. If Hon Anyang Nyongo can unilaterally and unconstitutionally declare himself SECRETARY GENERAL of ODM, then by all means Wafula Buke can through the same constitutional revolution declare himself EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR. Nyongo resigned at the NDC and all national positions were declared vacant.

    Secondly, today, after Wafula Buke’s coup, Nyongo was seen working from Orange House and purporting to hold staff meetings. This pretense from retirees is a waste of time. We respect Nyongo very much. However, for this party to wrest power from Jubilee, Nyongo will have to step aside. Coming to the party secretariat because he heard there was a coup is akin to locking the stable after the horse has bolted… Nyongo was not home when the ODM secretariat was taken over by Uhuru Kenyatta. And right under his nose also, his secretariat officials are leaking all strategy material to state house soon as they are discussed. To add insult to injury, the party delegates list infiltrated to the point electing officials would mean giving Uhuru Kenyatta a free hand to decide on ODM national office bearers. Nyongo has to step aside as he had done at kasarani and pave way for people who can deliver.

    What am saying in a nutshell, genuine ODM members are tired of politics of pragmatism. What’s the idea of trying to impress the Kalenjin when we all know they never voted for Raila Odinga? What elections have URP or TNA held, yet they are the ruling coalition, yet we still want to be called gentlemen of Kenyan politics as we wallow in opposition.

    We want to state it firmly that Jubilee is creating a fascist state. ODM is the only hope for the people of Kenya to rescue and implement Constitution and devolution of jaws of cannibalizing Jubilee government. This is not possible with weak wobbling party. It time to get rights right. And it is now. The party is bound to raise. It is the party standing for equity, inclusion and justice. It is party defending the rights and freedoms of Kenyans that Jubilee Government is viciously and ferociously attacking. This the party for the true devolution that changes livelihoods of very Kenyan in very corner of the corner. It will deliver this agenda. We stand here today to affirm commitment to the party. This is not party of violence. ti is party of democracy. We can a strong working party. It is time to fix and build effective party.

    Too much money has been invested in undermining the opposition, through people known to hold influential positions around the party leader. If we leave this to Uhuruto to control via their puppets like Ababu. Kidero, Nyongo and Magerer, we will be smarting from another defeat in January 2018. Take that to the bank.


    • Phil,
      You make good points but I think that we as a party we need to settle these thorny issues with no further ado. Failure to do that will only add to the confusion. For while people at the apex of the party understand exactly whats going on, the man on the ground does not and is left wondering what next.

      Its for this reason that hard decisions have to be made. I think that the clean up should be now, many months before the elections. Any attempt to make changes close to elections dates of 2017 will just result in another debacle for it will open up room for all manner of mischief from the Uhuruto camp.

      Talking about Uhuru and his “ODM supporters”, I think its time all those that are in Uhurus pay role to be brought to book might they be Ababu or Langat.

      So for me action speaks louder than words.

      Party elections must be done and real ODMers elected if the party has to win the next elections. And it can win, otherwise Uhuru would not be spending tonnes of money trying to destroy it from within.

      People like Nyongo have played their role gallantly and its time they moved aside for others. People such as Buke want to be ED´s which is ok but I think that the party leader has to put his foot down and see to it the clears party rules are followed.

      Last but not least, even though I dont like the way Langat was handled, Im certain that he adds no value to the party. Besides, he has lost all credibility and the only honorable thing for him would be to step aside. But I dont think he will after spending Uhurutos cash. He must therefore be stepped down in one way of the other for those accusations against him are very serious. He does not have the party at heart.

      So let the party go to work. Im my opinion it would be shameful to let Langat continue as ED. By the way, he has no capacity to attract any votes for ODM in the RVP. There are many others who can do that.


    • Phil, I have before told people about my family connections in Kenya and also my respect and admiration for Raila. Apart from that I consider myself a mainly neutral observer. In that capacity, can I suggest a view from the outside? As I see it ODM is in a bad shape and this is the view that many see. Right now many messages coming from your side seem to be self-defeating. E.g. you write

      “Nyongo resigned at the NDC and all national positions were declared vacant.”

      But you do not mention the MIB fiasco that was quietly swept under the rag, and it happened when new officials were supposed to be elected. It is hard to believe that the party has been operating with those positions vacant, and most people just assume that the incumbents continued because there were no elections. The more significant thing is that people remember the MIB fiasco and see this thing as a continuation of the same. A couple of Kenyans I talked to just last night even related it to Gor Mahia violence and claimed that it is part of “natural Luo violence” that the ODM leadership accepts as normal. Then you also write that

      “the ODM secretariat was taken over by Uhuru Kenyatta”

      That is a staggering statement in its implications. Basically you are saying that the ODM leadership does not have sufficient control over the party and its structures. If ODM can be infiltrated or taken over so easily, then how can they be as you claim

      ” ODM is the only hope for the people of Kenya”?

      My honest view and as someone who had high hopes for CORD is that it has failed to learn lessons from last elections and is focusing on the wrong things. One aspect of this is that JUBILEE and the government must be blamed on everything. If this goes on, then what you say

      “will be smarting from another defeat in January 2018”

      will be true, but it will be a self-sustained injury. ODM seriously needs to look at how it does things internally and also how some of what happens around it is perceived by the voters. On top of that, keep in mind that in 2017 many people will have a tendency to go with the people who already control the “sufuria” before those who are trying to push in, i.e. the power of incumbency.


  6. After spending the better part of the day deliberating on the matter of the Magerer Langat, the ODM National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting has today resolved to formed a disciplinary committee to look into allegations leveled against the Executive Director, Magerer Langat.

    The committee is to be headed by Lawyer Fred Achok. He will be assisted by members, Farah Maalim, Sen. Harold Kipchumba , Hon Mishi Mboko and Halima Daro.

    The party also fined the unruly MCAs who ejected him from the coalition meeting Ksh 100,000.

    The disciplinary committee is expected to investigate the matter and make recommendations to the NEC within the next ten days.
    A legal committee will be formed to supplement the work of the disciplinary team. The members of the legal team will be announced later.

    During the meeting, the NEC members listened to four Nairobi County MCAs led by Mr. Otieno, Nairobi Nominated Senator Ms. Elizabeth Ongoro and the party’s Director for Membership and Recruitment Ms. Rosemary Kariuki.

    After long deliberations, the NEC agreed that the MCAs who apologized for their deeds last Thursday pay a collective fine of Ksh. 100,000 for their conduct.

    The NEC also discussed the issues and stalemate at the Kisumu County Assembly which the members said were derailing development in the County. Therefore, a Task Force of not more than five members to look into how the stalemate can be resolved to get the Assembly back on track. The Task Force will be headed by Mr. Oduor Ong’wen.

    Other members of the Task Force are ODM Women Leader Ms. Beth Syengo, Kisumu based Doctor Dr. Charles Olima and Kericho ODM official Mr. Ronald Ng’eny.

    The NEC resolved that the party National Governing Council (NGC) will meet on Friday November 28 to deliberate on the recommendations that would have been made by the three committees


    • mzee and phil,

      There is a form of madness going on in ODM. It is not good for them. These people are trying so hard to destroy their own party and if they keep working at it they are going to succeed. Certain things just don’t make sense.

      In my view ODM is in ICU in a very bad hospital with no medicine and no qualified medical staff. That is a recipe to be at the mortuary in very short order. I have to do some work but I will visit this topic later. ODM must stop playing around like they are a super cat with 50 lives. Legend has it that cats have 9 lives. ODM if it were a cat would be on their eighth. That is a dangerous place to be.


      • Adongo,
        I agree ODM is playing with fire.
        Now look at people are doing just grabbing positions. Wafula Buke has just claimed the position of ED and hours later Nyongo refuted and rebuked his claim. Its getting really embarrassing. Perhaps Buke is better qualified than Magerer but there must be a process of doing things in the party. What will stop a member from claiming the party leader position if not only to cause chaos. Its sad and not good for the optics.


      • Adongo, you have succinctly stated the situation. ODM is bent on a path of self-destruction. ODM is also the core of CORD, so that means CORD is on the same path. As much as I admire Raila, I have been very puzzled by his actions (or inactions) starting from the MIB affair. At this rate, JUBILEE will not need to campaign in2017.

        I see up there a list about why Langat should not be in his position. That could be so, but in that case why not remove him following a proper procedure? A real problem that ODM/CORD supporters will have to deal with is that they see things to much from their side and not enough from the point of view of the Kenyans who will be voting on whether ODM/CORD should replace JUBILEE in 2017. That is very dangerous because recent actions only confirm some perceptions many Kenyans might already have. Whether such perceptions are right or wrong does not even matter, because the average voter anywhere in the world does not vote on solid considerations based on a thorough understanding. What many Kenyans see is not that Langat should not be in that position, because that case has not been made to them in any way, but the shabby way in which he has been treated. This is what people need to understand.

        I think ICU could even be a mild word. It is a shame that in the end Raila’s final “defeat” will be from internal forces who thought they knew better.


      • John Dibbley,
        The conclusion one comes to is that Raila Odinga must take control of the party lest he loses it power hungry fellas from within and without.

        There is nothing like having a soft spot for so and so because they bring diversity in the party even if they are of no value. This is the time to show leadership and take the bull by its horns. At this rate ODM is only creating fodder for hater columnists in the local newspapers and so called pundits in radio and TV.

        Its a little discomforting to see another team constituted to investigate this last incident while the Kasarani thing has not been solved.

        One can say that ODM members might be taking law into their own hands because the top leadership has gone to sleep or too busy with other things.

        Only a stable ODM will make OKOA kenya succeed. Only a stable ODM can hold CORD together. Only a stable ODM can control Jubilee.

        Its madness


      • Mzee, you are absolutely right that Raila must step forward and show that he is in control. This thing with Langat was amazing enough, but what amazed me was the slowness of the response from the ODM leadership. Even as it was happening, the wider public significance should have been obvious, and I thought that within no more than one hour Raila would be on the public media condemning at least the crudeness of what was done. Coming up later with a committee doesn’t help, because as you point out there is still a bigger issue that another committee is sitting on.

        On OKOA KENYA, I think we will disagree on this one. I think it will fail, and I am puzzled as to who CORD is doing it. The way I see it, CORD should be focusing on showing how it will be a serious and better alternative to JUBILEE. I don’t think they are doing it. I regularly talk to Kenyans, in Kenya and other parts of the world, and I have not found one who can explain what OKOA KENYA is really about. This suggests that either there is an unclear message or the basis of the referendum is not clear enough. I have looked for myself and have to say that I cannot see a single compelling issue such as would be required to convince the public on a major referendum. I don’t think the generic one of supporting devolution will do it.


      • John Dibbley,
        Yes, we will disagree on OKAO Kenya for I believe that the issues put forward by CORD are as valid today as they were 10 years ago. Distribution of wealth, equitably, is not anything that Kenyans take lightly. Its been on their lips for the past donkey years. I dare say it was the driving force behind the last referendum success. My belief is that it will still drive the current OKOA agenda. The only thing with this referendum that I think can work against CORD is the time line. If this is not handled properly it might go beyond 2017. This is because of the obstacles that Jubilee with its majority here and there will put on its path. The other thing is also the speed at which the signatures are being collected which seems to be very slow. Last but not least is keeping the flames of the referendum burning for at least a year or so. I believe that causing discord in ODM is one way external forces will succeed in derailing the referendum agenda. ODM and Wiper cannot be fire fighting all of the time. Stability has to be brought back. The only way to bring back stability is through credible elections asap. Let those who wants to bolt after losing elections do so for real members will stay on to fight for the party. Truth be told, ODM has fought many battles and came up on top but this is not a good and noble way of sustaining a national party.


      • Mzee, I think you misunderstood me. The issues raise by CORD are absolutely valid and very, very important. But referendum like this normally requires that there be a very small number (say or two) issues that are articulated in a way that can capture the voters attention. That is what I don’t see here.


      • John,
        Thanks. I got you loud and clear.
        Lets wait and see what CORD comes up with when the case is officially presented. At any rate time is not on CORDS side


  7. Two things ODM NEC should decide on today: Disband the entire secretariat and reconsider ODM’s membership in the PPLC.

    When the ODM National Executive Committee (NEC) meets today, I hope they will seriously consider the future of the party and weigh on how much their final resolutions will impact the entire country most of whom hinge their hopes and aspirations on the party.

    Most Kenyans had never heard about the Political Parties Liaison Committee (PPLC) until last week when Magerer Langata chose a PPLC forum in Nakuru to launch an attack on his party leader and employer.

    According to the Political Parties Act, the PPLC was formulated through consensus among all political parties and IEBC to be a forum for consultations and consensus building between political parties, on the one hand, and the Electoral Management body on the other so as to ensure free, fair peaceful and transparent elections.

    Two weeks ago, when he publicly attacked his own Party Leader and went on to support the candidature of Wavinya Ndeti as Chairperson of PPLC, the former ODM Executive Director Magerer Langat was essential displaying gross insubordination and the worst form of disloyalty to his party leader and his own employer.

    Furthermore, the party leader having already appointed Hon Elizabeth Ongoro to alternate with Rosemary Kariuki at the PPLC as the ODM nominees, the former ED had no authority nor the powers to overturn such a decision that was done in consultation with NEC and in the interest of gender balance. He rubbished all that declaring openly that ODM was dead.

    Interestingly, soon after Magerer’s ejection, the PPLC, acting on instructions from Magerer Langat and Onyango Oloo both of whom are acting under the whims of the party leaders of URP and TNA immediately held a press conference to ostensibly talk about “hooliganism in ODM”.

    No, they do not want to address such issues as respect for the rule of law especially the political parties act that TNA, URP and UDF violate every day.

    TNA and URP have used financial muscle from ill-gotten wealth to infiltrate the opposition ranks with the sole objective of weakening it by planting moles to undermine CORD coalition from within. The moles are at the respective party secretariats, the senate, parliament and of course within the counties too.

    It is disingenuous for PPLC to be seen as commenting on internal affairs of political parties as this falls outside the legal aims and objectives of its formation. Additionally, none of those parties can claim to be any cleaner than ODM, which remains the biggest, most representative and most compliant with the political parties act of all 47 registered political parties.

    ODM members retain every right to determine who their leaders are. In actual sense, ODM members did not consult PPLC when in May last year they appointed Magerer Langat as the party’s Executive Director, which is highest ranking technocrat position in the ODM .

    Magerer Langat is accused of many things including financial impropriety; huge sums of money remain unaccounted for in the party coffers. Yet, the party is supposed to present audited accounts each year. Magerer is also accused of incompetence in human resource management at Orange House. He is accused of showing bias in treatment of staff including favouritism leading to poor morale and cohesion at the secretariat.

    Magerer was also caught on tape receiving a Kshs 300,000 bribe in order to sabotage the party in the by-election in Bonchari earlier this year. It is a very sensitive issue that could probably land Magerer in jail were it not for the covet protection he enjoys from the party leadership who were reluctant to involve police in internal party affairs.

    But the last straw that broke the camel’s back was Magerer’s reversal of decisions made by the NEC and the Party Leader in the interests of competing political parties at PPLC which is what perhaps triggered the events at Orange House leading to his physical ejection from office.

    That is why the NEC must act decisively to save the party from Jubilee. It must disband the entire ODM secretariat and reconstitute it afresh. It means not just Magerer losing his job, but all others within the the ODM headquarters too.

    The ODM NEC must also carefully reconsider its continued membership in the Political Parties Liaison Committee. It must recommend to the larger CORD coalition constituent parties to also consider withdrawing from the PPLC.


  8. Clearly, Magerer’s continued stay at the helm of the secretariat is untenable. MCA’s are elected representatives of the people. Issues such as tampering with the delegates register is tantamount to high treason. That is facilitation of a coup attempt in the party and is simply put, unforgiveable. The ODM-NEC meeting today should recommend termination of Magerer’s contract and advertise the position afresh. In fact, the entire secretariat should be disbanded and a new one reconstituted through a rigorous recruitment process.


  9. Perhaps, the single most gross misconduct the ED has committed is to drawi a well- oiled scheme to cause serious discord among Cord affliliate parties. For instance, he strategically attempted to set the three principals against each other by first accusing Hon. Kalonzo of working against the interest of ODM both in and out of parliament. He falsely accused Hon. Kalonzo of being solely working covertly to remove Hon.Gideon Mungaro from the seat of Whip. He also picked quarrels with Ford- k claiming it wanted It’s secretary-general Hon. Chris Wamalwa to replace Mungaro temprarily. All these schemes were specifically planned to cause disharmony in the Cord that could then lead to its disintegration.


    • Rindiki and Phil,
      The only way to deal with the Magerer “menace” is to let him go.
      At this point in time, it does not matter whether the accusations leveled against him are right or wrong. The situation has reached a point of no return. He has to relinquish his post but if he so wishes continue serving the party in other capacities.
      The party members have lost all confidence in him. The party leadership cannot continue entertaining this lest they are seen as weak and indecisive. At the moment is seems to me that none-ODMers are controlling the the party through proxy. That has to stop if ODM has to survive. Perhaps its good to have a few loyal members than millions who dont toe party line.


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